Tusnelda and Trix

77. A feminine touch

With the title of the chapter, I am trying to refer to an overarching theme in more than one sense. A female touch that creates change. For some, the changes become difficult to handle, for others the start of unexpected opportunities. No one will be left completely untouched and for some it will be life-changing.

NB: This chapter has had a really difficult birth. The Growing Together expansion pack has messed up my main characters’ relationships. It required quite a few adjustments. I’ve taken maybe 3000 pictures throughout my game in preparation for the next chapters. When the images were selected for this chapter, Imgur threw a code 404 error. Like a ludo piece, I was knocked back home.
Well, here I am finally back. I hope I have recovered the tone from the previous episode.



San Myshuno early in the morning

It’s very early in the morning…well, almost still night.
Fatima’s body language promises anything but a good atmosphere.

She is furious.

Not only has the sounds of Marcus and Jade’s amorous antics, from the room next to her, kept her awake until late….

Now Salim has returned home from the city in the early morning and has cranked up his music system to full blast with killer jazz.

“SALIM!!!! You sloppy inconsiderate idiot!”

“Oh? Hey Fatima! Want to come in?”

“Are you stoned, Salim!?”

“Nah, you know. I’m just chilling and listening to some music…blowing some bubbles on my hookah.”

“Those bubbles must have removed your brain, you moron!”

“You’re waking up the whole neighborhood with your damn music!! Somebody needs to sleep!!”

“I’ll turn the music down now, if that makes you more satisfied.” Salim replies grumpily

However, it seems that his generous offer does not satisfy Fatima at all.
Somehow she always seems frustrated and unhappy when he sees her… He really should do something about it.

Perhaps Salim really did breathe too deeply into his hookah, because he doesn’t let it stay at the thought.

“Hey Fatima!?” he calls.

Fatima turns to him, probably expecting an apology, but it has a slightly different character than expected.

“Sorry Fatima, but let me speak bluntly…..I am worried for you.”

“Huh?” Fatima gasps almost speechless.

“You really need to relax, so why don’t you keep me company?…We could chill together, blow some bubbles and get to know each other… I could teach you something about enjoying life.” Salim suggests kindly.

“I’m perfectly relaxed! As soon as you turn down the damn music!!!” hisses Fatima the rejects, when she finally regains the use of speech.

Somehow her statement seems contradictory and Salim may be closer to the truth than he himself knows in his foggy evidence.

Something is bothering her.


Brindleton Bay after dawn

Several hours later, we find Fabio in a loving embrace with his beloved toy dog.

“Don’t be afraid Spot! These men are noisy but they are not dangerous.” He comforts.

Perhaps the readers will not fully understand what the conversation is about, but don’t worry. We’ll get to that.

Rasmus and Izumi are in the process of putting down roots in a shared home in more ways than one.
They have decided to plant a small garden, with herbs for cooking and the cats’ entertainment.

“This pregnancy makes my body so heavy….My knees hurts, so can I leave the last thing to you, Rasmus?” Izumi asks before disappearing into the couch, not waiting for an answer.

Rasmus continues without protest. He loves everything about Izumi and all the changes her feminine touch has brought into his life.


One of the most unexpected gifts she has brought is Fabio.
Rasmus has always dreamed of having a family and Fabio has welcomed him as a long-missed father.

When he enters Fabio’s room, he finds him in the process of evaluating his Scout bulletin board.

“Good morning Fabio! How’s the progress on earning your scout badges?” he asks.

“I have already collected three badges, Rasmus.” replies Fabio proudly.

“You are a clever boy.” says Rasmus kindly, and then he continues…..
“I have a surprise for you after school. We’re going to visit San Sequoia Celebration Center while the craftsmen work on the house.”

Fabio rushes in to eat his breakfast while letting his thoughts flow.

A Celebration Center? He is really curious about what types of activities are available there.

When Fabio runs to school, we can finally see some of the extension the craftsmen have built on recently.

It is also remarkable that the newly sown plants have already grown up during the morning.

This is the Sims world and not everything happens like in our world.
Sometimes everything gets a little magic.


Now that I have mentioned the craftsmen several times, they are the same guys who in their time were responsible for the renovation of Tusneldas House.

Let me introduce Matt, who is here showing some pictures to Izumi.

The other craftsman is called Sam. Here he is kind enough to turn his back to the camera, but since he is preoccupied with listening to Izumi’s instructions, he is hereby forgiven.

