Tusnelda and Trix

70. A fabulous boy

We left Rasmus in the previous chapter in a rather intense place, where Izumi was just about to reveal an important confidence.
Allan got a suspicion that Rasmus might be the father of his child and Tusnelda was once again abducted by her Alien friends.
There’s no need to drag this out any further, so let’s jump right into it.


Rasmus looks seriously at Izumi. He can feel she is nervous about opening up, but he has no idea what she’s hiding.

As if to reassure him…or maybe to reassure herself, she gives him a kiss on his cheek.

“Please Izumi, you can safely open up to me. I promise you I won’t freak out, whatever is coming.” he says.

“Rasmus, I’d like you to meet my son Fabio,” she replies.

Only now does Rasmus see the boy, who has been standing passively in the background up until now.

“Hi Rasmus!” says a red haired boy with an eager wave.

“You have a son!?” exclaims Rasmus with a crooked smile.

Fabio evaporates as he wisely thinks that he will leave this conversation to the adults.

Now he has caught sight of a bowl of food that smells temptingly good.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Rasmus. Everything happened so surprisingly fast….I never imagined you would be so determined to let me into your life, so I….I think you deserve to know the whole picture before we …before you…” says Izumi….

“….and I understand if you ask us to leave now.” she says.

“I don’t want you to go.” says Rasmus seriously.

“Are you sure?” she asks.

“Yes, I am absolutely sure.” he answers.

With a loud sigh of relief, she falls around Rasmus’s neck and gives him a huge hug.

“Please sit down Izumi, I’m going to have to have a serious talk with my cat,” Rasmus says when he spots Brooke.

Brooke has taken advantage of the situation while Rasmus has had his attention elsewhere to eat from his vegetable dish on the kitchen counter.

Oops! the feast is over.

Izumi sits down next to Fabio.

“You can finish your food now, everything is fine,” she says.

Rasmus stands thoughtfully back by the fridge.

He never imagined that the result of his decision to jump on the wave that suddenly hit him this morning would lead him to this shore.
Still, he has no doubts everything will work out just fine.
Don’t ask how he can feel so sure.


Private Practice in San Myshuno

Both Marcus and Jade do a startled jump on the sofa when the mummy appears on the screen.

As often before, Jade has dropped by the clinic uninvited. Just to hang out with the guy who doesn’t fit into her dreams but fulfills a whole lot of other unmentionable needs.

It is well past midnight and they have chosen to stream The Mystery of the Temple Queen, to see it together.

They are both shocked when a mummy suddenly steps dangerously close to the hero. Fortunately, the mummy is engulfed in flames when it tumbles into a fire trap and the hero therefore escapes with his life intact.

“This movie was pretty exciting until the end,” Jade says kindly to Marcus’s roommate Kristine. “I almost dread the journey home in the dark.”

“The journey home? I thought you were staying for tonight?” Marcus says.

“You can’t just assume I’ll stay.” says Jade.

“Hey guys! What’s on TV?” says John, indifferent to what is going on between Marcus and Jade. There is nothing new in their quarrels.

“If you stay tonight I will follow you home tomorrow.” says Marcus.

“That’s silly Marcus. Tomorrow the sun has risen and everyone knows that makes the monsters hide in the dark.”

“I am going to the bathroom to brush my teeth.” says Kristine.

Now Marcus tries to convince Jade in a whisper why she should stay.

“You are a naughty man, Marcus.” she replies, without rejection.

On her way back, Kristine sees that Jade is now almost convinced of the reason to spend the night.

“Come on, John, let’s give them some privacy,” Kristine says as she disappears into their bedroom.

John looks like he has no idea what she’s referring to. He wonder if it is Kristine who painted the picture on the wall? She definitely has the skills, he thinks.

Right now, though, it doesn’t look like Marcus and Jade are trying to make any reservations about his presence in the living room.


Brindleton Bay

“Say thanks for the food to Rasmus,” Izumi says to her son.

“Thanks for the food Rasmus! It was really tasty.” Fabio says kindly.

“You are welcome,” replies Rasmus…”You seem like a nice boy.”

“Yes, I am a fabulous boy…That’s why my mother named me Fabio.” he replies proudly.

“That makes good sense,” Rasmus replies as he looks towards Izumi.

