Tusnelda and Trix

71. Adjustments

This chapter starts with a lot of cat spam. Since it is the day when Fie and Futte have to move, I think they deserve a little special attention.
A mysterious guy has moved into the apartment next to Marcus Private Clinic. He’s quite good looking and he has remarkable persuasive powers. It might cause some issues. We will later see some photographs that will have a significant impact on the future of some of the characters.


Early morning in Brindleton Bay

It is quite early in the morning when Tusnelda is awakened by a plaintive sound.

Fie calls to her with a pitiful meow.

“What happened to you sweetie?”

All the other cats look comfortable in their deep sleep, while Fie is shivering with chills.

Fortunately, Tusnelda always has a healthy treat in her pocket so Fie is quickly cured without the vet’s assistance.

Tusnelda squats down and brushes Fie’s fur thoroughly. She is a furry cat and if she is not groomed regularly she throws up tufts of fur everywhere.

Fie looks inquisitively at Tusnelda. She can sense that something is going on.

“It’s your moving day, so it’s good you recovered.” says Tusnelda.

Fie looks at Tusnelda with a searching look. What exactly does moving day mean?

Although Tusnelda knows that moving the cats is the best solution if she and Martin have any hope of becoming parents, then she still feels sad and a little bit guilty.

She turns when she hears Martin get out of bed.

“Are you ok sweetie?” he asks.

Fie still keeps an eye on Tusnelda without quite being able to figure out why she seems so serious.

“Yes, I guess so Martin…..but I feel somehow guilty.”

“I know Futte and Fie will get the best imaginable home with Rasmus…I mean he loves cats…”

“It might sound silly but I still feel like I’m banishing them.” she says.

“But that’s nonsense Tusnelda. They are adult cats, fully developed and capable of fending for themselves.” Martin says.

“Hey sweetie. I’ll take care of it and bring them to Rasmus. I know they’ll be fine.” says Martin comfortingly.


Early morning in Willow Creek

Allan leaps alertly out of bed. He constantly marvels at Alice’s ability to sleep despite the noise.”

Andy screams out loud with hunger.

It is a habit Allan has not yet given up, despite everything. He is always first on the spot when Andy wakes up in the morning.

In reality, Alice is not a particularly attentive mother despite it should be connected to her gender.

None of his expectations for the marriage with Alice has turned out as he expected and it often frustrates him…although he has to admit he has come to enjoy this morning routine with Andy.

The boy is so vibrant and he has always looked at him with such a trusting look… like he, Allan, is something special. It made him feel so happy over being a father and proud over what he has brought forth….

Right until this damn doubt has started to tear everything apart.


Brindleton Bay

Martin gives Tusnelda a light kiss on the cheek before breaking away.

Then he goes into the kitchen to fill the feeders.

Trix puffs himself up in front of Fie as if to keep her in check.

Melvin eagerly runs after Tusnelda as she heads towards the kitchen.

Now the whole family is together.

“Is it okay with you if I go for a run?” Tusnelda asks.

It’s definitely ok.

Fie has adjusted her position closer to the plate of leftover chicken she’s been trying to sneak in for the past fifteen minutes.
After all, a bit of upbringing seems to have stuck with her. She knows she should leave it…but the smell and the temptation…

As she can still hear Martin and Tusnelda close by, she patiently waits for a more suitable moment.

In front of the fireplace, Fiona stretches comfortably. Her fascination with fire seems to be everlasting.

Fie has stood up without being able to take her eyes off the leftover on the plate…..Tusnelda have gone out the door and Martin has disappeared into the bathroom….

Should she or should she not?

Tusnelda starts running down towards the beach.

It is early in the morning and the sun is still low in the sky in its arc above the horizon.

Tusnelda concentrates on her breathing and the next step forward, thus letting go of all thoughts.

Ahead lies a still unknown horizon.


Martin has gathered Futte and Fie in front of the house. They are ready to go on a journey together.

I wonder if Fie ever managed to steal the chicken treat?

With this, Fie and Futte leave their childhood home.

Ahead of them awaits a new home and a new human and feline friend.


Brindleton Bay by Rasmus

Rasmus and Fabio are talking together at the table.
From this it is clear to each that Izumi and Fabio still haven’t gone home to Willow Creek.

