Tusnelda and Trix

37. Reflections

We are going to start this chapter roughly where the prelude ended. Yet time is full of hope and bright promises. We still find our little family in the house in Bramblewood.

This chapter may be a little too long. There is a lot to pick up on and I could not find another suitable place to end up. There are lots of restless thoughts, sparkling joy and peaceful moments waiting.


Trix realizes that he has woken up to a brighter day when Martin shows him his magical sparkling cat toy.

“I’m so glad you finally came to your senses and remembered we’re two cats in this household Martin” meows Trix happily

“You’re such a nice cat,” Martin says, patting Trix after their play.

Trix wonder what makes Martin in such an overwhelmingly good mood.

In the background, Trix can hear Tusnelda swearing.
She has found an embroidery kit and to put it bluntly, embroidery is not for her. She decides not to continue the hopeless project.

Martin stands by the easel in the garden … and even though he is a skilled painter, a human body is a unfamiliar motif.

Martin has greater talent for moving his body than for drawing bodies.

A passing fox stops in amazement and stares at the man who is doing completely unnecessary gymnastics …..

… Any wise animal in the forest knows that it must economizing with its energy until a prey comes by.

Tusnelda is probably the only one who can make Martin stay calm in the same place for a long time.
Martin listens patiently to her dreams of reaching the stars.

In the end, Martin’s restlessness wins and Trix sees absolutely no harm in that.

Just as the hunt for the sparks is most intense, Tusnelda interrupts their play.
The holidays are over and it’s time to return home.


It is dark night when they arrive at their home.

Tusnelda finds a poster in the mailbox. It speaks to her dreams of the sky, so she immediately hangs it up on the wall.

Martin stands a little away and smiles thoughtfully. It is not easy to decipher what he is thinking.

“What do you think Martin?” Tusnelda asks curiously.

“I think we should go to bed” Martin replies, interrupting all dreams of the sky and the creatures that might be living out there.

Fiona and Trix are not ready to go to bed. The entire neighborhood must be patrolled after their absence.

Squirrels and birds should not feel too safe in any bush.

Fiona carefully observes a plant, but it probably contains nothing but a stray grasshopper, so she lets it go.

It’s barely brightened yet when Fiona returns home.
Martin is already doing his morning workout on the treadmill.

“Oh! You smell like you’ve been to interesting places Fiona” meows Trix before continuing out into the dawn.

Fiona finds herself a warm and cozy place where she can sleep.

Trix goes hunting for the lazy seagulls. It’s high time they get on their wings.

The catch is brought home.

Tusnelda has just woken up when Trix comes home and she warmly welcomes him.

Trix enjoys a little cuddle and a hug on top of the cool morning air. He purrs kindly in gratitude.

The morning gets even better as Tusnelda gives herself time to play with him.

The beam of light is almost as exciting as Martin’s sparkling toy.

Oh! Just when Trix is thinking about Martin, he arrives in the room from his morning workout.

He immediately takes over all of Tusnelda’s attention, so Trix might as well find a good place to sleep.
The bed will probably be occupied in a little while.

Yep! Trix has apparently guessed right.

There are still a lot of sparks associated with that man.

Tusnelda has a another day off, but Martin is going to work in a little while.
It is so hard to let go of each other after a vacation together.

“I love you Tusnelda and I can hardly wait for us to receive our common beautiful child.” says Martin as he once again makes her melt away in his warm intense gaze.

Tusnelda gets a feeling of restlessness in her stomach and she gets up to make breakfast.

It’s apparently not hunger she feels, so she leaves the table to take on the day’s tasks.

Martin thoughtfully skews her. He knows she has some speculation regarding her return to work.

The washing machine is still leaking so here is a task to tackle.

Tusnelda stands deeply concentrated while she thinks about what has happened in recent times.
The future is just ahead of and with it a lot of challenges.

Martin enters the utility room to say goodbye before going to work.

“Are you all right, Tusnelda? … you suddenly seem so distant.” Martin asks hesitantly.

Tusnelda gives him a light kiss on the cheek and assures him not to worry, she’s ok.

The silence and methodical work with the rocket finally gives her peace to reflect and make plans.

Tusnelda thinks about how to improve her relationship with Masato. Maybe she’s really mistaken his character?

