Tusnelda and Trix

85. Dreams do come true

As the header image suggests, it’s finally time for Rasmus and Izumi’s wedding. A large part of this chapter is about this celebration. It will be a follow up to most of the characters in this story. Especially Tusnelda and Martin and not least Don. Don must learn that there are both disadvantages and advantages to sharing an address with a curious boy like Fabio.
The chapter contains a minor episode with Elijah after the cat Ambrosius has become part of his household. There was more planned that I have edited away, otherwise this chapter will be unreasonably long. I’ll have to take that later.


Windenburg at 1:30 a.m

Rasmus is having too much fun. He is with a group of friends at The Narwhal Arms nightclub to celebrate his last night as a bachelor.

Although it might be an insinuation to describe him as a bachelor. He is already very established in family life and it has been a long time since he hung out with his friends from the Powerhouse club.

The group of friends has since expanded to include Jade, since she and Marcus have become permanent sweethearts. Of course, Don is also an important part of his closest friends.

Rasmus has just ordered a new round of his favorite drink, red nectar.

Here it is Jade and Clara exchanging some friendly comments. It’s not because they have that much in common other than they’ve both been part of Marcus’ circle of friends for years.

“Hi Jade. It’s been a long time. How are you enjoying the city life” Paolo asks kindly.

Jade and he have been roommates in Windenburg for years, but it has been a long time since she moved into Marcus’ private clinic in San Myshuno.

“I’m fine Paolo and how are you?” she replies kindly.

“So last night as a bachelor, how do you feel about that?” Don asks seriously.

“It just feels right.” replies Rasmus.

The attentive reader may have already spotted Martin and Tusnelda. Of course, they both attend the party, but they seem to stay a bit in the background.

“What about you and Eva, Paolo? Are either of you thinking of settling down?” Jade asks.

“No, you know me Jade, the eternal bachelor and Eva? She loves to live out her dream as the new queen of the Partihaus Club, not very settled.” he answers.

Now Rasmus has sought out Tusnelda and Martin. He gives Tusnelda a big hug.

“Tusnelda! My very best friend. Thank you for being here.”

“How do you and Rasmus know each other? Are you a member of Marcus’ Powerhouse club?” Eva asks curiously.

“No, we’re just good friends from a long time ago.” replies Tusnelda politely, as she wonders what this the busty sexy woman has to do with Rasmus.

Eva actually has nothing to do with Rasmus. She is just part of the circles he knows and this is how the world often turns out to be connected in an intricate network.

Rasmus and Martin have known each other since they were children, so the roots of this friendship go deeper than any other.


The clock has moved forward. Both Jade and Clara have gone home. Rasmus is now back with Don, who must be said to be his newest friend.

“Hey Don, I hear you’ve moved into Rasmus’ guest room. Isn’t three in a relationship one too many?” says Marcus cheerfully.

“What!? You don’t live with the Caliente’s anymore?” Paolo asks in surprise.

Rasmus listens to Don explaining to Paolo why things between him and Katrina became too complicated in the long run. Paolo seems to be full of understanding.

“You’re welcome as long as you need a place to stay. I’m sure you’ll figure something out in time.” he says calmly to Don.

Marcus looks thoughtfully at Rasmus. Over time, he and Don seem to have switched roles. Who is mentoring whom now?

Anyone who knows Martin will know that he does not like large gatherings. That may be the explanation for his keeping to himself.
Now he is being approached by Tusnelda.

Tusnelda has actually become quite outgoing over time, but with a past as a loner, she will always support him first and foremost. He is the love of her life.

“I don’t know about you Tusnelda, but it feels a little strange to recognize our doctor as one of Rasmus’s friends. You don’t quite know how to get around him.” says Martin.

“I feel exactly the same way.” she answers.

Rasmus has no problems getting along with Marcus. He knows him as a Bro and a keen leader of the exercisers at the Harbor Quarter Gym.

