Tusnelda and Trix

76. I am allright

In today’s chapter, we are reunited with several of the story’s characters, in addition to the cats and a single dog. Don’t expect any drama, although there are probably always some embers simmering under the surface. Rasmus has a plan and he says goodbye to an inflamed past for the last time. Tusnelda tries to make a somewhat special deal with another of the characters in the story. Marcus tries to show he can be romantic and he must once again realize that open non-committal relationships are no longer his style.
The biggest news in this chapter is probably that Andy has become an infant and that his father and mother are still up to the challenge.


Brindleton Bay at 3 p.m

It is very early morning in Brindleton Bay. A day with a cloudless sky is on the way and the beach is almost deserted.

Only a few of the nocturnal hunters are gathered to exchange news of their latest catch or whatever other topic cats are talking to each other about.

In Rasmus’ house, the light is on.

Now that I mention cats, it looks like Brooke is up to something?

Yup! Why use a scratching post a few meters away when there is a sofa right at hand….or maybe I should write right next to her paws.

Izumi opens her eyes after which she untangles herself from Rasmus’ embrace.

She has reached her second trimester of pregnancy and her visits to the toilet are occurring at increasingly short intervals.

Besides her stressed bladder, morning sickness is the worst.

She couldn’t remember the nausea continuing for so long when she was expecting Fabio, but this pregnancy feels so different from the first in many ways.

Now all she needs to do is clean up after her morning sacrifice.

Fortunately, there are some sandwiches ready in the fridge.

She is sure that no other Sims are awake now and she is enjoying the morning silence, looking forward to the meal. Right now she’s so hungry she could eat an ox…

It is of course a metaphor Rasmus would not be able to understand. He is a vegetarian and he has very strong opinions when it comes to food. Some thoughts are best kept to yourself.


Willow Creek

At about the same time, a faint light from the coming sunrise is seen in Willow Creek.

The blue house still seems colorless gray at night, but the dim light behind the windows reveals that Izumi is wrong when she assumes that all Sims are asleep.

If you sneak closer to the window, you can see a man and his infant son.

Alice is still sleeping.

As always, Allan takes the morning shift when Andy demands his morning bottle.

It is said that parents’ love blinds them to the true image of their children and this is perhaps fortunate.
Readers will probably quickly see that Andy bears a resemblance to his genetic father… who in this case is not Allan.

Andy lets out a burp on top of the meal which seems to surprise himself more than anyone.

“That’s my boy!” exclaims Allan encouragingly.

“Ugh! Who’s a little stinky baby now.” Allan murmurs.

Smelly diapers are inevitable when it comes to infants. It’s just a matter of holding your breath and getting them over with.

Although the smell from this particular diaper seems to beat all previous records.

Soon, Andy is freshly changed and in a clean baby suit. Allan carries him into the living room. He wished the diapers would soon be a finished chapter.

Alice reads so many books on infant development and she stubbornly claims that it’s too early to try to potty train Andy, as he can’t sit up on his own yet.

If there was to be anything to this theory, then it is now a matter of getting the boy’s training started. The sooner the better if Allan is to decide.

Allan puts Andy down on the play mat.

“You look well rested Andy! Shall we get started on your exercises?” Allan says imperatively.

Allan rolls his son over on his stomach….”Let me see if you can lift your head.”

Andy fusses and cries in frustration.

“Come on Andy!” says Allan encouragingly.

After much effort, Andy finally succeeds.

“Exactly! That’s my boy! I knew you could do it!” Allan exclaims proudly.

Andy cries from exhaustion and Allan turns him over on his back.

“Calm down boy. You’re doing so well.” says Allan comfortingly.

There can be no doubt that Allan has high hopes and a great love for his son.

“Who is my little pilot?” Allan asks encouragingly.

Andy is struck dumb by surprise when he suddenly flies into the air and the world appears from a completely different angle.

