Tusnelda and Trix

40. Flying high

In this chapter, there are several characters that are going to fly high. Some will fly mentally and others more literally.
Tusnelda catches up on something she has neglected for a long time and Rasmus may soon be caught up by a reality he is too blinded to see. Trix is perhaps again the one who makes the most sense of them all.


It is very early morning as all the residents of Brindleton Bay are awakened by a deafening noise.

A ton-heavy rocket is slowly lifted off the ground by powerful engines.

It is Tusnelda flying her rocket for the first time.

“You should still be asleep” Trix meows to his little daughter … “little kittens like you need lots of sleep.”

“It was your noisy friend who woke me up” the kitten replies.

Martin should really talk Tusnelda to reason, but he seems to be quite preoccupied with his morning workout on the treadmill.

Humans can be so inattentive to their surroundings, Trix thinks resignedly.

Shortly after, the rocket approaches landing.

It lands on the ground in a cloud of smoke and steam.

Some dry coughs can be heard inside the smoke and as the smoke eases, Tusnelda’s body slowly appears.

This was absolutely amazing!
But she should probably adjust a bit on the landing gear thinks Tusnelda

Inside the living room, one of the kittens has curiously approached the fireplace.
“You should always stay far away from the fire” warns Fiona with a short specific meow.

“Good morning Martin!” greets Tusnelda, with a kiss on his cheek.

“How was your flight?” Martin asks kindly

“It was amazing Martin!” … “I only had a minor problem with the landing gear”

“It does not sound so safe” Martin replies worriedly.

“It’s not something I can not fix,” Tusnelda replies reassuringly.

Martin puts the dishes in the dishwasher and deftly steps around a kitten who has fallen asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor.

He is going to work to day and it gives Tusnelda peace to concentrate on some of what she has neglected in recent months.

Martin starts to upgrade the kitchen sink before leaving for work.


Morning in Magnolia Promenade

Meanwhile, Tusnelda has traveled to her store in Magnolia Promenade.

She looks contentedly at a shelf in the store window. That’s exactly what she’s come to pick up.
There is no one who will miss if she removes part of the stock because so far there has been no demand for plasma bags.

Now that she’s here, she might as well open the store.
First she has to clean up and the plants are the first to catch her attention.

Tusnelda has a lot of seeds left over from her trade in San Myshuno and she is therefore planting a small orchard outside the store.
Green makes the soul happy and will definitely also help the shopping desire of her customers.

Maybe she should expand with some cafe tables and chairs?

Nah! It will surely keep customers trapped outside the store, away from the goods that are going to tempt them.

Tusnelda thinks about how long it has been since she last opened the store.
It surprises her the plants look so healthy and well-groomed?

She continues to remove dust and dirt inside the store.
Now she just has to go out with the garbage and then she’s ready to open.

Outside the store, she gets another unexpected surprise.


Tusnelda give her old friend a big hug.
She can suddenly feel how much she has missed her.

“Flora! It is you who have cared for the plants in my absence!” says Tusnelda touched.

“How have you been Flora?” … “I have expanded my garden, you will love it!” … “We have kittens and I have built a rocket”.
The words stand impatiently in line behind Tusneldas lips.

Flora responds kindly smiling. “It’s no sacrifice, I can not stand to see plants being neglected and it seems like you have a lot of other things staying you right now.”

Tusnelda feels a sting of bad conscience. Why hasn’t she thought of Flora all these months?

Now the first of her customers is standing in front of the store door, so she will have to end their conversation…. “Please come and visit us!” she says quickly before she leaves

“Welcome!” says Tusnelda …. “Come inside and I will look forward to showing you my goods.”

Shortly after, the entire store is filled with customers.

“Welcome! Does anyone want my help?”

In this chapter, there are quite a few people who feel weightlessness.
Tusnelda catches up on something she has neglected for a long time and Rasmus may soon be caught up by a reality he is too blinded to see.

Tusnelda grabs hold of the first random customer and offers him her help.

Looks like Tusnelda is busy, so we’ll leave her to her customers for now.


