Christmas special edition

5. Somewhere over the Rainbow

Those who know a little about Tusnelda will know that she always works hard and purposefully to make her dreams come true.
However, there are things we do not control ourselves and even Tusnelda can be surprised.
For example, she will discover that love has many faces and love gives, even where she may not quite deserve it.


Tusnelda purposefully goes out into the snow-covered landscape. She has her focus somewhere completely different.

She is ready to make a new space journey.

The rocket set off with a proper noise …

… leaving behind a cloud of swirling snow.

It soon disappears out of sight.


Tusnelda looks around in surprise at the unknown landscape.

Nothing looks like anything she’s seen before … and maybe anyway?
After the many alien abductions, something looks familiar. Maybe she’s been here before?

She discovers some intriguing crystals.
She should take some samples, but first she wants to look around.

She has no trouble breathing, even though nothing looks like on earth.

She discovers some human-like creatures in the distance.

As she gets closer she sees that it’s not humans … it’s aliens.

“Be greeted! I think we’ve met each other before at that Science Laboratory?” she says welcomingly

I have no memory confirming this, female human.” The alien replies a little distantly.

The next alien seems more accommodating.

Soon, a whole bunch of female and male aliens gather around Tusnelda.

Tusnelda presents herself as politely as she can.

However, some discussions are starting to arise around her.

She finds it safer to leave the group and she chooses instead to talk to another alien she has seen in the distance.

She is quite kind and Tusnelda and the young female alien exchange their experiences together.

When Tusnelda wants to travel back again, she notices some aliens in a fierce quarrel.

She finds it safest to disappear unseen into the Electroflux Wormhole Generator

A moment later, she has disappeared.


To her surprise, she meets a toddler when she returns to the house.

“Hi, I’m Tusnelda and who are you?” she asks kindly

“Mommy!” answers the toddler and looks up kindly at Tusnelda.

Immediately after, she concentrates her attention on Trix.

“Hey kitty!” she says, patting him on the head.

Tusnelda starts at dinner. Martin will soon be home from work.

The toddler has found a tablet and she keeps herself entertained while she babbles contentedly.

Now Martin is coming home.

“That toddler stinks awful!” says Tusnelda as she waves her nose.

“Uf Silja! This diaper is really bad” says Martin.

“Maybe it’s time for a goodnight story,” he continues kindly.

He carefully carries Silja into her bed. “


“It smells heavenly Tusnelda.” says Martin

“Thank you Martin, I’m glad I can still remember how to cook a good meal.” answers Tusnelda.

“What do you mean?” asks Martin surprised, but he gets no answer.

“I have made an important discovery today which I would like to investigate further.” says Tusnelda

It suits Martin quite well as he has to observe an important soccer match. It gives him peace for so long.

Tusnelda starts another space journey.

She’s back on the planet to collect some important samples.

The landscape an indescribably fascinating.

The variety of collectibles is manifold.

There are lots of crystals and alien plants to gather.

There are also a lot of alien phenomena and impressions to digest …. like the floating rocks … how is that even possible.

Tusnelda meets no living creatures this time and she collects some final samples.

Now is the time to return home.


It’s night when she returns.

Martin is exhausted.

“Would you please take care of Silja?” Martin asks … “I need to sleep.”

Caring for toddlers can be very exhausting and Silja is no exception. Her energy level is inexhaustible.

Tusnelda finds Silja out in the garden.

She knows very well that she tends to get very engrossed when something preoccupies her … but how can she forget that she has become a mother?

Tusnelda starts building a snowman and Silja eagerly helps her.

After a while, the body is done.

“Dada !?” Silja says questioningly.

Tusnelda smiles. She’s sure Martin will find that question very amusing.

After the snowman has got a hat and and a red apple nose, the resemblance to Martin is not very obvious.

Tusnelda looks at Silja. .. “It’s bedtime now!”

With Silja in a firm grip in her arms, they walk towards the bedroom together.

“Mommy!” says Silja and smiles.

