Christmas special edition

How to keep the New Year’s spirit

A Tusnelda and Trix Special Edition 2023

This is in many ways a failed project. When I choose to publish this special edition anyway, it is because these headstrong Sims have once again shown me that not even a fairy can control the world. There is an important lesson in that.



Hello dear readers, Mona is back with a note 🥰

For December I had originally planned a Christmas story in three to four acts, but my schedule has been challenged by practical tasks in my own life. I accidentally deleted a large portion of my images from my Screen print folder before they were archived and December just magically disappeared.

These challenges are the reason why I publish all four acts at once and the story is not as well worked out and coherent as I would like. I still hope this Magic spinoff can put a smile on your face.

Here I am on my way to my computer to play the sims.

In a world that is often characterized by unpredictability and chaos, I appreciate being able to take control of life. Be a kind of fairy who can create a spirit of order and kindness.

However, even in the world of the Sims, it’s not always as easy as I dream.

How do you bring together a large group of self-determining Sims in a common project?

Exhale. Chill out. Remember this is relaxation.

Before you read. A large part of the text in this spinoff consists more of my comments than actual story writing. I know it’s are a lot looser and goofier than my normal releases. I like to do spinoffs every now and then because they allow me to play with my Sims, my forms of expression and not least the seasons. You can probably consider it a short-term flu. It has an ending.


First act: Preparation

The first act of the story begins in Magic’s house in Glimmerbrook. Magic and her dear friend Nicolas are chatting with a familiarity that only really close and old acquaintances allow.

Nicolas is chilling out to some music.

Ooh… You can dance… 🎵…You can jive… Having the time of your life… 🎶

“Nicolas? You’re not dancing in your boxers right now, are you?”

“Nope Magic! I’m fully dressed…. and you? are you still wearing your nightgown?”

“Absolutely not Nicolas. I’ve been dressed for hours now.”

“You look great in that shirt Nicolas.”

“I’m not quite sure it suits Father Winter… It lacks some grandeur.”

“Absolutely not Nicolas. That old stinking robe is hopelessly out of date. You have to keep up with the evolution of time.”

“But we can’t sit and talk the time to death. We’re already very late.”

“We should go!” 😘


Afternoon in San Myshuno

Nicolas and Magic have just arrived at the Casbah Gallery in the Art District.
During the transport, Nicolas has managed to sneak back into his familiar robes, but Magic seems too preoccupied to notice.

“What exactly are we going to do here Magic?”

“I’m going to photograph Christmas cards, just like I usually do.”

“If you ask me…That seems kind of stupid. Christmas is long over. We should go back to Glimmerbrook an the Magic Realm.”

“But I’m not asking you Nicolas. The traditions have to be kept, no matter what happens. Here it seems rather boring…Let me see what I can do…..”

“I saw an ancient spell the other day in an old book, called ‘Zauberei und Magie‘. It’s in original language, but that does not make it less effective. Stay tuned!”

Eins, zwei, drei…”

“Gibt keine Hexerei!”

“Ein Wink einer Fee…”

“Es gibt Frost und Schnee!”

As we can see, Nicolas was not turned on during the entire session, but that should not take the energy of a self-conscious fairy.


Now that the external environment is thus in order and the inhabitants of Tusnelda’s world are surprisingly going to experience snow, Magic is ready to take action.

When Magic enters the museum, she cannot be completely dissatisfied with the red colors she sees in the entrance.

Then she notices a guy looking at her.

He doesn’t seem like a complete stranger?Then she recognizes him as the newcomer from last year’s photo sessions.

She continues to take a closer look at the exhibit.

Jade in a white dress…Magic loves white as much as red.

“I don’t really know Nicolas. Something seems missing here. The final touch.”

Nicolas seems quite indifferent, but now the creator of the poster approaches.

He seems pretty excited about his own project…

“Hi! I’m Elijah. I created this poster. What do you think?”