At one point, Rasmus spots a woman with a turquoise dyed hair. It sends him on a wistful train of thought back to Blue.
Once he thought she was his only one. How insignificant one’s own conceptions are in the big perspective. He is in a much better place today.

“Hey Rasmus! It is about to dawn. You’re getting married in twelve hours. Maybe it’s time for me to follow you home?” Don suddenly says.

“What the fuck Don!? It’s not like you to leave a party before you’ve seduced a woman, should I be worried about your state of mind?”

“As your friend, I guess I have certain obligations.” says Don as he calls for a ride home.

There is probably no one who would have predicted that Don would turn out to be quite mature and responsible, but that is exactly what true friendship is about, it makes you grow, Rasmus thinks gratefully.


Brindleton Bay at 4 o’clock

“Fabio, you should go back to bed. It’s way too early. Remember we have a long day ahead of us.” Izumi says.

“But you’re up mom. Why aren’t you sleeping?” Fabio answers seriously.

“Touche! You can say that. I’ve slept but now I’m waiting for Rasmus to come home.” Izumi laughs kindly.

Fabio is a clever boy, so she is careful not to say more about her concern that Rasmus’ friends have lured him into drinking far too much.

“Don’t worry mom. I’m sure he’ll be right back.” says Fabio consolingly.

It turns out that Fabio is absolutely right. Just now, Rasmus and Don appear on the grass in front of the house.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful evening, my friend.” says Rasmus and gives Don a huge hug.

A moment later, Rasmus steps steadily into the kitchen. He seems pretty sober.

“There you see. No need to worries. Now back to bed.” Izumi says in a firm voice.

“I wasn’t the one who was worried mom.” Fabio protests.

“What are you two talking about. Why aren’t you sleeping.” Rasmus asks.

Don stands somewhat aloof, watching their confidential banter. He feels a tenderness spread through his body.

Look at me. Sentimental nonsense, he thinks, shaking his head.

“I’m a big boy. I can go to bed myself.” says Fabio.

“Does that mean you reject a kiss goodnight from this bearded man.” says Rasmus cheerfully.

“I would like to put you to bed, sweetie.” Izumi says softly.

“No mom. I’m not a baby anymore. I can handle myself” Fabio replies.

Don can’t help but smile to himself when he hears the eager little boy.

He changes into workout clothes. He is grateful for the treadmill that allows him to burn off excess energy.

“I’ll let you prove yourself, but there will be no discussion about going to bed now. We can’t take an overtired boy tonight.” Izumi says firmly.

Fabio can hear his mother and Rasmus talking when he walks into his room.

“You should also sleep for a few hours, Rasmus.” says his mother.

“I won’t say no to being tucked into bed by you.” Rasmus hums.

Fabio walks steadily towards the bed. He wants to prove he’s not a baby anymore.

“Pff!” How childish do they think he is?


“Did you enjoy your evening, Rasmus?”

“Absolutely. It was so nice to hang out with old friends again.” he answers.

“Are you sure one of us shouldn’t go in to see Fabio?” Rasmus asks.

“He will say if he needs us, Rasmus. He’s so eager to show what he’s capable of. I think we should show him that confidence. Let’s go to bed.” replies Izumi.

“Yeah, you probably know best.” Rasmus says thoughtfully.

He hears Izumi breathing heavily before he crawls under the covers. When it comes down to it, he’s also pretty tired. In about ten hours he is to be married.


Don runs for another while on the treadmill. Rasmus’ wedding triggers a lot of thoughts about his lifestyle and what he really wants for his own future. He is at a loss for answers.

His physical exhaustion helps him escape the clutter of thoughts. Now he wants to take a hot bath and go to bed.

On his way to the bath, he hears a voice.

“Did you hear that?” he asks Fie, who looks at him in wonder. Is Don talking to her?

Fie curiously follows Don as he walks towards Fabio’s room.

Don is sure he hears a voice in there.

“I’m not afraid of you…” the voice says.

