Tusnelda and Trix

43. Like bees seek honey

Rasmus is still struggling to forget Blue and Tusnelda can finally see things succeed.
Today’s chapter deals with topics such as longing, seduction and about seeking oblivion in large quantities of drinks. I use stereotypes to describe these topics. It’s not because of my lack of knowledge, but it is not the errand of this story to deal with all kinds of gender.
Passages in the story may be pretty indifferent but I still chose to keep them to give a sense of time.


Rasmus has just woken up to a new day. He immediately sets course for the sofa, as he has lost his desire for food.

Rasmus sits heavily and stares into the television screen … however, it is not the cook’s picture that occupies his inner gaze.

The memories of the night’s dream still fills him with an almost physical presence.

The thoughts make him sad and reinforce his sense of emptiness. It’s like there’s something dead and gone inside him.

It’s almost a relief as the workday calls him away from his hopeless longing.

Even though he already knows it’s going to be a really sad and depressing day.


It is not the hopelessness that presses Martin. He is as always fresh and active right from the morning.

Like Martin, Tusnelda starts her morning with a run.

Although she is not a big fan of running, she enjoys the unique views of the beach and ocean at Brindleton Bay.


At the Science Lab

To day is the collecting day at the Lab and Tusnelda continues enjoying nature while collecting metals and crystals.

She finds several crystals and metals still unknown to her.

A conversation with the Geological Council convinces her that she found a new, rarely seen mineral.

Tusnelda continues her search for interesting elements.

Close to a lake, she finds a small space crater.

She tentatively sticks her hand down into the crater. She finds a Dead Red Coral a small gift from space.

Tusnelda’s gaze seeks up between the clouds. There is certainly more between heaven and earth that is still unexplored.

Tusnelda spends another half hour fishing.

It will not be today that she makes the big catch.

It’s time for her to return to the lab.


When Tusnelda enters the front office of the laboratory, she catches sight of Kristina.

The two women greet each other with an embrace.
I can not be able to explain what has suddenly changed the relationship between them.

They start a mutual exchange of experiences about scientific discoveries.

Kristina speaks kindly and welcomingly.

Tusnelda looks thoughtfully at Kristina as she moves on. Who would have foreseen that there is such a kind woman behind her tough facade.

“Good morning Tusnelda! You look great today!… I can not help but notice that your charm has worked on Kristina,” Masato says

“Let me know if you still miss a little benefit from me.” he continues with a smirk.

“I do not know what gives you these delusions Masato, but you should know that your and my contact is purely professional” Tusnelda replies brusquely.

“However! Upon further reflection !” Tusnelda says and stops before leaving the room …

“There is actually a minor benefit I would ask you for.”

Masato drinks the liquid without protest and it actually turns out without any noticeable side effects.


Aanya kindly makes herself available for the next test of the synthetic food serum.
Nor does she show any signs of discomfort.

It seems that Tusnelda is finally on the right track and she would therefore like to collect a sample for an analyse.

Here, Aanya refuses to participate.

“Sorry Tusnelda …. I suddenly have a need that can not be postponed” says Aanya, after which she rushes up the stairs to the staff room.

It is not the toilet she is looking for, as you might think ….

Aanya has got a sudden longing for cake. Especially chocolate cake.


Tusnelda continues her experiment with the food serum and she also asks Aarav for a sample.

Nor does he want to participate in the final test.

Stronger tools must be used here …..

Soon a pink gentle aura descends from the sky …. An aura that soon gives everyone a feeling of infinite sympathy and happiness.


Meanwhile in Brindleton Bay

Rasmus has just been released from his job and there is no pink aura resting on him.

Rasmus is just as sad as he has been all day and he shows no surprise whens someone is waiting for him outside his home.

It’s Marcus Flex who’s back.

Marcus has heard rumors that Rasmus is hitting a fixed fist and now he wants to invite him to the sport club located in the Harbor Quarter Gym in Windenburg.

Rasmus politely rejects Marcus. He is not in the mood to participate in sporting activities and the rumors that Marcus has heard are taken out of context.

“I’m a peaceful guy and not a guy who usually hits people …. I only hit that villain in self-defense because he provoked me.” Rasmus continues. “He’s a bully and yet the woman I love chose him over me.”

“It hurts when you are rejected by a woman … I know that.” Marcus replies sympathetically.

“Come with me to Windenburg Rasmus! I think you will discover that we are a group of friendly people and that sport is a shortcut to unity and friendship.”

Fate is a surprising teammate and it so happened that Marcus showed up at Rasmus’ address just when he feels most abandoned.


At the Science Lab

We return to the laboratory just as Tusnelda has asked Simon for a sample.