“Rasmus has prepared a bed for you. It’s very late so you can say goodnight now,” Izumi says.

Rasmus collects the dishes while listening to Izumi and Fabio’s voices in the background.

“I want you to put me to bed mom.” says Fabio.

“That goes without saying,” Izumi replies kindly.


Curious, Fabio runs ahead into the room Rasmus has directed him to.

Besides Rasmus’s punching bag, he finds a bed.

“It looks nice,” Izumi says encouragingly.

“I think it looks primitive” says Fabio disappointed.

“I’m sure it’ll do for one night,” Izumi says as she watches Fabio get under the covers.

“Goodnight my sweetie,” she says before giving him a goodnight kiss.

When Rasmus enters the room, Fabio is already asleep.

“Thank you Rasmus, for the way you welcomed us. I have never before met a man as friendly, as spacious and attentive as you.” she says while hugging Rasmus.

“Now I’m curious if you have a bed for me or if I have to stand leaning against the wall all night,” she says flirtatiously.

“Let me show you the way,” Rasmus replies.

Rasmus walks with steady steps ahead of her into his bedroom.


San Myshuno

John and Fatima watch The Mystery of the Temple Queen together.

Fatima has been awakened by the noise from Marcus’ room and now she tries to ignore the screams and laughter by turning up the television.

The screams and laughter may not quite cover what she is imagining.

“I got you Marcus!” Jade says excitedly.

“I am going to teach you!” Marcus growls back.

“Then you’ll have to hit me first,” Jade yells.

“Please stop Jade! I’m surrendering,” Marcus says out of breath.

“Did you get hurt?” Jade asks cautiously.

“No, I’m fine,” he replies.

“Ha! You’re such a chicken. Getting you to put down your weapon was no big deal,” Jade laughs.

“I still have some weapons that should make you surrender,” he whispers.

“You’ll have to prove it before I believe you,” she replies.

Whatever they want or don’t want with each other, he manages to convince her that this time he knows best.


Brindleton Bay

In Rasmus’s bedroom, the atmosphere is more subdued. Rasmus sits silently on the edge of the bed, staring into the air as he tries to digest this whole surprising and turbulent day.

Izumi looks at Rasmus sitting next to her. He looks overwhelmed.

“Rasmus? Are you okay?” she asks.

“Rasmus, I know this is a big mouthful to take in….There is no need to rush things. Should I better go home? ” she asks.

“No, please stay Izumi,” he answers.

“Don’t get me wrong, but this night…you and me together… may turn out a little differently than I had imagined.” he adds.

“Oh! So you actually imagined I was going to show up at your place tonight?” she says teasingly.

“No not like that, but you know…I might have dreamed about it.” he replies as he gives her a friendly nudge.

“Exactly how did you dream it would turn out Rasmus?…I’m not a dream reader,” she teases.

Rasmus feels his heart flip flop when he feels the warmth from her body and he looks into her sparkling mischievous eyes.

I’m sure she knows, he thinks as they continue their conversation without words.

“I do know, Rasmus” she says lovingly….. “and I also know that you are the sweetest and most attentive guy I have ever met.”

“I think we should try to get some sleep, it’s well past midnight.” Rasmus says.


Just then, Brooke jumps up in bed to join them.

“Brooke, you have to find another place to sleep. We get to use the bed now,” says Rasmus.

Brooke jumps off the bed.

She sits for a while and observes Rasmus and Izumi rummaging under the covers.

What the heck is going on?

She sends one last offended look at the mess in the bed as she leaves the bedroom.

No one should treat the queen of the house like that.

The sense of vengeance is sweet when she sharpens her claws in Rasmus’ sofa…. If he can break away, he can see if he can stop her?

But not even the sharpest claws can interrupt Rasmus’s ventures right now…. 💞

It has been a very long time since the sparks have lit up the sky over his bed, and right now he and Izumi is on a long satisfying trip in heaven.


One hour later

Fabio is awakened by an ominous growling sound… What was that?
It sounded like it came from under the bed…

He jumps up from the bed in terror…He’s sure he senses the contours of a foaming monster with suction cups on its long arms.

“Help me! Mom!” he cries.

There is no help from his mother.