He uncertainly seeks his father’s gaze, but Allan’s firm grip and encouraging smile must mean that the world is safe from this distance too?

Allan gives Andy a kiss on his forehead.

Andy is a gentle boy. In his eyes the world is full of security and love, and he often acknowledges his father’s care with a big happy smile.

“That’s my boy!” Allan says lovingly. Blind to what might cause him uneasiness…. Let’s hope it stays that way forever.



Morning in Brindleton Bay

The increasing weight of her body means that Izumi can’t bear to lie in bed any longer. She has taken a shower and now she is sitting and knitting a baby onesie in the comfortable armchair.

Babies need a lot of clothes and they need a lot of other equipment. Maybe she can keep the expenses down a little by knitting?

She falls out of her self-reflections when she hears someone in the bathroom.

A little later she sees Fabio approaching the fridge.

He finds some leftover food which he takes to the sofa.

Immediately afterwards, Rasmus joins them.

It’s the weekend and nobody has to go to school or work today.

“Good morning boys. Do you have any plans for today” Izumi asks smiling.

“Rasmus, can you and I go to the beach to fish?…. I want to improve my skills for my application to become a scout.” Fabio asks.

“Oh!? I’m sorry, but I have other plans today… maybe you can go fishing at the little lake in the backyard?” Rasmus asks a little embarrassed.

“You usually do so much for Fabio and you don’t always have to be available Rasmus, but I’m a bit curious about what you’re up to?” Izumi asks with a smile.

“You’ll see sooner or later. It’s going to be a surprise.” replies Rasmus evasively.

Izumi and Fabio casually chat on about Fabio’s scouting dreams while Rasmus changes into his running gear.

“Bye baby! I’m going for a run.” he says.

Rasmus has a secret dream of getting in shape before wearing his wedding suit, so today he wants to go for a really long run.


Morning in Willow Creek

Andy protests loudly as he is put on the floor.

“Calm down boy. You’ve had your time and I need some breakfast.” says Allan.

Andy immediately stops crying and listens when he hears someone approaching.

When he sees his mother, he lets out another howl with renewed strength.

“Allan! I’ve heard him cry for maybe ten minutes. Can’t you hear he needs you?” says Alice pointedly.

“He won’t be harmed by entertaining himself for a few minutes while I eat. He’s doing just fine.” Allan says.

“But he’s not fine! He’s hungry. You should pay more attention to his needs.” Alice replies.

“Poor little baby.” Alice comforts.

“Stop making such a wimp out of him. He’s fine.” says Allan.

“Why do you have to be such a bully?” Alice replies.

She looks down at Andy who acknowledges by sending her a big smile.
He actually looks completely safe and content, and she feels a little guilty about her criticism.

She is actually very relieved by the care Allan has for Andy.
Everything could have turned out so much worse.

She approaches Allan, who has just done the dishes in the kitchen.

“Allan! Will you take him so I can take a shower?” she asks.

“Come on boy.” says Allan.

“See you in a few minutes Andy.” Alice says softly.

As seen here, they look like a perfectly healthy family.

When Alice leaves the kitchen she can hear Allan talking calmly to Andy.

She shouldn’t be worried about their future together, but it’s like the lie and the guilt never let go of her and it makes her constantly fear the worst.


While Alice takes a shower, Allan carries Andy to his crib.

“It’s time for a morning nap.” he says

For a moment Andy considers protesting, but then fatigue takes over and he surrenders to sleep.

Allan turns when he hears Alice sit down in the rocking chair in the corner.

“I don’t know what your trick is, but he always falls asleep so quickly when you put him down.” she says kindly.

Allan looks at her, surprised by the unexpected praise.

“What are you up to?” he asks.

“It must be your strong masculine radiance.” she says, coming closer.

“Damn you woman! I’m going to the barracks.” he moans.

They still have some time left.

Then he will have to go.

It is a lovely sunny day, but regardless of Alice’s temptations, duty comes first and the barrack calls for his presence.