“Well? It’s not very Christmassy, is it?”

“Christmassy? ….It’s about the goddess of the sea. You should see the rest of the exhibit and you’ll realize the symbolism.”

“Young man. I’ll be happy to see the exhibition with you. Maybe I can teach you a thing or two about true Christmas spirit.”

Already at this point it looks like Magic has lost Elijah. He must assume she is crazy and she probably is. Nobody but fairies get into the Christmas spirit in January, do they?


Elijah and Magic have just arrived at the exhibit in the basement when Fatima arrives. It’s a good thing because Elijah is probably going to need her support very soon. Fatima kindly greets the fairy.

“Hey Magic! It’s been a while since last time.”

Fatima smiles invitingly at Magic to see Elijah’s latest photographs of the foam of the sea.

She speaks enthusiastically about why these photographs have a special meaning to her. They were photographed on a day that seemed almost magical in her universe.

Magic doesn’t seem to catch her excitement.

“The sea is just nature. There’s not much magic about that…. We should get started on the Christmas cards…. At least you remembered a red hat Elijah, I guess that’s always somewhere to start.”

Elijah hasn’t given up. He’s still trying to capture Magic’s interest in the exhibition.

“If you like red, I can show you some portraits of Fatima in red.”

Magic doesn’t seem like she understands where he’s going.

“They’re not very Christmassy and not at all suitable for children, are they?”

“Children? Why do you bring them on the field?”

“Is Christmassy even a word that exists?”

“Absolutely young man. It means the spirit of Christmas.”

“That’s not what I’m trying to express. I am an artist. I want to show the sea and the foamborn…..”

“Well, I see… I’m an artist too. Maybe you’re not talented enough, because everyone can tell you’re missing the spirit.”


Here Elijah stands and looks into Fatima’s eyes as he searches for an answer to what to say now.

Magic has no time to deal with them any more. She is about to capture the Christmas spirit.

Some big circular arm movements

“Let the Spirit grow!”

Here we go…. A multitude of sparks….


Second act: Creating Christmas spirit

In this act, we will see more of what Magic means when she talks about Christmas Spirit and how it affects her surroundings.


Magic once again spreads the merry spirit of Christmas.

Someone seems to be affected whether they like it or not.

(I think they like it) 😊

(or maybe not?) 🤔

“Fatima! What has happened to the room? “

Elijah seems very upset.

“What have you been doing to my exhibition, you crazy old witch?”

“Do you have any idea how long it took me to make this exhibit? This is gross manipulation. It’s…!”


While Elijah has for once lost his calm temper, Fatima tries a little more calmly to get Magic to remove the Christmas spirit again.


Fatima is trying to calm troubled waters.

“Hey Elijah, she promised me that everything will be back to normal once the photo sessions are over. I assume it will be ok, then?”

Elijah tries to find peace in Fatima’s gaze while Magic changes into work clothes in the background.

“Are you sure we can trust her Fatima?”

“Blah, blah blah! If you really want to get this over with you should change out of your outerwear now.”

Somehow, the relationship between Elijah and Magic seems to spark.
Not exactly the kind of sparks I usually refer to, but more the ones that can make a powder keg explode.

Magic takes a small lunch break while Fatima and Elijah change into indoor clothes.

It is now that Elijah discovers that Jade has also arrived.

In fact, Magic has summoned even more Sims, but they are all spread out over the four floors of the gallery. It will soon become clear that it is not very easy to maintain their interest in Magic’s Christmas card project… if they ever had it at all.

“I’m ready Magic. Shall we see to get this over with?”

“Young man. You are far from ready. You still need the final touch.”


Here we see Magic setting the camera lens. This means that now even she is ready.

Elijah and Fatima are standing in front of the camera, dressed in clothes suitable for a Christmas card.

It shouldn’t be a secret that I love them together.

They are such a lovely harmonious couple, always flirting with each other.