When he enters the room, he sees Fabio sitting with paper and crayons.

“Shouldn’t you be sleeping now, Fabio?”

“I am drawing.” Fabio replies.

“Do you mind if I sit here while you draw?” Don asks.

“It’s ok, I guess” Fabio answers shortly.

Don gets up and leaves.

He’s pretty hungry on top of the workout, so he finds a light meal in the fridge.

A little later he is back at Fabio’s side.

“I’m done drawing, but I can’t sleep when the monster is under my bed.” explains Fabio.

“The monster? What monster?” Don asks confused.

“Please Don…Will you remove it. My mom always does but I don’t want to wake her up.” Fabio begs.

“But how?” Don asks.


“Fabio, are you absolutely sure that this is the correct method of removing monsters?” Don asks doubtfully.

“Yep! Works every time.” says Fabio seriously.

Don feels like a lunatic.

“I can guarantee you that no monster will dare stick its nose out now.” Don says.

“That’s good.” replies Fabio.

“What’s the matter now? Why don’t you go to bed?” Don asks, confused.

“You really don’t know much about children, do you?” says Fabio seriously.

“Now is the time to give me a hug and tell me to have sweet dreams.” Fabio explains eagerly.

“Oh I see.” Don says kindly.

“Goodnight Fabio, I wish you some good dreams.” Don says, giving him a hug.

“I think you’re cool.” Fabio says, hugging him back.

Don puts the blanket tightly around Fabio. The boy’s trust moves him deeply. He would never have thought that could happen.


Morning in San Myshuno

Elijah has just placed a request on the missing-pets network when he sees the cat sniffing for something.

“Can you smell your breakfast, Ambrosius?”

“Your feeder is full, so you can make yourself comfortable while we wait for an answer as to whether anyone is missing you.” he continues kindly.

While the cat is eating breakfast, he goes to the toilet to clean his litter box. There are some duties that come with hosting a cat.

Elijah slips into some loose clothing and goes back to the cat.

“Did the food taste good? Is there anything else you need right now?” he asks.

“You contain a lot of speech, don’t you?” Ambrose communicated back silently.

“I really hope you feel welcome. You see I’m not used to pets so I’ll do the best I can and hopefully it’ll be good enough until you owner approaches.”

Ambrosius continues to stare at Elijah. He seems somewhat over the top if he has to judge it.

Suddenly, Elijah lets out a startled gasp and looks in the direction of the morning TV

Some sort of fight has occurred in a TV series.

Ambrosius remains seated calmly, even as Fatima enters the door.

Elijah greets her with a kiss on the cheek. These two humans still seem preoccupied with mutual grooming.

“Fatima you look dazzling.” flatters Elijah.

“Elijah! Stop staring at my butt.” Fatima says as she pours coffee into a mug.

Her smile, however, reveals that she enjoys his attention as well as the anticipation of the coffee she is about to consume.

“Have I told you I love you?” Elijah says as he blows a kiss in her direction.

“Yes, at least a hundred times ….I love you too.” she replies blushing.

After the coffee is drunk, Fatima goes to the bathroom to take a quick shower.

She loves everything about Elijah and his apartment, except for this hideous bathroom.

Ambrosius has meanwhile moved into the studio. He is a lazy cat so he gives himself plenty of time to consider whether he should investigate other rooms.

Fatima and Elijah sit together in the living room to watch a season premiere of a TV series.

However, it quickly becomes clear that none of them are really caught up in the television.

Elijah heads to the bathroom to take a shower just as Ambrosius has decided to keep him company again.


San Myshuno Skye Fitness Gym at 11 o’clock

Don has slept a few hours and now he has sought out a new gym in the hope of finding some one who need a personal trainer.

However, the few people in the room do not seem to miss a mentor.

A big, broad-shouldered guy gives him a look that tells him not to try to take over his territory. If there is someone to be mentored, it is he who decides.

A woman stands and delivers hard punches to a punching bag.

