Tusnelda and Trix

39. Joyful surprises

It’s almost several months ago that I promised my readers kittens. As the header image suggests, the day has come.
Besides kittens, this day will contain many happy experiences, but also topics that are hard for me to describe.


Should anyone later decide to ask Tusnelda what it was that woke her up? Then she does not know.
Maybe it was a sound or maybe a sense.

Martin is still in deep unaffected sleep.

The night is soon over and the dawn is on its way, but the bright light is not coming from the sun’s rays.

What in the world is going on!? …..Tusnelda feels her feet drop off the ground and a strong energy that lifts her up in the air.

Trix runs out into the garden at the very second where Tusnelda takes off and he is therefore also the only one who can testify that this is not a dream.

Now Tusnelda disappears, swallowed up by a dazzling force.

“Tusnelda! Come back! …. I have something important I want to show you” he meows nervously.

This is how he stands for a long time, scouting in vain for signs of life between the clouds.

Finally, Trix thinks he has more important things to do than stare up at the clouds.

He hears the bump when Tusnelda lands heavily on the ground, but he has no more time for nonsense….. “Maybe you should look around for some more sensible friends” he meows sulking.

Ouch! What a tough landing.
What an enchanting flight!!! She did not even have to start her rocket.

Tusnelda is completely engrossed in her own thoughts as she tries to understand what just happened and she sees nothing around her.

She feels dizzy and hurries down under the duvet next to Martin.
Hopefully, her brain will become clearer once she has slept for a few hours.

Trix sits and ponders how human can be so senselessly inattentive to what is happening right in front of them.
He will never understand that.


Early morning in Willow Creak

In Willow Creek, Blue prepares breakfast.

“I’ll have to go now Alice, I’ve been called to an extra patrol …. I’m home this afternoon” says Allan

“Oh! This afternoon?” Blue answers for herself.

Allan looks around as he walks out the door. It will be a nice warm day.

Blue eats her breakfast alone …. This will change all her plans.


Brindleton Bay

Blue hesitantly approaches the house. Maybe she should turn around now.

Then she continues purposefully towards the front door.

Fortunately, the door was not locked. Now she stands smiling and looking around the light blue living room. She loves everything blue and somehow she has also fallen in love with the man it belongs to.

She should turn around now.

Then she continues into the bedroom ….

“Hey, Big Man! Are you awake?”

“Blue! Is that really you?” Rasmus asks in surprise

“I miss you, Big Man” Blue replies and disappears into his arms.

Rasmus becomes completely hot with joy and with longing for the woman who is suddenly so close.

Before they disappear under the duvets, he looks at Blue once more. He does not understand why he has ever doubted her?


Martin stands for a long time looking at Tusnelda. She is sleeping unusually heavily this morning.

Finally, he manages to wake her up.

“Hi sweetie! You must have dreamed a catchy dream? … I have something to show you” he says with a secretive smile.

“Come with me!” Martin says as he quickly walks ahead.

Tusnelda looks after him in surprise … he is never in such a hurry to leave an intimate moment.

“Oh my god! Kittens! … We’ve got kittens!” shouts Tusnelda excitedly.

A tiny kitten looks at the screaming monster with large startled eyes.

Trix gives her sister a few soothing licks with his tongue.
“Don’t worry little one… humans can be very noisy, but Tusnelda is our friend.”

A little kitten tries to focus on some friendly eyes that are infinitely far up in the stratosphere.

A big noisy friend?

Tusnelda looks at the curious tiny little kitten……”You are so adorable, so tiny little …. what are we going to call a little creature like you?”

How should a little kitten be able to answer that?


“Of course I understand you’re going to work now Blue, but why can we not be together tonight?” Rasmus asks

“I really wish it was possible, but something got in the way … an unexpected task” Blue replies gently.

Rasmus feels the disappointment creep under his skin as he tries to remember Tusneldas advice … he should give her some space.

“Please, do not be so serious! You see me before you know it” Blue says encouragingly from the door.