She finds The Encyclopedia of the Vampires, a book she once borrowed from the library in Forgotten Hollow …. although “borrowed” may no longer be quite comprehensive.

Soon she is completely engrossed in the book.

She learns that vampires can survive without human blod and she suddenly remembers the strange bags she received in the mailbox in Forgotten Hollow.

In fact, she still has some bags in stock in her store.
… It makes her think about when she actually last opened the store?

It seems that Tusnelda has plenty of reflections for the next many hours, so we leave her for a while.


Next door in Brindleton Bay

In the house next door, Rasmus has slept through the day.
Now he brings his breakfast to the couch to watch an entertaining program on TV.
Brook is still sleeping heavily.

He has a day off today and Blue is busy most of the day.

He is not fully aware of what she is doing, except that she is a writer. She’s pretty fleeting when he tries to ask her about more personal matters …. but he assumes it’s a matter of time before she really trust him.

Suddenly he is awakened from his thoughts by the sound of a deafening roar !!
He jumps in shock and discovers that Brook has left the couch faster than an arrow shooting from a flash bow.
Now she stands in safety on her climbing tower and sends him a reproachful look.

Rasmus turns off the television and tries to calm Brook down.
“I’m so sorry Brook” he says as he carefully brushes her fur.

He misses Blue and he tries to divert his thoughts by meditating.
It gives no success.


Rasmus seeks out Tusnelda and she is really happy to see him.

“Rasmus! What a pleasant surprise … What brings you here today?” Tusnelda asks kindly.

“I’m so terribly restless and my thoughts run in circles,” Rasmus replies….. “I was wondering if we could go out and have a beer somewhere in town?”

“I actually have an even better idea …. let’s go fishing.” answers Tusnelda.

Rasmus is a little surprised by the suggestion, but why not give it a try?


On Deadgrass Isle

Tusnelda and Rasmus have just arrived by boat at Deadgrass Isle.

“Here we find the best fishing spots” says Tusnelda enthusiastically … “While we fish you can tell me what bothers you”

“There’s really nothing bothering me…. i’m just having a little hard time keeping my mind still.” Rasmus says.

The answer is probably also true for Tusnelda’s mood and soon the two friends are standing, each preoccupied with their own thoughts and the fishing line in the water.

“I got one” Rasmus says beaming with joy.

Tusnelda is a little less fortunate with her catch and it is immediately thrown into the sea again.

Rasmus is in a lucky flow today, but despite the lack of catch, Tusnelda enjoys the beach and the stunning rhythmic roar of the waves.

The waves are huge and powerful and whatever Tusnelda and Rasmus may have of human problems, they seemed small and insignificant compared to the forces of nature.

The hours pass with relaxed wordless being in the now and the sun begins its path down to the surface of the sea.

The imminent sunset envelops the surroundings in a pink glow.

The sunset is enchanting and it removes all troubled thoughts.

Rasmus is once again lucky when he catches a big tuna.

Life is beautiful and simple. Two friends at sunset with fishing rods in hands.

Finally, the last rays of the sun disappear behind the mountains, in their journey towards more distant shores on the other side of the earth.

The sudden cold at dusk reminds the two friends that it’s time to break up.

Rasmus goes fast in advance.

Then he suddenly turns around.
“Thank you so much for a lovely afternoon Tusnelda” he says and while giving her a big hug.

When they get back to the museum, Tusnelda suggests that Rasmus accompany her home to Martin so they can eat together, but Rasmus politely refuses.

“I actually have a date tonight” he confides to Tusnelda.

“A date!?” Tusnelda says in surprise.”

“Who is it? … is it anyone I know?” she continues her questions

Rasmus denies that Tusnelda knows her … but he’s sure they will get to know her soon.

“I’m so happy I can fly” Rasmus exclaims, stretching his arms as he wants to embrace the whole world.

Tusnelda watches in silent amazement how her sensible friend, suddenly is basking with his arms, as if they were wings.

Then she gives him a big warm hug.
“I’m so happy for you,” she declares.

“So am I” he declares happily.


At the Whiskerman’s Wharf

Rasmus meets Blue outside The Salty Paws Saloon.

“I have discovered that you are interested in beautiful flowers, so I bring you this rose,” says Rasmus affectionately.

“Oh!? thank you!” Blue replies a little surprised.

“You’re such a sweet witty man,” she continues with a smirk.

