A unique miracle

3. Magic form

The sorceress gives Alia two tasks. The first is the payment, the other should she perform when she comes home.

The sorceress has given Alia a task.

Alia must collect seven magic beans as payment for the sorceress’ service.

Alia looks around in the unknown realm and finds the little beans where they light up.

When she found the agreed number of beans, she returns to the sorceress.

Alia hands over her payment.

Soon she feels an icy pain in her womb. …

…. then a renewed heat and a force.

Alia looks wondering at the sorceress as she disappears.

It’s late evening before Alia returns home to Akia.

She hugs him tightly and tells about the miracle that is on its way.

However, there is still a task they have to do themselves.

Afterwards, Alia wakes up with a new and unknown hunger.

She wakes Akia and tells him about the child conceived in her womb.

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