“Yes, I will do my very best Blue…. I can find a TV show that can cheer me up.” Rasmus replies heavily.

Then Blue disappears out the door.

This day is not going at all as she would like …. She is far behind with her work-related responsibilities.
Why does he have to take it so seriously? This should just be joyful and fun.

Rasmus tries to concentrate on the Chefs Contest. There is always something to learn that he can use in his work.

He is aroused by his sad speculations when he hears Brooke calling.

“Hi girl! … I assume it’s just you and me today” Rasmus says as he strokes her gently over her fur.

“I do not see how it gives any concern.” Brooke purrs in response


“Oh Martin! What a joyful surprise. They are so tiny and yet so perfect.” says Tusnelda excitedly.

Martin is so fascinated every time he experiences Tusnelda’s ability to get excited and get carried away.

“You are completely irresistible unique” he says stroking her chin lovingly.

“Martin, can I tell you about a strange experience I had last night?” Tusnelda asks hesitantly.

“You can tell me everything.” he replies.

Tusnelda begins to tell and he listens without interruption to her story of the bright light and how she was suddenly lifted off the ground by an enormous force.
He honestly does not know what to think.

“I remember nothing but the light and a feeling of effortless lightness” says Tusnelda … “But it was so fascinating and I really want to experience it again” she continues.

“Then I’d better do what I can to make you want to stay here on earth with me.” Martin replies, ending all thoughts of supernatural happiness.

There will be no time for sparkling down-to-earth experiences, because Tusnelda will soon be leaving for her work.


Meanwhile, Blue, against all common sense, has dropped the day’s work and now she’s stepping in the door.

“Blue ! You came back !? What a joyful surprise!” says Rasmus.

“I think I can take time off until this afternoon … let’s do something fun” Blue says with a laugh

“I am your man! I am at your free disposal … just say what you have in mind” says Rasmus cheerfully. He already feels in a much lighter mood.


At the Science Lab

“Hi Masato! How have you been since yesterday” Tusnelda asks a little nervously.

“I’ve had a great time,” Masato replies in surprise. … He is not expected with such a kind interest from Tusnelda …. maybe she has become wiser anyway?

Maybe it’s Tusnelda’s kindness that makes him ask …. “Did you happen to know who removed my desk?” he asks in a low voice.

“Your desk!” exclaims Tusnelda in astonishment.
Deep down, she fears that Masato has been harmed by her synthetic experiment anyway.

For the relief of both, the desk stands exactly where it has always stood.

“Have a nice day” says Tusnelda before she leaves.


Kristina is exactly as angry as she used to be. ….. “Aanya has complained about you Tusnelda! … she says you have programmed her brain to demand cakes!”

“I have what?” asks Tusnelda surprised

Maybe there’s something about the talk, because now Aanya has already picked up the day’s first piece of cake in the fridge.
She looks far from happy.

Tusnelda realizes that her serum may not be completely safe yet, so she continues her experiments to create a perfect synthetic food serum.

When Aarav enters the room, she kindly offers him a taste.

Of course, she does not fail to tell him about all the benefits it provides when an overweight person can replace fatty meals with this excellent synthetic food substitute.

“Aanya and Masato have already tested the product and they have only had minor side effects” Tusnelda continues….. “and that is exactly why I have now changed the recipe”

“In that case, of course, I would like to test your product” Aarav answers kindly, after which he quickly swallows the entire portion.

“Oh! I feel a little dizzy ” says Aarav in an increasingly foggy voice….. “maybe I drank ….. z z Z”

Tusnelda never hears the end of Aarav’s sentence, because he slowly sinks to the floor.

What the hell is wrong !?

Tusnelda is aware that she must immediately change the composition of the substances in the synthetic food serum.
Wow! It causes some fairly competent chemical reactions.

Finally, she feels more confident in she has found the right formula.
Now the food serum just needs to be tested.

Aarav is apparently not able to participate in more tests right now.

