Tusnelda and Trix

38. Evolution

This chapter starts a little unfamiliar without our main characters. Every story sometimes needs to move on from the easily recognizable perspective to get new oxygen. However, it is my hope at some point it all makes sense.
In this chapter we will follow Tusnelda returning to work and if one is to predict from the title then there will probably be a development. We will also follow the development in the relationship between Rasmus and Blue. Today we will for the first time learn more about what it looks like from the Blues perspective.

A small important side note. I finally got a missing SSL certificate installed on my webpage so it will no longer appear insecure.


A soldier has been on a longer patrol guard and he has one last patrol in Willow Creek before he can go home. His sharp gaze keeps a watchful eye on every suspicious movement in the night.

Now he sees a young woman.

“Good evening young lady.” he says, saluting. …

“I notice you are alone and I just want to warn you against the creatures of the night … not everyone is as friendly as they seem.”

“Oh! I thank you for the warning, but I have walked this road countless times on my way home. I know the neighborhood.” the woman answers kindly.

“I promise I’m going to keep a watchful eye so you can be completely safe” replies the soldier after which he bids farewell with a salute.

No pretty young woman should suffer any harm as long as he got the night shift.

Dawn is on its way and the soldier continues his patrol around the neighborhood.


Brindleton Bay at dawn

In Brindleton Bay, Rasmus’ house is still shrouded in darkness.

Soon, the dawn’s first rays of sunlight illuminate the house. Behind the window, the attentive reader will discover that some sparks are trying to compete with the sun.

Someone is enjoying their wonderful enlightened moment.

“You’re such a sweet attentive man,” Blue says as she embraces Rasmus.

“I do not want to let go of you” sighs Rasmus .. “Please, stay with me forever.”

“Don’t be silly Big Man” Blue replies … “I’m going to work today and so are you, but right now I’m just yours ….. and maybe there is still enough time for another joyful moment.” she continues affectionately …

“How do you suddenly end up sounding like the most sensible of me and you?” groans Rasmus “


Later we find Rasmus and Blue in hot embrace on the couch.

“Come back tonight Blue and I can introduce you to my best friends … I’m sure they will love you” says Rasmus

“Oh! Your friends?” exclaims Blue surprised

“You’re such a sweet man and we’re having so much fun and joy when we’re just you and me Big Man … let’s continue our time together that way a little longer.” whispers Blue.

Rasmus can’t really find arguments against her and he gets up.

“Let’s have some breakfast”

Rasmus and Blue have no eye for anyone but each other and Rasmus does not see Brooke staring angrily at his expensive armchair.

She must teach him no one ignores a cat without consequences.

But not even the armchair seems to have any value for Rasmus right now. He is instead preoccupied with something in the oven.

Blue eats a toast as Rasmus surprises her with a dish of freshly baked cookies.

Blue looks at the heart-shaped cookies. He’s just so unreasonably loving and sweet.

“Now I really have to go,” Blue says

Rasmus wants to say something that can prevent it… but before his mood gets too serious and sad, Blue makes him laugh. She is always so funny and does the most unexpected things.

When Blue is finally ready to go they are not done laughing together.

Suddenly Blue becomes very serious as she kisses him goodbye.

She still looks serious when she walks out the door.

This should not have happened! She had not planned to go home with Rasmus, but their night in the ruins was so romantic and it has stunned her sane mind.
She had really just thought that they should have some fun together without obligation, but over time she has realized Rasmus takes it all very seriously.

This sweet attentive funny man.
If she has to be honest with herself, she enjoys every minute of it.


In the kitchen, Brooke has finally got Rasmus’ attention.

She enjoys their private moment even though she has long since noticed what occupies Rasmus the most.

After their play, Rasmus takes Brooke in his arms and hugs her.

“I’m in love, Brooke. I wish I could explain to you what that means,” Rasmus says.

“I’m a cat Rasmus. My senses are always sharp and attentive … the question is whether it applies to you?” purrs Brooke in response.

Shortly after, Rasmus is on his way to work.


At the Science Laboratory

Tusnelda feels a little nervous as she walks in the door of the Science lab. How will her colleagues take her return to the job? How will she be received?

