A unique miracle

A short Christmas story without snow and Christmas elves.

One day, our descendants might read about about the covid-19 pandemic and the year 2020 in the history books.

By that time, I hope it is a chapter over and that our way of life has not led to even greater disasters. I really hope so.

During this time, one could well wish for a miracle … and perhaps there really is a miracle on the way in the form of an effective vaccine. I wish it would be available in all parts of the world before too many more people will die.

Right now, covid-19 is spreading at breakneck speed in Denmark. We are an expectant people who are not used to accepting restrictions on our personal freedom. Christmas is a holiday associated with many traditions and gatherings. We are close to winter solstice and right now the days are short, and the darkness feels dominant. It’s really hard for people to accept that this Christmas will be different.

Personally, I will not be meeting with my siblings and their families this year. We have canceled all gatherings with friends. Christmas Eve is only celebrated with my husband and our son and daughter. We have ordered a delicious menu from a catering company and bought a good bottle of Merlot. Let’s make this Christmas something special in a positive way.

We all need to be reminded of miracles and therefore I want to take a break from the story of Tusnelda and Trix, to share this little story. This story will be my Christmas present to my readers with the message that miracles can happen in the world of fairy tales as well as in the real world.

Before I finish, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the storytellers who have shared their stories, challenges and ideas. The community I have met around stories and challenge this year has brought me great joy and amusement.

With the wish of a happy 2021 to you all, let’s get started.


Chapter 1: The snake in paradise

Chapter 2: The journey

Chapter 3: Magic form

Chapter 4: The glare

Chapter 5: Snake poison

Chapter 6: The blessing

Chapter 7: Devil fry and gold nugget

Chapter 8: A unique miracle

Chapter 9: Farewell

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