When I’m not playing Sims, I paint.
I have painted a bit abstract paintings and some still life painting, but I prefer to paint according to motifs I find online. It allows me to let go of all the disturbing stressful everyday thoughts while trying to reproduce a color or an expression. I especially like painting animals. I have painted a lot of birds because I like their beautiful colors. It has been almost ten years since I painted the first sheep until I painted the pandas and the mandarin duck.


CC paintings

I have made some of these paintings for cc I can use in my game. Just because it’s fun and because it gave me an opportunity to try out Sims4Studio.

I have given away several of these paintings as gifts and I think it’s nice that I can still enjoy them in my game.

Feel free to use my paintings in your game. Feel free to share them with a reference to me.
Feel free to post a comment here on WordPress or in The Sims Forums. Forum ID MonaSolstraale.

I have made three small collections of cc paintings. Solstraale Panda, Solstraale Ducks and Solstraale Sheep. I have used a Base game picture frame so they do not require other expansion packs. You can download the paintings on my Google Drive.

Solstraale Paintings Package.files



Here is a small random selection of watercolors I have made over the years.

Abstract painting

Dry pastels

On a creative summer course and I have created these flamingos with dry pastels and collage. The theme was Birds that would like to travel.

You can download the flamingos as cc paintings from my Google Drive: Birds that would like to travel



The kingfisher was the introduction to this page and that’s how it ended.


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