Whether it is due to the positive aura or that Simon is generally friendly when it comes to Tusnelda, it finally seems to succeed this time.
Simon benevolently opens his mouth.

“Thank you so much Simon! You have made an important contribution to my research” says Tusnelda gratefully.

“Everything for science” Simon replies and sends Tusnelda a wink before moving on.

Tusnelda follows him with her eyes, moved by how the mood in the laboratory has changed in recent days. It surprises her but it feels good to have friendly colleagues.

Tusnelda goes up to the staff room to have lunch with Kristina.


At the Harbor Quarter Gym

Somehow Marcus managed to lure Rasmus to Windenburg.
Now he stands looking at the club members …. A bunch of very fit men and women.

This is a big misunderstanding!
Rasmus sadly walks into the center to find Marcus so he can give him that message.

“I’m going home … this club is for some completely different types than me” Rasmus says dejected.

“Maybe you should give it a try? … I think it will help your mood.” suggests Marcus

“I’m definitely not in surplus to give anything … I’ve just been abandoned by my beloved and I’m giving a damn what you think!” Rasmus answers almost aggressively

“I’m sorry to hear that” Marcus says kindly.

Before Rasmus has time to leave, he is interrupted by a young woman.

“Hi there! You look new … I’m Oliana Ngata and you are?” Oliana asks

Rasmus presents himself politely and Oliana keeps telling him how much she loves meeting new people and how fun it is to be a member of the Harbor Quarter Gym.

Rasmus looks around and sees a whole bunch of happy young women who all greet him and each other. Lovely women in all colors and shapes, although none of them can compete with Blue.

A young woman apologizes to Rasmus that she has not paid her last contingent.

Rasmus stops in amazement …. who does she think he is?

“Sorry, but are you not the Center Inspector?” she asks

Maybe it’s his shirt and tie that confuses her?

Suddenly Rasmus hears himself roar with laughter … He is almost startled because he thought he had lost his ability to laugh.

A young guy replies grinning “The Center Inspector!? Ha ha! You’re so funny Jade! … This is Rasmus our new club member.”

The guy introduces himself as Paolo.

Rasmus looks gratefully at Marcus and his attention is caught by a discussion about training between Marcus and a fair-haired woman.


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda is in the process of developing some new equipment. A Cloning Machine.

She thanks the robot for a job well done.

Now the machine needs to be tested and she starts with a little strawberry.

The machine emits some strange sparks and red lights.

All beginnings are difficult and the result was an utterly useless gray mass.

The next attempt ends with a perfect copy of the strawberry.

Imagine if she could copy the synthetic food serum and thus avoid a long intricate process at The Chemistry Lab?

It’s going perfectly!
What an ingenious tool.

Tusnelda gathers focus using the Momentum Conserver.
It’s not good if she gets too eager. A true scientist must work purposefully and focused.

Of course, the copy of the serum needs to be tested and this time she chooses to drink it herself.

Kristina makes a grimace in compassionate disgust as she sees Tusnelda’s reaction.

“Disgusting!” exclaims Tusnelda loudly.

There have been some quality degradations in the copy process …. something that needs to be worked on further.

Tusnelda and Kristina discuss the preliminary results before the end of the working day.


At the Harbor Quarter Gym

In the gym, Rasmus finally participates in the training.

Rasmus moans over the struggle with the heavy training equipment. It requires all his attention, so maybe Marcus is right … this might be good for him.

Just opposite Rasmus, a really well-trained guy is pulling weights without difficulty.

“Hey, you bearded guy … what’s your secret?” he asks before lifting the weights once more.

Rasmus gets up in astonishment … “My secret?” he asks.

“Yes, I saw you with all those kittens …. They swarm around you like bees seek honey,” the guy replies

“I’m a cat lover,” Rasmus replies confused, while trying to remember which kittens the guy is talking about?

“Cat lover!? … yes I can see that” the guy answers grinning. “I myself am a worshiper of these ‘cats‘.”

“You’re a guy with humor, I like that,” he continues, after which he introduces himself as the ladies’ best friend, Don Lothario.

Rasmus stands silent and tries to find context in Don’s talk.

As if to emphasize Don’s recent statement, Clara interferes in the conversation.

“Hi Don! Your appearance looks so good. I can see that your muscles have developed” she says to Don.

“Thank you Clara! I must say you yourself look amazing … no one can match your beautiful appearance” Don replies with honey in his voice.

“Oh Don you flatter me, it’s way too much” Clara replies.

Rasmus thinks she definitely does not seem to think it’s too much. She seems to swallow every smirking word with utmost pleasure.