In another area of Willow Creek we find Rasmus running.

It’s been a long time since he ran in this neighborhood, but change is welcome and the long route along the river seems a suitable challenge for him if he is to achieve his goal.

He hasn’t been to the gym with Don and the others from the group since Izumi and Fabio moved in with him. The many changes have taken his attention.

He stops hesitantly when he reaches the bridge over to Foundry Cove. It’s Blue’s neighborhood and he hasn’t been there since that disastrous night long ago.

Then he dismisses the discomfort and continues. His life is so changed now.

If he has to avoid places they have been together, his life will be so limited.

He stops anyway when he reaches her house.

When he sees all the exercise equipment in front of the house he has to assume she is still with her bully of a man.

It was precisely here on this spot that he saw her for the last time.

She was pregnant, but she hadn’t looked happy.

He had been so furious at how she had ruined his life.

He had never understood how she could choose that violent psychopath and certainly not how she could choose to have a child with him.

The child must have been born many months ago, but of course that is none of his business.

Now he himself is soon to be a father and he has a fabulous stepson whom he will adopt when he and Izumi get married.

He is standing on exactly the same spot, but today he wants to say that he is allright.

Rasmus continues his run. He has a goal to reach.

With this, he distances himself from Blue’s house and the memory of a destructive past for the last time. A brighter future lies right in front of his feet.


Brindleton Bay

In Brindleton Bay, Martin runs down towards the beach.

He loves the colors of the beach on a sunny day like now.

Tusnelda ran earlier this morning and now she is working at her new advanced computer.
It is actually a reward she received when she reached the pinnacle of her scientific career.

Trix interrupts her venture with an insistent meow.
He needs a refill in his feeder.

“You’re right Trix! There are more sensible things to do on a sunny day.”


Rasmus returns home

Rasmus finds Izumi in front of the television where she is watching the newest episode of her favorite program, Home decorator.

“I am taking a shower.” he says.

Fabio is fishing at a small lake close to the house that Rasmus has suggested to him.

Izumi follows the intro of the program with dreamy eyes.

Now the charismatic host appears on the screen.

Just then, Rasmus steps out of the bathroom.

“What are you watching?” he asks.

Izumi hardly has time to answer because at the same time, the door opens.

Fabio comes home and his eyes immediately catch the TV.

On the screen, he sees a house on fire.

“The house is burning! Why are there no firefighters to put out the fire?” he asks in shock.

“It’s hardly real fire, but some kind of movie trick to attract viewers.” replies Rasmus reassuringly.

“It’s Home decorator.” adds Izumi, like that explains everything.

“To me, it looks more like Home dismantler.” sighs Rasmus.

“Have you ever seen the program Rasmus? A team of craftsmen removes walls and outdated interior design, after which the interior designer furnishes a home according to the homeowner’s dreams… ” Izumi explains.

Rasmus finds it difficult to hide his lack of interest. “Nah! I can’t say it’s something I’ve followed.” he answers while studying his nails.

“I find it very inspiring. In fact, I would really like to study interior design.” Izumi says dreamily.

“You do!?” Rasmus exclaims in surprise.

“In that case, perhaps you could start by design our common home. There are several things that could use an update.” says Rasmus.

“I would really love to do that, Rasmus! I can see so many possibilities for improvement.” replies Izumi with enthusiasm.

“That’s a deal, then….I mean, look at that guy Izumi. Are those glasses and that shirt supposed to be proof of a talent for displaying good interior design?”

“What can he come up with that you can’t do better?”

“He is a skilled interior designer, but his attire is maybe something unique.” Izumi says.

“Unique is almost too nice a description.” replies Rasmus.

Fabio sits with his homework and listens to his mother and Rasmus’ discussion.

He loves the sound of their casual conversations. Even when they disagree it is clear that they enjoy each other’s company and it gives him a feeling of safety and joy.