Even Magic appears to have lost her heart to them.

“Fatima, how about we sneak out the back door now?”

“I’d love to, but let’s not provoke the fairy more than absolutely necessary until things are back to normal.”

I’m not going to decide whether it’s always wise to bend to the dictates of a manipulative old fairy, but this time that’s the way they’re going.

Magic goes ahead. She has told them to meet her at the bar.

Let me just add that I love this dress for Fatima.

One last picture of the couple this time.


“It’s almost midnight Magic. Shouldn’t you be ending the session for today?”

“Don’t lecture me Nicolas! I have an errand for you at the bar right now.”

The bar in the Casbah Gallery has also undergone major changes.

If Nicolas expects him to enjoy the new cozy interior, on a bar stool with delicious hot mulled wine, then he will be disappointed.

Where the bar used to have a hookah, there is now a Christmas tree.
Nicolas has been given the task of managing the decoration of the Christmas tree together with the other participants. Jade is already in full swing.

It can’t be easy to decorate a Christmas tree wearing mittens, but Nicolas insists on keeping to the etiquette. Father Winter should always wear mittens in public.

Later, Fatima helps with the decorations.

Elijah’s participation seems to consist of supportive conversations only.
We have gradually come to know him as quite intellectual, when it does not concern photography, dance, music (and Fatima). There he is impressive physically.

Fortunately, the task appears to have been completed to Magic’s satisfaction.

“Yes, this is splendid. You are free to leave for now.”

A remark that Elijah does not need to hear twice.

Fatima immediately follows.

She can’t help but notice that Magic seems to have some corrections to their decoration. She seems like a fairy with very fixed ideas about right and wrong.


What a relief to step onto your own doorstep.

Fatima kisses Elijah on the cheek. He has done so well today. It is not easy to see one’s masterpiece being erased, even if only temporarily.

As Fatima continues into the living room we can’t help but see Elijah’s dreamy gaze at the sight of Fatima’s wonderful bottom. He definitely has a passion about it.

Some are in the process of interrupting his dreamy fantasies.

Ambrosius insists that Elijah has taken on some obligations now and he is not wrong.

“Hi Ambrosius!”

We will end this second act with Elijah treating Ambrosius to a delicious snack.

After all, this is what Magic is trying to teach others about spirit. You must remember to treat your loved ones with nice little surprises.


Third act: It gets even more Christmassy

The next day we find Allan and Alice in front of their house staring in amazement at the ground beneath their feet. One must remember that snow is not a normal condition in their world.
As we know, Magic only managed to photograph a fraction of the planned Christmas cards, so we will follow the little family to San Myshuno later.

“What is this white stuff on the ground, Allan?”

Allan looks like he has no idea. However, I also see with satisfaction that Andy is wearing a nice warm suit.

Alice looks rather worried.

“Do you think it will stay here forever?”

Allan looks reasonably relaxed. It must be his many hours on the yoga mat that have fostered this attitude.

I love Andy in the little suit. I would ask everyone to notice how nicely he sits on the ground. It has a later meaning.

Now, however, Allan believes that Andy has been sitting in the snow long enough.

He wants to take him inside and give him some food before they leave.

Andy often has this slightly worried look when he is about to eat.

However, it quickly turns out that he loves the food.


“Well, I guess we can’t take him to the photo session in that state, can we Alice?”

Fortunately, there is a solution to this. Alice bathes Andy while Allan trains with the punching bag. He should preferably maintain his composure throughout the day.

“What does the duck say?”

Ducks say “quack”
And fish go “blub”
And the seal goes “ow ow ow”

But there’s one sound
That no one knows
What does the fox say?

(Well, we won’t go any further down that path now.)


Here Andy and his parents have arrived at the photo studio. They are actually so cute together that I will leave the first pictures without comments. I can’t really decide which one to show.

This interaction, where one hands Andy to the other, I see them do several times quite spontaneously. I love it.

