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If you are looking for a story, it should not be a prerequisite that you know the sims game.
My stories are primarily about relationships between people, friendships, love, secrets and truths. We are all exposed to a lot of outside influences throughout our lives, and in my stories I expect my characters to go through personal development.
I love taking pictures while playing. When I later look through the pictures, stories start popping into my head. I use these images for illustration and inspiration. This provides some limitations, but also some opportunities when both vampires and aliens appear in the universe. To me they are all a symbol of human diversity.

English is not my native language. I am Danish and my first stories were shared in the Danish SimsForum many years ago. It has been two years since I published my first story in English. My writing style has evolved a lot since I published the first chapter of A Turtle’s Journey.
I’m still evolving and I therefore hope you will forgive me for a flawed or strange language.

Welcome to my Sims4 stories ❤

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Creative studio

Besides writing stories in the Sims universe, I have another passion….. I love to paint!
I love creative challenges and I have therefore used Sims4Studio to make some of my paintings for cc I can use in my game.

You can find some examples of my paintings in this section:

Paintings >>

On the pages Buildings and Out of category you will be able to find other creative projects related to my Sims4 world.

Simlit and Machinima

Through playing sims, I have found a community across languages and boundaries. I like to follow Simlit stories and Sims Machinima. Especially the ones that are a little quirky and talk in pictures.
In Treasury you can find some of those who have inspired me to write my own stories.

Gallery ID: MonaSolstraale

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