Tusnelda and Trix

41. Deep to fall

Warning! There will be rude speech in this chapter and some topics may be hard to digest.

What climbs high will sooner or later land on earth again. The wise words are said by Trix and it must turn out that he is right in more than one sense.
In this chapter, there are several who have something to think about and some find it difficult to remain calm. Love and anger, joy and sorrow. It’s all part of being alive. Finally, Rasmus discovers Blue is not who he thinks she is and it has major consequences.


Darkness lies heavy over Rasmus’ house. It’s a few hours after midnight.
Inside the house you can hear some running water ….

It’s Alice who takes a very early shower.

In the bedroom, Rasmus is still lying asleep.

Shortly after, Alice quietly slips down the stairs.

She never got that conversation with Rasmus last night …

She has been putting it off for far too long and she is feeling terribly bad about herself. She’s going to miss him so terribly and the thought of hurting him makes it all much worse.

Now she just hopes she gets home before Allan.


The dawn is approaching and in the house next door it is completely quiet.

Soon the silence is broken when a rocket approaches landing.

It lands safely on the landing site in a cloud of pink steam.

It’s Tusnelda and Martin returning home after their nightly adventure.

“Wow! Tusnelda! I’m glad you got us safely back on earth,” Martin says overwhelmed.

“It was so cool! Let’s have some breakfast,” Tusnelda replies proudly.


Morning in Willow Creek

In Willow Creek, the conversation is not so appreciative. Unfortunately Alice did not get home in time and now a verbal beating is waiting for her.

“Where the hell have you been all night!” hisses Allan.

“When will you understand the night is dangerous Alice! There are a lot of vicious types who can assault you, steal from you or even worse, tear you to pieces and drink your blood! …. you are so damn naive!!!!”

“Sorry Allan. I’m so sorry to upset you, but I assure you I was not in danger,” Alice says quietly.

“Quiet woman! Do not contradict me or I can not take responsibility for the consequences !!!” Allan roars

“Shall I make your breakfast?” Alice asks gently.

“Breakfast ?! Are you an insane woman !?” … “I’m too angry to eat breakfast”

“Get out of my sight Alice!…. I’m going to beat my dummy so I’m not going to hurt you “roars Allan

It went exactly as expected but hopefully Allan has no suspicion of where and with whom she has been.
Now she just has to get him in a good mood again and she knows exactly what it takes.


Morning in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has jumped out of her spacesuit and now she is making breakfast.

Martin stands in his own thoughts while he looks at the kittens …. When will Tusnelda and he get their own little ones?
The decision has been made, but in spite of all their efforts, there is no sign that a child is on the way.

Tusnelda’s thoughts move in completely different directions …. It’s so cool that she’s now built her own rocket and she’s excited about what adventures await her out there.
She can hardly wait for her next trip.

Martin continues to think while he eats … It is probably not entirely fair to use a word as effort, because it is certainly associated with great pleasure, but it still amazes him that it must be so difficult to make offspring. It’s not because they’re on the lazy side…


Not far from there, Rasmus also sits and thinks while eating his breakfast

Blue has left without saying goodbye this morning. She seemed so tense yesterday and he will love knowing what it is that worries her.

The sky is glorious blue today, but despite the beautiful weather, Rasmus has to practice new recipes. The many adventures with Blue have left him behind.

First of all, he will try to calm his swarming thoughts.


In Willow Creek

Allan hesitantly approaches Alice, who is standing in the kitchen.

“I’m sorry Alice, I should not yell at you, but you must learn to think so you do not turn me off like that.”

“Please Alice, give me a kiss. You should know it’s only because I love you.”


In Brindleton Bay

The atmosphere in Brindleton Bay is quite differently cheerful.
Both Tusnelda and Martin feel very uplifted on top of their flight. They both dance to get the excess adrenaline out of their bodies.

Suddenly, Martins feels Tusnelda’s gaze behind his back.

He’s so damn attractive! she thinks.

“What are you staring at Tusnelda? Do not be shy … I am here for you to conquer” teases Martin.