“Can I go out into the garden and play on the climbing frame Rasmus?” Fabio asks.

“You can, but first I think you should eat some breakfast.” replies Rasmus.

“How can I eat when you haven’t cooked the food yet?” Fabio asks.

Even if the question is a bit cheeky, Rasmus can’t help but laugh at the boy’s eagerness.

“You can find a leftover in the fridge.” says Rasmus smoothly….”if you can’t put it off until your mother wakes up and we can eat together.?”

“I can’t. She might sleep all day.” replies Fabio.

“In that case, it must be leftovers,” replies Rasmus with a friendly smile.


Just now, Martin and the cats have reached their destination.

Futte calls for his attention.

“It’s going to be great.” says Martin and caresses Futte.

He then gives the same encouraging message to Fie.

He then walks towards the house, wondering if Rasmus has bought a tent to entertain the cats.

He stops in surprise when he realizes that Rasmus is not alone.

Who is the red haired boy?

First Martin shows the cats where they can find their food in the future.

Rasmus has now stood up to give him a hug.

“I’ve been really looking forward to welcoming my new little furry friends.” says Rasmus enthusiastically.

“Tusnelda asked me to greet you. We are so grateful that they can stay here in your home.” replies Martin.


Rasmus makes breakfast while Futte once again calls for Martin’s attention.

“You’re the sweetest girl ever,” says Martin in a whisper.

Meanwhile, Fie has found a big nice bed.

A unknown woman is sleeping on one side of the bed, but as she lies completely relaxed and calm, Fie decides that she is probably ok.

A moment later, Fie has curled up next to the woman and they are both fast asleep.

Fabio has finished his breakfast.

Well-behaved, he carries his dirty plate to the kitchen sink.

There he finds another dirty plate after which he washes all the plates in the bathroom sink.

I never learn to understand sims logic 🙄

Martin sits at the table and watches his friend make breakfast. There are several unanswered questions working in his mind.


Fabio returns to the table after washing the dishes.

“Hello, my name is Martin and I am Rasmus’ friend.” says Martin kindly.

“Hi Martin! I’m Fabio.” replies Fabio.

“Is this the first time Rasmus is babysitting you?” asks Martin kindly, while he tries to remember if Rasmus has told him anything about this boy before.”

“I don’t need babysitting, I’m not a baby. I just ended up here since Rasmus captured my mother and me.” replies Fabio boldly.

“What!? Please Fabio.” replies Rasmus and sends him a look.

“He’s a nice boy, but he has a very exuberant imagination,” explains Rasmus.

“Yes, I believe so,” Martin replies kindly, unable to make sense of what is going on.

“Fabio and his mother have been living here for a little while, while we try to figure out what’s going to happen next.” Rasmus says kindly.

That information makes even less sense to Martin.

Fabio lets the adults handle their conversation and he quickly gets in his clothes.

He immediately runs out into the garden to try out the climbing frame Rasmus has acquired.
It’s Sunday and he is not going to school today.


San Myshuno, 920 Medina Studios

In San Myshuno, a new resident has arrived in the apartment next door to the Private medical clinic.

Elijah Irvin has a past as a short-lived dance instructor in Day & Knight Generation 7, where he taught kids to dance at a summer camp.
Since then, he has made a living as a freelance photographer. His search for better tasks has now led him to the big city.

Elijah looks around his living room. Fortunately, his establishment costs have been low as the previous owner has left him a lot of old furniture… which should always have belonged to the apartment.
Since Elija loves to mix old with new, he is quite satisfied with the interior.

The old clock should have belonged to the apartment’s first resident and a rumor says his ghost is hiding in the watch case.
Elijah assumes it’s some old nonsense. So far he has not seen any ghost.

The money doesn’t come by itself, so after breakfast he opens his computer to find a photo assignment.
The first task is to photograph some sleepwear. Now he just needs to find a model.


Brindleton Bay

In Brindleton Bay, Rasmus has taken a quick bath and is now about to say goodbye to Martin.

“I promise you I’ll take good care of the kittens.” he says.

“Yes, I know you will.” replies Martin seriously.

Martin walks quickly towards the door as he wants to shorten the farewell.

Rasmus actually thinks he would like to give him some explanation, so he goes after him.