At the Bluffs

Rasmus has just arrived at the secret place and he gets an overwhelmingly loving receiving from Blue.
She seems in a way desperate and distant from the usual cheerful woman he knows.

Rasmus grills some vegetarian sausages while wondering what it is that stresses Blue?

Blue is a little behind, busy sending some text messages…. It seems like Allan is checking her out.

If Rasmus had taken the time to look out over the ocean, he would have seen something strange.

However, he is completely engrossed in his thoughts.

Maybe it’s something with her work?

Blue is very closed when it comes to more personal matters, but he wishes she would open up.
He wishes she would allow him to help her.

Now the sausages are done roasting, ready to go.

He just has to pick up Blue.


Rasmus and Blue sit together on the edge of the pool. Rasmus has soon eaten his third veggie hot dog.

“You should eat something,” he tells Blue

“It’s not necessary Big Man, I can see you eating for both of us” Blue says grinning and pinches him in the stomach.

Rasmus wriggles with laughter. It tickles so horribly, but at the same time he is so relieved to recognize Blues cheerful behavior.

“Stop! Please stop Blue! I can not take any more.”

“Are you sure Big Man?” …. “I think it looks like you’re enjoying my treatment” laughs Blue

“There’s something I enjoy even more” says Rasmus and ends the teasing.

Blue quickly breaks free.

“I think I will eat one of your hot dogs anyway” she says

Rasmus swims quickly across the swimming pool.

He climbs up the cliff spring and gets ready to jump.

For a brief second, he feels the force of gravity being lifted and he flies high up.

Then he lands with all his weight in the water….

…and he sends a cascade of water drops high into the air.

Blue swims towards him …. “What an impressive splash, Big Man!”

He would jump a hundred jumps and make a hundred splashes if that always made him deserve such a kiss. He feels a strong desire to get even closer to her.

Blue swims away quickly and once again Rasmus gets the feeling that she seems desperate.

He remembers Tusneldas advice to give her some space …

… and he quickly swims after her.

If anyone should think that Rasmus’ weight makes him lazy and slack, then they are completely wrong. He is surprisingly strong and agile.

“Hi Blue, do you feel like botanizing!?”

As tempting as it may be, Blue just needs to handle some text messages.

It’s Allan. He has taken an extra night shift, so he will not be home until tomorrow morning.

Blue will tell Rasmus that she does not have to leave as soon as expected and that they will get the whole evening together.

Despite the happy message, she feels sad. She knows all too well that they cannot continue as they are now.
The dense fog and the gray light make the landscape seem cold and underline the sadness Blue feels in her heart.

Rasmus’ body is full of unused energy and he has therefore resumed his jumping into the water.

There is reason to imagine that Rasmus sees the world in a different warm enchanted light.
His infatuation makes him fly like a swan high up in the sky. Down in the water he sees his beloved waiting to receive him.

Life is infinitely beautiful and the woman in his arms makes his heart beat hard, full of insatiable expectations.

To the sober viewer, the world looks somewhat different.


Magnolia Promenade, afternoon

Tusnelda has become hungry and she therefore grills some potatoes on the grill outside the shop.

She eats her meal in the back room of the store while enjoying a moment of peace.

A little later, she’s back in the crowded store.
Many of her customers have been hanging out in the store for hours. This suggests that they feel comfortable.

Occasionally there are also customers who buy her goods.
A little kid wants to buy a picture of some apples for his mother.

“It sounds like a good choice,” Tusnelda says encouragingly.

The bags with special seeds from the mailbox in Forgotten Hollow are still in high demand.
Her stock will soon run out and then she hopes that her customers will spot other goods.

New customers are still coming in, but it’s getting late so Tusnelda will close the store for today.

She is just about to close the door when a woman interrupts her. The woman just has to own the flower pot she has been looking at all day.

Of course, she gets her wish fulfilled. One should never turn down an opportunity for extra earnings .

Now Tusnelda only needs to register everything she has sold so she can refill the item.

It’s almost evening before she’s done.


Late afternoon at the Bluffs

At the Bluffs, Rasmus finally gets his desire to explore the secrets of the bush fulfilled.

It will be as satisfying an experience as ever.