Just at that moment, Tusnelda notices how her heart is becoming soft and warm.


Tusnelda has embarked on a scientific article on her observations on the planet Sixam.

Martin keeps Silja busy reading a picture book to her. They both seem to be enjoying the moment.

“What are you doing Sweety?” Martin asks curiously.

He gets no answer.

Tusnelda is completely preoccupied with her task.

Silja is busy with her toys, so Martin goes outside to practice some ball techniques.


Martin is asleep and suddenly Tusnelda remembers the toddler.

“It’s well past your bedtime, sweet girl”

Tusnelda melts as she feels Silja’s chubby little arm give her a hug.

“Mommy, book!” says Silja

Tusnelda finds a picture book and starts reading it. She is completely moved to see Silja’s little happy face.

Silja sleeps soon and Tusnelda thinks she needs a break.
She is still filled with adrenaline and feels no tiredness.

She needs to run.

The winter landscape is uniquely beautiful.

The sun begins to rise over the sea as she turns home.

It will soon rise high in the sky.

A new day has begun.

Tusnelda returns to the computer. She has a goal she must reach.

She will publish her dissertation before the next scientific congress.
She is busy if she is to achieve it, without compromising on quality.

She does not hear Trix meow.

Martin has woken up and he has started on his morning routine.

“Shhh Trix! I do not have time for interruptions”

Trix sends her a wondering look.

“If you want to hear what a cat thinks … You’re obsessed!” he says with a dissatisfied meow.

Martin puts one last load on the treadmill before taking a shower.

Tusnelda is still sitting at the computer and he thinks it is wisest to leave her alone.

I’m thinking he’s right here.

He fills the cat’s food bowls.

He is not going to work today and there are no soccer matches he has to watch today.

He goes in to see Silja, but she is still fast asleep.

He might as well go to bed again.

Suddenly, Tusnelda also feels an overwhelming tiredness.
She is very happy with what she has achieved, so she can probably afford to sleep a little.

Shortly after, they all sleep.

It will be a very short sleep because now Silja has been woken up by one of the cats.

“Just sleep on my darling, I’m taking care of her.” says Martin.

He does not have to repeat that.


When Tusnelda wakes up, she sees Martin and Silja in a pleasant conversation.

Tusnelda does not understand how he can interpret Silja’s babble, but it seems that they understand each other very well.

She’s still tired so she lies down on top of the duvet … she just needs to take a nap.

Martin goes to work.

Silja enters the bedroom.

She first continues out into the bathroom, where she finds her potty.
She is a talented little girl.

At that point, Tusnelda is sleeping soundly.

Silja is just a little toddler and such small children should not be left unattended.

Fortunately, she knows exactly how to get the attention she needs.

She cries loudly.

Tusnelda wakes up with a shock!

“Hello sweet girl, we must get in our clothes!” says Tusnelda kindly.

Later, they are both ready to embark on a new day.

” Hey kitty! “


Tusnelda listens to Silja’s happy babble.

She has eaten and now she sits contentedly occupied with her toys.

Now she can return to her dissertation.

At the same time, she is interrupted by a text message.

It’s an invitation to a talent show in the Del Sol Valley …. She’s nominated for an award as the Scientist of the Year!

“I’m set for a price,” she tells Futte overwhelmed.

Fiona meows loudly. She is, as always, completely obsessed with fire.

Silja entertains with the cats. There’s always a new cat she can pet when someone else gets tired of her clumsy pet.

Tusnelda takes a selfie for simstagram. She is so proud, even though she has not won any award yet.

“I think it’s time for your nap, Silja … mom’s busy now.”

Fortunately, Silja sleeps quickly with a smile on her lips.

Tusnelda writes on almost before Silja has fallen asleep.


An hour later, Tusnelda is still writing.

Now the door to the bedroom opens…

“What !? Are you already awake?”

Silja babbles loudly and she emits excited squeals when she sees one of the cats.

“Whiiiee! Kitty!”

“Would you please be quiet! I can not concentrate!” exclaims Tusnelda annoyed.

