Christmas special edition

This time of the year

….The art of creating a Christmas greeting

This special edition should be understood as a loving greeting from my characters to their faithful followers. A story written just for fun with a touch of seriousness.
Another year has now passed in Tusnelda’s universe and it has been a year since I presented Magic Star in a Christmas special edition. Back then, she promised to fulfill my main characters’ dreams and she helped them to clarify what dreams they had.
At this time of year, all companies update their status and this is also the case with this story. Maybe not everything may have gone quite as they wished.

NB: There may be some references to Chapter 71 that have not yet been sent due to my time constraints. Since it does not make sense to send a Christmas and New Year special edition on the other side of the New Year, these chapters must be sent in reverse order.


Glimmerbrook in the Wizarding World, December 27, 2022.

Maybe some of you will remember Magic. She is an elderly fairy with magical abilities who has a habit of talking loudly to herself.
Today, however, it mostly sounds like her singing.

“It’s gonna be a cold, cold Chrismas…la, la, laaa…!”

“All I want for Chrismas is mac.. and cheese… la, la”

“Oh! Oops! I hadn’t seen that the readers had arrived…”

“I should have predicted it now… it is this time of year.”

“I just spent a lovely Christmas Eve with my dear friend from the Magic Realm”

“Everyone showed up this year..”

“..including my special friend Nicholas….slightly delayed as he….!?”

“Nicholas! Why aren’t you wearing any clothes!?”

“I guess you should be the first to answer that Magic!…I remember something about last night…”

“Yes, that’s enough Nicholas! We are closing box one”

“Like I came from. Nicholas bumped into the party later, slightly delayed as he had quite a few packages to deliver.”

“Now Nicholas, Would you please put on some pants. I have some suits to show you.”

“Of course my dear. It only takes a second”


A moment later..

“Well! What do you think of red this year?”

“Lovely my dear. Red definitely suits you.”

“Maybe it’s better with green? It symbolizes hope and is the color of nature…”

“Whatever you think my dear..”

“What! I’m not done yet Nicholas…What do you think?”

“I think you look amazing in green!”

“Thank you dear friend.”

“Come sit down. I have another suit to show you.”

“Mumble mumble…”

“What do you think of blue Nicholas? I have a very special occasion in mind..”

“I think it really suits you Magic.”

“Thank you dear friend.”

“Are there any more suits I need to look at now?”

“No Nicholas. I’m busy now. I have to go to the Magic Realm before I leave.”


“Goodbye Nicholas! I hope you will take care of my dear little furry friends while I am gone?”

“Of course my dear. It’s no trouble. We’re going to enjoy the peace and quiet together.”

“To the Magic Realm!”

“Hello Magic. What do we owe you for your visit?”

“Nothing dear Morgyn. I just need to buy a new broom. The old one seems to have some problems with the landing gear.”

“Now off to Casters Alley…”


“Good evening dear ghost. I need a new reliable broom as I am going on a long journey to the alternate world.”

“Yah! This broom flies amazingly!”

“A soft and pain-free landing.”

“Let the journey begin!”

“See you in the other world.”


Brindleton Bay, an early morning in Tusnelda’s world

“I’m really having a hard time adjusting to a world without winter.”

“But when I see the landscape, I can see that the green suit is the right choice.”

Knock Knock!

“Oh! Hello! I have a feeling I’ve seen you before?”

“You certainly have Tusnelda. Last year at the same time.”

“I see you have achieved your dream of visiting the alien world, Tusnelda…. beautiful pictures!”

“I may not have received an award, but I have reached the peak of my career and I have achieved amazing scientific results so far.”

“You have worked hard and done really well, dear…Is there something you or your husband lacks a fairy for?

“No I do not think so…?”

“Martin is coming. I can ask him myself…”

“Oh kittens! So many cute cats..”

“We just sent two of them on to their new home, to make more room for us to expand the household.”

“Yeah, speaking of expanding the household…How’s your dream going Martin?”

“Thanks for asking, I’m fine Magic.”

“But you haven’t had a baby yet?”

“It’s not because we haven’t tried, Magic…”

“I definitely think you’ve tried enough Martin. The problem here seems to be Tusnelda’s resistance.”

Tusnelda: “No, that’s too crazy a claim Magic!… I can assure you that there is absolutely no lack of marital intercourse on our sheets!”

Martin: “I can testify to that.” 😊

“You are a scientist Tusnelda and yet you are easygoing and unimaginative when it comes to having a child. It seems to me that your priority is lacking.”