The loving relaxed atmosphere seems to spread and affect everyone nearby.


In the house next door

Tusnelda has moved from the computer into the garden, where she trains her brain cells in a different way.

Martin is getting ready for a different kind of training.

He still has a secret dream of climbing a mountain one day.

Until it can become a reality, he trains on the climbing wall.

He stubbornly hangs on to reach the top.

Tusnelda seems stuck in her chess game.

Martin has almost reached the top when his hand loses its grip.

Bang! There he lies before he realizes what is happening.

Ouch! That hurt.

Tusnelda sits in deep concentration without noticing what is happening around her.

She looks at Martin as he sits down in front of her.

“Have you come to participate in a game of chess?” she asks.

“I need a rest. I fell off the climbing wall and hurt my shoulder.” wails Martin.

“Oh! Maybe you should see a doctor?” Tusnelda says worriedly.

“There’s no need for a doctor, Tusnelda…I just don’t understand how I could be so careless and clumsy right before an important match.” says Martin angrily.

“I assume it’s yourself you’re angry at, but maybe I can make your pain a little less with a massage.” says Tusnelda.

Martin willingly allows himself to be treated by Tusnelda’s warm hands.

“I feel much better already. I think you have magic hands sweetie.”

Full mobility in the shoulder again 💕

“Yes, I believe myself that I have magic hands.” says Tusnelda proudly.

“Actually, I feel so healed now that I might be able to show you some of my magic.” says Martin gently.

“Nice try Martin! I have to open my shop now so you have to save the magic for tonight.”

“It’s a deal sweetie!” Martin replies.


Noon at Magnolia Promenade

As often before, Tusnelda has invited Flora to the shop. This gives Tusnelda an opportunity to exchange a few words with her old friend before Flora turns her attention to plants and the brewing of herbal medicine.

NB: It was my intention to take a full screen picture of the store when I spotted the dog on the left side. She had to be a part of the motif.

“Hey Flora! How are things in the forest?” Tusnelda asks.

“Thanks! Both the forest and I are doing very well.” replies Flora.

“Your well-being would of course be my next question.” Tusnelda says kindly.

“I don’t doubt it, but what about you Tusnelda? I am, on the other hand, curious to hear about the Elixir of Fertility….Has it worked its wonders?” Flora asks.

“Right on that point, there is no change.” says Tusnelda seriously.”

Since the subject is too painful, she makes a quick excuse and goes into the store to see if any customers need her help.

As far as the store is concerned, however, there has been a change. He is just now on his way into the store’s alien department.

Tusnelda has hired a shop assistant, as she is far too busy to open the shop as often as she would like.

At least for a start he has found the cash register, which must mean he has some idea of what the job entails. We’ll see if he’ll be of any use.

Tusnelda greets a customer kindly and asks about his needs.

Suddenly, she hears a dog whining.

“Hey sweetie! Are you out shopping today?” she asks as she pet the dog.

“I should give you a name, but first I have something here I think you’ll like.” she says, finding a treat.

It is definitely a treat the dog likes.

“You are such a sweet dog. What shall I do with you?” sighs Tusnelda…. Maybe she should try to talk to Martin one more time….They have room now.

Tusnelda detaches herself from the dog and greets the next customer kindly… “Welcome to the shop. Do you need help or guidance?”

“Tell me! Is this a pet store? That dog stinks.” interrupts a grumpy old man.

“You don’t stink! You sure is a sweet dog.” another customer says kindly.


Brindleton Bay

Unaware of Tusnelda’s musings, Martin is entertaining another sweet pet.

To Trix’s delight, Martin has found his sparkly toy.

He meows excitedly as he sees the feather tassel fluttering up and down.

“Give it to me so I can pluck the feathers.” he meows eagerly.

Quite a stupid threat, as it will mean that there will no longer be a sparkly toy.