“Hey Martin, I’m sorry you didn’t get a chance to meet my new girlfriend, but Izumi is sleeping. She’s obviously very tired today.

“Girlfriend? So that’s what’s going on?…When did this happen?” Martin asks curiously.

“I actually met her the night you and I were at the Italian restaurant together….The next day, I met her again…well, as friends, but then.…I assume it’s a long story…but it happened a bit surprising with a dog bite and now it feels just as natural as it was always meant to be.” says Rasmus.

Although there are some elements in Rasmus explanation that sound somewhat incomprehensible to Martin’s ears, he has understood the essence.

“I am so happy for you.” says Martin and gives Rasmus a big hug.

Martin turns to Rasmus when he enters the house…. He radiates such calmness that Martin has no doubts that he has found his one and only one.

He can hardly wait to tell Tusnelda this happy news.


Tusnelda has returned from her run by the beach and she receives him with a kiss on his cheek.

“How did it go?” she asks.

“It went really well, but I have some big news…. let’s sit down and talk.” he answers.

“I was somewhat surprised when I arrived and saw Rasmus had a boy visiting…” begins Martin.

“A boy? What do you mean by a boy?” Tusnelda asks wonderingly.

“Well, I also wondered for a long time about the connection until Rasmus surprisingly told me that he has got a girlfriend and she’s obviously the mother of this boy.”

“Oh!?” replies Tusnelda thoughtfully….”Does that mean he can’t take care of the cats?”

“The cats are doing great Tusnelda, and I can tell it seems like Rasmus has finally ended up in the place he was looking for.”


San Myshuno

In the hallway in front of the private clinic, Jade carries a bag of trash over to the waste chute.

She has thereby revealed that she once again has spent the night with Marcus.

Jade empties the mailbox.

She finds a few bills and a letter to Marcus from the Foxbury Institute. She knows he studied medicine at Foxbury years ago, so maybe it’s an invitation to an old student reunion?

She is interrupted from her thoughts when she hears a guy clear his throat.

“Excuse me…I just moved into the apartment next door, so let me introduce myself…”

“My name is Elijah Irvin and I am a professional fashion photographer. I can’t help but notice you. You’ll be perfect for my next assignment….Have you ever worked as a model?” he asks politely.

“No, I work in an office.” Jade answers hesitantly.

“It’s terrible! This is such a waste of opportunity. You have a perfect body for modeling…. Please let me take some test photos.” says Elijah.

“Do you really think so?” Jade asks, overwhelmed by the unexpected flattery.”

“It won’t cost you anything.” Elijah replies.

Of course, Jade cannot ignore such an offer and such a strong call.

Therefore, she leaves the letters in the mailbox and enters Elijah’s apartment.

The apartment’s first room has been converted into a photo studio.

Jade looks around. The red and black walls seem quite dramatic. Behind her is a huge photo background in shades of blue.

“Please look at the camera.” Elijah says encouragingly.

Jade looks straight into the camera’s black eye.

“Relax! You’re beautiful!” she hears Elijah say.

“You are really photogenic and your poses…You have a unique natural radiance….may i ask your name?” he says.

“My name is Jade,” Jade says a little absently.

Jade, what a beautiful name…. What do you say about becoming my model?” he asks….. “It’s a respectable job for a nightwear company….not something that crosses the line.”

“Yeah…if you really think so….if it does not cross the line.” Jade answers overwhelmed.


Thus, Jade suddenly finds herself standing a little awkwardly in front of a camera lens wearing some nightwear.

“Look at me Jade and just relax. The camera won’t bite you.” says Elijah.

After some time she is far more relaxed as she stands and flirts with the camera lens.

I guess everyone has their own opinion on when you cross a line and with Jade’s ability to stick to a decision it’s probably no surprise that the rags are falling little by little.


An hour later, she leaves Elijah’s flat with a raised brow.

She sets the direction straight to the elevator and leaves.

The omnipresent Fatima has of course already discovered that Jade has been in Elijah’s apartment for several hours.

It seems somewhat suspicious…maybe she should warn Marcus?


Noon in Brindleton Bay

Rasmus steps out the door to welcome Izumi and Fabio.

Izumi has spent several hours in her old home, gathering their most important personal belongings and the moving company has just delivered the whole thing.

“Welcome to my palace and your future home.” Rasmus says with a twinkle in his eye.