The sunset has a breathtakingly cloudy beauty….. Maybe it’s the cool pale light that makes Blues body tremble.

“Let’s light a fire so you can get warm,” Rasmus carefully suggests to Blue.

Rasmus walks eagerly ahead.

Rasmus feels no cold, but he sees Blue turning in front of the fire in an attempt to warm her back.

“Let me help you” Rasmus says and envelops her with his big hot body.

“Now we have to do something fun!” exclaims Blue, after which she starts a fire dance.

Fire dancing is truly fun!

Soon Rasmus forgets all about time and place as he swings the sticks of fire in large arcs around him.

“Yahoo! You’re the best, Big Man!” Blue exclaims excitedly.

It has become completely dark and Blue is putting on her clothes. Rasmus still juggles as if he could continue into eternity.


Brindleton Bay

It’s evening when Tusnelda finally comes home. Now she wants to find Martin so they can relax together.

However, it will not go as she expects.
The bright light is back and with that Tusnelda will soon start the day’s second flight.

Aaaayy! Tusnelda screams in amazement at how she completely loses control of her own body.

A strong energy causes her to let go of grounding and it pulls her high up in the air.

Soon she is engrossed in the source of light. A rapidly rotating flying saucer.

Have a nice trip Tusnelda!

A few spots of light remain on the ground where Tusnelda has stood before.

Behind the window you can see Martin who apparently has not seen or heard anything.

Martin sits on the couch and cheers loudly.

Why is he in nightwear and what in the world is it that preoccupies him like that?

Oh! A soccer match! … I should have known. It’s a very familiar sight.


Rasmus and Blue have ended up in front of Rasmus’ home in Brindleton Bay.

“We need to talk,” Blue says firmly

“Let’s enjoy the evening first, then we can talk afterwards,” Rasmus replies with a twinkle in his eye.

You must never let go of me, Blue thinks as she lets herself be swallowed up by his loving warm embrace.

This sweet man who for months has filled her life with joy and sweet dreams.

Their conversation can definitely wait until later.


A little kitten lies waiting in lonely boredom. The entertainment has been a bit small today.

Now Martin comes to cuddle the little adorable creature. She accommodates his kind gesture.

Martin is worried about why Tusnelda has not returned.

He asks the kitten if she knows anything, though of course he does not expect an answer.
Loneliness can cause humans to have long conversations with their pets.

“Oh! Your noisy lady? … She’s been flown high in the sky” the kitten replies with a friendly meow.

Of course, Martin understands nothing.
It is limited what humans understand of the language of the animals. The opposite way around, the animals are far smarter.

Martin eats his dinner alone.


Shortly after, Tusnelda lands on Earth.

She feels dazed, with no recollection of what has gone on but filled with a mighty energy.

She immediately sets about removing weeds from her small new trees .

A task is complete!

What can she do now? …. Well yes, the landing gear on the rocket.

There comes Martin.

“Hi sweetie, I’m so relieved to see you safe and sound.” he says …. “I missed you!”

“I missed you too Martin” Tusnelda replies and gives him a hug ….

….. “but right now I’m busy! I have to look at a landing gear!”

After this, Tusnelda runs fast on.

Tusnelda immediately finds the tool and starts adjusting screws and knobs.

The welding machine will also be used.

Martin continues upgrading the kitchen sink while thinking about what’s going on with Tusnelda?


Rasmus and Blue are talking on the edge of the bed

“I’m so sorry Blue …. Please tell me how I hurt you.” says Rasmus as he sees Blues painful face.

Blue knows that what she should be doing now will crush him and it’s almost tearing her to pieces.

“Won’t you tell me what I did?” Rasmus says in despair … “I assure you I will never hurt you on purpose”

Why should he be so unreasonably sweet and caring Blue thinks

“Please Big Man, you are always so sweet and you have never done anything that hurts me” Blue replies. …. “I just have a little too much to think about, so much stress at my job.”

“If I can help you in any way, tell me!” Rasmus says carefully.
He’s so grateful to be told he’s not the cause of her pain.

“I just need to go to the bathroom, but let’s sleep, it will surely do you good.” says Rasmus and gives Blue a kiss.