“No! That’s not right!…It was me who made sure that Fie and Futte got a new home, to make a empty slot.”

“Well said again dear. It sounds great! ….I’m sorry to be hard on you, but someone needs to give you a clear message… Well I am magical, but I cannot fulfill wishes without you doing your part. Now you have to figure out the rest yourself.”

“I feel your mutual respect and love, Martin, and I have great confidence when I see you and Tusnelda together. I assure you that your wish will be heard.”

“I love visiting you, but now unfortunately I have to move on. There are other visits I have to make.”

I imagine there are a few breathing a sigh of relief now that the crazy old fairy is disappearing out of the garden door?

However, it seems that Tusnelda will go straight to work. You can sense her behind Magic’s right shoulder.

Magic stops in surprise when she sees a dog that will not be unknown to the readers. Not that it has any significance here.

Magic takes one last look at Tusnelda and Martin’s house.

She has a new goal she needs to achieve.


It’s only a short walk and the weather is fine, so this time she refrains from using the broom.

“Oh! There have been some changes here?”

From a distance, Magic sees a boy on a climbing frame.

“Hello boy!”

“Hi, I am Fabio. I like your green dress…Who are you?”

“Hi Fabio! My name is Magic and I’m a wish fairy from a Wizarding World.”

“Are you a real fairy? Can I make a wish?”

“You certainly can. Perhaps I can help you fulfill it.”

“I will wish for a real dog with spots and soft ears… and a toy car.”

“A real dog is beyond my abilities. You must talk to your parents about that. Try to look in the box.”

“Is that a toy car?”

“It is!”

“It was a modest wish and easy to fulfill.”

“Thank you sweet fairy. I have to go to school now.”

“What a sweet boy!….Well, but I can’t stand here and fall to pieces. I wonder how things are going with Rasmus?”


Rasmus seems far from excited about the reunion.

“Oh no! Is it you again.”

“Hello Rasmus. It’s been a long time.”

“Yes luckily. The last time you were here my life fell apart and I definitely don’t need you interfering anymore.”

“Now don’t be so angry…. You have done really well Rasmus. You have had all your wishes fulfilled. You have got a lovely partner and I heard you have got a son?”

“Yes, he is a fabulous boy.”

“Well, him too, but I…”

However, it seems that Rasmus has already stopped listening. What he has achieved, he has won on his own.

Magic follows him with her eyes as he approaches someone out of her line of sight.

Admittedly, a fairy is not needed here… and yet…

Now Magic has spotted Brooke who is clawing at the couch.

“Shame on you naughty cat! What are you doing?”

Brooke stops in wonder… Who is the green lady scolding?

She puts a testing paw forward towards the couch

“Don’t even try. If you don’t stop immediately I’m going to send a Zipzap spell at you that should teach you better manners in no time.”

Now Rasmus lets himself go from Izumi’s embrace and he calmly approaches.

“What’s going on here Brooke? You know you shouldn’t tear the couch.”

“I can introduce you to Magic. She’s an old acquaintance from my past… You should probably be a little careful with her…She’s pretty weird and has a habit of creating accidents.”

Magic: “I can hear you Rasmus! I’m not deaf.”

“Hello Magic, I’m Izumi. Rasmus’ partner..”

“I know dear. I have to say he made a much better catch with you…but he definitely wouldn’t listen to that last year.”

“I see what you mean Rasmus…she’s kind of weird.”

“I can definitely feel that a fairy is superfluous now, so I must move on.”

Rasmus doesn’t even look for Magic as she leaves. He is too preoccupied with some beautiful seductive eyes.

Magic is moving forward quickly. This time it requires a change of scene to a new city and a new suit.


A blue house in Willow Creek.

“This is going to be interesting and maybe not an easy nut to crack, but I can’t fail a child.”

“Hello there!”

“Who the hell are you!? Who invited you?”

“I am Magic. I am a fairy from the Wizarding World and I have come here to bring order out of chaos.”

“Welcome Magic! Are you from a free cleaning company? I don’t think we can afford to pay for your service.”

“Is this something you arranged Alice? Why can’t you do the cleaning yourself?”

“I am sent on a special mission from the Magic Realm and the one who needs a thorough cleaning is obviously you young man.”

“This is too damn insane! Will you immediately make the mad woman disappear Alice….otherwise I can’t take responsibility for the consequences!!!”

“We don’t need cleaning help! Get out! NOW!”

“Now I wouldn’t be so vociferously rejecting if I were you young man. Surely you need my help or do you prefer social authorities? “

“Social authorities? What the hell does that mean?”