Magic is ready with the camera. Unfortunately, it is not possible to photograph parents with infants in their arms, so Andy is now sitting on the floor.

However, Magic has photographed some really nice pictures with the mod camera I have installed before the photography starts.

Uncontrolled Sims sometimes give some pleasant surprises.

Look at the little boy. Completely happy.

A single posed photo.

Magic has given Andy a toy. He is so cute


Alice, Allan and Andy has been sent home before the next team arrives.

I love that t-shirt on Rasmus. He’s a vegetarian, he’s a chef and he’s really committed to Izumi. It tells everything about his personality.

Fabio, Tusnelda and Izumi are all dressed in red.

Getting the group together in the photo studio is going really well…

Then the challenges become real. Rasmus and Izumi indulge in a private moment. Tusnelda is going up the stairs to see paintings and Martin and Fabio are going away in different directions. Not even a Mod camera helps here.

Hello! Anyone want to give Magic some attention!?

I love this photo and the next one showing Rasmus and Fabio’s close bond.

Rasmus is a really nice father, while Izumi is strangely a little behind.

After some photos, Rasmus and Izumi go up to the bar area.

Magic has summoned Tusnelda and while we wait for her to arrive she is talking to Fabio.

“What is it like to be a fairy? Did you go to school to learn that?” he asks.

“Becoming a fairy is something you are born to do, but I also went to magic school. You look like a smart boy so you should know that an education is very important. You should study hard so you become wise.”

Fabio thinks Magic sounds like his mother. He therefore asks if she has any children.

Martin interrupts the conversation to tell Magic that Tusnelda is probably not coming back, so they might as well cancel the photo shoot.

It is difficult to be a curious boy with many unanswered questions when the adults take over the conversation. Fabio goes to find his mother.

Finally, Tusnelda arrives.

The symbolism in this image amuses me. Martin looks like a man who is proud of his sporting achievements. Tusnelda looks bored, which she probably is.

There is no need to dwell on them any longer. They both quickly choose to leave the gallery.


Finally, Don arrives.

At the same time, Jade and Marcus arrive for the second day. Marcus seems very taken with Jade today.

For some reason, Marcus’ actions seem to please Don. Maybe it reminds him of many happy moments?

There is no woman for Don this year. Katrina is not invited to this year’s photo session and Delphine is on the other side of the ocean. (Does she even exists in Don’s mind anymore?)

Don and Rasmus. So different yet cool friends forever.


Marcus and Jade pose for a photo shoot.

However, it is Don and Rasmus’ conversation in the background that keeps catching my eye.

When Marcus spontaneously strokes Jade on the cheek, I let the mod camera capture the moment.

Don and Rasmus are still doing what they can to disrupt the intimacy of this picture.

They seem to have enough topics to talk about all day long.

Here, Rasmus is probably telling a cheeky joke that also catches Marcus’ attention.

Don looks like he’s having a blast. Marcus maybe not quite so much.

But you know, guys are guys in the Sims too, so I’m sure they understand each other.


Believe it or not. The last photoshoot of the year is over. Everyone is invited for a drink in the bar.

There is something about Rasmus’ appearance that is irresistible. He looks so confident and nice.

It was actually Magic’s plan to invite everyone to a New Year’s party in the gallery, but it’s impossible to plan. There is no template in the game settings.

These are the last three Sims left and they are all part of Rasmus’ household.

“So how are you really Don? You seem pretty subdued this year.”

“Well, yes. Maybe? I have something to think about, Magic.”

“Maybe you’re having a mid-life crisis? Age is starting to get to you?”

“What!? Absolutely not. I’m still a young man.”

“Nothing to be ashamed of, Don. It hits us all sooner or later.”

With these wise words, the third act ends. This does not mean that the Sims should be cheated out of a New Year’s party. On the contrary. Where there’s a will there’s a way and we should all know that Magic is a very determined fairy.