Right now, her full attention is on a sweet caring guy with a cheesy beard who caresses her cheek while telling her how beautiful she is.

How can she help but fall in love with him.

None of them have eyes for the little boy who has now found his mother.

Fabio actually likes Rasmus just before, but he hates what he sees him doing to his mother.

Maybe Rasmus is in the process of stealing his mother from him and he doesn’t know how to cope without her.

“MOM! The monster wants to kill me!” he screams loudly.

Izumi jumps out of Rasmus’s arms in a shock.

“Fabio! What’s going on?” she says worriedly.

“Rasmus has hidden a monster under my bed and it’s trying to kill me!!!” he screams.

“What!?” Rasmus asks without understanding as he tries to decode the meaning of what he has just heard.

“Please Fabio, this sounds like madness… of course I don’t want to kill you,” Rasmus says.

“Don’t take it personally Rasmus. It often happens at home. Let me take care of that monster and you and Fabio can get to know each other in the meantime.” Izumi says.

Fabio doesn’t look the least bit intimidated by that suggestion.
He is very satisfied that he has now separated his mother from Rasmus.

“Explain to me about that monster, Fabio. How can your mother handle it?” Rasmus says kindly.

“My mother is very smart and brave and she knows a magic liquid and when she sprays it on the monster it just disappears…like, poof!” says Fabio proudly.

“You can easily convince me of that,” says Rasmus”….I also think she is smart and brave.”

“Shall we see if she killed the monster now?” Rasmus asks kindly.

“Rasmus, do you want to steal my mom from me?” Fabio asks.

“I can assure you that is not my plan…unless I can get both of you completely voluntarily.” Rasmus says.

Fabio pondered that answer for a long time. What does it mean? Yes or no? Will Rasmus abduct them both and lock them in his house?


In the room next door, Izumi has just eradicated every trace of the hideous monster.

Fabio jumps into his mother’s arms.

Izumi turns to him in surprise as he sits down on the bed.

“Why did you put the clothes on?” she asks.

“I think we should go home.” replies Fabio.

Izumi sits down next to him.

“It’s the middle of the night and we have no transport, so I vote for us to stay.” she says.

“I’m afraid Rasmus will lure you into a trap and steal you if we stay,” says Fabio worriedly.

“Oh Fabio, come here,” Izumi says tenderly.

She moved closer to him and holds him close to her body.

“You are a fabulous boy Fabio. You will always be my first choice and no one is allowed to tear us apart….but do you actually think Rasmus is a bad second choice?” she asks.

“I guess not… I think I like him too.” replies Fabio

“Hi Rasmus!” says Fabio welcomingly when Rasmus enters the room.

“Did you exterminate the monster?” Rasmus asks.

“I think we dealt with all the monsters for tonight,” says Izumi.

“I told you my mother is very smart Rasmus, and she has told me I will always be her number one.” Fabio says in triumph.

“That sounds right,” says Rasmus peacefully.

“Fabio, now you have to say goodnight to Rasmus again and then I’ll stay with you until you sleep,” says Izumi calmly.

Izumi gives her son a loving smile. She knows that there is a lot he has to process tonight.

As promised, she stays with him until he sleeps.

The dawn is almost coming before he sleeps heavily.


She finds Rasmus in front of the television where he is watching a cooking programme.

“Is he ok?” Rasmus asks seriously.

“Yes, he sleeps safely,” she replies…

“You mustn’t take it personally Rasmus…He’s just a little boy with a vivid imagination and he’s not used to anyone but him and me… It’s quite an upheaval he’s being exposed to.” she adds.

“Yes, I can follow him in that.” Rasmus says kindly.


It is not only Fabio who has been subjected to a major upheaval. From now on, Rasmus’ life will change in many ways.
But if you ask him if this is a choice he is going to regret, he will always claim that the gain far exceeds what he is giving up.

With this, halfway into this chapter we have finally reached the end of a remarkable day.

It’s nearly dawn and a new day can begin.


Morning in Brindleton Bay

When Tusnelda gets out of bed, she is received by Martin.

He is so happy that she is safely back in his arms.

“I’ll always come back to you Martin…It shouldn’t be an uncertainty anymore,” she says.

“I know, but I still feel the best when I can feel you in my arms,” he says.