“I’m fine now,” Blue replies as she lets herself sink into his warm embrace.

If Rasmus had looked back on the way out of the bedroom door he would have known she was lying.

Shortly after, they both have disappeared into the liberating oblivion of sleep …. and who knows?
Maybe everything looks brighter tomorrow.


It’s past midnight and Martin goes out to find Tusnelda.

“Hi sweetie, are you not done soon?”

“Please come with me to bed Tusnelda, I’m sure you need to sleep” Martin continues

“I actually got a much better idea,” Tusnelda replies.


“Are you absolutely sure this is a good idea,” Martin says hesitantly.

“I have updated the landing gear, so everything is completely safe now” Tusnelda answers confidently.

“Come on Martin! Trust me! …. I can guarantee you a unique romantic experience”

“Of course I trust you Tusnelda” Martin replies after which he follows her into the cramped space of the rocket.

Shortly after, the ground disappears into a cloud of pink smoke.

The rocket leaves a tail of smoke and pink hearts …

… until it disappears somewhere into space.

Trix comes running as he hears the roar of the engines and he sees the empty landing site.
Tusnelda has almost become obsessed with moving in the sky.

Then Trix patiently lays down to wait.

He is a smart cat and therefore he is also in safe assurance that everything that rises up into the sky sooner or later will land on earth again.


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  • SnuffyBucket

    This chapter was hilarious. Tusnelda blasting off in her rocket over the otherwise quite normal, sleepy town. Martin running on the treadmill like his wife hasn’t just popped to space. Rasmus almost reaching space without a spaceship. Martin oblivious to the alien abduction happening outside his window because the football is on (so realistic! XD).

    Oh and the cats teaching their babies was adorable.

    But then there’s Blue. I’m starting to really dislike her. Don’t you go breaking Mr. CheeseBeard’s heart, you sapphire strumpet! 🙁

    • MonaSolstraale

      I’m glad you found something funny in this chapter 🙂

      All the scenes with Rasmus are pretty sad and they made me pretty depressed 🙁

      Anger is a good vital feeling.
      Blue tries to postpone an inevitable choice and thus she makes the pain even worse 🙁

      I love Tusnelda’s optimistic and selfish character. She is loving and loyal to those she loves. Others she uses carelessly.

  • Yimiki

    Haha omg Tusnelda, think about your neighbours when you break the sound barrier in a giant rocket! xD She is so wonderfully oblivious sometimes, or maybe she just doesn’t care. And so is Martin bwahaha, I have to agree with Trix on this one!

    It’s good to see Flora again. She’s really drifted apart from Tusnelda, even though they were so close in the beginning. I hope that Tusnelda reaches out to her again in the future.

    I loved how you used the weather difference to emphasize how Rasmus and Blue are looking at their life at the moment. Very creative and reminds me of a poem I read as a kid. I don’t recall the exact details but it was about two people looking at the same ocean while in different moods. For one it looked sparkling blue, and for one it looked grey and hopeless.

    I struggled with this chapter emotionally. It’s very well-written and the situation between Blue and Rasmus has completely gripped me. Blue is in way over her head by actually falling for Rasmus and trying to put off hurting him. But by stringing him along, she allows them both to get even more attached and the pain will be that much worse. And poor Rasmus has no idea. This can’t go well.

    Bwahaha Martin not even noticing his own wife getting kidnapped because football is on xD omg and they launched the rocket again around midnight! Those poor neighbours. Tusnelda is not boring to live next to, that’s for sure, haha.

    • MonaSolstraale

      If you start thinking about reality in Sims, then the result is pretty funny. A rocket in the middle of a residential area is weird 😆

      I have also been missing Flora.

      I brought Rasmus and Blue to the Bluffs several times to take pictures. Each time the weather had changed. It became an advantage when I wrote this chapter.

      Thanks for your comment about Rasmus and Blue. I think it pretty well describes how I look at them. Blue just wanted some fun and a non-committal relationship.
      Blue assumed that Rasmus agreed, but it is clear that he has a completely different agenda.
      Blue has meanwhile fallen for Rasmus. It does not bode well 🙁

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