Fourth act: A messy Christmassy New Year’s blast

Magic has invited all the Sims to a party at her home in Glimmerbrook. It has required an extension of the living room and several hours of cooking delicious vegetarian food. No one should feel uncomfortable at Magic’s party.

“Oh I love it Nicolas! I just love these themed parties and I found a wonderful party template in the game settings….Aren’t you excited?”

Apart from Nicolas getting a new robe in colors to match Magic’s theme, he’s not too excited so far. He fears that by inviting ordinary Sims into his secret private life, the myths and mysteries of Father Winter will be destroyed forever.

There is no time to dwell on it any longer because now the first guest arrives.

For Marcus, Glimmerbrook turns out to be a very cold and desolate place.

Fatima doesn’t have a very easy time finding her way either.

Fortunately, she notices the light in the door when Marcus enters the house. She is on the right track.

“Welcome Marcus. I hope you will enjoy the party.”

No one should say of Nicolas that he lacks politeness.

More sims have now arrived in front of Magic’s house.
But how does it happen that Andy lies unaccompanied on a blanket in the middle of the snow?

It surprises me that he has suddenly become a helpless baby? He has shown before he is able to sit up on his own. Perhaps the party template Magic has chosen is not intended for infants.

“Please, go inside the house before you freeze to death.”

“I’ll take care of this little guy.”

Fabio is here!

He quickly runs towards Izumi when he sees her.

Here comes Rasmus with his cheerful confident gait. He’s never been as close to Andy as he is now. He just had to know.

You would actually think that Rasmus and Father Vinter are very close friends. The joy of reunion seems overwhelming.

Jade looks overwhelmed for completely different reasons when she sees all the photographs above Magic’s desk. They are all here.

“Welcome Elijah! It’s so good to see you.”

Maybe there is some kind of brotherhood between Magic and Elijah after all. They are both amazing photographers.

Magic has invited fifteen guests and eventually a large number of them have arrived.

Luckily, Andy’s parents show up too. Allan picks Andy up from the floor where Magic had laid him on a baby blanket.

An item behind Allan might reveal what kind of party template Magic has used.

It must be disclosed here that I do not have control over any other Sims than Magic and Father Winter. It must break or wear.

Maybe the guests are getting hungry?

First, the template must be complied with. We are gathered for Magic and Nicolas wedding. We are heading into a wedding season in Tusnelda’s world, so it’s great to try it out.

Morgyn Ember arrives at the last minute. They don’t look pleased.

“With this ring I take you to be my wife.”

If Father Winter isn’t going to marry a fairy, who should he marry?

They are adorable together. Although the marriage will maybe deprive him of his position as Father Winter.

Now everyone gathers at the buffet. But if they are hungry, they have to put it off a little longer.

Magic makes a toast and a speech…..

“Dear friends. It has been a great pleasure to meet you again this December. To keep track of how far each of you has come. So many goals have been achieved. I couldn’t think of a better circle to celebrate our wedding together with.”

“Cheers to me and my wonderful guests!”

There is no doubt who is the center of the party, but where is Nicolas?

“Now we’re going to eat.”

“Cheers to that!” exclaims Elijah loudly.

Soon all the chairs at the tables are taken so Tusnelda finds a place to eat in the kitchen.

Allan doesn’t get much to eat because he constantly carries Andy on his arm.

Rasmus turns and looks at them. I am dying to read his thoughts just now, but there seems to be no suspicion.
Incidentally, I wonder about Allan and Alice’s behavior. Allan doesn’t have a single outburst of jealousy and Alice refrains from flirting with other Sims. It’s not because it’s a new saw with no prehistory.

Morgyn seems very depressed and angry, so Magic sits down next to them to hear what’s bothering them. It seems to be something with Allan.

“Don’t take it too hard, Morgyn. Today we have a party, we will look at the problems tomorrow if they survive that long.