We will see more of them later.


The Secret Lab

We turn our attention to Tusnelda, who just now arrives at her work.

It will be a day without significant challenges.

First, a lot of searching for knowledge on the Internet.

Then she discusses some scientific knowledge with one of her colleagues.

Followed by more investigations in books.

Then collecting minerals and crystals. Not much to brag about.

Perhaps her greatest achievement is that the scientific plants in the greenhouse are doing exceptionally well.

Tusnelda’s moral dilemma is that once she has decided to be a scientist in the service of the good cause, there are not many tasks to go after.
What’s the point of manipulating your colleagues into wearing nightwear or freezing them with your gun ray? It may provide a few minutes of amusement, but no great achievements for the future good of man.

We will leave Tusnelda in her boredom and return to Rasmus and Izumi.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

As we return to Brindleton Bay, the craftsmen have made another extension and opened up a new door.

Rasmus is in the process of informing the craftsmen about what they have in mind with regard to the new extensions.

With large gestures, he explains plans for expanding the bathroom and the future child’s room.

“That’s fine Mr., but your wife has already told us very thoroughly about your expectations. We have been sufficiently informed.” says the craftsman who calls himself Matt.

“Oh!? She has?” replies Rasmus a little taken aback.

“In that case, I’ll leave the constructions to you and provide some lunch.” Rasmus continues kindly.

The kitchen is an area where he is the expert.

Izumi sits in the living room and listens with satisfaction to it all. She loves the sound of the house in full activity and transformation.

A little later Matt becomes doubtful about a single detail and here he sensibly chooses to ask the person in charge.


Fabio rushes home from school. He is really excited about the excursion Rasmus talked to him about this morning.

When he comes through the door, he sees that his family is far from ready to leave.

His mother is preoccupied with a conversation with one of the craftsmen and Rasmus is preoccupied with something in the kitchen.

He greets the craftsman politely, then turns his attention to his mother.

“Shouldn’t we be leaving mom?”

“Rasmus just made lunch. You can have a sandwich before we leave.” Izumi says.

“Aren’t you curious to see your new room?” asks the guy named Sam.

Fabio isn’t hungry, so he goes straight out into the extension.

What did Sam mean, his new room? Rasmus has promised him that his present room is his to keep as long as he wants it.

There aren’t even enough walls in the new room!
The baby can get this ugly room. He doesn’t want it.

As Fabio stands looking out through the incomplete wall, he spots his climbing frame.

“I’m going out!” he says, but no one seems to notice him.

He quickly climbs to the top of the climbing frame.

Here he can forget time and existence…. Not least the self-absorbed adults who only seem to follow their own stupid plans.


San Myshuno Private Practice

At the private practice, doctor Kristine Paulsen is on her way to Marcus’ consultation room.

Marcus is sitting concentrated bent over his laptop in the process of writing some medical reports.

She clears her throat before sitting down on an empty chair.

“Marcus! There’s something you want to talk to me about?” she says.

“Oh Kristine! I’m glad you found time to me.” says Marcus welcomingly.

“You see, I’m seeing this patient today and I’m afraid I don’t have very good news for her… Your alternative treatment methods have had positive results in the past, so I’d like to know if I can refer to your expertise ? ” he answers.

“Of course Marcus. I’d like to see what I can do. What’s her prognosis?”

Here Marcus continues with a longer medical explanation which I will not burden the readers with.
I hardly feel able to come up with a plausible explanation, but Kristine asks a few in-depth questions and the answers apparently satisfy her.

Thus well informed, she leaves Marcus again.

He is already engrossed in a telephone conversation before she has even left the consultation. He seems to be a very important man.


Afternoon in San Sequoia

Izumi, Fabio and Rasmus have finally arrived at the San Sequoia Celebration Center.

“This is so cool!” Fabio says as he takes his time scanning the landscape.

“Your mother is already heading for the entrance. Let’s follow her” says Rasmus.

“Look at that lake Rasmus! We can fish. Shall we fish?” Fabio asks very excitedly.

“Um, I’m sure we can go fishing here one day, but your mom…Today we’re here together.” says Rasmus uncomfortable about disappointing Fabio.

He knows that Izumi can’t bear to stand on her feet for a long time to fish.