Fabio looks at them from a distance.

“When are we going back home?” Fabio asks.

“Hey sweetie. This is our home now.” Izumi says giving him a hug.

Rasmus can see how Fabio’s gaze flickers between uncertainty and a triumphant look that tells Rasmus that right now it is not him who has Izumi’s attention.

Rasmus recedes a bit into the background. He feels strongly that he should leave this conversation to mother and son.

“Once we get your things in place I’m sure you’ll feel much more at home.” Izumi says.

“I want to share my room with you mom.” says Fabio.

“I’m going to share a bedroom with Rasmus,” Izumi replies with a smile as she looks at Rasmus.

“We will find a solution so that everyone will be happy.” Rasmus says kindly as he sends Izumi a loving look.

Fortunately, Fabio’s attention is distracted by the climbing frame, so he gives up the conflict.

Izumi and Rasmus look at each other. “I hope he will be happy here.” says Rasmus.

“He’s a little boy. He just needs a little more time.” she says.

They all seem to need time to readjust, so they sit out in the garden and chat for a little while longer while Fabio plays.

Just to enjoy the unexpected sensation of being a family.

Suddenly Rasmus gets up to find Futte and Fie. He hasn’t seen them in hours.

Izumi stands up to get an overview of all the moving boxes. There is a job of several hours ahead of them.

Rasmus finds the cats in the bathroom.

Frightened, they run off in search of another hiding place.

Rasmus looks at Izumi who is approaching.

“Perhaps I should have delayed the arrival of the cats until this whole moving circus is over?” he says.

“They will be fine Rasmus. We will all be fine.” she replies, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Now Rasmus spots Futte, who has found leftover food on the kitchen counter.

“Looks like you already feel at home.” he says, after which he quickly puts the food away.

After this, Rasmus puts on some more comfortable clothes and goes out to the moving load.

“What do you say Fabio? Shall we move your things into your new room?” he asks.

“I want to join!” says Fabio eagerly.


San Myshuno at the Waterside Warble

“I met your new neighbor in the hallway today Marcus. He’s a fashion photographer and he invited me into his apartment and took some shots of me for a nightwear commercial….He says I have a perfect figure and I’m really photogenic.” Jade says proudly.

“What!? Are you nuts Jade?…. You meet some random guy who says he’s a photographer and you immediately go home with him and undress in front of him?… he could be a rapist!” Marcus exclaims angrily.

“He’s a nice guy and I didn’t take all the clothes off Marcus. Who do you think I am? …I wasn’t a nude model. I kept my underwear on.” Jade says indignantly.

“Now I get all sorts of unpleasant images in my head,” Marcus answers uncomfortably as he feels a knot in his stomach.

“Unpleasant? Why? You usually love undressed women?… If I didn’t know you are a non-commitment guy, would I actually think you are jealous?” says Jade.

“No! I am not jealous! It’s your free choice of course, but it was actually you who said you were tired of fooling around and what do you call this?” Marcus asks.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.” Jade laughs as she blows a kiss his way.

They both rise.

“What should we do now?” Jade asks kindly.

Marcus stands silent as he tries to smother the cavalcade of undressed female bodies in his head. Not least Jade’s undressed body.


They agree to play a game of basketball together.

Marcus immediately feels more comfortable with a ball in his hands. His entire focus is on hitting the basket.

He takes off in a high jump and hits the basket with an accurate throw.

“Hole in one!” he exclaims with victory pride.

Jade is falling into herself. She feels a shiver run down her spine…. He is really muscular and hot.

She approaches while looking into his eyes.

“What’s going on?” he asks unsure.

“You have a stain on your shirt.” she says.


“I got you!” she laughs.

Marcus sees her mischievous laugh. Damn, how she keeps tempting him…..

Even though she keeps saying that she doesn’t want to fool around with casual one night stands anymore and that he does not fit her standard for anything solid…she keeps tempting him.

Damn you woman!

“Shall we go to your place or mine?” she asks affectionately.


Since Marcus’s place is closer than Factory One in Windenburg, they naturally end up at his place.

Fatima doesn’t even have time to say hello to them as they rush past her.

Here they end up as so often before…even though he is definitely not the right one for her…as she says.

He knows that he could easily choose anyone who is far less complicated. It has never been something he has paid much attention. He has always gone straight for whatever or whoever he wanted.