We return to the living room in time to see Fatima and Elijah finish a deep kiss.

Martin complains to Rasmus. He is probably very tense because he hates large gatherings.

To lift the mood, guests are told to blow soap bubbles. It doesn’t seem to help Martin’s mood.

Magic and Nicolas cut the cake. Maybe the cake will work wonders on grumpy Sims?

Morgyn is definitely angry with Allan. Why?
Allan is behaving so well tonight.

Here I would like to add a little interesting information. When I later look in Allan’s relationship panel, I can see that he hates Morgyn. I have no idea why?


Most of the guests dance when Alice hands Andy to Allan. My heart!

Yup! Have some cake Morgyn. It looks delicious so it will definitely put them in a better mood.

When I see Marcus and Jade together I think they are meant for each other. I have occasionally had my doubts.

Magic has finally managed to get Andy handed over. Now he is put to sleep in a travel cot.

Nicolas has taken over the task at the bar as the bartender seems to have disappeared.

There is still plenty of life in the wedding party. Everyone seems to be having a good time. Even Martin seems less tense.


Martin is sitting talking casually with Fabio. Perhaps he once again dreams of having his own child.

Tusnelda is talking to Izumi when they are suddenly interrupted by a painful scream…

The rocking chair Fatima is sitting on has been ignited by sparks and the fire spreads quickly…..Oh no! Fatima!!!

Fortunately, Nicolas shows quick-witted action with the fire extinguisher.

Everyone runs out in a panic.

The fire is quickly extinguished, so after a while they return. Martin and Morgyn are as tense as they’ve ever been.

“Strangely, Fatima seems to take it all with a smile. It must be the smile of relief.

In such crises, Magic shows her own worth. A quick swing of the wand and the spell “Scruberoo!”. Afterwards, Fatima is as good as freshly washed.

Alice has picked up Andy from the cot to rescue him. It must be the shock that makes her unable to see him.

Forgotten are the fireworks by everyone, except Nicolas. He dare not deviate from Magic’s plan.

Every grand celebration should end with a fireworks display.

There are only 1½ spectators for the show.

Alice has dressed Andy warmly, but to be honest, the show doesn’t interest him at all. He just wants to go back to sleep.

One last pink color explosion in the night sky and they can go inside to get warm again.


Maybe Magic should have cast a spell on the rocking chair as well, but it gets overlooked in all the hubbub.

Now Magic is calling everyone to give one last toast before the party is over.

“Thank you all for making this day so special and memorable.”

I notice Martin’s clenched hands, but a moment later he seems to have changed.

“Cheers Magic!”

The satisfied smile can of course be due to the prospect that he will soon be allowed to leave the party.

Beautiful Jade.

Incidentally, I am happy to see how the couples bond with each other. There is no prelude to any trouble at this party.

I am most happy and surprised when I look at Allan and Alice. Allan has a jealous trait, but not tonight. Maybe it is really the yoga exercises that have taught him to control himself?

Martin suddenly seems completely cheerful.

Elijah and Fatima are still very much newly in love.


Now it’s all over. Nicolas waves goodbye with relief.

The bartender suddenly appears and leaves the party as everyone leaves. Where has she been hiding all evening?

It takes time to say goodbye to fifteen guests.

Allan does the dishes when everyone leaves. He has really developed into a good guy.

Afterwards, Nicolas offers him a drink.


Don goes to say goodbye to Magic.

“So here we are Don. I hope you enjoyed the party… Did you have time to get your thoughts together?”

“Don’t talk about my head. Everything’s turned upside down in here. I thought I’d regained my composure but now….Am I crazy?”

“You’re hardly a crazy kid. Everything will work out in the end. I promise you.”

It’s almost the same words Magic used to Rasmus a long time ago and look how he’s doing now? She may be right.

“Bye Don!”


Magic retreats after Don leaves.

It has been such a long and eventful day.

