For better and worse

This is the second part of the story of Tusnelda and Trix

In the first part of Tusnelda and Trix’s story, we have followed their journey from a dark mine in Forgotten Hollow to a nice house in Brindleton Bay.
They have both found love
and they have made new friendships. Tusnelda has found her dream career and Trix has found a nice beach where he can hunt birds and squirrels. Life is almost perfect and here all classic adventures would end.
The reader will know that life fortunately does not end here and neither does life for Tusnelda and Trix.
In the second part of the story continues their struggle to fulfill their dreams – for better and worse.


Chapter 36: For better and worse – Prelude

Chapter 37: Refections

Chapter 38: Evolution

Chapter 39: Joyful surprises

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