Trix gasps from lack of oxygen as the hunt ends and Martin sits down at the computer to fine-tune a strategy for today’s match.

A quarter of an hour later he is ready for another hunt and he meows eagerly to Martin.

But unfortunately Martin has run out of time.

He has to meet with his team before they have to play the season’s most important match.


Afternoon in the Magnolia Promenade

In Magnolia Promenade, a customer not unknown to the readers approaches Tusnelda’s shop.

Jade looks a little unsure at the items on the shelves. What kind of store is this?

At the other end of the shop, a woman is feeding a dog with treats.

“Well done Sasha! You’re such a smart dog.” says Tusnelda, who has now given the dog a name.

Tusnelda leaves the dog to its own company and goes to greet the new customer.

“Welcome! How can I help?” she asks welcomingly.

“I want to buy a present for my boyfriend. He is a sporty type. What can you suggest?” Jade asks.

“Oh! I don’t sell sports equipment, but I can show you some clothes? Or some technical equipment?” says Tusnelda.

“I don’t think it is something for him.” Jade replies unsure.

“Tell me! What’s wrong with your dog?” Jade asks when she hears Sasha’s howl.

“She’s a stray and she’s just lonely.” replies Tusnelda seriously.

“Maybe she is the perfect gift for your friend? Maybe he wants a dog?” says Tusnelda eagerly.

“She is sweet and potty-trained and she shouldn’t cost you anything, except for dog food, a leash and a visit to the vet once in a while,” continues Tusnelda.

“I think I’ll look around the store.” says Jade.


Tusnelda follows Jade and apologizes for her eagerness.

“It wasn’t my intention to embarrass you,” she says a little ashamed.

“Perhaps I can show you the other section of the shop? I sell herbal liniments, knick-knacks and flowers.” says Tusnelda.

“I think I’ll just look around on my own.” insists Jade.

“Yes I understand. I will take care of Sasha so she doesn’t scare the customers away.” sighs Tusnelda.

“I’d better follow you outside, Sasha. I don’t think you’re comfortable inside.” Tusnelda says kindly.

She’s probably right because after a while Sasha runs along a route only she knows.


Jade quickly leaves the herb/floral part of the store again. She finds nothing interesting among the selection of plants and herbal products.

She has spotted a Momentum conserver, but she has no idea what use it has. You can’t blame her for that.

The customers have been hanging out in the store for half a day before they finally feel like buying something.

Finally, Tusnelda gets to make a sale.

The newly hired shop assistant finally shows that he can work for his salary. Looks like Jade has finally made up her mind.

Tusnelda is just about to serve another customer when she catches sight of the shop assistant….. Does he shamelessly flirt with her customers!?

Judging by Jade’s facial expression, she looks rather shocked.

In order not to lose the deal, Tusnelda takes over the sale and asks the assistant to stock the shelves.

It apparently ended with Jade ditching the gift for Marcus and using the money on a new set of clothes for herself.
It is most likely neither the first nor the last time that it will happen to someone.


The assistant is doing his job without any more shameful excesses.

Flora looks like someone who needs to get home and take a shower.
She has spent several hours brewing De-Stressing Decoction, which unfortunately cannot be sold.

The older grumpy guy has decided to buy a radio.

The clothes in particular seem to attract many eager customers…. Maybe they could use a renew, but they are in any case more dressy than the strange rags the townies often wear.

The business is finally picking up.

The day has long since turned into evening and Tusnelda close the shop.
Now all that is needed is stock replenishment while the last customers realize that they should have shopped in time. Hopefully they will return another day.

A final cleanup.

Even the shop assistant has understood the importance of making oneself useful.

It is time to return home.


San Myshuno Fashion District

Jade is still wearing her new set of clothes when she meets Marcus at the Romance Festival. Perhaps that in itself is a gift he appreciates.

“You look gorgeous!” he says, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

It’s not a Romance festival without Sakura tea being served. It all helps to lift the mood.