Tusnelda leaves the room and enters the second department of the Scientific Lab.

First she needs to think and she tries to gather focus by observing the Momentum Conserver.

Of course! It’s obvious who she can ask.


“Hi Masato! It has unfortunately turned out that some people have experienced some minor side effects with the first edition of the synthetic plasma” says Tusnelda. … “I changed the recipe a bit and now I want to hear whether you want to take part in a new test?”

“It’s obvious! Human stomach is not made to consume plasma, it is too weak” Masato answers

Masato is certainly not used to the friendly tone and without further consideration, he swallows the entire portion, with Tusnelda as an excited observer.

Now he stands with a satisfied smile.

“How are you feeling?” Tusnelda asks tentatively

“I’m feeling absolutely fantastic,” Masato replies

To Tusnelda’s pleasant surprise, he is still standing upright on both feet.

This is really interesting! Maybe Masato reacts much better to the serum because he’s a vampire?

“I would like to take a test for an analysis,” Tusnelda says kindly

This time, Masato says no. He will not participate in that kind of analysis.

Tusnelda kindly tries to convince him that this test is of paramount importance to her research and thus also to the survival of all mankind.

None of them have noticed that Kristina has entered the room and that she now overhears all of Tusnelda’s arguments.

“Nice tried Tusnelda!” she says sarcastically …. “By the way, Aarav wants to talk to you”

Oops! This certainly does not bode well.

“I really do not understand that you fall for her manipulations Masato.” says Kristina as Tusnelda has left the room.

“She’s actually started treating me really nicely and I do not mind.” Masato replies as he twists under Kristina’s disapproving look.


Tusnelda carefully considers how she can prepare herself for the conversation with Aarav.

Obviously something has to be done to create a happy mood and luckily she has invented The Satellite Dish.
With the remote control in hand, she quickly changes everyone’s mood.

She can already sense that this will be a pleasant conversation.


“Hi Aarav! You want to talk to me?” Says Tusnelda … “I do not hope my synthetic food serum has given you an unpleasant experience?”

“On the contrary, Tusnelda! I feel absolutely fantastic and I have never felt so full of energy as now,” Aarav replies with a big smile. …. “I actually demand that you dedicate more time to your research.”

“It sounds fantastic!” Tusnelda exclaims happily. … “I’m so glad you take it that way.”

In fact, Tusnelda does not know whether she should attribute Aarav’s positive response to the Satellite Dish or whether he is actually as excited as he sounds.

Meanwhile, something strange is starting to happen…..

Simon enters the greenhouse and sees an unknown turquoise female-like being.

“Hello! Who are you and what brings you here?”

My kind regards you unknown human being ….. I’m a Sixam citizen and someone has called me here to visit your kingdom. ” answers the woman with a strange metallic voice.

“I’m hardly a king, but you should be welcome anyway” Simon replies hesitantly …. Now he just hopes the strange Sixam woman has no evil intentions.

Everywhere in the hallways, Sixam citizens walk around with silent footsteps.

Tusnelda is busy developing her synthetic food serum and dedicated as she is to her task, she shuts off from outside interference.

This time she is so sure of the effects of the serum that she herself dares to test the result.

Damn! It tastes disgusting!

Fortunately, she does not notice any side effects, but she does not notice the full effect either.

She has to think about it once again and this time she is looking for inspiration at the Hover Lamp…. Maybe she should try adding some sweet cherries to the mix?

“I am a genius!” declares Tusnelda aloud.

She is well pleased with today’s positive results and she does not notice the male Sixam citizen steering in her direction.

Who are you? “Tusnelda asks

Greetings Tusnelda! I am Ahilac from Sixam and you have called us to come” Ahilac replies in a metallic voice.

“I have!?” she asks surprised.

This is mysterious and how does that guy even know her name?

“Unfortunately, I’ll have to go home now, but you are welcome another day.” Tusnelda replies … “Until then, you can talk to some of the other scientists at the Lab.”