He was the first to say that he is not the man she is looking for. Over time, it’s as if his own argument has been turned around, working against him.
It can be quite confusing trying to choose a new direction.


Marcus puts on his clothes and goes into the front office to check up on the appointment calendar.

“Hey Marcus. I’m glad to see you and Jade still have your intimate moments together…I mean I was a little worried after she stayed so long with that new guy who have moved in next door.” Fatima says without a filter.

“The photographer? She told me about him.” says Marcus as he puts on a calm facade.
Inside him, all sorts of disturbing images begin to appear again. Pictures of Jade posing for the photographer naked…and…

Fortunately, he is interrupted by Fatima.

“Then I won’t have to worry about you two anymore. I’ll find it really sad if you break up.” she says with a big smile.

(How can we break up with each other when I don’t even know if we are together, thinks Marcus.)


Brindleton Bay

Fortunately, things look a lot less complicated in Brindleton Bay, where Fabio walks into his newly decorated room.

His big toy dog sits where it can watch the door. Fabio desperately wants a real dog, so he often fantasizes about how he and Spot go on adventures together.

“Hey Spot! Would you like to take a walk in the garden later?” says Fabio.

However, Spot thinks it’s wiser to stay in Fabio’s room to make sure no malicious trolls will get in while Fabio goes out to play.

Fabio quickly gets tired of playing in the tent and starts climbing the climbing frame.
Spot can’t follow him there either.

But now it looks like Fie and Futte have finally ventured outside in their new surroundings.

Fie looks back and realizes that Futte has not followed.

Fast as lightning she turns around….

Back to Rasmus’ bathroom, which for some reason has become their favorite hiding place.

Fabio thinks it’s time he goes inside to see what his mother and Rasmus are doing.


Rasmus and Izumi seem to be engrossed in their own affairs when Fabio slips past them.

Fabio looks inquisitively at them. Why are they in their pajamas so early in the afternoon?

“I’d better check on Fabio,” Izumi says softly.

Fabio finds his red toy car, while he squints at his mother and Rasmus, who is now standing up.

Oh no! Now they start kissing again.

“Ew! This is so disgusting!” he says disapproving.

“I’d better check on Fabio.” Izumi repeats.

Fabio has already turned his back on them.

He finds his homework.

He starts to solve the first task….He clearly cannot count on help from his mother.

Izumi and Rasmus seem to have forgotten the world and all obligations around them.

They both seem to have a hard time separating themselves from each other until Brooke takes matters into her own paws.

She resolutely interrupts their tête-à-tête by ripping the couch.

“Shame on you Brooke!” Rasmus says angrily.

“There’s no need to,” Brooke replies with a determined meow.

Fabio gives his mother a big satisfied smile when she comes to help him with his homework.

In the meantime, Rasmus has started dinner.

After a while, Fabio seems less than thrilled with Izumi’s interference.

Fortunately, he finishes his homework just as Rasmus is ready with the food.


They are just about to sit down at the dinner table when Fabio lets out a huge fart.

“Phew! Fabio. It’s really disgusting to fart at the table,” says Rasmus.

“You’re disgusting too,” Fabio mutters angrily.

Rasmus looks up at Izumi questioningly. Not sure how he is expected to react now.

“I’m taking a break out in the garden,” he says.

“Fabio! It was really rude to talk to Rasmus like that!” Izumi says.

“Rasmus is always friendly towards you and you know how to behave at the table. How could you think of talking to him so rudely?” Izumi continues.

Fabio doesn’t know what to answer. He feels ashamed and sorry for upsetting his mother.
He really likes Rasmus, but he feels that Rasmus, despite what he says to the contrary, is stealing his mother away from him.


It is probably very few people who have discovered that Rasmus is in fact quite hot-tempered.

Over time, he has learned to control his temper in a dignified way.

He will never, ever let his temper go out on those he loves.

Rasmus stops when he hears Brooke calling.

“Hey sweetie. I assume that all these new arrivals demand a lot from you as well?” he says as he gives her a loving caress.

When Brooke signals to get down, he sets her down on the grass.

He looks up at his house and feels how the joy spreads in his body.

Then he walks towards the front door.
Inside, his new family is waiting for him and he feels that everything has ended up exactly where he has dreamed of.