Izumi rushes into the Center. She is already longing for a chair to sit on.
She doesn’t remember that the pregnancy with Fabio felt so heavy…but of course she was much younger then.

“Can we go fishing here tomorrow?” Fabio asks eagerly.

“No, not tomorrow Fabio. Tomorrow you’re going to scout and I’m going to work.” replies Rasmus.

He is really uncomfortable about having to say no to the eager little boy.

Izumi has found a puzzle. She starts with a somewhat easy puzzle under 100 pieces.

She has gathered the whole frame when it finally appears that Fabio and Rasmus are on their way into the centre.


Rasmus and Fabio have come to participate. While Izumi sits quietly in deep concentration, Rasmus and Fabio talk loudly together.

Fabio’s energy level is always high and Rasmus just has a hard time seeing the sense in that occupation.

“What else can we do?” Fabio asks impatiently.

“Perhaps you could investigate the playground in front of the building.” Rasmus suggests.

He need not repeat that suggestion before Fabio is on his way out.

“Can we do another puzzle together, Rasmus?” Izumi asks.

“Of course Izumi. Whatever you feel like.” he replies graciously.

A little later, Izumi needs to go to the toilet and Rasmus is left with a heck of a lot of loose pieces.

To put it this way, it’s nothing to him at all and he feels the impatience ignite a rage within him.

Izumi is obviously taking her time in the bathroom so he lets his thoughts flow.

Fabio seems to be busy in the playground, so he will take a walk around the Center to see what’s going on.

Finally, Izumi is washing her hands.

At that time, Rasmus has found a kitchen and a task he loves.

Fabio has found a spacecraft outside the Center building and he is on a secret mission to outer space.

He has climbed high into the cockpit and here he notices a boy staring at him.
Is he an alien? An enemy or friend?

Izumi has found a soulmate who has the same interests as her. They both sit in deep silent concentration.

She seems to love this kind of tasks where her sharp eye for colors and nuances is challenged.

Fabio decides it’s more fun to have friends than enemies so he chooses to introduce himself to the boy.

“Hey I’m Fabio! Wanna join my play? We can be Space Rangers!” says Fabio.

“Then I will be the Chief of Star Command and you will be the Space Cadet.” says the boy, whose name is Rune.

Sometimes you have to make some compromises to get a play agreement negotiated, so Fabio agrees to give the boy the the leadership of the space mission.


Afternoon in San Myshuno Private Practice

Tusnelda arrives alone for the consultation with Doctor Flex.

She could have used Martins support in this situation, but his soccer team is playing a match until late.

She hesitates before knocking on the door.

She is usually strong and independent so she does not understand her own sense of insecurity. She has a strange uneasy feeling that she can’t really put into words. She needs to gather herself.

She is received by Fatima’s friendly welcoming smile.

“Tusnelda! It’s great to see you again.”

“Thank you Fatima! I wish I could say it is just a pleasure meeting you here.” replies Tusnelda kindly.

“I’m sure everything will turn out very well in the end, so don’t worry too much, dear…. If you take a seat in the waiting room, the doctor will soon be ready to see you.” Fatima says optimistically.

“Thank you Fatima.” says Tusnelda seriously.

She wished she shared the confident secretary’s optimistic predictions.

On the way to the waiting room, Tusnelda is passed by one of the clinic’s other doctors.

There is something about the look the doctor sends towards her that tells her they might see each other again.

Tusnelda sits down to wait.

She certainly does not feel good about the feeling that she is leaving the control of how her future will shape up in the hands of others.


Late afternoon in San Sequoia

“Fabio! Come with me. I’ve made dinner.” says Rasmus.

“Oh no! Not now Rasmus. I’m a Space Ranger! I’ve finally earned the title of The Chief of the Star Command, since Rune left. I’m about to fly out into the galaxy.” Fabio protests.

“Come here Chief Command Ranger! As a reward for your great achievements…”

“….will the spaceship now fly in the direction of the planet San Sequoia Center, where an exquisite dinner awaits you.” says Rasmus, as he lifts Fabio high into the clouds.

“Phew! I should train my biceps more before the next ride.” says Rasmus out of breath.

He can hear Fabio laughingly surrendering. Thus, Rasmus’ mission is now completed without arguments.


For some reason, the little Space Ranger chooses to eat his food in solitude.

He might not be quite ready to mix with the Earthlings and their boring questions about homework and other trivial topics.

Later, however, he makes contact to hear if he still has time to play.