Shortly after, Tusnelda lands at home in her garden.
It has been a surprising day, with many promising results.

At the Scientific Lab, Sixam citizens are still in the process of understanding the quirky nature of Earthlings.
They discover so many fun experiences.


Windenburg, at the Bluffs.

Far from the Lab, Rasmus also makes new fun discoveries.
Kissing in water makes him feel weightless and almost fluid.

“Cool down Big Man … you almost make me melt” Blue says blushing.

That woman is simply so divinely beautiful and irresistible.

“Stop looking at me that way” Blue laughs and splashes water in Rasmus’ head.

She has come to love him and she tries to refuse the thought of hurting him. There is no doubt that he will not take it lightly.

However, her attempt to create distance does not seem very convincing.
Soon they are ashore and Blue finds herself in Rasmus’ warm embrace.

“Hi Big Man, would you like to see me jump?”

“Yahoo!! Look at me! I’m the super woman!” Blue shouts loudly.

Rasmus has no doubt at all that Blue has superpowers as he sees her fly elegantly through the air before she lands with a complete head jump in the water.
She’s incomparable!

Rasmus hesitantly stands at the top of the cliff spring and looks down on Blue. Unfortunately, he has no superpowers, so he settles for a fairly ordinary jump with his feet first.

Down in the water to a floating irresistible super woman who receives him with a kiss.

“Let’s stop jumping .. come with me Big Man” Blue says.

Rasmus is wondering what she’s up to now?

Oh! he recognizes the bush and he fully agrees with the idea of botanizing.

Botanizing has actually become one of his favorite pastimes.

It’s getting afternoon and Blue has forgotten all thoughts of creating distance.
She has never been in a more attractive and safe place than now. This is getting way too serious …
Her thoughts are interrupted by a slight buzz.

Damn! She has forgotten all about Allan and now he asks where she is.

“I’m sorry Big Man, but it’s absolutely necessary for me to go now,” she says as she gives Rasmus a kiss on his cheek.

“Yah, if you say so,” Rasmus says seriously.

He knew very well that Blue was prevented from being with him in the afternoon … he should be grateful for the hours they have had together … It has been such a joy, but it’s like he never gets enough ….

Suddenly he hears Blues sweet voice… “Don’t be sad Big Man! We can make this our private secret place and we can meet here again tomorrow”

“I totally agree with that kind of secret,” Rasmus replies excitedly.


When Rasmus comes home, he gives Brooke a hug.

“I’m so in love and I feel like the luckiest man in the world,” he says happily.

“Actually, someone’s been looking for you while you were away” Broke replies with a sour meow … “and what happened to just you and me all day?”


Before noon in Brindleton Bay

Martin has not forgotten Tusnelda’s advice about talking to Rasmus, so he plans his running route past his house.
However, he does not find Rasmus at home.

He had actually thought that Rasmus had time off today, but that is probably something he has misunderstood.

Martin spends a few hours at the easel in the garden where he paints a mathematical diagram.

The weather is nice and the little kittens are trying to get to know their new outdoor world.

The world is infinitely large, but luckily mom and dad are always nearby….

… even though there is something tiring about the adults’ obsession with washing one’s ear.

Martin has taken a bath and now he is standing in front of the mirror to train his skills in charisma.

He tries out different positions to optimize his appearance.

He’s trying to give a speech.

“I feel like a complete idiot!” he says aloud to his mirror image.

Then it is far more useful to start the washing machine.

Anyone who knows Martin well will know that he loves washing clothes. He often does so without prompting.

While the washing machine is working, he finds a book about guitar playing techniques.

Hm! It can not be that difficult, can it?

Whatever he expects, all new chords have a difficult beginning. It takes practice to put your fingers in the right place.

Practice makes perfect and after a while you can hear Martin’s beautiful voice singing campfire songs to the man in the mirror.


Willow Creek in the afternoon

Blue looks at Allan sitting on the couch. He looks angry.