Rasmus does not quite understand what she is alluding to so he chooses to end the conversation with a deep kiss.

“Come on let’s buy some fast food in the stall” Blue says as she quickly tears herself loose.

When it comes down to it, Rasmus is actually quite hungry.

The stall is closed so Rasmus suggests a restaurant close by.

Finally, Blue seems to be giving in more.

The hostess in the restaurant seems to be very inspired by the sea close by.

Rasmus has never been to this restaurant before and he studies the surroundings while Blue studies the menu.

They have predominantly fish dishes on the menu and since Rasmus is a vegetarian he just orders a salad.

Blue watches Rasmus as he eats and drinks, but she does not touch her own food.

“Maybe we should move on?” says Blue in a flirtatious voice.

“You have not touched your food Blue? … are you uncomfortable? … should I follow you home?” Rasmus asks worriedly.

“Nah, I just want to do something more fun than eat,” Blue says affectionately


Tusnelda has long since returned home and she continues to build her rocket.

Trix sits close to her and wonders.

He wonders what use she will get from the elongated tin can … it is apparently important to spend her time on?

Finally, Tusnelda becomes aware of his presence …

… and it almost seems like she can read his mind as she begins to tell about how she will soon travel to the other side of the moon in the rocket.

Trix thinks it sounds like a very suspicious project.

“I think the moon is scary far away” he replies with a nervous meow.


The Ancient Ruins in Windenburg

The moon is very far away and its view reaches far.

Somewhere under the moon are some ancient ruins.

This is where Blue has led Rasmus.

“I recognize that type of bush,” Rasmus says expectantly to Blue.

“Ladies first” he says gallantly … followed by a less gallant slap in her butt.

Blue seems to find it all very funny.

We let them have a little peace to botanize and explore all the secrets of the bush.

Later, they lie in total peace and talk together.
It is probably mostly Rasmus who tells. Blue is, as always, more secretive when it comes to private matters, but even that can not ruin the calm that has finally found its way to Rasmus.

Let’s end here for today. In peace under the stars.


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  • Yimiki

    Yessssss, give Trix some attention Martin! We know you love Fiona but playing favourites that obviously isn’t nice. I had to laugh at the picture he painted. Who knows? Maybe it’s worth a fortune after he’s done.

    I wonder what that feeling of restlessness in Tusnelda’s stomach was. Maybe it’s just worry about going back to work – oooh, reading further does make it seem that way. You’ll be okay, Tus! Just try not to forcefully experiment on your colleagues and blackmail one of them to be your unwilling guinea pig again. That should be a good start.

    Awww, only apart for a day and he already misses Blue. Rasmus has fallen head over heels. Hmm… I wonder why Blue is holding back so much on sharing things about herself. Rasmus seems pretty serious about being with Blue. I hope she feels the same way.

    Hahaha, that face Trix makes when Tus tells him about her project!

    • MonaSolstraale

      It was strange that Martin suddenly turned all his attention to Trix after the last chapter.
      That painting is really quite a laugh 😀

      Tusnelda has a lot of iron in the mold and she misses time to fulfill all her many projects and dreams. Now she has a divine man with dreams she will do anything to fulfill. Of course, it gives her stomach upset.
      Has she learned that blackmailing and coercion are not the best way forward? We’ll see.

      Rasmus is in love and we will later learn more about what Blue is holding back.

      Trix is a clever and sensible cat and he really sees no reason for Tusnelda to throw herself into headless experiments. Stick to your territory and find yourself a warm cozy place to sleep. Cat logic ❤

  • Mercuryfoam

    I laughed out loud at the part of Tusnelda ‘borrowing’ library books. Ahhh haven’t we all? xD

    Love your pictures of the sunset with Tus and Rasmus enjoying each other’s company whilst each organising their thoughts. Sounds like an introvert’s dream.

    Rasmus and Blue are such affectionate lovers. They’re so fun to follow.

    • MonaSolstraale

      😳 yes! Here I could use a blushing emoji. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Tusnelda and Rasmus at sunset looked so relaxed.
      I took so many pictures of that sunset from all possible angles. The pause and tab buttons are my best tools.
      I had a hard time sorting out which pictures I should use afterwards.

      Rasmus and Blue ❤
      I love their facial expressions and body language. It’s so fun to describe their relationship 😀

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