Andy is still sleeping in the travel cot, so Alice and Allan are not going home. It will be up to Nicolas to entertain them.

Now that neither the bartender nor Nicolas is tending the bar, Alice supplies herself. It is probably about time they were followed home.


Fifth Act: Let the spirit go ( or grow)

In this final act, we will say a final farewell to Magic and the Christmas spirit for this year. As we are already well into January it may be high time, but in several parts of the world Christmas lasts until Epiphany, which is January 6.

Here we find Magic, Allan, Alice and Andy after they have returned home with Magic’s help.

“I will say I have enjoyed your company this year Alice. I know you still have some demons to fight but I believe you will make it.”

“You, Allan, have impressed me to such an extent. Your development should be a role model for everyone.”

“Oh you know Magic. Hard focused training and will power. It’s not that unfamiliar from my day to day work.”

“Alright, I’ll leave you now. I’ve seen you both are caring parents and that’s the most important thing.”

With these words of wisdom, Magic swings the wand for the last time and prepares to disappear.

“Well, maybe I used the wrong spell because I see my guardian Familiar has appeared. As they say, we’ve got legs to carry us on…..By the way, don’t worry about the snow. Tomorrow it will all be over!”

After this, Magic walks away with leisurely steps.

“She’s strange, Allan. You have to admit that.”

“I think I’m starting to like her by now.”

As I turn the camera to follow Magic one last time, I see Allan and Alice.

My heart 💖 🤗

Now we have almost seen the end.


Discovering that MCCC has moved Morgyn to a large apartment in San Myshuno, I send Nicolas to the Magic Realm to see if they is still a sage. Fortunately, everything looks normal.

While Morgyn and Nicolas are talking together, Magic and her broom land with recognizable elegance right behind them.

“Magic! Did you get hurt?”

“Of course not Nicolas. It was just a little bump in the road.”

“Well, but…”

“Now that all this Christmas carousing is over, I think we deserve a vacation.”

“What do you mean by vacation, Nicolas?”


The end



Well dear readers, with this we finally reached the end of this spinoff.

This is where I usually write a beautiful Christmas card thanking my readers for the old year and with good wishes for all the people of the world for the year to come.

I will refrain from the good wishes this year. It feels like wars and catastrophes just grow inversely proportional to my wishes and dreams. It’s not because I think I have any influence on it whatever I think. It could make me depressed.

Let me put it another way.
I know a lot of Sims players complain about the wedding pack and all the bugs in it.
I will say I find My Wedding Stories quite entertaining. I have now played through quite a few weddings in my game.
It is with that package as with life. If you expect everything to run according to a carefully planned template, you will be frustrated and disappointed. Life is full of chaos and unforeseen events. Not even a fairy has the power to change that. The only thing you have power over is your own behavior towards the people you meet on your way.

I know quite a few people say that in disappointment with human behavior they prefer animals.


Come here boy…

I can follow their thinking. A cat will always return your love without reservation or prejudice….

“You would never hurt anyone on purpose, would you?”

😺 🐭 😽

This will be the last word for now. Thank you to all my loyal readers for all the times you have followed and read my stories. I wish you all a lovely 2024.


NB: Spread some kind spirit to your fellow humans. In time, it may spread like ripples in water.


Thanks to Ravasheen for sharing her ISO Love Photos – Full Control Camera. Magic used it on several occasions and it’s a mod I can’t live without.


  • cathytea

    Thank you so much! I loved this! I’m glad it’s late because I am still in holiday mood! 🙂 After Christmas is even better than Before Christmas! And I was delighted to see Allan at the same party as Rasmus! With no violence and only friendliness! Allan has become a hero in this story. Lovely side-story! Thanks for sharing!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you cathytea for your sweet comment ❤
      You are right that throughout December we are almost oversaturated with Christmas decorations, movies and music.
      I’m glad I shared this special edition even though it took a while before I was satisfied with the result. I enjoy describing Magic that has long since forgotten the insecurities of youth. It kind of makes her a character you can’t stand, but she means it well.

