Tusnelda and Trix

86. What the night holds

This chapter takes place in the immediate aftermath of Rasmus and Izumi’s wedding. There are still some dreams that there was no room to take care of in the last chapter. We will follow up on them now.
No one is unaffected by such an event, perhaps except for Elijah and Fatima who did not attend the party. They run their own personal game and here I move to the edge of what I normally see as appropriate. Don’t worry, nothing goes too far

NB: After this chapter follows a short spinoff with a serious conversation between the author and some cast members.


Midnight in San Myshuno

The big city never completely sleeps. There are people on the street. None of these people have any significance to this chapter other than serving a role as a mood backdrop.

To find one that has some kind of meaning, you have to look closely at this picture. Ambrosius is on the street on independent cat paws. Here he sits washing his whiskers.

Wondering what his new family is up to? He decides it is time to return home and see what the feeder has to offer.

I guess it’s only in the Sims that a cat can independently take an elevator up to the top, but I choose to accept this as a fact.

The apartment is remarkably quiet.

Ambrosius goes into the bedroom but the bed is empty.

Elijah probably has his own excursions in the night, he thinks. Now he wants to go to the automatic feeder in the expectation that something good awaits him.


San Myshuno Fashion Distrikt

To fully understand the introduction, we need to move back to earlier in the evening. The wedding party is still in full swing while Elijah and Fatima attend the Romance festival in the Fashion district.

The sweet pink drink served at the Romance Festival can make Sims very flirtatious. It’s not because the drink is necessary in Elijah and Fatima’s case. They are newly engaged and still very much in love.

“Elijah, we can ask the Romance Guru about how he sees our future. Maybe he has some good advice.” says Fatima.

“I don’t see why? I’m sure our mutual attraction will last forever. We’re meant for each other.” Elijah replies with his usual unwavering conviction.


Fatima chooses to seek out the Romance Guru anyway. She doesn’t quite have Elijah’s confidence, although that will probably surprise those who know her professionally.

Elijah chooses to consult a food stand instead.

“I see great passion, but the fire must be kept alive with firewood or it will burn out.” says the Romance Guru with a wise look.

You don’t have to be a Guru to come up with that kind of prophesy, but Fatima thinks long and hard about how she should interpret the term ‘firewood.’

Elijah watches her from a distance.

She looks quite serious. Hopefully the Romance Guru isn’t about to give her some silly prophesy that makes her unsure about their future love relationship.


“I’m relieved to see you’re still smiling.” he says.

“Of course I smile, what did you expect?” says Fatima.

“The guru gave me something to think about, but nothing bad.” says Fatima

“What a relief…you never know with those kind of prophets of the future, do you?”

“Fatima, I bought you a little present..”

“I saw a small snow globe with a lighthouse yesterday but unfortunately I didn’t manage to buy it, would you like to take this one instead?”

“Oh Elijah! That’s quite a romantic thought. It’s adorable.”

“will you take this flower?”

Elijah looks like he won a million. Perhaps he has in a symbolic sense.

They continue to do what all couples in love do. Trying to make time and atmosphere last forever.

Elijah is crazy about her and very spontaneous.

“You can be so overwhelming Elijah, but I’ve learned to enjoy it.”

“That’s good.” he asserts.

It is a little after midnight and we will now zoom away from the couple in love. We have reached the current time while following them.


After midnight at Factory One in Windenburg

If anyone has wondered if Don has tried to seduce the karaoke singer, then that has been disproved. He doesn’t really have the energy or the right vibe.

He needs someone to talk to and the only person he could think of to call in the middle of the night is Eva.

Although she may not be the best bet for a conversation partner, she is a night owl who rarely goes to bed until late in the morning.

He can see her in front of the television from a long way off.

She greets him with a self-conscious smile. “Hey Don, it didn’t take you long to find your way back.”

Don tries to get his thoughts under control and begins to explain what’s bothering him.

“Don’t tell me you interrupted me in the middle of the night to torment me with boring deep conversations. I’m not a psychiatrist!” she says angrily dismissively.