A back mark tells that she is perfectly capable of handling her own affairs.

Don considers whether he should leave now.

However, he decides to take care of his own training now that he’s arrived. No one seems to interfere.


San Myshuno Arts Quarter at one o’clock

Ambrosius has finally ventured out to explore the outdoor facilities with Elijah.
He takes his time to oversee it all.

Elijah seems busier. He is dressed in jogging clothes and runs around the square at high speed.

A guy stands on a stall in the square and offers a collection of snow globes.

Here I must interject. Masato! You don’t avoid any opportunity to get some stage time, but a sales stall in the sun. Is that wise?

Elijah has spotted a snow globe with a miniature lighthouse similar to the Brindleton Bay Lighthouse. Since it has some kind of symbolic meaning, he wants to buy it for Fatima.

To his surprise, the salesman suddenly seems to vanish into thin air. Is that a bat he sees in broad daylight?

Elijah instead examines a box of stools someone left on the street. Sometimes you can be lucky, but he finds no lighthouse in the box.

Elijah buys a lunch dish at one of the local food stalls. Ambrosius takes a relaxed nap next to him.

The street vendor does not show up anymore, but he must have had some sales because the desired miniature of the lighthouse seems to have been sold.


Several floors up, Fatima has been visited by Jade.

“Jade, I don’t know how to tell you this, but Elijah bought me a ring. We’re getting married!” Fatima says excitedly.

“What!” Jade exclaims in surprise.

“Did he really buy you a ring so soon?”

“I don’t think Marcus will ever let go of his divine freedom, but I guess I should wish you guys the best of luck.” she says with a strained smile.


Factory One in Windenburg almost two o’clock

Don has given up on finding someone who could use a mentor at Skye Fitness Gym. He feels quite turned on, so now he has sought out a familiar address.

It’s not the first time he’s been at Factory One and it probably won’t be the last either.

He walks through the front door like a family member.

He has already seen Eva from afar and it is precisely her that he has come to find.

“Oh! Hi Don.” she says, admittedly surprised.

“Do you have something in particular on your mind?” she asks teasingly as she walks on.

Don senses Paolo’s probing gaze in the background, but right now he doesn’t care.

“Eva, please, you know… I…” he whispers.

“You are such a child Don, so easy to read.” laughs Eva.

“I was beginning to fear you didn’t like me anymore after you ignored me all evening at the Narwhal Arms. Have you come to make amends?” Eva says seriously.

Paolo tries to interrupt their conversation: “Hey Don, you remember we’re going to a wedding this afternoon?”

“Yeah, sure….” Don answers in a hoarse voice without addressing who he is answering and without taking his eyes off Eva.

“Should I call you when it’s time to go?” asks Paolo.

Paolo looks after them as they leave. He didn’t really expect an answer.

“I keep an eye on the time.” he says.

Don follows Eva as she leads him to one of Factory One’s many bedrooms. He looks around. It’s a strange place to live.


Half an hour later, after he and Eva have made out what they usually make out when they are in a bed together, they sit and talk together.
Eva is not the type to spend a long time on deep conversations, so she quickly excuses herself by saying that she is tired.

It is probably good as it is, because Don has an agreement with Rasmus to arrive in good time and he would like to take a shower and change into formal wear beforehand.

He hears Eva’s light snoring as he leaves the room. She seems quite satisfied with the way things are.

He doesn’t see Paolo when he leaves and he doesn’t spend time looking for him either. He’s busy now.


Myshuno Meadows half an hour to four

“My God Don, where have you been all afternoon. I was starting to get nervous about you coming.”

“Take it easy, Rasmus. I’ve got everything under control. I remembered my camera. You’re my friend and I’ll never let you down, right?”

“I guess not, not on purpose, but one never know if you’ve encountered a sexy obstacle.” says Rasmus quietly.

“You’ll be fine.” reassures Don.


It is exactly four in the afternoon when Rasmus walks confidently down the wedding aisle.