“Tusnelda! It’s good to see you back” says Aarav welcomingly.

Even Masato looks pretty friendly, so the welcome has so far gone better than expected.

Masato looks intently at Tusnelda …. “I hope your return does not mean that I will be forced into more insane experiments” he says

“Of course not! Tusnelda answers quickly ….” I have become so much wiser. “

The next one she says hello to is Kristina.

Before Kristina can answer with a biting remark, Simon stands by their side. Simon has always been very kind and Tusnelda is glad to see him again.

Some things seem to have suffered a bit of deprivation during Tusenldas holiday. The plants needs some loving care and some water.

Her Invention Constructor also needs a repair and an update.

Finally, the routine tasks are over and Tusnelda can start the scientific research that always is in her mind. She is hoping for a breakthrough.

Today’s challenge is a Satellite Dish.

Fortunately, there are no accidents and Tusnelda looks with satisfaction at the Invention Constructor….

“Good job, Bob!”

Maybe it seems a little strange that she has given her Invention Constructor a name ….. but Tusnelda may not be quite like most people.

Tusnelda is quite happy with what she has accomplished so far.
Now she just has to test the result.

Tusnelda looks captivated at the sharp beam of light. The Satellite Dish emits a voluminous energy that almost makes her tremble.

Immediately after, she receives a phone call.

There is no one to hear except for a lot of crackling and beeping sounds.

How strange!?

Now she wants to try out some of the other features …

What a beautiful purple light.

Except for the light, nothing more seems to be happening. She does not receive any more strange phone calls, so she decides to go back to Bob.

Inside, Kristina suddenly has lost control of her feet .

Masato’s feet also seem to insist he should dance.

This is really awkward and inconvenient … how embarrassing!

Simon seems more to enjoy the party.

The only one who is completely unaffected is Tusnelda.
She is completely engrossed in her Invention Constructor and does not even seem to notice what her actions have entailed.

For Tusnelda, it’s time for lunch. Today, her colleagues seem to be busy to eat.


After the break, Tusnelda is still unaffected, and just as suddenly as her colleagues’ dance urge started, it disappears again.

Tusnelda begins to construct a synthetic food serum.

She kindly offers Aanya a taste.

“It gives you a good feeling of satiety so you lose the urge for fatty foods.” says Tusnelda encouragingly.

No young woman who cares about her appearance can refuse such a great miracle cure and Aanya swallows it all without hesitation.

It is only afterwards that the doubt takes over.

Ouch! What was it you gave me Tusnelda? “Says Aanya while holding on to her aching stomach ….” I’m so hungry I can eat a whole bakery right now !”

Oops! Tusnelda apparently will have to change the recipe a bit.

Now she just needs a new test person…… Aanya has apparently left work to find a bakery.

Tusnelda just got someone in mind.


“Hi Masato! I’m wondering if you might want to do me a little favor” Tusnelda says with kind enthusiasm.

“What kind of favor?” Masato asks skeptically.

“You just have to test this synthetic plasma” Tusnelda says kindly ….
“Aanya has already tested the first edition, but she did not think it was quite as filling as she had expected and therefore, I have adjusted it a bit.”

“In that case, it sounds safe to test if this edition is more filling” Masato answers kindly.

“You should probably work more on the taste,” Masato replies with a shudder.

Then something completely unexpected happens …

Masato goes down like a candle being turned off.

What happened !?

Now Tusnelda has to go the hard way to Aarev to tell him that she has failed once again.

“I am så sorry to interrupt you Aarev, but I have a confession” Tusnelda says humbly

Aarev looks at her with a sharp inquisitive gaze.

“I’m afraid I made a mistake in the composition of a synthetic food serum and now Masato has fallen asleep”

“Oh! That is the fault” Aarev replies visibly relieved … “It has happened to all of us that we got tired after eating an overly large meal.”

“Are you sure it’s ok?” Tusnelda asks wondering.

“You are completely forgiven” Aarav replies … “but now that we are talking together ….. do you have any idea why everyone suddenly has such an urge to dance?”