Late afternoon in Willow Creek

At the same time, in another city, another man approaches his house.

It is Allan returning home from an exercise.

There is something he has thought about several times over the day…

His commander in chief had called him into his office earlier today.

At first he had a lot of friendly remarks about Allan’s steeliness, his strength and loyalty.
Then he had started talking about Allan’s mental strength.

“You have a big challenge ahead of you Sergeant! You are strong and brave but emotionally you fall far short of our expectations. I have had you in mind for a special mission, but if you are going to deserve to be singled out then I would highly recommend some mental training.”

Allan had been rather surprised by the unexpected verdict.

The Grand Marshal was highly respected and valued and therefore his words had made a great impression.


Allan looks appraisingly at the picture of Alice and Andy, hanging above the dining table.
Alice asked him a question about his ancestors the other day when they were arguing over Andy’s parentage.

All the relatives he has known have been dark-haired like himself, except for some old grey-haired brothers of his grandfather he met at a family gathering when he was a minor boy.

Could there perhaps be a single fair-haired gene hidden among their dominant genes?

It could perhaps occur as a deviant gene?

Allan finds the old dusty photo album that he inherited from his late grandfather.
Photographs have never interested him so until now he has never opened it.

He flips through page after page of photographs from family gatherings and holiday celebrations with long-deceased relatives. Who were they?

Although the photographs are yellowed and bleached, the dominant dark hair does not deny itself.

He flips impatiently back and forth between these bland pages.
Suddenly he reaches a page that makes him stop.

A note added in faded ink shows him that the woman in the pictures shows his late great-grandmother.

The pictures of her as a young woman also show that she was fair-haired.

A wedding photo shows that the relationship with his great grandfather is unmistakable.

The pictures show that his great-grandmother gave birth to five boys and a single girl. One of the younger boys must be his own grandfather?… His gaze catches the toddler in his great-grandmother’s arms. The youngest son is light blonde like his mother.

He can easily imagine the turmoil this must have caused in the family and why it has been a well-kept secret until now.

Allan gives a shout of joy when he realizes what gift he has just received.
There is no doubt anymore. The light blonde gene is part of his heritage.


The first thing he does is seek out Andy in the crib.

“Hello little scout. Can you forgive me? I’m so sorry I wronged you.”

Andy feels all the love that flows towards him and he responds with a big happy smile.

Allan carefully puts his little son back in the cradle.

His son…. What a relief that he can once again say it without a doubt. What a joy that he can once again let pride and love fill his heart.

There will probably be topics here that may surprise some readers.
Why does Allan allow himself to be convinced by such a thin basis as a faded photograph? Why not get a genetic test done?

The explanation may be that Allan has realized what he loses if he gets his worst suspicions confirmed.
The explanation could be that in that case he loses more than he wins.
You may ask yourself why genes even matter when it comes to whom it is acceptable to love? For some, it seems to be of decisive importance.


Allan seeks out Alice to show her the photo album and to tell her about his newfound knowledge.

At first she seems a little hesitant as if she doesn’t quite know what his intention is.

When it dawns on her that Allan has accepted Andy as his own son, she feels a huge sense of relief.
She is not convinced that this means that he has not exposed her deception, but the main thing is that he has made an important choice for all three of them.

“I’m so glad you found an explanation Allan! I’m really glad.” she says.

“I’m sorry I accused you without reason.” says Allan.

Alice gets up quickly. It is the second time in a short time that she feels stripped to the skin. Suddenly she feels very ashamed.

She immediately escapes into the large photo album Allan has shown her.

She sends a grateful thought to this light-haired deceased woman who has just saved herself from a fall.

Meanwhile, Allan has brought Andy’s cradle into the living room.

“I would like you to take a picture of us together.” he says.

The subject in the photo speaks for itself….. A loving dad with his son ❤


Evening in Brindleton Bay

In Brindleton Bay, another father watches his son.

“I can’t find my big sister.” Melvin meows.

The Trix looks around, unable to find an answer.

Fiona arrives as Trix enters the house.

A moment later mother and son are playing. The present is the only time that matters.


Tusnelda receives Martin when he comes home from work.

“You should have seen the match Tusnelda! We won superiorly over our opponents.” he says excitedly.

