Time offers new solutions

This is the third part of the story of Tusnelda and Trix

In the first part of the story of Tusnelda and Trix, we have followed their journey from a dark mine in Forgotten Hollow to a nice house in Brindleton Bay.
They have both found love
 and they have made new friendships. Tusnelda has found her dream career and Trix has found a nice beach where he can hunt birds and squirrels.

In the second part of the story, For better and worse, we follow Tusnelda’s efforts to find a balance between her great passion for science and evolutions and her relationship with Martin and his great desire for them to have a child. Trix is the sensible and wondering observer of all their efforts.
We have also followed their friend Rasmus in his constant struggle to win true love. So far, it has cost him a lot of defeats and given him some new good friends.

It’s time for them to find new solutions.


Chapter 62: Beneath the Surface

Chapter 63: Undisguised

Chapter 64: Seize the joys of life

Chapter 65: Full house

Chapter 66: Backsliding

Chapter 67: Trick or treat

Chapter 68: It goes without saying for friends

Chapter 69: Whoever dares

Chapter 70: A fabulous boy

Chapter 71: Adjustments

Chapter 72: Posing

Chapter 73: Family matters

Chapter 74: Among friends

Chapter 75: Objective conversation

Chapter 76: I am allright

Chapter 77: A feminine touch

Chapter 78: The bear is aroused

Chapter 79: Getting there

A rainy summer update

Here follows the fourth part of the story

Chapter overview