“Then come with me,” she replies.

It really feels extra satisfying and convincing to feel her without any kind of nuisance filter.


They eat leftovers for breakfast.

However, Tusnelda finds it necessary to repair some broken components in the radio before she eats.

Martin remains seated at the table to keep her company after he has eaten.

She can sense that his gaze is focused on something behind her back.

“What are you looking at?” she asks, without interrupting her meal.

“The photographs from Sixam. I can’t believe I’ve been there…it seems so surrealistic.” he says.

“What do you mean surrealistic? You were there yourself.” replies Tusnelda without understanding.


Morning in Willow Creek

We will now direct our gaze towards Allan and Alice’s house, where the morning atmosphere is somewhat more strained.

In a fit of sudden rage, Allan attacks the cardboard dollhouse. Once again, the jealousy and his emotional insecurity have caused Allan’s temper to boil over.

How could she cheat him so grossly and let that cream bun steal his fatherhood. He should have wiped him out when he had the chance.

Here I would just like to interject that Allan suffers from a form of blackout when it comes to the memory of who actually won the fist fight between Rasmus and him. However, it makes no sense to drag Allan further into the mire than he is right now.

Just as Allan adds the final devastating kick to the dollhouse, Alice is summoned by the noise.

Allan stands helpless and looks at the destroyed doll’s house, without being able to feel any kind of redemptive satisfaction.

The only thing he feels is a loss. A loss of his pride and dignity, along with his loss of control.

He turns his head when he hears Alice sit down in the office chair behind him.

“Allan! Tell me why!!!?” Alice shouts in frustration.

He recoils instinctively at the force of her outburst and because he is struck with a bit of a guilty conscience.

“What the hell makes you destroy your own son’s toys? You’re such a crazy bully.” she scolds.

“My son? ” Allan hisses, sending her an evil look.

Alice gives him an evil look back…. “You are so stupidly stubborn, Allan.” she hisses.

“I am not at all stupid! ….How do you explain the cheesy hair on Andy’s head?” he says angrily.

“That doesn’t prove anything Allan! It is common knowledge that many light blonde children do not develop their dark hair until they grow up.” she says angrily.

Allan stops hesitantly. Once again he feels put to the wall by her arguments. Common knowledge?

Unlike him, Alice has read hundreds of books. It often makes him feel unenlightened when he can’t find arguments based on the same intellectual knowledge as she can.

Without a sound he disappears out the door.

Once again, the punching bag must give him an outlet for his anger and frustrations.
He hates when he feels stupid and unenlightened.


Alice is on her way out into the kitchen, but she stops when she hears the desperate screams from the bedroom.

Maybe Andy has been woken up by their loud hateful argument and now he’s crying with loud, unhappy screams.

“So little baby, calm down…I’m with you now.” says Alice.

She knows very well that this is going too far and that her little gentle son is suffering from the atmosphere in the house.

Andy slowly calms down as he empties the baby bottle with the warm milk.

Alice’s gaze seeks Andy’s sweet and attentive brown eyes…..”I love you baby boy,” she says.

“We’ll figure it out. I promise you I will find a solution,” she says.

The truth is that right now she has no idea how long she can explain away the facts. If Allan finds out the truth, will he be able to accept Andy?

She is not even sure that Rasmus will accept her anymore… even if she tells him about the son he doesn’t know about. He had looked so hateful the last time she saw him. She broke his heart. Will he be able to forgive her for that?


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda has just arrived at her work when she sees a bat flying silently at high speed towards her.

It’s really rare that she arrives before Masato.

Her association with occult beings is by now so normal for her that nothing can surprise her.
Not even when the bat turns into the vampire in a cloud of black smoke.

“Good morning Masato! What is the reason for your delay? Did the coffin lid get stuck?” she says cheerfully.

“Good morning Tusnelda! I can hear you are in your humorous corner today.” he says.

“Well, you know… I had a wonderful start to my day and a satisfying date yesterday, so I have no reason to moan,” she replies.

“Good for you,” Masato says without any hint of a smile on his face.

“What about you Masato? Have you experienced anything exciting since yesterday?” she asks.

“Just hunted down and stunned some lonely souls and sucked some blood. Nothing unusual.” he answers.

