A unique miracle

4. The glare

When the glare hits your eyes, it becomes impossible to see. Today, Alia and Akia discover that something beside the sun emits a glare.

A new day has begun and all day long Akia stands and fishes by the water’s edge.

Alia snorkels around in the ocean while dreaming about the baby that is on its way.

In the evening the sun shines with a glare before it leaves the sky..

Akia admires the sunset and Alias’ steady swim in the sea before heading home.

He can not imagine a more beautiful sight than the sunset and the woman in the sea.

Long after Akia has left, Alia continues to swim.


It’s almost night before Alia returns home and she exhales a startled scream when she catches sight of Akia.

Akia! What happened to you!?”

Then she suffers from an overwhelming dizziness.

The whole world rotates before Alias’ eyes.

As she turns around, she encounters the most frightening sight she has ever seen.

Now he sends his poison directly into Alias’ eyes.

Like an unwilling doll, she collapses and now she feels the bite and the icy lips.

The snake raises its head and gasps for a mouthful of air.

He has drunk a large portion of Alias’ warm blood and now he lets her fall to the ground like an exhausted sack.

Shocked, Akia wakes up from his doze when he hears the bang from Alias body hitting the bridge.

The next moment he feels the poison that hits his eyes and paralyzes his will and all his senses.

Soon Akia feels the dead cold lips, the bite and how all resistance is sucked out of his body.

The snake licks its mouth and releases Akia’s body.

Now he casts one last glance at the two limp bodies. He will remember this place and this hot, salty, vibrant meal.


The next day, Alia tries to remember what hit her.

Her whole body aches and the nausea and dizziness is probably not just due to her pregnancy.

Akia has soon slept for fourteen hours.

Her fruit salad tastes quite awful today and she gives up eating the rest.

It’s afternoon before Akia wakes up.

He tries to help her aching body with a massage.

Whatever has happened, fortunately the two still have each other.

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  • SnuffyBucket

    Bloody hell, Vlad. You couldn’t let these two have their moment; the camera goes on and you just have to come and stick your scrawny, zebra pant-wearing fangs in. Now Alia’s probably harbouring more than an enchanted embryo because of your miserable, grey face.

    Part of me really hopes that baby and mother are OK and we’ll get our miracle, but part of me is also wishing for a vampire hybrid, mischief-magicked demon child too because… well, it’s me.

    But hey, if these pair have been longing for a child for over a decade now, maybe they’ll be happy with whatever unholy creation claws its way out and love it regardless, which really would be a miracle. ❤

    • MonaSolstraale

      Oh I love your comment and your colorful language. I get pictures in my brain 😀 ❤

      We’ll see if some of your predictions come true …. but yes! Alia and Akia will love whatever comes.

  • audreyfld

    Poor kids! Glad is the worst. I just wonder if they are going to become vampires or if the baby will be a witchy vampire! But at least they still love each other. ❤️

  • pammiechick

    Bad Vlad! Now will she become a vampire? It’s almost impossible to live on Sulani with that condition. Poor Alia!

    They look like Mike Eagles parents! Are they related?

  • Yimiki

    Oh, for crying out loud, Vlad! Leave them alone T.T Not even a paradise like Sulani is safe from his vampiric ways, it seems. Gah, he’s such a pest wherever he goes. I just hope that didn’t do anything bad for the baby.

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