“No! I have no idea” Tusnelda answers quickly.


At the reception, Masato is awakened after his awkward sleep and he seems pretty angry.

“My desk!” He shouts loudly

“Someone stole my desk !!”

It is apparently a side effect of Tusnelda’s synthetic food serum and perhaps the fact that Masato is a vampire reinforces the inappropriate effect …

For the readers, it’s easy to see that Masato suffers from a hallucination.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

All this is beyond Tusnelda’s consciousness, as she has already arrived at her home.
Here she immediately continued her work with the rocket.

It is soon ready for take-off.

She cannot help but notice that her garden needs her presence.

There are enough tasks to tackle, but if you ask Tusnelda, she is extremely happy with her own efforts today.
She has made remarkable progress and a great evolution.


Afternoon in Oasis Springs

After work, Rasmus and Blue meet outside The Solar Flare in Oasis Springs. Back to the lounge where they had their first date.

“I only have a short time today because I have a deadline until midnight,” Blue says

“I have a computer and I have internet … you can write your article in my house” suggests Rasmus tentatively.

“Do not be silly Big Man! Let’s do something fun in the time we have…. we can run on roller skates.” Blue replies

Rasmus hesitantly follows Blue. Roller skates are not really his thing.
Maybe he’s wrong but Blue seems a little sad and he wonders what it is she is holding back.

“Is there anything bothering you Blue?”

“You’re always so attentive and sweet Big Man” Blue replies, without answering his question.

Rasmus really can not answer her with anything but a kiss.

He wished he could keep her like that forever, but right now the roller skating rink is pushing on with its presence.

If Blue wants to run on roller skates he will not be the one to stop her.

The surface feels very unstable under his feet.

Maybe it’s not just the roller skates that make him feel like he’s on rocking ground.

Blue seems to enjoy the ride to the fullest.

After the ride, they amuse themselves with how awkward a figure Rasmus did on the skating rink.
“I’m sorry Blue, but that’s really not my strongest talent,” laughs Rasmus.

Too soon the fun ends and Rasmus once again suggests Blue to follow him to his home.

Blue gives him a long hug … “I’m so sorry Big Man … duty calls, but we can see each other tomorrow. I have the day off”


Early evening in Brindleton Bay

Martin has just been released from work and now he sees to his surprise that Tusnelda and both cats are asleep.

It has obviously been a tough day, but he assumes she has done well. She is a unique woman.

It gives him some peace to train on his charisma skills.

Even as he whispers, Tusnelda is awakened by all his wordless gestures.

“Hey sweety!”

“What in the world are you doing?” Tusnelda asks in astonishment

“I train my appearance” Martin replies after which he puffs himself up and tries to make his shoulders even wider.

“I think you look completely insane and it does not make you more manly in my eyes” laughs Tusnelda.

“Then I’d better show you how manly I can be,” Martin concludes

That was the end of his charisma training for this day.


It will be late before Martin continues his training. The sky in is cloudless and starry so tonight he runs along the beach.


San Myshuno Spice Market

Tusnelda meets Rasmus in San Myshuno. There is something bothering him.

“I love that woman, but it’s like she’s not really telling me everything and that makes me insecure.” says Rasmus

Tusnelda does not really know what it is wise to answer … “Maybe you are pushing her too much?” she answers hesitantly

A fruit trader stands and calls in his sales booth. “Fresh fruit and crispy vegetables. Come and buy! Everything is on sale before closing time!”

Tusnelda is missing some seeds and she buys several varieties before she and Rasmus continue.

Sometimes being among friends is more important than words and they choose to play basketball together.

Rasmus tells laughing Tusnelda about how hopeless he is on roller skates.

He is far better at hitting the net in basketball.

Tusnelda has become hungry and she buys a samosa at the food stall.

Rasmus continues to talk while Tusnelda eats her food.

Damn, that samosa is hot, it’s just before smoke comes out of the ears.

“Do you really think I’m pushing her too much?” Rasmus asks

“I think if you love each other, then maybe you should give her some space” Tusnelda replies


Midnight in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda and Rasmus say goodbye to each other in front of his house in Brindleton Bay.

