• Tusnelda and Trix

    77. A feminine touch

    With the title of the chapter, I am trying to refer to an overarching theme in more than one sense. A female touch that creates change. For some, the changes become difficult to handle, for others the start of unexpected opportunities. No one will be left completely untouched and for some it will be life-changing.

  • Tusnelda and Trix

    76. I am allright

    In today’s chapter, we are reunited with several of the story’s characters, in addition to the cats and a single dog. Don’t expect any drama, although there are probably always some embers simmering under the surface. Rasmus has a plan and he says goodbye to an inflamed past for the last time. Tusnelda tries to make a somewhat special deal with another of the characters in the story. Marcus tries to show he can be romantic and he must once again realize that open non-committal relationships are no longer his style. The biggest news in this chapter is probably that Andy has become an infant and that his father and…

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    A brief status update for my readers

    It seems that the next chapter is once again long overdue. I’ve been playing quite a bit with the new Growing Together expansion pack. In particular, the infant Andy has led me astray…. He is adorable.While I ponder whether and how to incorporate all the many pictures from the last weeks playthrough into the story, I take a short break. Infants can be quite demanding for the sims player and the tired parents 😅 I wish everyone a nice Easter holidays 🐥🐣

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    75. Objective conversation

    This chapter had its title beforehand and then it occurred to me the chapter also deals with a lot of camera lenses. It made the word Objective pop up in my head. Objective is a word that refers to a camera’s lens, but it is also a word that refers to a clarifying overview that can then lead to a well-considered action. I apologize if the chapter seems a bit messy. Some threads are left unfinished while others happily tie a knot. It is unpredictable where in life a thread becomes decisively important. Not everything is as it first seems. Much depends on the perspective of the people involved. In…

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    74. Among friends

    Things are going well for Rasmus. Really good. Tusnelda really wishes him all the best, but there is something in all the changes happening in Rasmus' life that disturbs her. Trix once again shows his character as her ever-faithful friend. Be prepared for a chapter with lots of cat spam and emotional turmoil bubbling under the surface.

  • Tusnelda and Trix

    73. Family matters

    When we left the last chapter there were still some unfinished threads. It’s time they got a proper ending. From the header image, it can be seen that Marcus is back in Finchwick to sort out an unfinished business. He learns that sometimes rumors travel fast. As usual, the chapter is also about love and friendship…and children, both the existing and the unborn. Some monsters are killed and others begin to take their form.

  • Tusnelda and Trix

    72. Posing

    In this chapter, we’re going to see a lot of posing and quite a few interpretations of manliness. Several of the characters come across a defining experience that will forever change their mindset and thus perhaps also their lives. I move with slightly uncertain steps into an unknown environment. It shouldn’t worry me as I describe vampires and aliens without shaking hands, but we’ll see. Hopefully it all makes sense in the end.

  • Tusnelda and Trix

    71. Adjustments

    This chapter starts with a lot of cat spam. Since it is the day when Fie and Futte have to move, I think they deserve a little special attention. A mysterious guy has moved into the apartment next to Marcus Private Clinic. He’s quite good looking and he has remarkable persuasive powers. It might cause some issues. We will later see some photographs that will have a significant impact on the future of some of the characters.

  • Christmas special edition

    This time of the year

    This special edition should be understood as a loving greeting from my characters to their faithful followers. A story written just for fun with a touch of seriousness. Another year has now passed in Tusnelda’s universe and it has been a year since I presented Magic Star in a Christmas special edition. Back then, she promised to fulfill my main characters’ dreams and she helped them to clarify what dreams they had. At this time of year, all companies update their status and this is also the case with this story. Maybe not everything may have gone quite as they wished.

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    70. A fabulous boy

    We left Rasmus in the previous chapter in a rather intense place, where Izumi was just about to reveal an important confidence. Allan got a suspicion that Rasmus might be the father of his child and Tusnelda was once again abducted by her Alien friends. There’s no need to drag this out any further, so let’s jump right into it.