Perhaps soccer is not her biggest interest, but something else is.

He is standing right in front of her.

There is plenty of room to expand the team.

In this match they both cooperate together.

Soon they are asleep.

The whole little family together as always……or maybe almost the whole family. We will see Futte and Fie a little later.


Evening at Willow Creek

Both Alice and Allan sit a little giddy with joy at their sudden reunion.

“I’ve missed you,” he whispers.

“I missed you too.” she says.

Andy is lying in the cradle listening to their hushed voices.

Even the lack of their voices exudes security and love.

He soon falls asleep in the knowledge that his world is safe and sound.

I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking that their problems and Allan’s temper are thereby wiped out forever.
There is a lot of work ahead of them both.
If they work hard enough, they can hopefully remove a lot of stones from the road. If they choose to work together with a common goal in mind.

For some it succeeds and for others it will be best that they part. We can only wish them the best of luck on their journey.


Midnight in Brindleton Bay

It is close to midnight and Fabio is still climbing the climbing frame outside.

Inside we find Rasmus and Izumi on the couch.

Izumi whispers to Rasmus.

It might be a bit spicy because Rasmus bursts into laughter.

Now Fabio comes through the door and of course he sees them straight away.

Izumi gets up quickly when she hears him coming through the door.

“It’s good to see you. I think it’s way past your bedtime now,” she says.

Without protest, Fabio follows his mother into his newly decorated room.

Izumi can see that something is bothering him.

“I’m so sorry mom! I didn’t want to upset you this evening.” he says.

Izumi looks at him seriously.

“Come here Fabby. I know it must be very difficult for you to adjust to such a big change in such a short time, but I’m sure you’ll feel great after a while.” she says, while holding him in her arms.

Immediately everything feels safe and good. His mother is as sweet and present as she has always been. He still feels like her number one.

“Can I say goodnight to Rasmus?” Fabio asks.

“Of course you can… he will be happy.” Izumi says.


This is how it happens that Fabio is sitting next to Rasmus on the couch a moment later.

“I’m sorry I was rude to you Rasmus,” says Fabio dejectedly.

“Thank you Fabio! I am very touched and grateful for your apology.” says Rasmus.

“How about we hug it away,” Rasmus suggests.

“Yes, we can do that.” Fabio answers eagerly.

Rasmus feels a tenderness as he looks down on the boy.

He is quite moved by the boy’s open, trusting gaze.

“I do like you Rasmus,” says Fabio with a smile.

“I really like you too Fabio.” says Rasmus and stretches out his arms to give him a hug.

Rasmus’s heart warms when he gives the little boy a hug. He knows he can trust his honesty.

They are interrupted by Izumi coming to check on Fabio.

Rasmus looks at Fabio while he eagerly tells his mother that he and Rasmus are now best friends.

Moods change really quickly when you’re a child.

When Izumi and Fabio disappear into Fabio’s room, he spots Fie and Futte who have finally ventured all the way up the cat tower.

It has truly been a day of great, sweeping changes. A day he will never forget.

“Will you stay with me until I sleep?” Fabio asks.

“Yes, of course I will Fabio,” Izumi says softly.

Fabio quickly jumps under the blanket.

A minute later he is asleep, just like she knew he would.

Rasmus is still sitting on the couch and watching the cats going up and down the cat tower. Full of repressed energy.

He stretches his sore shoulders.

“My muscles tell me I have moved a lot of heavy boxes today.” he says.

Izumi gives him a massage.

“Thank you for welcoming my son so well,” she says gratefully.

“It’s no trouble at all. He’s a fabulous little boy. You’ve really done well with him,” he says with a warm smile.

“But still, Rasmus. You’re also pretty fabulous when it comes down to it.” she says.


On his way into the bedroom, Rasmus spots Don’s portrait on the wall.

He wondered how his friend is doing? Is he completely reverted to old habits or does he ever consider living out his crush on the woman from Sulani? He should speak with him soon.

A little later, all thoughts of Don have disappeared.

The love he receives from an amazing woman feels more present in this very moment. There are still a lot of sparks to be ignited and journeys they are to explore together.


This will almost be the end of this chapter…however, I promised to come back to Futte and Fie

Brooke, Futte and Fie are sitting on the couch and looking at each other.