Immediately after, she becomes very embarrassed.

“Sorry Silja! You’re just a little kid … I should not …” she begins.

At the same time, Martin fortunately comes home.

“Dada!” shouts Silja happily.

“Hey Silja!”

“Have you been a sweet girl and not disturbed your mother?” asks Martin.

“Jah! Dance!” exclaims Silja happily.

He is so great to children thinks Tusnelda gratefully.

A little later, she can happily put the final sentence on her dissertation.

“Thank you darling, you are amazing!” says Tusnelda, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Do you call that a kiss? … this is a kiss!” says Martin, giving her a deep kiss

Silja laughs out loud at the sight of her parents’ loving teasing.

“I have written my dissertation.” Tusnelda says humbly.
She can hardly believe it’s true.

“You are amazing!” says Martin seriously.

“Tonight when Silja sleeps?” he asks with a whisper.

“I’m putting her to sleep now,” he continues a little louder.

Tusnelda is very tired, but she sees his loving expectant gaze.

“Tonight.” she whispers back.

“You heard your father Silja. It’s bedtime!”

Tusnelda sends a physical copy of her dissertation by post.

She’s so tired.

But she has never experienced such a feeling of satisfaction before and she laughs out loud.

Maybe she’s right when she does not think about the satisfaction of having a loving attentive husband.


Silja has just woken up and she runs eagerly towards the kitchen where she can hear her parents talking together.

“Did I tell you I was invited to a Talent Show in Del Sol Vally?” asks Tusnelda.

“I have been nominated for an award as Scientist of the Year!” she continues proudly.

“You are amazing!” Martin answers.

Tusnelda sees Silja sitting with her breakfast on the kitchen floor.
She is also an amazing… an incredible child.

“Are you going to be an astronaut like your mother !?” says Tusnelda and swings her around … “This astronaut stinks! You need a clean diaper.” she continues laughing.

Silja laughs out loud with joy.


Martin goes to work.

Tusnelda starts on a new snowman, but today Silja does not participate.

She is more preoccupied with her own play with the snow.

Tusnelda watches her from a distance. Silja happily throws around with the snow in loud cheers.

Maybe she has understood that Tusnelda prefers that she take care of herself?

Tusnelda feels a sting of bad conscience and she walks over to her.
She gets very moved when Silja reaches her small arms up towards her.

“Mommy!” she shouts happily.

“Yes, I’m your mommy, sweet darling” says Tusnelda moved and gives her a warm hug.

Just then it dawns on her that she loves being a mother.


Tusnelda has to leave now and she therefore calls for a babysitter service.

She looks at Silja sitting and looking in a picture book. She’s such an easy child … maybe vtoo easy?

Now comes the babysitter. It’s time for her to leave.


This is the first time Tusnelda has been to Del Sol Vally, but she proudly walks into the upscale venue. She has deserved to be here.

A man introduces himself as the host of the evening and he gives her a brief instruction after welcoming her.

“Dear nominees, guests and television viewers! It is my pleasure to host this show with remarkable new talent. Tonight we will meet …”

Tusnelda is excited and forgets to listen to the rest of the welcome speech.

She finally wakes up then when she hears her name being called up.

She has won an award as the scientist of the year!

“This is fucking amazing!” she cheers loudly

Immediately after, she gathers to give a more dignified speech of thanks.

At home on the sofa, Silja and the babysitter is following the award show in TV.

“Mommy !?” Silja asks aloud.

“Yes, it’s your mother.” the babysitter answers kindly.

Tusnelda can not get her arms down as she leaves the stage and she enjoys the applause.

Tusnelda sits down to follow the rest of the show.

The next prize winner is the young woman in the kimono next to her.

Tusnelda congratulates her loudly as she comes down from the stage again.

“Shh!” whispers the man next to her … “We’re online!”

“Oops! Sorry” Tusnelda replies after which she quickly gets up.

Tusnelda goes to the bar and orders her favorite drink.
She can not possibly sit still.