“Rasmus has just made an agreement with the craftsmen, so you still have a good hour to play.” Izumi says kindly.

Since Rune has gone home, Fabio goes around the Center to see if he can find a new playmate.

This is where he meets Atlas.

Now Fabio starts new negotiations about roles and rules of the play. It will probably come in handy later in life.


San Myshuno Private Practice

In the waiting room, Tusnelda is finally picked up by Doctor Flex.

The doctor looks at her seriously as she settles into the seat.

Tusnelda looks expectantly at him.

“Yes Tusnelda. I might as well get straight to the point.,… I have looked into your tests and I would say that you might optimistically have a 3 to 5 percent chance of achieving pregnancy without medical intervention.” he says.

“What!? Three percent!?

“How can you make such a conclusion” from a single small sample?…I’m never sick. You must be wrong.” Tusnelda protests.

“I am quite confident in my prognosis……” begins the doctor.

“You have to fix it! You’re a doctor. It’s your job!” interrupts Tusnelda sternly.

“….but you must not despair, Tusnelda. We still have plenty of options to offer. It may be inseminations and surgery, but before we resort to anything drastic, I would suggest that you speak to my colleague, Kristine Paulsen.” says Marcus encouragingly.

“What!? Surgery!? Insemination!? No! I’m not a cow! That’s out of the question!” says Tusnelda shocked.

“It’s definitely not the first thing I have in mind either. That’s why I’ve called Dr. Kristine Paulsen to this conference.” the doctor says soothingly.

“Hello Tusnelda. You can just call me Kristine…As Marcus suggests, I would like to try to give you a more natural treatment before we choose the heavy artillery”. says Kristine kindly.

Natural methods are something that speaks to Tusneldas heart as a herbalist, so she immediately decides to have faith in the open smiling doctor.

She follows her without hesitation.

Marcus looks after them as they leave his consultation.

He may have some challenges in dealing with the stubborn woman, but with time the majority of his patients tend to surrender to his treatment guidelines.


Kristine follows Tusnelda into another room and the first thing she notices is a massage table.

This is where Kristine starts giving Tusnelda a fertility massage, while she calmly explains what she is doing.

“This massage technique is known from ancient medicine and it is known to give a good boost to hormone production…. Now you just have to relax and let go.” she explains calmly.

Tusnelda feels herself getting drowsy and after a while she falls asleep.


While Tusnelda receives her treatment, Jade has found her way to Marcus’s office.

“Hey Jade! You look amazing.” Marcus says with an admiring smile.

“Is that a new jacket?” he asks kindly.

“Yes, it is! …and now you and I are going to air it out together at the Spice Festival.” Jade says eagerly.

“I’m sorry Jade, but I can’t today…I still have a patient and I have a medical report I must finish writing. Maybe you can go with someone else and we can meet later? ” says Marcus.

Jade immediately leaves Marcus’s office. “I can ask Elijah right?” she says on her way out the door, but Marcus must be really busy because he doesn’t hear her.

She sees Fatima as soon as she hits the front office.

“Fatima! How about going with me to the Spice Festival? Maybe we could ask if Elijah wants to attend?”

“I would love to!” Fatima says in surprise. “I’m glad you ask me.”

“Of course Fatima! I am so happy with how you have received me in your little community. I consider you my friend” Jade says and gives Fatima a warm hug.


Kristina has woken Tusnelda, who now sits up in a daze.

“We can talk when you get your clothes on.” Kristine says kindly.

“Tusnelda, you should be prepared that this massage might give you some emotional impacts. Do you have someone to be with tonight?” says Kristine.

“Yes, I’ll be picked up by my husband after this, but what do you mean by emotional impact?” Tusnelda asks uneasily.

She still hasn’t forgotten the black emotional delusion she experienced when she met Izumi for the first time.

“Some may become a little sad, others find that they become romantically elated, so I’m glad your husband is there to support you.” replies Kirstine.

Kirstine says goodbye and asks Tusnelda to contact her if there is anything that worries her.
She then lets Tusnelda contact Martin before she leaves the room.

“You can pick me up now, Martin.” says Tusnelda. She is happy to hear that he is close by.


Doctor Flex is waiting for her in the front office while the secretary seems to have left.

“You can call my secretary on Monday and make a new appointment for about a month.” he says kindly.