It is in situations like these that Tusnelda feels her eagerness to develop a vampire cure, but she has gradually learned that it does not pay to bring up the subject.

She obviously got busy all of a sudden, Masato thinks.

There is no sign of Masato in the front office. He doesn’t seem fully awake today.

Tusnelda feels very comfortable. She often is after she’s done a space trip with the aliens…even if she can’t remember what they spent the time on.

All her colleagues seem to be busy with their work, so she goes straight to the Invention Constructor.

Besides the bugs that have turned the Invention Constructor into a boring lame robot without the animations that made it entertaining years ago, it needs a simple repair.

Tusnelda has done what is possible for her and that is obviously enough to give the desired result.

Tusnelda upgrade the Electroflux Wormhole Generator so it can be used as a direct port to Sixam. One day she will have to test it.

When she has finished the task, she goes out into the greenhouse. There are always some plants that need to be replaced by new crops.

She enjoys looking after the plants and she whistles a cheerful little tune while she finishes the gardening.


Noon in Willow Creek

So far, calm has fallen over the house in Willow Creek.

Alice has found a book. She loves to read. It is a very effective and welcome diversion from everyday problems.
In addition, it often happens that she comes across an idea or a solution in the books that she cannot think of herself.

She is not interrupted by Allan entering the room.

Allan stares at the broken dollhouse, which maliciously is a reminder of his loss of control.
He hates when he loses control. It does not match his self-image of being a strong disciplined man.

He will try to fix it.

He actually succeeds with a little ingenuity and luck and now that the dollhouse is repaired he turns to Alice.

“What are you reading Alice?”

She doesn’t seem to notice him.

He squirms a little in his seat, unable to figure out how to react.

His usual pattern will be to spank her for ignoring him… but? He once again suspects that there is something he is overlooking. That he reacts on an undisclosed basis.

They have just had a long period without major conflicts. Just him and Alice with Andy as their shared center. He misses it.

His inner struggle between the anger and the sense of loss make him exhausted and he feels his blood begin to boil…. No, not now. Stay calm, he tells himself.

Finally, she puts the book away.

“Can we talk Alice?”

“I may have overreacted a little this morning, but now I’ve repaired the dollhouse…it’s only taken a tiny bit of damage.” he says.

“It’s exhausting Allan. All your aggressive outbursts.” she says.

“I’m sorry Alice. It’s my jealousy that makes me suspect you of cheating on me,” he says shamefully.

With this, it must be said that Allan has made a very unusual admission.
Only Alice knows how close he is to seeing through her and he thus leaves the further shameful self-recognition to her.

“Are you sure there isn’t a single blond human among your ancestors?” asks Alice evasively…. “otherwise you can’t accuse me of cheating on you can you?”

Once again, Allan feels blocked. He has often heard of the proud line of boys in the family, but he has in fact never studied the hair color of his ancestors.


At the Science Lab

The sun shines above a cloudless sky.

Tusnelda will spend the rest of the day gathering materials.

She starts by fishing for an hour.

Later she finds a space crater.

She finds a rare crystal.

It is reported immediately to S.C.S.E., the Scientific Collection of Space Elements.

Once again, Tusnelda receives great recognition for her results.

She spends the last part of the working day searching scientific articles and having a casual conversation with Aarav.

Afternoon in Brindleton bay

It has definitely been a good day.

At home, trees and plants need to be watered and weeded.
Melvin eagerly runs to meet her.

He is such a cute little kitten.

He is also quite calm. Even the big garden tools don’t scare him.

Still some plants to weed.

Finally, the entire harvest is sold at a good profit.


Afternoon at the house next door

Although Izumi had not planned to stay with Rasmus all day, she has not yet gone home to Willow Creek. It has not been particularly urgent because she and Rasmus simply enjoy each other’s company very much.

Fabio might not enjoy the stay quite that much….. He simply finds Rasmus’ surroundings very boring.
Although one would assume it, he does not find playing on Rasmus’s computer very entertaining either.

Izumi has more than enough entertainment in sitting and looking deep into Rasmus’s eyes.

“I’d better see if Fabio has finished his homework” she says, not bothering to get up.

“Yes, that sounds reasonable,” says Rasmus slightly distracted.