Now she just wished she had Martin by her side. It feels so lonely not to be able to share this joy with anyone.

She quickly swallows her drink and goes back to see the rest of the show.

Next prize winner is an actor. She becomes at least as happy as Tusnelda was on stage.

Tusnelda watches the rest of the show from a distance. Here she is sure that she is not getting noticed and she claps and cheers loudly without anyone asking her to calm down.

Finally, they have reached the last winner of the evening.

At that point, Tusnelda no longer listens.

She is tired and she misses her family.


Martin is grilling burgers.

Tusnelda sits tired and satisfied and looks at the trophy on her desk.
She does not hear Silja cry.

“Now the food is ready, little darling.” says Martin gently.

Silja happily crawls up on the couch next to him.

Tusnelda goes like in a trance. Is she hungry? She does not know.

She sits down and looks at her family.
Martin and their adorable little daughter, who is now happily running to dance.

“Thanks for you!” she says, giving Martin a kiss on the cheek …. “I would not have made it without you.”

“Since when have you become such an aunt?” Martin laughs after which he gives her a proper kiss.

It has been an incredible day and if it were not for the trophy on the desk, she would think it’s all a dream.

Maybe it’s all a dream? she thinks as she goes to bed.

A wonderful sparkling dream.


In Magic’s home

When Tusnelda has gone to bed, Magic gets up.
Now she wants to see what Tusnelda has dreamed of.

She sees Tusnelda go into the space rocket.

“You are a brave woman!”

Magic’s cats approach curiously when they hear her voice.

“This world is truly spectacular … but you are closer than you realize”

“I can see you’re proud and you have reason to be … you can do it without my intervention.”

Magic follows Tusnelda’s journey attentively.

“Oh! You write a dissertation? I can see you get pretty obsessed when you ‘have set a goal in mind … it’s ok with me.”

“Aha! Here came a little surprise!”

“Invited to a talent show? Why not?”

“You did it! You will definitely become a great scientist one day … even without my help.”

Magic sits and smiles to herself.

“Maybe that means there’s not much for me to do?”

“When one just ignores this part of the dream….. After all, I would guess that this is the biggest surprise for yourself anyway, honey!”

“Fortunately, there is always a need for a fairy!”


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  • Yimiki

    Oooooh she made it to Sixam! I’ve never actually visited the planet in my own games – it looks amazing! I loved seeing the pictures of it, especially the giant mushrooms.

    Aw look at Tusnelda, fulfilling her scientific dreams, being a mum to Silja and even writing a dissertation for an award all in one. She’s a very talented woman. Ooh I remember some of those moments in Martin’s dream. It seems they’re all sharing one dream-verse without realising what is going on.

    The snowman Silja and Tusnelda made together made me laugh. Nawwww she realises she loves being a mother. Maybe this is just the thing she needs to actively start wanting a child in the real world, as well.

    And there’s the moment we saw on the TV with Blue! Yay! Tusnelda’s starlight accolades award! Hahaha the opening to her speech XD Seems like Tusnelda is the only one that puts question marks at how perfect everything is. I like how Magic too notes that not much needs to be done for Tusnelda – she’s a driven woman and well on her way to reaching her dreams all by herself.

    I wonder how the Magic series will end!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Sixam is a fantastic world but unfortunately quite small. It only has a single building plot you have to open with a code to build. The Sim can not use the phone on Sixam, so I think only you can invite other Sims up there with a mod.

      The strange thing about Tusnelda is that even when she had not built up any skills, she won a computer every time she participated in Hackaton at the GeekCon festival. That was where I first thought she must have invisible abilities.
      She’s actually a really sweet mom and I’m sure it’s getting behind her herself. She has so many projects. Her career, her shop and her garden. All the many alien abductions also take time. Where is there room for a child? Martin’s dream of a child with Tusnelda is a wish that sometimes pops up. Tusnelda does not get that wish.

      I have the last episode ready and think I will publish it in the middle of the week. You will soon see how it ends ❤

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