His friends are sitting on the chairs and his nervousness is replaced by happy anticipation.

The day is finally here.

Here comes the bride. Izumi is dressed in a white dress that is stretchy enough to mold to her large baby bump.

She walks calmly down the wedding aisle.

Does he hear someone crying?

He hopes she has no regrets.

“You look really beautiful, Izumi. Are you ok?” he whispers.

“Of course I’m fine Rasmus. I’m just very touched.”

Now that all the surroundings are in place they can share their vows.

Rasmus promises Izumi eternal fidelity and to share everything with her now as well as in the future. He finally feels like a whole person after meeting her.

Izumi tells how grateful she is that Rasmus has included both her and Fabio in his life without reservation. She will cherish and love him for the rest of her life.

You won’t suspect either of them of embellishing the truth as they end the ceremony with an exchange of rings.

Izumi looks admiringly at her ring. This is a dream come true for both of them.

Now they can share their first kiss as husband and wife.

This is the end of a perfect ceremony.

Their guests have risen from their chairs. Now they stand together in a group at the other end of the wedding aisle.

“Let’s follow together, Izumi.” says Rasmus and offers her his arm.

“Who invented that horrible tradition?” says Rasmus when he feels grains of rice crawling down behind the shirt’s lapel.

“It will bring us prosperity.” Izumi replies with a smile.

“You’ve already enriched my life, I don’t need more.” he says.

We take a short break while the newlyweds exchange a passionate kiss.

Rasmus turns to the guests.

“Now there’s cake and a party in the main building.” he says.

The sun is setting, leaving behind a perfect golden sky.

Everyone, on the other hand, seems to be too busy to enjoy the sight.

Absolutely no one sees the fireworks that light up the evening sky above the wedding arch.


They all gather in front of Rasmus’ beautiful wedding cake.

Rasmus removes the top decoration and gets ready to cut the cake.

The first piece of cake must be shared by the bride and the groom, according to tradition.

Will Don catch this moment with his camera?

Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case.

Now the cake table is open to everyone.

As the last guest, Joaquin Le Chien arrives. Marcus seems to wonder what connection he has to the bride and groom.

(He appeared in a chapter years ago and obviously feels self-written to participate.)

Everyone gathers around the tables to eat cake.


Later, Martin feels prompted to make a spontaneous toast to his old friend.

“Rasmus, I’ve known you almost all my life and I know how much you’ve always dreamed of this day. The road to get here hasn’t been easy but I’ve loved seeing how you’ve always sought new paths. So here you are today with your lovely bride…”

“Cheers to you and a happy marriage!”

“Wow Martin! Those were a lot of nice words. Thank you my very best friend.” says Rasmus enthusiastically.

With this, Rasmus and Martin renew their friendship.

Immediately, all eyes are on them.

Izumi watches Rasmus from a distance. He has so many good friends. He is in every way a guy people like. She doesn’t disagree.

I can’t say whether Don fears being pushed out into the second row when he suddenly spontaneously gives Rasmus a huge hug.

Don is a character you cannot avoid. At least I can’t.

It can be seen at Tusnelda that food has been put out on the buffet now.

A bartender has also arrived who will look after the bar for the rest of the evening.

The guests mingle and eat and have a good time with each other.

Fabio has found a seat at the bar. He is the only child present tonight. He must be pretty lonely, but he looks quite satisfied.

Tusnelda finally seems to be talking casually with Marcus. Tonight they can talk about any topic other than her lack of fertility.

Rasmus and Izumi seem to have forgotten everyone else’s presence right now.


Back to the presence. Now it’s time for a bridal dance.

All guests gather around the dancing couple to blow soap bubbles.

This is the fun part of the party.

Bubbles are definitely much more fun than the horrible rice that crawls into the clothes everywhere.

“Everyone let’s dance!” shouts Rasmus eagerly.

Tusnelda looks so pretty and very flirty in her green dress.