“Well I’m sorry, I didn’t know who to go to.” Don says, embarrassed.

“Not me! You have to sort out your own mess.” she says.

Don tries to soften her up again. As we know he has a talent for handling women.

“Are we still friends?” he asks.

“Well you know I can’t resist you. I will take care of your depression” Eva answers softly.

She already looks a little dreamy at the thought.

She confidently walks ahead towards one of Factory One’s many bedrooms.

“Why the closet? Can’t we use the bed?” asks Don.

“Shut up Don. You’re about to turn into an unimaginative boring old man.”

Is that sentence supposed to help Don’s depression?


Windenburg Windslar district after midnight

Marcus has invited Jade on a date right after Rasmus’ wedding. Here they have just arrived at the old inn .

“This place looks quite romantic.” Jade says with dreamy eyes.

Yes, he can definitely be romantic. He has been planning this date for a long time.

“Let’s go inside.” he says, walking forward with quick confident steps.

Jade follows a little hesitantly.

On closer inspection, there might be something dingy about the place. As it is a hangout for people who are not always on the honorable side.


They get a glass of nectar and she looks thoughtfully into the glass.

“You look like you’re thinking about something?” Marcus says.

“Yeah maybe. I was thinking about the wedding party. It was a pretty nice place.” Jade says.

“Yeah, that was fun.” he answers.

“Marcus, I’m quite surprised at what we’re doing here? It’s quite late.”

“It’s no problem. I’ve rented a room. I felt like doing something special for you.”

“Oh? I see.” she says hesitantly.

“I thought we deserved some time without disturbing neighbors and roommates.”

“Yes that sounds nice Marcus, but is this place safe?”


He doesn’t know what to answer. In the daylight, the inn here looked old in a cozy way, but apparently not in Jade eyes. It always seems like he hits a little beside her dreams.

“I have a key to our room. We can lock the door, so what do you say Jade? Shall we look at the conditions?”

“I assume that means we’re safe so yeah, let’s do it.”

They will find their room on the first floor.

Due to a somewhat sloppy builder, there is only access via an external staircase at the back of the inn.


Jade looks skeptically at the the room’s wallpaper and furniture. It looks terrifying like something that belongs in a vampire movie.

She looks at Marcus. He’s really trying to fulfill her romantic dreams, so she shouldn’t be so critical.

“What do you say Jade, should we try the mattress?”

“I hope we don’t feel old broken springs in our backs” she says.

It must depend on a test.

So here they go. Love is in the air.

They are both tired after a long day, so further testing will have to wait until tomorrow.

We’re saying goodbye to The Shrieking Llama for now.

It can be seen that the sun will soon rise, but there are still a few hours when almost everyone is asleep.


Brindleton Bay at three o’clock

When we last saw Fabio, he was playing with Futte in the kitchen while he waited for Don.

Now Futte is fed up with the game. She wants to go hunting for some cheeky squirrels.

“Wait for me Futte! You mustn’t go.” Fabio says as he runs after the cat.

He is afraid that Futte is about to run away from home and besides, he does not want to be confronted with the monster under his bed.

He almost loses sight of her as she runs through the viaduct under the road.

“Futte! Wait!”

When he reaches the other side of the viaduct, he has completely lost track.

He can hear the sea rushing ahead….

Here is Futte sniffing for scents with her nose high in the sky.

Fabio doesn’t find her. He runs in a different direction across the beach down towards the promised sea.


Factory One

Don stands back at the closet and looks at Eva. It wasn’t much fun and not what needed. He didn’t even take his clothes off at any point.

“You don’t look very excited, Don.” says Eva.

“Nah, it was nice but I think I’ll be going now.”

“Don’t be silly Don. Come sit down. We can talk.” says Eva with a smile.

“I am sorry Eva, I shouldn’t have bothered you.”

“There’s just some things about my life I’m messing with right now. I guess it happens to everyone, don’t you agree?”

“Don’t worry Don, you’ve still got it.” she answers.

“Well? Yeah, thanks Eva.”