“Hi Allan, I’m sorry time ran out on me” she says as she walks closer.

“Where the hell have you been Alice!?” Allan asks curtly…. “I’m going outside and beating my dummy.”

Oops! He’s definitely not in a good mood.

Later, they sit together on the couch.

“I have called your work and they have not seen the shadow of you today,” he says.

“Oh, they’re some fools” laughs Alice … “They forgot I was going to do research today”

“You seem so superficial … I do not hope you’re getting sick,” Allan says worriedly.

“Of course I’m not sick … I’m a writer and research is needed for me to get inspiration,” Alice replies

“Yeah, I do not know much about writing, I was just worried for you… I’m sorry I got angry” Allan replies with a smirk.

“I’m going to the kitchen and making your dinner,” Alice says kindly.

Allan eats his dinner alone …. Alice is apparently not hungry.

Quick as a working bee, she removes his dirty service.

She quickly continues to clean the stove.

“Hey Alice! Come and sit with me. I miss you!” Allan says

“Now you’re silly Allan! I’m right here and I’ve promised I’ll never leave you” Alice says and gives him a hug.

Yah, maybe he’s silly and maybe too jealous he thinks, while Alice leaves the kitchen.

Alice goes into the bedroom and takes a nap on the bed. It is hard to live a double life and it consumes her strength.

Allan has experienced Alice in manic periods before, but she seems sensible enough … maybe a little restless, but absolutely sensible.

He probably just sees ghosts.

Allan quickly swallows an energy drink and gets ready to go for an afternoon round.

It’s a lovely afternoon and everything seems calm on the surface, but one can never know for sure in this diverse world.


Late afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda quickly realizes that four cats are eating more than two … even though the two are so tiny little

The kittens run in eagerly as they hear the food land in the feeding bowls. Nothing is as effective as a cat’s ears.

Tusnelda watches the two little eager kittens throwing themselves over the food.

After the meal, it’s time for a cat wash.

Fiona is, as usual, obsessed with the fire in the fireplace, but Trix carefully handles the cleaning of both kittens.

After a bath, Tusnelda makes a sadness-relieving ointment.

It has been a long time since she has practiced her skills in herbal medicine and she will soon need new supplies of insects from the forest.


Later, the kitchen is taken over by Martin and a little kitten learns why her father calls him the sparkling man.

Tusnelda takes a nap on the bed. Sure, the day has been useful, but she has had enough experiences for several days …. although most have been quite joyful.

There is a knock on the front door and Martin sees to his delight that it is Rasmus who is coming to visit.

“Welcome my friend! What a lucky coincidence that you are showing up today …. Tusnelda has actually suggested that you and I have a conversation together about women” Martin says happily.

“I had understood that you have some challenges with a woman you have met,” Martin says seriously.

“Maybe in a way, but when I see it from another side then no!” Rasmus replies.

Tusnelda stands listening in the background, by the grill. She’s not sure Martin’s tackling that conversation in the right way.

“Dinner is ready! Let’s eat some food…. You can talk together afterwards”

“I really appreciate you serving vegetarian food,” Rasmus says as he looks gratefully at Tusnelda.

“Of course we do when you’re a vegetarian,” Tusnelda replies kindly.

Martin without a comment sticks the fork in the grilled potato. He is a physically active man and his job requires plenty of protein.

“I see that Fiona has become a vegetarian too” says Rasmus surprised.

“Fiona! Shame on you! Will you leave the food immediately!” says Tusnelda angrily.

Fiona hisses angrily back.

“FIONA!” Martin roars lout and slaps his head.

“I certainly did not expect such behavior from you!” says Martin sternly.

Fiona decides to leave the food alone … she’s not a big fan of potatoes after all.

Later, when the dirty service is carried in, Martin and Rasmus continue their man talk.

Tusnelda should not be able to say in detail what they are talking about. She is a woman and thus omitted from moving into men’s innermost space.

When she sees Rasmus’ face and hears Martin’s laughter, she gets the feeling that Rasmus is sharing some lukewarm details.