“I love you Tusnelda!… and am so glad I’m still giving you a reason to stay on earth.” he says as he hugs her close to him.

He certainly does. Tusnelda can not imagine a life without him by her side.

“What do you say we get a few hours of sleep before we go to work?” Martin suggests

“Yes! That sounds like a sensible idea” Tusnelda replies, unable to let go of his amazing loving brown eyes.

They immediately head for their bedroom.

Sooner or later, they will catch up on some of their lost sleep..


In Willow Creek

Alice quietly slips out of bed. It took some time but finally Allan has calmed down and he has fallen asleep.

Now she sits over her breakfast and notices how a depression is slowly returning.
She knows Allan’s right. She is irresponsible and stupid and she herself is to blame for her now feeling so miserable.

Alice sits down at her PC. She has been thinking for a long time about writing a novel. She starts with the introduction and she already knows it will be a gloomy story.


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda has turned up for her work and she is kindly received by Aarav.

To her delight, she sees that he still does not have any bad feelings after participating as her guinea pig.
It bodes well for her future tests.

“Good morning Masato! May I give you a suggestion?” Tusnelda asks kindly.

Masato ponders what Tusnelda is up to now, but before he can answer her, the phone rings.

“Good morning! This is the Secret Science Lab, Masato speaking. Who am i talking to?” Masato asks professionally.

Tusnelda has meanwhile picked up an item in her pocket.

Tusnelda waits a little impatiently while Masato talks to the annoying person at the other end of the phone.

Then she places a plasma bag on the desk and continues into the lab …

At the same time, Masato ends the conversation on the phone.

“Hey stop! What does this mean?” Masato asks in surprise.

“It’s a gift for you!” exclaims Tusnelda excitedly … “A free sample from my store”

“Have I ever told you about my store?” She continues … “I will be happy to receive you as a customer. I have already learned how to make new plasma bags so supplies are stable.”
“Who knows, maybe I’ll soon learn to make a cure for you!” she concludes with a triumphant expression.

Not again! Masato thinks resignedly. He therefore decides it is wisest to avoid answering her.

When Tusnelda is gone, the phone rings again.

Masato’s gaze thoughtfully seeks Tusnelda’s gift. She probably means well, so he should be grateful.


Tusnelda starts the day by analyzing some metals.

She carefully writes down all her observations.

Later she calls the Department of Geology to register a new mineral.

Simon volunteers to test her synthetic food serum and he fortunately stays upright. Looks like she’s got the worst side effects eradicated.

“It tastes awful Tusnelda!” says Simon as he shudders … “You should do something about the taste”

Tusnelda smells gently to the liquid in the flask, after which she takes a small sip.

EW! It’s awful … the addition of the sweet cherries apparently made no difference to the taste.

“I think you are right” Tusnelda says sadly to Simon.

“Simon, you are a fool! How do you risk tasting her fluidum? Have you not heard what she has done to Aanya’s brain?” asks Kristina.

“I’m sure Aanya has overcome her side effects now,” Tusnelda says

“Yes, that’s your wishful thinking!” Kristina answers angrily.


The rest of the day, Tusnelda performs several routine tasks.

She looks after the plants in the greenhouse.

She performs several analyzes of metals and crystals.

She carefully writes down her observations.

We will not dwell any more on Tusnelda’s work. There are far more serious things at stake in this chapter.


Martin is still at work when Tusnelda comes home.

She gets a friendly welcome from one of the kittens


Afternoon in Willow Creek

Alice is in the kitchen to start dinner.

“It smells heavenly! When are we going to eat?” Allan asks.

“The food is ready in ten minutes … you can sit down and watch TV while you wait” Alice answers kindly.

“I will stay and keep an eye on you for so long … you are a beautiful sight.” he answers

“I have to meet the guys at our local gym after dinner. Promise me you’ll not go out, Alice.” Allan says

“It’s no problem. I’m just started writing a new novel” Alice answers cheerfully … “When did you say you’re home?”

“You do not have to wait up, it will probably be late … we will drink a few beers afterwards” Allan says.

Alice puts the leftovers in the fridge and she is standing and listens until she can hear him walk out the door.