“I can see what you mean by the lady’s friend” Rasmus says kindly …. “but what did you really mean by my secret?”

“Do not say you do not know your own secret” Don says surprised.

“You’re an interesting guy” Don continues … “maybe you should join for a few drinks after training… I might be able to teach you a few other secrets.”

“Yes Rasmus! You should definitely go with us to town tonight” says Marcus.


Early evening in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has just returned home and she is received by Fiona.

Tusnelda encourages Fiona to jump up in her arms.

In the background, the kitten Fie comes running.

Tusnelda is a real cat lover and she enjoys cuddling with Fiona.

Now she hears a loud insistent meow and she discovers Fie standing at her feet.

She puts Fiona down and picks Fie up in her arms.

She’s such a cute kitten. Tusnelda thinks she can never get enough of cats.


At The Narwhal Arms in Windenburg

Rasmus hesitantly follows the club members with his eyes as they disappear in through the door of The Narwals Arms.

Maybe he should rather go home? … but to be honest with himself, he has actually enjoyed the break from the gloomy thoughts the group members have given him this afternoon.

Shortly after, he sits at the bar with a frothy tasty brew in front of him.

“Cheers! Inspector,” Jade says cheerfully.

Behind Rasmus’ back, Don tries to make eye contact with Clara. More flattery is planned.

A young woman is sitting and struggling with a piece of fruitcake. She should have ordered another dish.

Rasmus sits down next to Jade. They talk about the gym and their work.
Jade is definitely beautiful, friendly and easy to talk to.

Rasmus hears Don’s soft voice in the background. He has found a new subject for his flattering talents.

“Are you all right, love?” he asks

The woman seems to receive his caring questions without reservation.

“You’re gorgeous,” he continues … “I do not think we have met before … I certainly would have remembered.”

Rasmus can not help but listen to Don as he wonders how easily he wraps the women next to him into sweet flattery.
They do not seem to mind … On the contrary, they seem to enjoy it.


Meanwhile in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda eats a leftover vegetable pie.
It takes another while before Martin returns home, so when she has eaten she will continue on the rocket.

A sudden sound causes her to stop her flow of thoughts.

Oh no! No more kittens, please.


At The Narwhal Arms

Rasmus empties another glass before placing a new order.

He orders a glass of red nectar, which is actually his favorite drink.

Don has for a while forgotten the women in the room and he is busy discussing training techniques with Marcus.

Rasmus sits down next to Marcus as he listens to the discussion and enjoys his nectar.
The many drinks make him relaxed and carefree.

The nectar has quickly disappeared.
Rasmus feels comfortable and Marcus and he get to know each other a little better.

Don gets up to dance. The many beautiful women should reluctantly forget his presence.


Late night in Brindleton Bay

It’s very late when Martin finally comes home from his soccer match.

He starts grilling some burgers while Tusnelda is still working on rebuilding the rocket.

Tusnelda seems to have an infinite amount of energy.

Martin feels sore and tired in his body…. He could need a massage.

“Hey, sweetie! The food’s done!” he calls

Unfortunately, it seems that Tusnelda is not coming yet.

A strong dazzling light hits her from above.

immediately after, she is sucked up into space by an invisible force.

Only a few luminous bubbles are left.

Martin goes to find Tusnelda … He misses her and it’s so damn that she can not detach herself for a moment, he thinks.

To Martin’s surprise, Tusnelda is nowhere near the rocket.
She is more detached than he even has the imagination to understand.

Martin returns disappointed … maybe she’s in the shower?

He is hungry like few and he starts eating.
Tusnelda can attend later … if she finds a break in her precious time.

Martin is not hungry anymore.

The dishes are done quickly.

Martin complains of his distress to Trix.

He sits down on the couch and finally his smile returns.

Sports on TV, peace and quiet and no interruptions.
Life is not the worst thing right now.


Late night in Oasis Springs

Rasmus has no memory of why he and the club ended up in Oasis Springs?

It seems to have something to do with Don’s knowledge of the Rattlesnake Juice bar.
At least they’re free of the loud thumping beats.

Don has invited the young woman, Candy, with them to Oasis Spring and she seems to be quite attracted to him.

Suddenly Don is interrupted by another woman ….
“Hi Don! Where have you been all day, I have missed you” says the woman.

“Katrina!” says Don surprised … “Why are you not sleeping?”

“Because my bed feels so empty without you,” Katrina replies affectionately.

Don tries to reassure Katrina and he has forgotten all about Candy.

Rasmus sends her a sympathetic look … how does she take Don’s sudden transformation.

Rasmus suddenly discovers that Marcus and Clara are exchanging some remarks.