“You’re welcome back if you need another talk.” she says.

“Yes, thank you Eva.”

“It’s always a pleasure Don!” she says as he leaves.

He shouldn’t have come, on the other hand it didn’t make things any worse. Neither worse nor better.

He calls for a transport to Rasmus’ home. The only place where he have some kind of foothold right now.


The Shrieking Llama just before dawn

Marcus is woken in the early morning by the chirping of birds. They can be heard loudly through the old, uninsulated windows

He goes out into the hallway to find a bathroom.

He opens the door he finds most logical and luckily ends up in the right place.


“Where have you been Marcus? I was worried when I didn’t find you in bed.”

“I just went to the bathroom, what did you think?”

He moves closer to her.

“Jade I need you to stand up, will you?” he says gently.

“What are you up to Marcus? I can tell you’re up to something.” says Jade.

What he is about to do now makes his whole body tremble.

That is why he chooses to do what he is most comfortable with. He gives her a deep and long kiss.

“Jade, do you accept this ring?”

“Marcus! Is this really happening now!?”

“Yes, yes I do!”

“It is so shining! gorgeous!”

“It fits perfectly Marcus. Yes I do want to marry you.”

Marcus has definitely hit the bull’s eye this time and he doesn’t even seem to be in any doubt anymore.


Now all that’s left is the celebration. Fortunately, the mattress has no broken springs to interrupt the pleasures.

Lots of pink sparkles.

The future seems bright and full of shining suns.


Brindleton Bay at sunrise

Fabio plays with the sand at the water’s edge.

Suddenly it dawns on him that it is almost morning.

He must hurry home. Imagine if his mother wakes up and can’t find him.

He is running as the sunrise rises from the sea. As he will try to run faster than the sun can manage to find its way up.

Along the way he gets confused about his direction and turns right where he should have run straight out.

Just at that moment, Don starts a run.

Fabio is lost, but he sees something that makes him continue his direction.

It is a dog.

Fabio carefully extends his hand towards the dog. It seems friendly.

Don runs along the beach. Full of his own thoughts and unprepared for what he will soon face.

“Do you want a treat?”

No sane dog would refuse such a delicious offer, so the dog gratefully accepts Fabio’s gift.

Fabio looks thoughtfully at the dog. Maybe it’s a stray too. It is missing a collar.

The sun has almost released its grip on the horizon as Don gets closer.

“Do you know Bella? She’s my friend but I haven’t seen her in days. Futte is gone too. I am sad that I cannot find her.”

“You’re missing a collar, is that because you need a home? If you were my dog you could chase the monster away….I think monsters are afraid of dogs.”

“Woof!” replies the dog.

That boy has an awful lot on his mind.

“Fabio! Is that you?”

Fabio looks up when he hears Don’s voice

“Why are not you sleeping?” Don asks.

Fabio looks at Don in surprise.

Then he gives Don a huge hug. “You came, just like in my dream.”

“I got lost when I was trying to find Futte…Then I heard the sea and it became light…When I wanted to go home I got lost again…Then I met the dog,” says Fabio in a long sentence.

Don just stands and listens as he ponders how to answer a child.

“I asked the dog if it would chase the monster away…That monster scares me,” he admits quietly.

This is something Don understands, but how is he going to tell…

“I want to be a big boy now. I don’t want to be a scarecrow when I become a big brother.”

“Not even big boys have to fight their monsters alone. We all need to talk about what scares us in order to overcome our fear.” says Don.

“How do you know?” Fabio asks.

“It doesn’t pay to try to be something you’re not. My experience has taught me.” replies Don and that argument is hard to dismiss.

“Hey Don you dumbass I have a present for you!” meows Brooke. She still has some sort of love for Don after their shared home in Sulani. But Don, as usual, is preoccupied with his own satisfaction, so she quickly runs again.

In this case, however, it must be said to be an unfair accusation, but of course Brooke can only understand things from a cat’s perspective.

“I suggest I follow you home now and give that monster a good shot with the cleaning agent.” says Don.