It’s obvious that the two guys are having a close and intimate conversation together.


Rasmus has gone home and Martin seeks out Tusnelda.

“Hi sweetie! I do not think you should worry about Rasmus … he sounds like he’s having a great time,” Martin says.
“But what about you and me? … I think I promised you an enchanting down-to-earth experience” he continues smoothly….

As they go to bed, Tusnelda discovers a little kitten on her way. It has been a day full of joyful surprises.

Of course, neither Tusnelda nor the readers need to miss any sparks.

Soon Tusnelda and Martin are sleeping heavily next to each other.

A little kitten is still awake and experiences that humans’ ability to make noise and make sparks is found in many versions.

It is dark night now and shortly after everyone in the house is sleeping.


Author’s Note: This universe has gradually evolved into a kaleidoscopic image of personalities. No one is overlooked in this chapter and therefore it has also evolved into a giant quilt.
It is my hope that I can limit myself more in the future.


Maybe there are some who will think I get away too easily with Martin and Rasmus conversation?
As a female writer, I do not feel able to reproduce a plausible description of what happens in men’s enclosed spaces.
I have certainly my ideas and the readers should therefore not be cheated for this last picture.


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  • Snow ~

    Sorry for lack of comments, I have been busy and tired, and sorry if I have forgotten anything from past chapters.

    Trix is so cute ;-; And the kittens… My heart is melting ;u; The little one Trix is licking the fur of, looks exactly like him and it’s adorable. I love that Trix comforts the kitten and tells it not to worry about Tusnelda. Their bond is precious.

    As someone who can be a bit invasive at times, sometimes it is hard to give people space when you are craving some kind of attention, but it’s really best to let other people do their thing sometimes and let them live their own lives.

    It’s cool that maybe Tusnelda can do some life-changing research with her testing of the food serums. Whilst it’s understandable that Masato may not want to be a test subject, Tusnelda will need someone she can try these things out on…let’s just hope they don’t put anyone else to sleep! I laughed at how creeped-out the woman in the lab chair is, by the surprise visit from the aliens!

    I like how we get to explore so many different characters’ personal lives here.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your comment ❤
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      I’m glad you enjoy the extended person gallery 🙂
      It has gradually made the story more comprehensive as I love to imagine their special personality.

  • Yimiki

    Oh my! Tusnelda got abducted by aliens! While Fiona was giving birth to cute kittens at the same time! I wonder if it were the same aliens that came to visit her at her workplace later. Oh geez she didn’t even see the two extra cats in the bedroom. I can’t blame her though, getting kidnapped by aliens is one heck of an experience! Nawww they are adorable! And Trix is being such a good dad. I wonder what they’ll end up being called.

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      Thanks for your long comment ❤

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      It will very soon be revealed who Allan is.
      Blue is very fond of Rasmus. They are always so happy when they are together. I love watching them ❤
      Whatever her relationship with Allan is, she has some difficult considerations. That’s why I can not give a quick answer.
      Broken hearts are definitely an option now 😥

      I love playing Tusnelda in her science career. I love describing her cunning manipulations. Fortunately, it seems that everything worked out better for her now.
      Her skeptical look when she is approached by an Alien makes me laugh 😆

      The whole scene with the evening meal and Fiona was not planned at all, but when the situation arose I had to include it in the story.
      This is how situations constantly arise that lead me away from what I originally planned.

      Thanks for your feedback regarding Martin and Rasmus conversation. I’m glad it works 🙂

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    • MonaSolstraale

      The word is free for you to use as you wish and is as far as I know not subject to any kind of censorship 😎

      Manipulations? Have we not all been exposed to manipulative family members, bosses, salesmen and politicians? I have an inexhaustible goldmine of memories I can use for Tusnelda behavior 😆

      Rasmus and Blue – Alice and Allan. Something is guaranteed to happen 😕

      Kittens yes… Finally! ᓚᘏᗢ ❤

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