Suddenly he lets out a roar of jubilation. His favorite baseball team has just scored and thus taken the lead.

When Fabio at same time comes in from the garden, it provides the final motivation for Izumi to stand up.

This gives Rasmus the peace to enjoy the rest of the match.

I hadn’t discovered that sport has his great interest until now. Maybe it’s something special when it comes to baseball.

While Rasmus watches TV, Izumi carefully monitors that Fabio gets all his homework done.


The match is over and Rasmus finally remembers to give Brooke some attention.

“It’s about time,” Brooke hums… “my fur is so full of loose hair I’m about to choke trying to fix it.”


“Who set the table so nicely?” Rasmus asks in surprise as he stands up.

“It was me!” says Fabio proudly.

“Can I give you a hug?” Rasmus asks.

Fabio does not answer, but looks at Rasmus with an expectant look.

“Thank you so much Fabio. I really appreciate your helpfulness…You really are a fabulous boy,” says Rasmus as he hugs Fabio.

“I hope you had a nice day?” Rasmus says kindly.

“I’ve been bored” Fabio answers.

“You have no toys and your garden is so empty and boring without entertainment for children.” says Fabio.

“Oh!?” says Rasmus.

“Perhaps you have some ideas on how I can arrange the garden so that it will be more fun for children.” Rasmus asks welcomingly.

“You need a climbing frame and some toy cars….and paper I can draw on.” says Fabio.

“Oh, I see,” Rasmus replies hesitantly.

“I guess that’s enough for today Fabio…Say goodnight to Rasmus,” Izumi interrupts.

Rasmus can hear how Izumi discusses with Fabio whether it is necessary to brush his teeth before going to sleep.

It seems that being a parent requires a lot more than he realized, but he loves to see how Izumi copes with it. He thinks she is a good mother.

Now he just has to think about how to get hold of a climbing frame.

“Come on Fabio, the bed is ready” Izumi calls.

Fabio comes happily without reservations.

He quickly crawls under the blanket on the weekend bed.

“Goodnight my baby love,” Izumi whispers before kissing him goodnight.

“I’m no baby.” mutters Fabio and after a while he falls asleep.


“He sleeps like a bear” says Izumi as she sits down on the sofa next to Rasmus.

“I love to see your way of being a mother,” Rasmus says and kisses her on the cheek.

“I’m doing my best,” she replies.

“I guess I’d better get him a nicer bed and a climbing frame… if you still want us to hang out together?” says Rasmus.

“I love being here with you,” Izumi says seriously….”and I think Fabio will agree when he gets time to adjust.”

Maybe they all need time to readjust, but Rasmus really doesn’t think it requires a big sacrifice. He feels like Izumi just slips naturally into his life.

She is so funny and wise and so delicious that he can hardly believe his own luck.

“How about we go to bed?” he whispers.

“I’m on board with that,” she replies.

Well, the night is still young, but there is no need to postpone the shared pleasures.

There is still much to discover and explore and still many sky flights to do together. There is still plenty of sparks to be lit.

Fortunately, no monsters appear under Fabio’s bed tonight.


Evening at Tusnelda’s place

Martin has come home quite late and now he is cooking a meal over the grill.

He hasn’t seen Tusnelda yet, but since he’s pretty exhausted he doesn’t mind a little time in his own company.

Tusnelda has just hung the photographs of her and Martin up in the shed.

She misses empty walls inside the house. She should rearrange some of her picture collections soon.

She looks critically at the result. She is not entirely satisfied that the pictures are so dark and underlit.

In the garden, Martin’s peace is disturbed when Fie jumps up on the table and steals some food from the plate.

“Shame on you Fie! This food is not for cats, you should have learned that by now.” he scolds.

Fie ignores Martin’s shouts. He should know that a cat’s will is law.

It still ends with Martin getting the last word.

Melvin immediately puts him in a milder mood.

He calls Fie and Futte to show them the right kind of cat food.

Tusnelda enters the kitchen just as Martin goes out to his treadmill, but he doesn’t notice.

Martin loves his running practice.

Tusnelda eats a leftover food alone, apart from Fie who tries to beg for a taste…..Those cats greatly need more training.

Tusnelda wonders about Martin’s whereabouts.


Ten minutes later…

“This is where you hide Martin!” she says cheerfully.

