May all your dreams come true

This is my 2021 edition of a Christmas story inspired by Tusnelda and Trix Universe.
The story is in six acts and in the first act we meet Magic Star, an older fairy who has certain similarities with me…. among other things, a habit of speaking out loud to ourselves.
Magic can do magic and she can make dreams come true. The question is whether she is quite as skilled as she herself thinks? This will be revealed throughout the story.


Right now, Coronavirus is tyrannizing again all over the world. So many people are dead. So many people have been sick and anxious. So many have to celebrate their holiday in solitary isolation. It was certainly not what I dreamed of last year.

Humans are capable of performing the most miraculous deeds. Miracles for no other purpose than to appear are just meaningless glare.
It is my wish that science and faith should take each other by the hand going forward. It is my belief that we need both. Only then do miracles occur.

I still remember larger family gatherings at Christmas with a little longing, but like last year, this Christmas has been celebrated with my husband and our two children.
We had a lovely Christmas Eve, with delicious food and we enjoyed playing games together.

Finally, I would like to thank all the storytellers who have shared their stories, challenges and ideas over the past year. The community I have met around these writers gives me so much joy and entertainment.

I wish you all a happy 2022


May all your dreams come true

Let the magic begin

Blue Chrismas

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