Tusnelda is almost knocked over when Martin comes through the door….. Has he always been so handsome? she thinks wistfully.

“Oh! Mr. Andersen. How nice to see you again.” says the doctor welcomingly. “I’d suggest you take your wife out on a nice date. She could use your attention.” he continues.

“I can see that.” replies Martin smiling.

“Is that doctor’s orders?” Tusnelda asks flirtatiously.

“Thanks Doctor. I think we can handle ourselves from here.” says Martin with a suppressed laugh.


When they come down the street, Tusnelda suddenly wants to see an exhibition she has heard about.

They stand together and look at the exhibition poster. The exhibition is called ‘Aphrodite – Myth or Reality’.

“I’m sure I’ve seen the model somewhere.” says Tusnelda.

“The exhibition continues down in the basement. Shall we go down there?” Martin asks.

“No, let’s go. You heard the doctor, Martin. He recommended a date and I’m starving,” she replies.

So here they go 💕

We’ll pick up on them later.


At the Spice Festival in San Myshuno

Meanwhile, Fatima, Elijah and Jade have arrived at the Spice Festival.

Jade really wanted to be here with Marcus, but she’s glad to have friends who can step in when he’s too busy.
He will meet them later.

“Damn! That curry is HOT! I feel like I have fire coming out of my ears.” Fatima wails.

“Are you in pain?” Elijah coughs with difficulty. He feels how his burning tongue makes it difficult to pronounce words.

“I think I’ll survive.” Fatima says gratefully.

“What a relief.” Elijah replies with a wink.

“Hey guys! I completed the curry challenge!” says Jade.

Somehow she doesn’t feel like she’s receiving the tribute she deserves, as Fatima and Elijah seem to have forgotten her presence.

Suddenly, Fatima seems to wake up to give Jade a big hug.

“Congratulations sweetie! You must have a stomach of steel. It was really well done.” she says.

“Hey Fatima! I would like to ask if you want to apply for a new modeling assignment? I will be photographing some stylish everyday clothes in a relaxed atmosphere. What do you say?” Elijah asks.

“Yeah, maybe…..” Fatima replies hesitantly.

“…..On second thought. I’d love to.” she says blushing.

Jade clearly senses how her ten seconds in the limelight is already over.

“I’d also like to be a model if you need it.” she says welcomingly.

“Thanks Jade! You’re a lovely model, but I’m afraid Marcus will beat me up if I take any more pictures of you right now.” Elijah says seriously.

That really hurt, so Jade immediately turns her attention away from Elijah. The truth is that she may have incited Marcus’s jealousy herself in order to get his full attention.

Shortly after, she receives praise from a passing woman….”Wow! You did the challenge. That’s really cool!” says the woman.

“Let me deal with Marcus. It wasn’t fair to Jade.” Fatima says to Elijah.

“I tell you Fatima. That guy suffers from morbid jealousy.” Elijah replies.


Later, the three of them go into the Waterside Warble to sing karaoke.
Jade lays out. She is not quite finished seeking the limelight.

“Tell me Fatima. I’m curious what you’re actually going to say to Marcus…..or are you going to beat him up? I’m sure you have a good fist.” says Elijah.

“Oh? You’re curious? I have my secret methods.” Fatima laughs.

“What secrets? I’ll tickle you until you tell me.” Elijah says, then launches an attack.

“Stop! Elijah stop! I hate you!” howls Fatima, drowning out Jade’s song.

“Sorry Fatima. Are we still friends?” he asks.

“We’re still friends.” she says soothingly.

Jade looks at them, and she gets a definite feeling that a serious flirtation is building between them.

She’s probably right.


Evening in Brindleton Bay

It is dark when Rasmus, Izumi and Fabio return home to the house in Brindleton Bay.
The craftsmen have long since gone home.

Izumi immediately goes to the bedroom. She needs to sleep.
Before she goes to bed, she hangs the two puzzles from today’s excursion on the wall.

“It was a really cool day Rasmus. I made new friends. When can we go there again?” Fabio asks eagerly.

“We have to look at that.” Rasmus replies kindly.

Rasmus sits heavily on the sofa when he enters the house.

“Are you sad Rasmus” asks Fabio.

“No I’m not sad. Maybe I’m just a little overwhelmed.” Rasmus sighs as he looks at the unfinished walls.