Of course when she spots this guy. Their mutual bond is so strong.

Marcus seems to be having his own party.

After the dance, it’s time for Izumi and Rasmus to eat.

Rasmus just seems to be so in love with his bride.

It’s party time.

Everyone, let’s dance!

A little later, Don goes outside to get some fresh air.

“Hey Clara! You here too?” he says.

Ha! As if it’s a coincidence. They can’t fool me.

Don is just acting typical and Clara can never resist him.


Let’s concentrate on the party inside, where Joaquin has started one of his smug dance performances.

Rasmus once tried to compete with him in a dance performance. I don’t remember which one fell.

Outside, Don looks like he wants to talk Clara into something.

It didn’t work out and they both look quite hurt.

We can only guess what happened.


It is late and Izumi is getting pretty tired.

The disc jockey is still playing but the guests are gradually leaving the party.

Fabio finally seems to be getting some attention, although Izumi seems to have a hard time taking her eyes off Rasmus.

“You haven’t danced with me mom!” Fabio says.

“That’s right, so the next dance must be yours.” Izumi says.

They look so cute together.

Fabio still adores his mother, even though he is becoming a big boy.


Paolo and Joaquin are some of the last to leave the party.

“I’m going out with Fabio to get some air.” Don says.

“I’ll see you a little later.” Izumi says kindly.

Rasmus has retreated into the kitchen, where he is making coffee. He’s pretty tired and this is his wedding night.

“There you are. I’ve been looking for you.” Izumi says.

“You never usually make coffee.” she says.

“It may be because we don’t have a coffee machine.” says Rasmus.


“Don, when you get married, I want to be at the party.” says Fabio.

“But I’m not getting married.” Don replies.

“Why not?” Fabio asks.

“I’m not the type of guy to marry, nor do I have a bride in sight.” Don says.

It is really difficult for Fabio to understand and he is immediately ready with a new series of questions. It won’t be easy for Don to escape.

Rasmus is sitting with his coffee when Izumi says she is ready to leave.

“It’s ok. Let’s find Fabio and go home.” Rasmus says.

He sees aurora in the sky when he comes out.

He has never seen anything like it.

“Did you see the sky?” he asks Izumi.

“Yes, it is enchanting. Like the finale of a perfect dream.” Izumi says.

Rasmus can hear Fabio’s eager, bright voice from a long distance away. He’s trying to convince Don of something.

“But you can’t say that Don. I think you’re cool. I want to be like you when I grow up.” says Fabio.

“Trust me, you won’t.” Don says.

“Hey guys! It’s time to go home!” says Rasmus.

“I’m just explaining to Don why he should get married.” says Fabio.

“I love weddings, don’t you?” laughs Fabio.

“Absolutely, but now we have to go home.” replies Rasmus.

Don has suddenly lost his voice.


Midnight in Brindleton Bay

Fabio, Rasmus and Izumi have just come home.

Don has said he’ll be back a little later. He needs some air.

“I’m afraid Fabio has talked Don completely out of his mind tonight.” says Rasmus.

“He can be a bit of a challenge when you’re not used to kids, but I think Don will get over it?” Izumi smiles.

“I love you Izumi.” says Rasmus seriously.

Fabio looks at his mother and Rasmus from a distance.

Fabio has once again insisted that he will go to bed himself and his mother has said that she will check on him later when he is asleep.

Now they seem to have forgotten his presence as they whisper together.

Fabio offers to play with Futte.

He is still standing with the cat stick when Rasmus and his mother disappear into their bedroom.

If he waits a little longer, Don will come home and then he can put him to bed like last night.


Midnight at the Stargazer Lounge in San Myshuno

Don has just arrived at the Stargazer Lounge, so he will probably not get home until much later than Fabio expects.

There aren’t many customers but he sees an older guy go into a free toilet.

Don takes over the toilet when the guy leaves.

It’s a guy readers might recognize as Delphine’s friend Valentino.
Don can hardly know that their paths will later cross more than once.