  • SirianaSims

    This was so lovely! Remind me never to provoke a fairy, Magic knows what she wants!

    I love that Allan and Alice wore blue for their pictures, and I am obsessed with Rasmus’ carrot shirt, it’s perfect even if carrots are not very Christmassy.

    I also loved to see how nicely everyone behaved at the party (and it was lovely to see Nicholas and Magic get married, even if a single wedding guest caught a tiny bit on fire!) All the couples seemed calm and happy, and I hope this year will help both Marcus, Jade and Don find their happiness.

    I hope 2024 is a better year for all of us, and I am glad that you are here and sharing your writing with us ❤️

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you so much for your really sweet greeting. I am very happy to have you as a reader and for your kind comments ❤

      I love the carrot shirt for Rasmus. When I saw it I knew I wanted to buy the Home Chef Hustle Stuff – an expensive shirt you might say 😂

      I think the wedding went really well, maybe with the exception of the fire. But when it comes down to it, no one died or suffered, so it must be said to be a success.
      I will do my best to help Don, Jade and Marcus find their happiness. I love happy endings 😉

  • GlacierSnow

    What an adorable and heartwarming story! I really enjoyed seeing all the different characters come together in the party. I agree with other readers here, Allan has come a long way!

    Fatima looks STUNNING in that red dress. I can see why Elijah could hardly take his eyes off her.

    I love the humor in this story. The little bit at the beginning where Nicolas and Magic are like “are you still in your underwear/robe” and both of them go “nope, been fully dressed for hours” cracked me up. So very Sims.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for the comment 🥰
      That dress looks really good on Fatima. I made it in Sims4Studio in a lime green version because I love lime green. I don’t know if there will be an opportunity for her to use it. I must devise an event.

      Thanks for your comment about my humor. Humor and seriousness go hand in hand in my view. I’ve always felt that humor can light up everyday life even when it hurts, but there’s no guarantee that others will find it as funny as you do, right? 😊

  • Haneul

    I hope your new year is off to a good start! Our holidays just ended here yesterday.

    I loved the prologue of this as well as every other part, but I’m sorry you lost a large portion of your images. It must have taken Magic a lot of work to make it snow, decorate all four floors of the gallery and also her house, photograph so many people, and host a party! I admire the dedication to making things Christmassy despite the setbacks. 🙂

    I love Fatima and Elijah together too <3. Fatima always looks nice, but the red dress is gorgeous on her!

    I appreciate the maintenance of the Christmas spirit while shifting the colors from red to blue and back to red again. On a random note, I’m always amused by animal noises in different languages. I don’t think I was taught a seal’s sound as a child. 😀

    Until the fire, everything was going so smoothly at the party (hopefully Morgyn and Martin cheer up). The tables were full and everyone was eating! And there was a wedding. <3 It was very sweet. I have yet to play with any of the wedding pack events, but I'm going to try them eventually. In line with your advice, I'll try to roll with any mishaps and not get too frustrated.

    Don’s t-shirt is amazing, by the way.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment. I will admit that I was a bit taken back when I discovered that I had deleted some photos. After a bit of sulking I decided to go with what I had anyway. I also took new pictures when I started.
      I have not decorated all floors, but only part of the ground floor and the basement. I think it’s funny to use a theme as a framework.

      Fatima and Elijah ❤

      The animal sounds are cut from the text of a silly song by the Norwegian group Ylvis, which was a plague a few years ago: What does the fox say.

      I like the wedding package. It makes it possible to gather large groups for parties. Everything becomes difficult if you want to control it too much. Also, I can recommend saving the game just before the party starts. It allows you to repeat the party if everything ends in chaos 😅

      Thanks. I made Don’s t-shirt as a joke some time ago. It has a reference to a chapter where Masato gets very flirtatious.

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