“He’s a womanizer. You know that, Clara … besides, what about your husband?” says Marcus

Regardless of the facts, Clara still looks a bit hurt.

Meanwhile, Don managed to reassure Katrina by promising to come home to her later in the night.

“No one can compare with your beauty, you know that Katrina” says Don honey sweet … “You will always be the first and the best.”

“What happened to my drink?” Rasmus asks in a slightly blurred voice

Rasmus orders a new round for the group.

Katrina has left and Don has returned.

“Hey, bearded man! Her eyes have been hanging on you most of the night … you should hit on her … buy her a drink!” says Don

Rasmus looks questioningly at Marcus .. “What is he talking about?”

“He’s talking about Candy” Marcus replies … “maybe it’s time you changed the blue color into pink?”

“No, I do not think so” says Rasmus, after which he quickly swallows his next drink.


Rasmus’ gaze becomes more and more blurred.
As in a hazy vision, he senses Don get up and walk over to Candy.

“Hi beautiful, don’t be sad … he does not understand to appreciate your attention … I would never let a beautiful young woman like you suffer in loneliness … Here you have a drink.”

“I would gladly fulfill your longings, but unfortunately I have a woman waiting for me … maybe another night?” continues Don.

Don’s voices become more indistinct and disappears into a blurred universe “

Now it sounds like it’s Clara’s voice responding to his compliments.

Suddenly Rasmus becomes completely clear and awake.

It’s time for him to go home.


Midnight in Brindleton Bay

It’s also time for Tusnelda to return home.

The descent becomes somewhat uncomfortable … “Ouch!”

She lands on her butt with a bang.

She quickly goes in to find Martin.

She is hungry and quickly eats a burger.

Martin is completely engrossed in a soccer match on television. He does not seem to care about her.

Now she needs a shower.


The match is over and Tusnelda asks if Martin has heard from Rasmus?

“No, I have not heard from him all day.” Martin replies … “I’m sure we would have seen him if he’s depressed. He knows he’s always welcome, so he’s ok!”

Now the darkness has taken over and the hopeful hunters of the night are intensifying their hunt.

It applies to the hope of love as Trix hopes to finally crack the neck of the mischievous squirrel.


Midnight at The Rattlesnake Juice Bar

In The Rattlesnake Juice Bar , the last options are just being tried out.

Many guests have gone home and new ones are coming.

Fortunately, Rasmus has disappeared when Allan suddenly shows up at the bar. It could easily end in trouble.

After a drink or two, Allan also chooses to leave the bar.

He recognizes with contempt the senseless drunkard on the bench. He’s exactly what he thought … a ridiculously hopeless fool.

It confirms him once again that Alice is as naive and helpless as he has always known. He’d better hurry home and take care of her.


Brindleton Bay

As always, Martin takes loving care of Tusnelda.

It’s late, but not too late for a little mutual care.

Fiona calls on her kittens … it’s bedtime.

A little kitten staggers tiredly to find her place to sleep.

Except for Trix who is still on the hunt, everyone soon falls into a deep sleep.


The night’s sleep graciously erases all the day’s struggles and experiences.


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  • Yimiki

    This was a fun chapter! I loved seeing Rasmus get picked up by Marcus and the other townies. He stood out like a sore thumb but they were all so nice to him, even Don Lothario. Him flirting with every woman he came across made me laugh xD never change, Don. Never change.
    I’m so glad that Rasmus was asleep when Allan arrived, otherwise that would have been a horrible ending to his day. Maybe even a fight again. Did you invite him yourself, or was that the game throwing curveballs at you?

    Tusnelda’s relationship with her colleagues has changed so much. Kristina is surprising but it’s Masato who is really throwing me for a loop here, haha. He’s still flirting with her! And blatantly too! Oh, sims and their silly ways xD

    Oh my gods how many times has Tusnelda been kidnapped by aliens already? They must really really like her. At least she comes back to earth properly every time. No Bella #2 situations allowed here, aliens!

    The blurry drunk effects and memory blurs worked really well this chapter =D

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks ❤
      I loved writing the dialogue between Rasmus and Don. This will not be the last time he meets Don.
      As you write, the game has really thrown a lot of curveballs up to this chapter. That goes for Marcus, the many women in the gym, and Allan. Allan was certainly not invited by me. I’m glad Rasmus slept and that Blue did not show up unannounced.

      I do not know what happened, but suddenly Kristina and Tusnelda greet each other with hugs.
      Masato has even tried to invite Tusnelda on a date …. he must be some kind of masochist 😆

      Tusnelda is constantly being abducted by aliens. It’s hard to plan a sensible scene with her without interruption.

      I’m glad the blurred images worked as they should. Thanks for your tip ❤

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