“It means you have a problem with managing your anger and your vocabulary. This environment is definitely not healthy for a child to grow up in.”

“No, no, no! I can’t handle to listen to that crazy woman any more…I’m about to explode…. “

“Please Alice…You created the problem so you must be responsible for sending her away.”

“But I have not invited her Allan.”

“It wasn’t necessary dear. I can assure you that I keep a watchful eye on all Sims from my post.”

“Since Alice is obviously not up to it, I will now keep a watchful eye on you leaving the house…immediately!”

“Not until I have finished my work, young man.”

“You’ll find a broom and soap in the kitchen cupboard, so make sure to get it over with quickly.”

“Thanks! It sounds like there is some kindness behind the aggressive layer after all, but I brought my own broom and it’s not even necessary here…. A wand is what I need now.”


“WTF! What are you doing insane woman!?”

“I can see my spell is making some impression, but maybe it’s not the right one? Should I have gone with Repairio?… Or Deliriate?”

“Aargh! If you think you can bewitch me with your beech twig, you are so mistaken.”

“I can see you’re a tough nut to crack….maybe I should have used Zipzap instead?”

“Such a lunatic!”

It is unknown why Allan suddenly feels that he needs a bath. He should otherwise be clean down to the smallest ear canals.

“At least we have some peace while he’s in the shower. How do you deal with your own problems sweetie?”

“I know I have behaved immaturely and irresponsibly, but is it so that the truth must always come out?”

“Dear child. How can I explain it?…..Some truths may do more harm than good and are thus most gracious to keep to oneself, but lying is certainly a bad habit that requires far too much effort to continue.”

“What are you talking about now?”

“Why is she still here Alice?”

“I have nothing more to talk to you about. Go home to your witch world.”

“You’re wrong Allan. We certainly have more to talk about. Now I want to make you one last offer….”

“I have a gift for you that you would do well to accept….otherwise I promise I know far more powerful spells than the Scruberoo you tasted just before. What do you say to Minionize that will numb your brain and turn you into a mindless bobblehead from now on?”

“Then give me that gift if it will satisfy you, as long as you don’t touch my brain.”

“I’m actually hoping this will move some pieces in your brain Allan and help you to control your aggressive outbursts….It’s not a spell and it won’t hurt you.”


“WTF is that? Are you giving me a pillow?”

“It’s a very special pillow Allan. It’s a meditation stool.”

“Help me Alice…This is humiliating.”

“That might help us Allan.”

“Do you really think so, Alice?”

“I think it takes courage and great willpower to change one’s own mind. I believe you can do it Allan.”

With this we see the sight that no one thought they would ever see. Allan has started meditating.

Believe it or not.

With all the moods calmed down, Magic goes into the bedroom to see Andy. He is really hungry.

“How are you little boy?”

Andy answers her with a huge smile.

You are a very sweet and attentive little guy. Maybe you can really get your parents wish to change them themselves…I mean…Anything can happen in a fairy tale. I will keep a watchful eye on you.”


When Magic returns to Allan and Alice they are flirting with each other. Despite all their challenges, she can see there is something that attracts them to each other.

“Goodbye Allan. I’d say you can be proud of the progress you’ve made today.”

“You can’t say it was voluntary… but now I hope we don’t see your cleaning company again.”

“I am sure that in time you will choose to meditate completely voluntarily because otherwise I will have to return with my wand… I wish you all the best in the future”

“Should that be understood as an acknowledgment or a threat, Alice?”

“I think it can be interpreted both ways Allan.”

“That’s exactly how it should be understood, dear children.”

This concludes Magic’s mission in Willow Creek for now. Now the rest is up to Alice and Allan. They still both have a hard nut to crack.


San Myshuno Arts Quarter

Magic have now gone to the square in front of the Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno where a final task awaits….

Finally Magic has an excuse to wear the Red Fairy suit.

“This broom flies like a dream!”

“Dear friends. I have summoned you here because we have to make a Christmas card for our readers.”

“I am proud to say that I put together the colors and style myself.”

I’m not sure that our main characters feel completely convinced about Magic talent. They seem a bit hesitant.

Now everyone runs towards the Casbah Gallery, except for Magic who chooses her broom…… Oops! It looks like she got off to a rough start.


Magic! The destination is the gallery and not the Brocken mountain 🙄

Crash! Ouch!

“Interesting, but not the place I’m looking for.”


“Here we are.”

“Now it applies to this year’s Christmas card.”