His house has gone through so many changes and he doesn’t have all the money Izumi would love to spend on the renovation. They have to reuse what they can… And they are also having a wedding soon and a new baby on the way.

“I would like to help you.” says Fabio seriously.

“Thank you Fabio. You really are a fabulous boy, but it’s nothing you need to worry about.” Rasmus says kindly.

They sit together in silence for a while, enjoying their friendship and each other’s presence.

Izumi has fallen asleep a long time ago, safe in the knowledge that Rasmus is always there to pick up where she falls short.

Rasmus gets up from the sofa.

“We better get to bed Fabio.”

“What do you say Fabio? Do you still need a goodnight kiss from this bearded man?” Rasmus asks.

“Yes, please!” replies Fabio.

Rasmus watches as Fabio slips under his duvet.

Then he bends down over the boy to kiss him goodnight.

“Your beard tickles me.” Fabio giggles before falling asleep.

Rasmus looks at the picture of him and Izumi hanging on the wall.

He is so tired, but he is as happy as any man can be.

A moment later, he is lying next to Izumi, fast asleep.


Brindleton Bay late evening

For Tusnelda and Martin, the night is by no means over yet.

“Maybe we could skip the restaurant and have a bite of bread on the bedside at home?” says Martin cheerfully.

“No Martin. Doctor’s orders. We’re going on a proper date.” Tusnelda declines.


The woman gets what the woman wants, so she goes to the host to ask for a table.

Suddenly, a bat lands right in front of her. Masato!?

Sorry Masato, but there is no screen time for you today.

“You look so handsome today, Martin.” flirts Tusnelda.

He doesn’t manage to return the compliment, because now the waiter is ready to take their order.

“Do you have any recommendations for a romantic date?” Martin asks.”

“I don’t know what the female doctor did to me with her touches, but I feel like a miracle is coming. I feel so excited.” explains Tusnelda.

“I have no doubt what she has done to you.” says Martin with a wink.

This restaurant has surprisingly fast service because now the waiter is already returning with their dish.

“It looks really interesting.…What was the soup called?” Martin asks.

“I’m not quite sure about the ingredients.” says Tusnelda hesitantly. She is usually able to recognize most nuances of taste.

“I’m sure it contains shellfish and maybe lemon?” she continues.

“I’m not sure.” says Martin hesitantly.

When it comes down to it, he is neither hungry nor thirsty. He is tired after the match and eager to get home by the second act.

“Now the service returns….

“I hope you are satisfied with the food? May I recommend a dessert?” she says.

“No, thank you! Everything is perfectly satisfying, but we must go.” says Martin firmly.

He quickly swallows the rest of his drink.

“Are you ready, Tusnelda?” he asks.

She is ready.

The man gets what the man wants.


It is midnight when they finally get home.

Tusnelda feels so blessed. She is sure that a miracle awaits.

Perhaps he really is some kind of miracle worker?

One thing is certain. This night the sparks return over the marriage bed.


Late night at The Narwhal Arms in Windenburg

We find Marcus in confidential conversation with Paolo outside The Narwhal Arms.

“As you know Paolo, I’ve always considered myself a noncommittal guy, but something has changed… I mean, who would have predicted that Jade would have that effect on me? I mean, Jade! The leader of The Partihaus Club and the queen of flirts?” says Marcus.

“I’m sure I did.” Paolo replies.

They go inside to join the party and here we find The Partyhouse Queen in a dance duel with Candy Behr.

Jade is beyond happy with the way her life has turned out.

“Thanks for the contest Candy! It was really fun. We should do it another time.” she says.

“You seem invincible Jade! What happened?” Candy asks curiously.

In addition to the Partyhouse Club members, Fatima and Elijah also attend the party at The Narwhal Arms.

Fatima can’t take her eyes off Elijah. You can see that he has been a dance instructor. He knows how to move his body.

Party time!

Gradually, most people fall out of the dance, but Elijah continues without losing his breath.

Suddenly Elijah is hit by a warm tickling sensation and he catches Fatima’s shining eyes.

“Did you blow me a kiss Fatima?” Elijah asks.

“I couldn’t come up with that.” Fatima answers embarrassed.

“I have no objection.” he says, sending her a wink.

Elijah throws himself back into the dance, still feeling Fatima’s burning eyes staring at him.

“Elijah! We need to talk.” she suddenly says.

“I think you have a big crush on me, so now I think it’s time for you to show some action.” she says.

