Christmas special edition

  • Christmas special edition

    4. Sweet Child O’ Mine

    Today it's time to follow Martin's dreams. I have to regret that this whole Christmas adventure has been delayed due to practical circumstances over which I have no control. Now back to the story. We all know that Martin has a lovely wife and thus almost everything he wants… however, there is a big unfulfilled wish left.

  • Christmas special edition

    3. Blue Christmas

    Today we get the opportunity to see what happens in Rasmus’ dream. Dreams have their own logic and therefore this chapter is also without conflicts. Maybe a little boring and predictable but when it comes down to it, I think we all dream of having a happy life with our loved ones.

  • Christmas special edition

    1. May all your dreams come true

    This is the start of a short Christmas story in six acts, inspired by Tusnelda and Trix Universe. In this first part of the story, we meet Magic Star, an older fairy who has certain similarities with me…. among other things, a habit of speaking out loud to ourselves. Magic can do magic and she can make dreams come true. The question is whether she is quite as skilled as she herself thinks? This will be revealed throughout the story.