She quickly finds her mobile phone and writes a message to Rasmus. She have to finish this properly …

I need to talk to youit’s importantmeet me in the spice district in half an hour – ❤ Blue

Allan has decided to run to the gym. It’s nice weather … The perfect weather for running.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Rasmus finds his mobile phone when he hears the hum.

It’s Blue. She wants to meet him.

He immediately sends a reply back.

I look forward to see you – Love you – Mr. Big

Rasmus is excited about what Blue has on her mind. He will soon get an answer so he hurries to the shower.


Tusnelda has decided to run.

The task as a spaceship captain requires a good physique and she needs to get in shape.

The air is clear and fresh. It’s the perfect weather for running.

She is constantly fascinated by the view of the ocean in Brindleton Bay.

To the west, the light simmers in a reddish glow and testifies to an imminent sunset.

Tusnelda sees a cat ahead that seems familiar.

“Oh hey Brooke! Send my greetings to Rasmus.” says Tusnelda as she runs past.

She thinks about how Rasmus is doing.

He’s been very busy lately, so she’s sure he’s fine.


Evening In San Myshuno Spice District

The evening light also glows in San Myshuno. As promised, Rasmus arrives just in time.

“I’ve missed you all day,” he says, giving Blue a kiss.

How can she resist him? This is going to be difficult.

“You want to talk to me?” Rasmus helps her along the way.

“Yeah, you know, when the two of us met … I had imagined that we’d only have one casual meeting … as a little fun and enjoyment … a single night or maybe two.” says Blue stumbling.

“What are you trying to say?” Rasmus asks with a feeling of growing uneasiness.


They sit down on a bench and Blue once again tries to approach the inevitable.

Rasmus listens to her lecture on non-committal fun.

“It’s OK Blue! That was the beginning, then we fell in love ….. It’s the kind of thing that luckily happens.” says Rasmus as he holds her hand in his.

“Yes, I guess so….” Blue replies hesitantly as she swims away into his affectionate eyes.

Why should he be so unreasonably sweet and caring? she thinks once again.

Soon she has forgotten all about the reason she and he were supposed to meet, as she disappears into the embrace and kiss of the sweet man she has fallen in love with.

They are not allowed to stay in their love bubble much longer, for Allan is on his way home from a bar.

It dawns on him what it is he sees in front of his eyes and he feels a violent anger.

“Alice! What the hell are you doing!?” he shouts with a deafening roar.

“Your unfaithful bitch !!! …so that’s what you call research?!” shouts Allan angrily.

“Hey, calm down now mate” Rasmus breaks in.

“There must be a misunderstanding … who is Alice?”

“Are you kidding! Alice is my wife, the one you just buried your whole disgusting face in!” Allan replies with a roar.

“Is he right? Are you married?” Rasmus asks in shock

“I’m so sorry. I’ve really tried to say it to you several times.” whispers Blue in shame

“Get lost! Your big fool! If I ever see you near my wife again, I’ll fucking kill you!” Allan hisses angrily.

“It is enough!” roars Rasmus in response.

But slowly the truth sinks into him and he feels a deafening sorrow.

“Are you going to provoke me !? Just come on !!” Allan continues

“Or maybe a cream bun like you does not know how to fight?” Allan continues as he gives Rasmus a provocative push.

Never before has Rasmus felt such a fundamental anger.

The two men fight in unbridled anger, with Alice as a despairing spectator.

How could she let that happen? How could she be so ruthlessly stupid and irresponsible. Only she is the cause of it all.

Contrary to what one might think, it is Rasmus who ends up with the victory and he sees with satisfaction Allan withdraws.

No victory, however, can offset the feeling of defeat as he sees Blue throw herself into Allan’s arms.

“I am so sorry!” she says crying.

Rasmus will never know if the apology applies to him or Allan. Nothing can offset his grief and defeat.

“You are sick!” says Allan to Alice “Tomorrow we’ll go to the hospital and get you some medicine.”

“I’m not sick” Alice answers desperately “Please, not the hospital, Allan. I promise I will behave good from now on.”