“I’m working out. It doesn’t mean that I’m hiding.” Martin moans.

“Have you seen the photographs of us at Sixam?” she asks.

“Oh!? Aren’t they a little dark?” he answers.

“Can’t you see I’ve hung a lamp above them? I think I did a good job.” she insists.

“You definitely have.” Martin answers a little absently.

“So don’t I deserve a kiss?” she asks.

Martin can already feel that there will be no more time for the treadmill tonight. He knows her persistence.

“As long as you don’t wear me out.” he sighs.

“Because of a kiss?” she asks without understanding.

“Because of your temptations,” he growls.

But she gets the kiss anyway.

It is certainly not always that Tusnelda and Martin are on the same wavelength, but in the end, they will always search against each other.

It may not be quite so often that the sparks appear above their worn bed, but there is plenty of love between them and as we know, love conquers all.


A short aftermath

Martin is still fast asleep when Tusnelda gets out of bed.

Once again, Tusnelda is abducted.

The image of the spaceship flying over the house in Brindleton Bay lends itself brilliantly as a closing image…. But there is one more to come…..

Several hours later, Tusnelda lands on the ground.
I had to show this picture of all the cats crowding around Tusnelda to receive her.
I find it touching and it also seems to move Tusnelda. Not least because it will be the last time we see the cat family together. In the next chapter, Futte and Fie will move away from their current home.


Author’s Note:

When Rasmus fell head over heels for Izumi I decided that she should move in with him and to my big surprise I discovered that she did not live alone, but that she had a son. I can only blame myself for once again not doing my preliminary work, but now that it has to be, it’s probably not the worst thing that can happen to Rasmus. He has long dreamed of a family.

This song is for Rasmus. The singer is a deceased Danish singer and I have chosen him because I love his sensitive interpretation and his voluminous hoarse voice.

Enjoy 💖

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  • sirianasims

    Sorry, Broke, I don’t think any kind of mischief can distract Rasmus from Izumi.

    I’m really worried about the Allan/Alice/Rasmus situation. First of all, Allan is not going to react well, and Rasmus has finally started a new life, possibly with a stepson – finding out he has a baby that he didn’t know about will certainly complicate things.

    I liked the song, I’ve never heard Bamse sing in English before!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Here Brooke definitely comes in the third row, but I think it was so much fun to follow her with the camera as she went straight to the couch to hiss her claws 😀

      The situation with Allan/Alice/Rasmus is very critical.
      Alice is getting caught in her lies now that Allan is really trying to change. He has a suspicion, but since he loves his son, getting a confession from Alice will come at a price. He is realizing that he has too much to lose.
      Rasmus absolutely does not need Alice interfering in his life anymore.

      Bamse recorded two LPs of his favorite English music numbers at the end of his career. I think it became his best-selling LPs.

  • SnuffyBucket

    As much of a shock as it must have been for Rasmus (and you!) to realise that Izumi had a son, Fabio with his bright red hair and fluorescent green jumper not being noticed in the beige kitchen made me laugh. That’s a sweet little set-up they have there so I can understand Fabio’s feelings that this strange man might take his mother away and love how Rasmus and Izumi soothed his fears (and vanquished his monster). Mostly, I love that she reaffirmed that Fabio is first and Rasmus is second, and how easily Rasmus accepted that.

    And then, in stark contrast in parenting, we have Alice. That situation holds so much threat to Rasmus’s newly-found serenity. I almost can’t watch. Regardless of whether Allan has some cheese-haired ancestors, regardless of whether or not Rasmus would want to know Andy, or her, Alice needs to get out of there. Allan is a ticking timebomb and, yes, Alice cheated, but nothing justifies his loss of control. She needs to put Andy first like Izumi puts Fabio first – a precious little baby around that hot-headed goon is a recipe for disaster. Even if Allan never laid a finger on his(?) son, the tension in that house, the things Andy would see and who he might become… ugh, makes me shudder.

    On a lighter note, I loved how you ‘voiced’ the cats this chapter. It’s their world, we just live in it. XD

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤
      I am having a lot of trouble accessing my WordPress Reader today. It won’t show me any lists or comments, so I’m posting a response from my admin side.