“Please! Concentrate friends!”


A greeting from some of the story’s other characters….


“This will be all from me this year dear readers” 🥰

“Now it’s back to my own world”


“Nicholas, what a lovely reunion!” 😍

“I can see that you have been very busy this year Magic!”

“I have, I definitely have! They are lovely people, but I think there was still plenty to do for a fairy.”


Trix: I’m so glad you remembered me in the end…You shouldn’t forget that I’m a main character though.

Author’s note:
There are quite a few spells in this chapter. If you need a translation you can find them here on Sims Wiki/Spells

In the story there are several references to last year’s Christmas special edition: May all your dreams come true

Finally, I want to apologize for the text on the Christmas card is very small and almost impossible to read. It is first and foremost my thanks to all my readers for this year and my wish for a happy new year.
Thank you all for following!


    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your greeting. I had a lovely Christmas and a wonderful December, with several family visits to one of the Danish islands.
      We will spend New Years together with a family friend, as we usually do.
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  • cathytea

    This is so lovely! I’m so happy to see Magic again! What a wonderful wrap up to all that happened this past year! I’ve been watching lots of Christmas movies this season, and this post is by far my favorite Christmas special of the year!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much Cathytea ❤
      I really enjoyed reviving Magic for a short while. I think she has a funny personality and I love that she can say and do things that fall a little outside the usual framework of the story.

      Thank you for always being so supportive. I wish you a happy new year ❤

  • Yimiki

    Magic! I remember her visit last year =D I wonder what gifts she’ll bring to everyone this time? HAHAHA Santa and Magic have gotten busy, I see! He’s not shy about it at all, is he XD him praising all her outfits and clearly not caring made me laugh.

    Magic does have a point. Tusnelda knows having a child is Martin’s greatest wish, she doesn’t seem to be opposed to it anymore (and yes she did make room in the household), but she’s still not actively helping Martin to reach his wishes. Magic is right in that her priorities still seem to be quite skewed. Maybe now that she’s reached the top of her career and fulfilled her own goals, she can finally really turn to Martin’s?

    Aww. Rasmus achieved happiness already, all on his own. Magic is not needed here <3

    Blue to visit Blue! Also, hoo boy. She’s visiting them? Tough nut to crack indeed. I wonder how she’ll… ha! Yes! Finally Allan gets a dressing-down from someone who can actually put him in his place! HAHAHA a meditation cushion? Well, who knows? Maybe that’s just what he needs to finally get a handle on his anger. Fingers crossed!

    Poor Magic really needs a better broom… or some flying lessons XD Haha, those sheep paintings sure look familiar!

    Aww those Christmas card pictures were adorable! Weirdly, my favourite is the one of Masato being all weepy and alone xD poor guy. And yup, everyone should remember that Trix is the true main character of the story!

    Thank you for the lovely Christmas and Newyear wishes and a very happy 2023 to you, too ^^ <3

    • MonaSolstraale

      Yes, Magic is back.
      When I moved Santa into the household I discovered that he is very flirtatious.
      The clothes clearly did not interest him that much 😆

      There is not much to do for Rasmus anymore. He has taken life into his own hands.
      Tusnelda is still very much obsessed with what interests her and it is not motherhood. She needed a clear message.

      Allan and Alice? Maybe there is hope for them. After all, it is a fairytale ❤

  • Haneul

    I like how Magic took time to visit each of the characters. I hope her lessons for Allan stick! I also hope you had a beautiful Christmas and will have a great New Year! Happy holidays! I loved the Christmas card and all the Christmas card photos at the end. <3

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks. I wish you a happy new year too 🙂
      I have just made the dessert, so we are ready for our guest who will arrive in an hour.

      Thank you for all your kind comments over the past year ❤

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    Sorry my comment is late. I was so tired around Christmas time but I enjoyed this chapter! I laughed at Nick sitting around in just a pair of boxers with hearts on! I am also very happy to see Morgyn appear here!!
    Ooh I wonder if maybe Magic can help with the baby situation? It was cute when she gave Fabio a toy car! Good on her for calling Allan out on all of his behaviour too! Listen to the fairy, Allan!
    All the best for the New Year!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for the comment and Happy New Year to you too ❤
      I welcome comments whenever they come. There is no time limit.

      Morgyn is a charismatic person who attracts attention wherever they choose to appear on stage.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. I really enjoy using Magic’s voice. Allan definitely needed to be shaken.

      I later came to think that this New Year’s chapter contains several spoilers. I hope it’s not going to ruin the story for too many.

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