So here they go. Two knights united in a common fight against a terrifying monster.


San Myshuno just after sunrise

Fatima has got dressed after a few hours of sleep.
As you can see, the sight of Elijah fast asleep makes her float away in sweet dreams.

She sits down at the computer. She has gradually made a name for herself as a website designer.

It wasn’t her intention to wake Elijah, but now he’s about to get up.

She immediately turns off the computer.

Elijah has some ideas for a photo shoot that make her blush.

“Just give me half an hour and I’ll look like something beyond your wildest dreams.” she says.


As predicted, half an hour later she is putting the finishing touches on her costume.

The lingerie is found in the EA catalogue, it will probably work.

“Elijah, “Is this okay?” She asks with a sudden uncertainty.

“Fatima! You are more than ok…you are…wow!” Elijah says with an appreciative look.

The light is adjusted and they are both ready for the photo shoot.

A few portraits out of many will be allowed to speak for themselves….

I find her really beautiful.

So does Elijah and soon he has enough pictures to choose from. We will see later what he has in mind with them.

Right now, he only has one special person in mind.

He’s totally in love with her an before things run wild, we will go back to Fabio.

Later we will see how Fatima adds new ‘firewood’ to a fire that is already burning.


Brindleton Bay

As promised, Don has given the monster a good shot of detergent, then follows Fabio to his bed.

Rasmus and Izumi are fast asleep. Satisfied in body and soul on top of a fantastic wedding.

Don watches as Fabio crawls under the covers.

Soon he lies down. He should be dead tired from roaming all night.

In fact, Don is quite tired himself, so as a final caring gesture he wraps the covers tightly around Fabio before finding his own bed.

This gesture seems more meaningful than anything else he has done during the night.


Early morning in San Myshuno

At the same time in San Myshuno, Fatima is putting Elijah to bed.

“Close your eyes Elijah and I will give you a nice surprise.” she says.

Elijah closes his eyes and leans back in anticipation.

A clinking sound makes him open his eyes.

“Fatima! I think…”

You are absolutely right Elijah. Now we’re heading towards something subcultural…



ZZZ !!!

Who? What?!!

Now the damn wicked mod is running wild again! You can’t take a moment’s rest without the Sims acting like unruly wild animals.

…but these are just innocent EA animations. Nothing wicked at all but only fun.


We are back

A wild pillow fight is going on and there is no need to comment. I let the pictures speak for themselves.

The fun continues for a while until Elijah surrenders.

“Fatima, let us stop, I’m done.”

Fatima looks like a harpoon hunter, with fire in her eyes, ready to deliver the final killing blow to her prey.

“Please Fatima, I surrender!”

It is no loss to surrender to a woman like her.

“Who’s on top now, Fatima!?”

Sigh! Someone simply does not want to follow the rules….

If they don’t want to listen, they must feel

Blacked out by the authorities!


With the watcher’s intervention, it is fortunately possible to move on in this chapter.

So here they go…

I know we all love some pretty sparkles.

Elijah doesn’t seem to have any kind of complaints, so I assume that must mean a pretty good end to this chapter after all 💖


Author’s note: Since I’m not using Poses I’m experimenting with some different mods to vary the sims interactions. The WickedWhims mod certainly offers a lot of useful animations and even more that don’t belong here. There are lots of settings, but until I got the hang of these I experienced a lot of surprising pregnancies and scenes being interrupted by Sims taking action without warning. Such a whim is the reason for the handcuff scene between Fatima and Elijah. I couldn’t have come up with it myself, but in a way, I think it fits Fatima’s transformation. She has come a long way from the dull-dressed secretary in hospital slippers to where she is today.


The following is absolutely not necessary for anyone to read. It’s just a playful spin-off with random thoughts about the future scripts.

Crew negotiation

“Welcome Elijah. I am glad to see you for this negotiation.”

“Thanks Mona. I bought you a little hostess gift.”

“To me?! Thanks Elijah, you always seem very thoughtful.”

“A snow globe? The game seems to have a lot of that stuff.”