      I understand your considerations about parenting. There is of course a reason why I have chosen to draw the contrast between the two mothers (and fathers), because I think Izumi is doing the right thing.
      Allan and Alice really have a toxic relationship. It is quite complex, especially because I have unambiguously described Allan as a violent psychopath from the start.
      I want to state that I don’t think there is any kind of excuse and, unfortunately, no hope for true psychopaths either. They are totally devoid of empathy.
      Now if we assume that Allan is not a psychopath, but he is a product of an unfortunate heritage and bad role models, then perhaps there is a hope that he can see an advantage in changing. Not by being saved by the ‘right understanding woman’, but by looking deep enough into his own psyche.
      Does that seem highly unlikely?

  • cathytea

    So, sweet! I had something similar happen in my game. Tai Lum asked my Simself to get engaged with him, so we had him move in, only to discover that his granddaughters lived with him, so my Simself moved in with him and the kids (and dog) instead! I hope Blue and the baby don’t cause trouble for Rasmus!

  • Yimiki

    Bwahaha, I laughed so hard when Fabio randomly entered the picture. How do you not notice an entire child in the same room as you? xD Also, mad points to both Izumi for putting Fabio first and Rasmus for immediately accepting that. That’s the foundation of a healthy relationship. And a sign of a good parent. The child needs to come first.

    What a stark contrast to Allan, who keeps thinking the child isn’t even his, and Alice, who is actively keeping her son in what she knows is a toxic environment. Andy is either going to grow up into a second Allan (because children do what they see) or he’s going to end up horrifically abused by Allan because he’s not his real son. Alice doesn’t seem to be thinking about her child’s wellbeing at all, only the happy memory that he represents.

    Allan actually really surprised me in this chapter. He’s absolutely an abusive spouse and in an incredibly bad relationship with Alice. But as far as I can remember, we’ve never seen him express guilt before. I’m not sure how to explain this. It’s always been “it’s her fault that I’m angry”. Or “She needs to be punished” for whatever crime his mind perceived. Like he’s seen her as something that needs to be kept in line and dominated and punished. But ever since she’s gotten pregnant, his views seem to have shifted to.. I don’t know. Her being something pure that needs to be protected. And now his violent outbursts are beginning to clash with that mindset. The guy desperately needs therapy. And Alice needs to stop deluding herself – I actually got angry at her thinking of Rasmus as a place to go.

    Tusnelda and Martin are so stable in comparison. Alice/Allan is a mess, Rasmus/Izumi is building a good foundation and Tusnelda/Martin seem to be in perfect harmony… except for the mannerless cats XD xD Ah, some things never change.

    The lamp works great! The pictures are much better visible now =D

    • MonaSolstraale

      If we assume that Rasmus in his infatuation is blind to anything but Izumi, then it is probably possible to overlook a little boy in a self-luminous green t-shirt 😉
      Besides, there would have been no spoiler if I had revealed Fabio right away 😆

      Rasmus has found a firm foothold in himself and is therefore ready to enter into a healthy relationship.

      As I think, Alice and Allan have never found the core of themselves so they just float around without direction guided by their sterotype gender perception and their desires and immature feelings. Lies and self-deception.
      I think you make an important point about Alice choosing her happy memory over her son’s health.

  • Haneul

    Alice/Allan worry me so much (just like they seem to worry everyone else who’s commented). Their relationship is still toxic and Allan still seems as if he could go off violently towards her or her son at any moment. It’s also quite cruel of her to gaslight him — she’s only putting her child in danger.

    I love Fabio. His statement about being fabulous made me smile and he seems to have a really healthy relationship with his mother. She takes care of him, puts him first, conquers monsters for him, etc. and Rasmus kindly supports all of that too.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Allan has a personality that is of a toxic composition. He is hot-tempered and he is very jealous. Unfortunately, Alice’s almost promiscuous behavior helps to exacerbate his insecurities and anger. Until now, Allan has only treated his son with great care. In fairness, Alice is not a particularly attentive mother.
      I can understand that they arouse strong feelings in the readers. I’m still considering how their story will develop going forward.

      Fabio is a nice surprise. He is quite cheerful and seems quite well behaved. There is no doubt that his mother treats him attentively in a healthy way.

      Thank you for your comment ❤

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