Jade is terribly hungry and starts by seeking out a food stall.

Marcus finds another stall where he wants to buy a present for Jade.

“Jade, I have a present for you. It’s just a little token trinket to show how much I appreciate you.” he says.

“I didn’t know you were so romantic, Marcus.” she says, amazed.

The purpose justifies the means, so Jade shouldn’t be disappointed even if it’s not a ring. However, she had not expected this kind of gift of love.

“My god Marcus! Do you think I’m four years old?” she says.

A little later, Jade is seen blowing pink soap bubbles. Soap bubbles are fun and beautiful, whether you are below or above four years of age.

“Let’s take a sweetheart photo.” Marcus suggests.

Say hi to the coolest couple in town.

Sweethearts they might be after all.

Jade takes a walk around the festival site and now she has spotted something that really ignites her romantic dreams.

Unsuspecting, Marcus has found a bar. He could use a drink on top of his romantic endeavors.

Still dreaming 💕

Marcus has ordered his favorite drink which looks somewhat fiery.
Where did Jade go?

Jade has met a really good friend.

“Hey Elijah! Nice meeting you. Did you come to the festival with someone special?” Jade asks.

“Nah! I’m just here with my self. I guess I’m kind of a loner.” Elijah replies with a shrug.

“You seem quite outgoing to me.” Jade replies.

“Hello Neighbor!” Marcus greets surprisingly welcomingly.

Marcus sits for a while and considers how to explain the situation from the last time he met Elijah. His angry outbursts were a fault that does not harmonize with his non-committal outlook on life.

He has second thoughts when Elijah starts talking to Jade.

“Jade, can you come over tomorrow to approve my latest draft for a poster for the Aphrodite exhibition?” Elijah asks.

“I’m sure you’ll love it, Jade. You look gorgeous. I’m glad you changed my mind. The new Aphrodite looks innocent but under the surface she is fucking hot.” Elijah says.

“Fucking hot!!!!? What the hell are you thinking you moron!?” roars Marcus.

“Watch out Jade! Your boyfriend seems rather possessive.” Elijah says shocked.

“I’m not possessive! I’m a non-committal guy!” Marcus yells disapprovingly, but in the same he can hear how contradictory he must sound.

“Can we please go home now?” Marcus asks embarrassed as he frets over what’s wrong with him. This is the second time he loses face to Elijah by revealing himself as….what?

“You are jealous Marcus. It will not kill you to admit it.” Jade says blowing him a kiss.


Late night in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda finds Martin on the treadmill when she arrives home. She has been looking forward to seeing him.

“Hey Martin. As I recall you said something about magic this morning?” she says.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about woman.” he says as he approaches.

“Aren’t you going to ask me how the match went today, Tusnelda?”

“How was the match today?” Tusnelda asks kindly.

“It went great Tusnelda. We won by four goals…. How was your day?” replies Martin.

“Great, but now…” Tusnelda begins.

Trix interrupts them with an insistent meow.

“Hello sweet boy.” replies Martin, scratching him under the chin.

Tusnelda looks at them in wonder.

“Don’t you remember you promised to show me some of your magic?” Tusnelda asks.

“Did I really? This morning I got the impression it didn’t hold your interest. Can you make up your mind Tusnelda?” he replies with a wink.

It certainly looks like she has made up her mind.

In spite of life’s many challenges, love is once again allowed to perform its magic in Brindleton Bay.

San Myshuno after midnight

“I’m sorry for my rage Jade. I don’t know what’s happening to me.” says Marcus.

“You should give Elijah an apology, but I think I know what’s going on.” Jade replies blushing.

I, their watcher, can only observe how Marcus suddenly finds a mistletoe.

As well as how Jade later throws herself at Marcus. That’s when I feel I have to show them the way to bed.

They are the most contradictory couple and yet I constantly see Jade seeking out Marcus. He seems so indifferent but he constantly gets jealous. I do not predict an easy future for them.