“There’s no doubt you’re a very attentive character.”

“Now for the more serious stuff. I’ve noticed that Fatima has undergone a huge transformation since you entered the story.”

“Yeah! She’s amazing, isn’t she?”

“She is absolutely amazing but heading way beyond the limit. You two must control yourselves or I will have to write you out of the story.”

“No! Please Mona! I promise we’ll turn off the lights from now on if we get any wicked ideas.”

“Sounds good Elijah. You are one of my favorite couples.”

“What is hidden in the darkness no one cares about.”

“Thanks for visiting Elijah, I can sense someone else is setting up a negotiation.”


As a vampire, Masato has already teleported into the apartment before Mona enters the door.

“Hey Masato. I see you’re trying to force yourself some stage time again. Would you like a pancake?”

“No thanks, it’s not really my kind of food.”

“Oh I see, unfortunately I can’t offer you anything else. I’d hate to be without my blood.”

“I’m worried about your mental state, Mona.”

“How can you write a chapter about the contents of the night without a single vampire? Vampires are the undefeated rulers of the night.”

“Oh, I see where you’re going.”

“I could give this story some real drama. Nobody cares about weddings and Don’s brain-dead escapades. People want to see blood, gore and the kind of stuff that shakes their confidence.”

“I you’re probably right. Crime and horror movies seem to have high ratings…. Perhaps you should seek inclusion in another story. I can recommend a few simlit writers.”

“It’s a lame suggestion, Mona. How would it be possible for me to transfer?”

“Maybe you should reinvent yourself Mona and start expanding your readership?”

“Nope! That’s not my kind of story to tell.”

“Well since you will not accept good advice, I’ll take matters into my own hands. We Sims still have some form of self-determination.”

“Yeah, I have kind of seen that.”

“Sorry, now I have to gather some new inspiration.”

This means that this crew negotiation is finally over.


See you all!


  • SirianaSims

    Oh my, Fatima is certainly putting Elijah to bed! I laughed so much, these two are amazing 💕

    I think Marcus and Jade still have some work to do when it comes to learning to understand each other and communicate, but I am so glad to see Marcus finally committing to her 🥰

    And finally Don, my love. I am glad to see that his secret fatherhood talents are shining through, and I hope his search for meaning continues to move forward. He seems to get closer every day to finding out what he truly wants ❤️

    • MonaSolstraale

      Fatima and Elijah really have a strong chemistry together. I’m glad they made you laugh ❤

      You are right that there is something a little off between Marcus and Jade. On the other hand, they keep attracting each other. Marcus has made a commitment, but has not laid down all shields. He needs to tell her honestly about the child he is fathering before she finds out in some other way.

      Don has really good fatherly qualities and I’m glad he gets to discover them through Fabio. He’s really caring and helpful and I think that’s a big part of his appeal to women. Unfortunately, he is also quite easily inflammable and has weak boundaries. He is on his way, but it may not be as straightforward as you would like.

  • GlacierSnow

    I read this chapter right after you posted it, but apparently I didn’t leave a comment! (I think my husband called me to come have dinner and then I got busy doing something else).

    Anyway, this chapter is a lot of fun. I love your “forth wall breaking” scenes where the characters talk with the writer. Lol. Elijah and Fatima’s… uh… “antics” in the bedroom cracked me up. They are just too adorable together. Fatima sure seems to have gained a lot of self-confidence, at least as far as being flirty with Elijah goes.

    Masato can come join my vampires any day.

    Don seems like he’s got a good heart, he just needs to figure out what really matters to him.

    That final picture of Fatima is GORGEOUS! I love her playful wink.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Elijah and Fatima have such wonderful chemistry. I love to shoot scenes with them. This time they surprised me and I just had to use those pictures for some fun. I think it’s quite fun to act out dialogues with my characters, even if it might be a bit silly.
      Fatima is really gorgeous when you add a little make-up to her.