Rasmus does not need to hear any more of their conversation and he sadly heads for Brindleton Bay.

In the background he can hear Allan screaming and Blue crying.
To him, she will always be Blue.

A sudden silence makes him turn around one last time.

The sight is devastating.

Never before has Rasmus felt so broken down as now.


Evening in Brindleton Bay

Martin has just returned from work and he is looking forward to telling Tusnelda about his promotion.

Now Rasmus is approaching with heavy steps.

Rasmus needs to talk to a friend.

Martin listens anxiously to his friend’s confidants.

Rasmus begins slow to tell about the last days events.

Martin gets more shaken the further Rasmus gets in his tale.

Finally, Rasmus tells about the fight with Allan and Blues false identity and Martin gasps loudly in shock.

“Such a bitch! I feel like telling her some truths!” Martin says surprisingly angry.

“I love her Martin, how am I suddenly going to hate her?” Rasmus answers sadly.


Tusnelda has taken a long rest at the water’s edge and now she is finally heading home.
The sky glows ominously blood red in the background.

The darkness has almost taken over when she finally reaches home.

She is tired and hungry and is looking forward to see Martin.

“Hi sweetie! You’ve been out running” Martin says happily.

Tusnelda eats her dinner while Martin arranges the dishes.

In the foreground we see Fiona in the process of giving the kittens another lesson in the danger of fire. That cat is obsessed.

After the meal, Martin grabs Tusnelda.
“Promise me a lie will never come between us” he says seriously and gives her a kiss.

Tusnelda gets the feeling that something crucial has happened, but when she asks Martin, he replies that it can wait until tomorrow. Right now he needs to feel her presence.


There is no one to grab Rasmus when he gets home.

Now he stands staring blankly up at the ceiling, as if that is where he must find answers.

Brooke immediately senses his pain.

She follows Rasmus to the sofa where he sits down with a resigned sigh.

“Please, share it with me Rasmus!” she says with a low humming meow.

“You just should know…” Rasmus says sadly as he caresses her.

Brooke, of course, knows everything and she indulges in Rasmus’ caresses, while for a short time he lets himself be distracted by her devoted confidence.


Then he goes sadly into his bedroom. He should try to get some sleep,…. if only he could let go of all his sad thoughts.

This room was yesterday filled with life and joy. Now it seems empty and filled with invisible ghosts. A thousand unanswered questions have conquered his brain and fills him with unrest.

How could he be so mistaken about Blue? Was he really not worth more? Will he ever trust any woman again?

The worst thing is the grief over what he has lost.
Rasmus crawls under the blanket and cries himself to sleep.


After midnight

In the middle of the night, Tusnelda is awakened by an inexplicable unrest.

Outside, her rocket stands and lures with unexplored adventures.

Adventure she will have to explore immediately.

Maybe it’s her drowsy mindset that makes her ignore all common sense. Maybe it also makes her forget all safety rules.

The rocket takes off with a roar that wakes up the entire neighborhood.

Fortunately, most people quickly go back to sleep, convinced that they have had a bad dream.

Trix collapses in horror. He hears a rumble that warns bad news.

The kittens run confused back and forth awakened by their night’s sleep.

Fiona stops in horror in the middle of the night’s hunt for squirrels and birds.
There’s something that tells her she must go home to her little ones immediately.

Martin has jumped out of bed, frozen in fear.
She just didn ‘t !? he thinks.

The flight becomes too short and the rocket lands on the ground with an explosion.

Black smoke rests all over…

I, the author, get a horrible fear that this story ends in this moment.

Every moment I expect to see the reaper.

It is not Grim but Fiona who shows up.
It should come as no surprise to anyone as we already know she’s obsessed with fire.

Slowly, Tusnelda crawls like a phoenix out of the burning wreck.

What a relief!

She quickly waves the last flames away from her fireproof spacesuit.

Martin waits anxiously inside the bedroom. When he sees Tusnelda standing indifferent and waving the ashes of the spacesuit, his immediate relief is replaced by anger.