One day they might be friends…but not today. A little later Brooke disappears into the night. All of them still need to adapt.



The Grand Marshal’s Military Office is built by 2BlueSoul

I have reworked the office a bit for my own needs and added some photographs of military vehicles from StrangerVillle shared on the Gallery by luckyheather: StrangerVille Pictures 2


  • Haneul

    One good thing about Allan is that he takes care of Andy in the morning and that he seems to have accepted Andy as his. However, I still think Alice should 100% clear up the parentage of her son ASAP because it feels like a ticking time bomb and in the end, I think poor Andy is the one who will be hurt the most if things aren’t quickly resolved.

    It’s sweet that Rasmus got a climbing frame that Fabio can use. Also, Fie and Futte couldn’t have gone to a better home.

    I hope Fatima won’t cause trouble with Marcus/Jade, but based on her interactions with Marcus, it seems like she won’t.

    • MonaSolstraale

      It’s a funny thing with Allan and Andy. Allan is always very attentive to Andy and therefore I had to write it into the story.
      Maybe you’re right about Alice having to tell the truth. I’m a little unsure if it’s a good idea right now, taking Allan’s jealousy into account. Right now they both know that they are living with a lie and Allan has found an explanation that is tolerable for him.
      I absolutely do not advocate lying between spouses. I’m just trying to describe some relationships I’ve known.

      Rasmus does his best to accommodate all the people he cares about. With the climbing frame he wins both Fabio and Izumi 😀

      Fatima has no interest in putting a stick in the wheel between Marcus and Jade. On the contrary.
      She is probably just suffering from an occupational injury as she has gotten used to having an overview of everyone’s calendars and tasks 😆

      Thank you for your comment ❤

      • Haneul

        I agree that telling the truth isn’t a good idea if it will put her and/or her son in physical danger.

        I’m also glad to hear that about Fatima. I like Fatima.

  • cathytea

    Wouldn’t it be great if we could assign which sink was for dishes? I really love each of the developments in this chapter! The photographer from Gen 7 of Day and Knight is cool!

    • MonaSolstraale

      It should be possible to choose a sink like when choosing a front door 🙂

      I made Elijah for Pammiechick’s story over a year ago. I’ve often wanted to use him in my game, so now he got the chance 😉

  • Yimiki

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    Oooh, Elijah Irvin? That’s a new face! I wonder how he’ll interact with the rest of the cast? Whoa, there, Jade. Don’t follow the complete stranger into his apartment without anyone knowing where you are just because he complimented your body o.o maybe I’ve been watching too many disturbing movies. She’s lucky this is the sims, ha. Oh, looks like Marcus agrees with me there. He has a good point, too. He really is jealous, but it was Jade who pushed him to settle down and then turning around and stripping on a whim is… not good form.

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    • MonaSolstraale

      I haven’t mentioned it but Izumi is actually a cat lover.
      Fabio always does the dishes without prompting, but he’s also bad at farting and belching, which means he’s in a rebellious phase 😆

      Allan is realizing that his old set of values ​​no longer works for his own (or
      his family’s) best. This is the kind of thing that can happen at best when children enter the equation.
      He is actually very fond of Andy in the game.

      Jade is a big mess and she swirls Marcus into her lack of direction. She craves confirmation, but it must be a confirmation that fits in with her preconceptions.
      Marcus himself is undergoing some kind of transformation. He’s probably mostly confused 😆

      I had quite a lot of fun making the prehistoric pictures. I had a hard time finding another book that had the right angle, so you know that one 🙂

  • Snow ~

    Well at least Allan is making some progress from his old ways, and at least he’s apologised to his baby son and to his partner. It seems like a small thing to consider progress, but it’s incredible how many people refuse to even just apologise for wronging someone.

    I think the chat with the sergeant / general guy made him realise how much his own thought processes thus far have been far from beneficial, and I think he will have to work hard to undo all of the toxic masculinity he’s likely been raised with (and what a military lifestyle has likely drilled into him as well). Even if he didn’t look at that old photograph, he should realise that ultimately, genes don’t mean all that much when it comes to family, and he should do what he can to be a good father to the boy, in my opinion anyway.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I so agree with your point of view…which is probably not surprising to you ❤
      I have chosen that Allan will work more with his transformation in a future chapter. All hope is not lost yet 🙂

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