      Don has a good heart. I’m quite fond of him, despite his somewhat notorious womanizing side. It makes him rather unpredictable at times 😅

      Masato is excited at the prospect of a more fulfilling life 🤗
      I have put him on my gallery #Masato.
      If he can inspire you, that’s fine, but I have no expectations or preferences.
      Thank you for your comment ❤

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    And here we see the lingering romance of Rasmus and Izumi’s wedding. Everyone seems to have some lingering longings, but how they tackle those longings differs greatly from person to person. Fatima and Elijah can keep the whole romance festival running just by themselves, no drinks required. Don is running from his feelings and tries to lose them with Eva, but Eva does not seem interested in helping Don as much as “helping” herself.
    Marcus tries to guess Jade’s wants and as always seems just a little off – seems Jade wants glamour and luxury more than the inn that charmed Marcus. Oh! Luckily she accepted his proposal anyway 😄 I do hope those two can reach happiness together. Out of every couple in the story, somehow their foundation seems the most unstable.

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      Don will be a great father when he reorganizes himself, but how? It is up to him to learn. Fabio really looks up to Don from day one. In his eyes, he is an admirable sportsman with the patience to listen to a little boy’s thoughts 🤗

      Elijah and Fatima are so funny and beautiful together. You can be sure that the photographs will not go over the edge. The author does not sleep so heavily 🤨😅

      Masato is actually quite admirable. He is a romantic master vampire with fully developed sun tolerance. He could be quite an interesting character in another story. I have uploaded him in the gallery to save 😉

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    I love the image of Jade and Marcus kissing in the mirror. But oh my! I wasn’t expecting a proposal. Congrats to them!

    Don and Fabio’s relationship is very sweet and not something I would have predicted earlier from just knowing about Don. He has a really caring and patient side, and it's nice to see it flourishing.

    Fatima’s style for the photos is great. It’s a nice change from how she usually is. I laughed at the error message. Haha! 😆🤣 It’s important for couples to have fun and try new things. The switch to pillow fighting made it quite wholesome.

    “She is absolutely amazing but heading way beyond the limit. You two must control yourselves or I will have to write you out of the story.”

    😂😂 Oh no! I would be sad if they got written out. I hope they’re a bit less wicked.

    Out of curiosity, how do you decide the order of your chapters? I like how you focus on different characters and weave all the different stories together. When I read you story it feels natural and almost effortless, but managing such a large cast would be a huge challenge for me. It's really impressive.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your sweet comments ❤
      I am so happy to be able to save them here now that the Forum is going out with the garbage 😢

      I think it’s fun to play with the images and that’s what I’ve done in this chapter. The picture of Marcus and Jade might seem too crude up close, but as a mirror image it is romantic and sweet.

      Don and Fabio have a really good connection in my game. This shows that Don has a caring side.

      Fatima is so inspiring for me to dress up because she doesn’t look amazing in every outfit. When I do succeed she looks divine. You can rest assured that she will not disappear from history. She and Elijah are very important to me.

      That’s a good question 🥰
      I have a script that controls the development and direction, but there is room for changes along the way without losing sight of the end.
      The person gallery has expanded during the writing process. Sometimes it is a big challenge for me to choose who should be the focus of the individual chapters. In particular, it is a challenge after there are offspring in the story. I take a lot of pictures of events that are discarded because they will differ too much or drag the story away from my goal.
      I have quite a few parallel Saves that I use for elaborate scenes. Everything is merged into a master save, using MCCC if there are any links missing.
      It is a big puzzle and therefore it must also end at some point. However, that time is not quite yet.

  • Manny Likes Sims

    I loved the fourth wall break!! I laughed so hard when the scene faded to black and cut to your simself xD

    Fatima and Elijah are the best! And Fatima looks absolutely *stunning* in her photoshoots!

    (Also Masato cracked me up xD Way to try to steal the show, dude!)

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you like the scenes that move a little beyond the main story. I had quite a bit of fun making them 😂

      Fatima and Elijah are so lovely together 🥰
      Masato has a habit of showing up at the most inappropriate times. Like when I’m in the middle of shooting serious subjects. Here, he was finally allowed to speak for himself 😅

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