“You never do that again!” he roars

“Damn Martin! I just survived a crash and then you give me such a reception?” she answers bitterly

“This is not about reception … You could have killed yourself because of your thoughtless daring!” shouts Martin desperately.

“Stop! Right away Martin! I do not want to hear any more …. I’m taking a shower.”

Tusnelda is angry….
Martin did not show even the slightest sympathy with she has now lost her rocket and thus is set back to zero.

Fiona reassures both her little ones. “They will soon get over it.” she hums gently.


Later, Tusnelda and Martin is sitting on the bedside and talk it all through.

“Damn Martin. I just lost my rocket and I was expecting a little more sympathy from you. … Why did you shout? We never shout at each other.” says Tusnelda seriously.

“I could not bear the thought that I was about to lose you” Martin replies with desperation in his voice.

“But that’s not the case … I’m right here and you will not lose me.” Tusnelda answers lovingly … “Right here for you to conquer, you know.”

Trix views them with satisfaction from the sidelines.
There was a time when he wanted Martin far away, but the thought of the two getting divorced seems completely unbelievable today.

Tusnelda and Martin are exactly where they need to be.

So is Fiona.
Trix has long since forgotten there was a time when he considered her to be a hissing monster.

Now he has his own little family.
Everyone is exactly where they need to be.

With this in mind, everyone is safe to sleep.

In the end, it should probably go well for everyone.


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  • SnuffyBucket

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    Rasmus, no. You are worth more, you big squishy cheesebeard. ☹

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    • MonaSolstraale

      I do not know if it says anything about you that you love this painful hell,…. but maybe it says something about me that I love, I have been able to make such a torment 😆

      Thank you for your lovely comment ❤

  • cathytea

    Well, I’m glad that Rasmus finally found out. It’s pretty tough for Alice to be in that controlling relationship. I hope Rasmus meets someone single, healthy, and fun!

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    Oh Tus, there you go being bossy and pushy again xD maybe Masato doesn’t want to be cured. He seems to be doing fine in terms of sustenance, too. She means well but she really needs to learn to stop bulldozing over people with her blinders on.

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      My God! You’re violent Yimi 😯 … beating Allan with a baseball bat? … You shock me (not 😉 )
      I’m so glad you’ve seen so clearly what my errand is.
      I love your committed comment that made tears roll down my cheeks with laughter 😆 ❤

      I myself think Alice is a victim of psychological violence, but her way of dealing with her abuser makes her an executioner 😥
      Rasmus is the innocent victim 😥
      I personally think that Allan’s threat to drive her to the hospital is another way to control her and a way to manipulate all the responsibility onto her.

      Tusnelda is very bossy when it comes to her colleagues. Maybe not quite sympathetic.
      Her relationships are healthy, but even the most harmonious families have their issues to contend with.
      The crash with the rocket was definitely not planned. Martin’s reaction may not have been reasonable, but not abnormal.

      • Yimiki

        Oh my gods misreading that makes my comment seem so much darker!

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    • MonaSolstraale

      Poor Blue 😥
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      Fear is devastating and the most powerful force in the world.
      This chapter made me pretty sad … even though I wrote it myself. I’ve seen it too often.
      They are all three victims of a toxic game.

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    I’m glad they talked it out. That’s what makes the difference.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your appreciative comment ❤

      I spent so long building up to this climax.
      I also spent a really long time taking and selecting the photos I used for the chapter. Played the confrontation several times since I don’t use poses.
      I love taking advantage of whatever randomness the game gives me, as long as I can still maintain some control.
      That’s why I’m not a fan of story progression, as you can probably imagine 😆

      Precisely here is one of the few occasions where Martin reacts spontaneously with anger because he is afraid of losing Tusnelda. The strength of their relationship is that they always find each other after their disagreements.

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    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you so much for your touching comment ❤

      I don’t know if I can elaborate more than that I rewrote the chapter 5-6 times before I was satisfied with the structure. I am therefore glad that you grasp the interweaving of the two couples’ stories.
      The fact that Tusnelda’s rocket should explode just as I was working on this chapter is one of the random things the game gives and which I could never have thought of.

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