“Cheer up Rasmus, you’re an amazingly good guy and I’m sure she can see it”

“Yes you are probably right” Rasmus replies, but the doubt has slowly begun to gnaw at his brain.

Tusnelda runs the few hundred meters home …

Home to Martin who, as always, receives her without reservation.

She sits for a long time, staring thoughtfully into the fire.

“I’m so grateful I can always count on you Martin,” she says seriously.

“Of course you can, but what in the world is suddenly making you say that?” asks Martin surprised.

“It is something Rasmus said,” Tusnelda replies.
“I think he needs a talk about women, man to man” …. “He’s your friend Martin. I think you should talk to him.”


That was the end of today’s chapter. I’m sorry if it was too long, but there was way too much that needed to be told.

Maybe it’s too early to quit anyway?
Everything is not told yet and there might be someone sitting back and thinking about what it is Blue is hiding.
She’s not a vampire. The truth is often far more simple and banal.


Blue does not lie when she apologizes with her deadline.
She is a writer and she is employed at a magazine that requires her to write a number of articles.

She has been postponing her latest writing assignment for far too long. The many enjoyable hours with Rasmus have disturbed her focus.

Now she sits deeply concentrated bent over a keyboard.
She does not allow herself to be disturbed by outside noises and she does not hear the front door open.

“Hi Alice! I’m back. How have you been while I was gone?”

“Hi Allan! I have been good, everything has been fine, just fine.”


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  • Yimiki

    Ooooh, who is this soldier? I hope he doesn’t run into Masato, that won’t end well.

    Hm. Rasmus is eager to progress things to a more serious level but Blue seems to be rather hesitant. I wonder if she thinks he’s going too fast. Oh dear, looks like that is indeed the case. She’s trying to keep it casual and he wants to make it a serious relationship. I hope they’ll be able to meet halfway.

    Bwahaha so much for the goal of not experimenting on her colleagues anymore! That’s three experiments in one day, though the first dancing one was by accident Aw, Masato drew the short end of the stick again. Even when they’re being friendly Don’t worry, buddy. I’m sure your desk will come back to you once your brain resets itself.

    I like how both Rasmus and Tusnelda make a point of spending time with each other even when they’re both very busy with different things. They have a wonderful friendship. Tusnelda is so sweet to send Martin to go talk to him about his relationship worries – I hope something good will come of it.

    WHOA. The soldier lives with Blue? And he called her Alice? =O She’s keeping her real name from Rasmus and is living with a nighttime-patrolling soldier Are they spouses? Married? Friends? Family? Now I’m very curious!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for your long comment. I’m sorry WP eats your emojis. I do not know if it is because my Theme does not accept them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      My heart bleeds for Rasmus. 😥 He loves Blue and he wants a steady relationship. They are actually pretty good together.

      Tusnelda has not become a pious angel when it comes to finding guinea pigs for her tests. I love writing her manipulative sentences 😆

      Yes, who is the soldier? So many questions. The answer has to wait a little longer 😉

  • Mercuryfoam

    that ending! You’ve got me on my toes noooooo!

    That said this chapter has been super enjoyable. I laughed a lot! Brooke’s sharp witty remark, the end of Martin and Tus’s charisma training only to lead to…. er.. fitness training. poor Masato and Tus’s colleagues haha! She’s doing some great things with them!

    Rasmus and Tus’s confidance in each other as good friends is so nice to read about. Though the next chapter might be super rocky! Ahh can’t wait!

    • MonaSolstraale

      I have rewritten this chapter so many times so I am glad it ended up being enjoyable.
      I love describing Tusneldas manipulations and the cats’ monologues. My own cats often look at me with that look that makes me think that they know everything (= ^ ◡ ^ =)
      PS: I’ve gotten pretty crazy about those Japanese kaomojis … now that my WP hates emojis 😉

      Rasmus and Blue are so good together, so it was so hard to stab a thorn in their happy bubble.
      I dare not promise you a redemption in the next chapter, but of course you must not stand on your toes for all eternity ❤

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