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Current Story

Author’s note: Tusnelda’s story has now entered its fourth season.
I understand that starting a story that consists of four books can be overwhelming. I would recommend you just start somewhere. If you get caught up in the characters, you can always pick up on the past later. Enjoy

Book 4: A sims4 story about finally achieving your dreams

Completed books

Book 1: A sims 4 story about a curious woman and her cat
Book 2: A sims4 story about choose priorities in life
Book 3: A sims 4 story about searching and finding untested solutions


A turtles journey

A sims4 story about finding one’s place in life
A Sims4 story about finding inner peace and love.


Christmas Special Editions

My 2023 New Year Special Edition – The fairy Magic is back
My 2022 New Year one chapter story featuring a reunion with the fairy Magic
My 2021 Sims4 Christmas story with a fairy who can fulfill dreams
My 2020 short sims4 Christmas story without snow and Christmas elves.


If you are missing more stories then try to pick from this varied bouquet of blogs and stories.
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