However, something seems to be working between them.

Thus, this chapter finally has a peaceful end.



  • GlacierSnow

    Oooo! Sasha. 😍 She’s the dog who keeps coming back, isn’t she? Someone needs to adopt her.

    I find myself holding my breath a little as I watch Allan interact with Andy. He seems very loving and caring about his son, but I also know his temper. I find that family very interesting to watch as they try to make things work.

    Marcus’ gift to Jade at the Romance Festival made me chuckle. I think he has the right idea. Bubbles are for everyone at any age! It would work on me.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Sasha is really a sweet dog ❤ She often hangs out near Tusnelda after they became friends. I’m so tempted to add her to the household, but Martin doesn’t like her (right now 😆 ).

      Allan is really fond of Andy, but he is still hotheaded and jealous. His temper is most often triggered by Alice or other Sims she gives attention to.
      Jealousy is one of the worst traits. Unfortunately, it looks like Marcus has it as some kind of hidden trait.

      No thanks to more jealous sims 🙁
      Bubbles! Yes to bubbles! 😆

  • cathytea

    Allan is doing a good job being a dad, if he does have high expectations. I hope Alice makes peace with keeping her secret. Hope Sasha finds a good home!

  • sirianasims

    I’m still hoping for Marcus and Jade to sort things out, it’s pretty clear that Marcus needs to realise some things about himself. And I’m glad that Rasmus is letting the whole Alice drama go, but I’m also worried he’ll meet Andy some day and figure out the truth!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Marcus doesn’t really fit into his own self-image anymore. His jealousy is a surprise to himself (and me 😆 )

      Alice is a mess, but no longer Rasmus’ problem. He is far too focused on his new life. Will he ever discover that he is Andy’s father?
      I have no plans to bring them together, but sometimes my game has its own ideas 😆

  • Yimiki

    Allan and Andy are so incredibly sweet together. I hope that relationship will last into childhood and teenagerhood, too. He’s so loving but the high hopes has me a little worried. I wonder what those high hopes are, and whether or not Andy actually wants to fulfil them?

    I like the contrast between Alice’s household and Rasmus’s. One is based on a strong foundation and completely safe, and the other is on shaky ground and uneasy even when it looks happy now. Well done Rasmus, leave that chapter of your life behind permanently <3

    Oooh Izumi is going to design and upgrade their house? Nice! I wonder what it’ll end up looking like.

    Aw, doggo needs someone to take him in. Tusnelda does have room but it’s not ideal since they’re still trying for a baby. Let’s hope someone kind adopts him, if not Tusnelda <3 Good luck to Martin with his match!

    Wow, that is a terrible employee, lol. Flattery to make a sale happen is a thing of course, but that was something else entirely xD LOL sure, Marcus. Very non-committal indeed. Not jealous at all. Naaaahh. Jade does seem to quite like the jealous attention, though. It’s… well. If it works for them, then it works for them XD

    • MonaSolstraale

      Allan is really nice and attentive to Andy. I dare not predict whether it will last if Andy enters a rebellious childhood phase.
      It is true that the foundation in his family is much more unstable than it is in Rasmus’s new family 🙂

      It seams just right for Izumi to decorate their shared home. She often switches on Home Dekorator if she doesn’t choose a movie channel.
      Rasmus always chooses the food channel when he turns on the TV.

      Tusnelda has become really good friends with that dog (Sasha). It often visits her. I feel very tempted to incorporate it into the family. It leaves a still empty space for a child. The only downside is that Martin doesn’t like the dog 😆

      That employee is really horrible. He won’t come again. I don’t have much experience in managing employees in businesses, so I’m unsure if it will be better with someone else.

      Marcus and Jade probably don’t have the best compatibility after the game updates. On the other hand, there is something that works between them.
      In fact, not many of my couples should be together if you look at the new trait conflicts in The Sims 4

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