Someone knows how to act without reservation.

Finally it seems that the otherwise always omnipresent Fatima can leave her further destiny in someone else’s strong hands.

Let’s give them some privacy.

In front of the DJ mixer, the party is still going on.

Later, Fatima and at a suitable distance Elijah come out of the men’s toilet.
No one should think that there was anything sneaky going on between them out there.

Maybe it will be hard to convince everyone because they both laugh uncontrollably just looking at each other.

The night turns to morning and most of the guests have gone home. Elijah and Fatima don’t care as they are engrossed in a personal conversation.

Elijah talks about the confusion of the past and the struggle to find his own inner core.

“The outside world takes me to be very confident and persuasive, but I still feel like a lanky pimply guy…..I had this high school boyfriend. He was really seductive and confident. He seemed so perfect, but on a somehow I’ve never felt seen for who I am. I guess I’ve never found my own preferences.” he says.

“I totally empathize with what you’re saying, Elijah… I always seem to have everything under control, but I’m not as invulnerable as I let people think. Inside of me is that little timid girl who just wants to be taken care of….. However, I can’t fool myself. I’m not that tiny and I don’t feel I’m particularly attractive.…My body is so bulky and my hair has turned gray even though I am quite young.” says Fatima.

“I find you very attractive.” Elijah says with a smile.

When The Narwhal Arms closes in the morning, they have both found a new soulmate in each other.


They follow each other back towards San Myshuno, but the journey home will be long as it is full of interruptions.

At some point they find a stall where they can buy some food.

They must both be very hungry after a long night.

They eat breakfast in the sun without taking their eyes off each other.

Later, their endless conversation continues.

Fortunately, it is Saturday morning and the clinic has closed for the weekend. No one is going to miss Fatima for the next few days.

Look at her! Her smiling face tells that her mood is completely different from the previous morning.

Thus it is time to zoom out of this chapter.


Author’s note:
It is absolutely certain that the new Growing Together expansion pack and the addition of compatibility have changed many of my Sims’ relationships.
If I even considered writing Elijah’s high school sweetheart into the story, I quickly realized that Elijah and Fatima have an extremely good compatibility. They almost never take their eyes off each other.
I therefore once again choose to follow the inscrutable paths of the game, even though I know I have the power to manipulate my Sims in another direction if I wish. I love seeing them together, so it won’t be this time.

This song is for Elijah and Fatima.



  • GlacierSnow

    I love the budding romance between Fatima and Elijah! They seem to really enjoy each other’s company, and they are adorable together.

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    Cool how you are showing the new additions to the house actually being built. That’s a nice detail.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I’m really glad you notice the small details and Fabio’s way of understanding the world. I place a lot of emphasis on giving my characters a unique personality that makes them alive and believable.

      I really loved describing the budding romance of Fatima and Elijah. They are totally absorbed in each other. I love seeing them together ❤

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    • MonaSolstraale

      Fatima is no doubt very angry every time she meets Salim, as the circumstances are always due to a complaint.
      Thank you for commenting on this scene. I love Salim’s dazed face that doesn’t seem to grasp anything and yet sees everything clearly in his drugged state. She needs to enjoy life.

      Fabio is so trusting when it comes to Rasmus and Rasmus never seems to get angry, even though hotheadedness is one of his character traits.
      I rarely build houses in sims4. I lose my overview. But it’s fun to change a building gradually 😀

      The urge to become a mother hardly runs particularly deep in Tusnelda, but her love for Martin makes her go for it anyway. One small step at a time.
      As with everything else, her nature is to be completely engrossed in whatever preoccupies her, so she will probably be a very committed mother.

      I think it is fully proven that Jade mentions Elijah to get Marcus where she wants him.
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      Nice to have you back 🙂
      I hope you got through your exams well?

      I’m so bad at building from scratch, but I love renovating houses and I think it’s quite fun to do it step by step.

      I love Elejah and Fatima together. He immediately developed the trait faithfully, so I have no doubt that they belong together.

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      Hi Manny. Thank you for your positive comments. I’m glad to hear your head is doing better ❤

      I actually miss my characters a bit myself 😅
      Almost three weeks ago, I overlooked a step in a dark cinema. It resulted in a crash and a sprained little finger on the right hand. Unfortunately, this means I get pain when I use my computer mouse and it has put me on an involuntary break 🙄

      Back to your comment.
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