“I’m not that type of guy, but I can’t tell that to a little boy can I? I mean I’m a womanizer. That’s my reputation and the only thing I’m good at. Who am I if not that?” Don says.

A red eye stares back at him.

“There you see. Why am I even talking to a toilet?” Don says.

“Because-you-need-someone-to-talk-to.” replies the toilet.

“I hear voices. I’m a raving lunatic.” Don exclaims.



There is an older man at the bar talking to the bartender, but he leaves when Don arrives.

“Please be my guest.” Don calls, but he goes regardless.

The bartender looks in his direction as he leaves.

“He’s quite polite, but a bit reserved. An old colonel.” she explains.

“What can I do for you?” she says.

“A barley brew. A big one.” Don replies.

“Normally I rarely drink alcohol. I’m an athlete you see, but today I seem to need it.”

“What makes this day so special? Do you have any sorrows to drown?” asks the bartender.

“You can hardly talk about sorrows…I’ve been to my best friend’s wedding and it kind of puts life into perspective, you could say.”

“It often happens when life unfolds right in front of you.” says the bartender.

Don walks over to sit on a bar stool.

He is sitting in introspective thoughts, drinking his barley brew.

“Perhaps you are envious of your friend?” suggests the bartender.

Don looks up in surprise…..

“No, I’m not like him. I’m not the type of guy who wants to get married and have kids.”

“I am a free spirit.”

“Well, if you say so.” says the bartender.

“You can’t deny your personality, can you?” Don says.

“What’s your personality like?” asks the bartender.

“Well I’m a womanizer and an athlete and…. I guess I don’t know….. Do you think I’m crazy?” Don says.

Don gets no answer as the bartender is meanwhile busy with a new customer and a new order.

“I assume it’s up to me to find my own answers. Thank you for the conversation.” Don says.

“See you another time, Mr.” she replies kindly.

Her attention has already shifted to another customer.

Well, that’s the signal for him to go.

Don stands up and feels some eyes looking at him.

It’s a karaoke singer trying to catch his attention.

He could seduce her if he wants to.


Brindleton Bay past midnight

Tusnelda sits and watches Martin as he grills some ground beef for burgers.

“We’ve been eating and drinking all evening. I don’t think I have room for a single bite.” she says.

“You don’t need to. If you’ll just keep me company while I eat.” he says.

“All that vegetarian food always gives me such a craving for some regular meat.”

“It smells delicious, Martin.”

That’s how she ends up taking a burger anyway.

She thoughtfully finishes the food while Martin carries the dirty plate into the dishwasher.

Oh no, she shouldn’t have been tempted. She’s way too full now.

She’s actually a little nauseous.

She gets up to put the leftovers in the fridge.


They go outside together to enjoy the cool night air.

“Can I have the next dance?” Martin says.

“You look so handsome in that suit, Martin.”

“You look absolutely stunning in the green dress Tusnelda. You are so beautiful.”

They’ve been kind of building up to that kiss all evening. 💖

“I need to use the bathroom…I’ll be back” she says.

You have to wonder how someone can run so fast in high heels.

Oh no!

Here she has to sacrifice the burger and all the other food of the evening.

Fortunately, it helped the nausea.

“Are you ok Sweetie? Anything you need?”

“I just ate too much, it’s over. All I need is a hug from my handsome man.” she says.

“I can arrange that, Sweetie. It shall be my greatest pleasure.”


“Tusnelda, why do you always throw your clothes on the floor?” sighs Martin

“Should we fight or chase sparkling stars?” she says.

The answer probably gives itself, even if the stars do not allow themselves to be captured tonight.

When it comes down to it, Tusnelda is not really in the mood…

“I’m so sorry Martin. I’m feeling a bit beside myself tonight.”

“It’s ok Sweetie.” he says.

They share a passionate kiss. There is no doubt about their mutual love….it’s just…he tastes like burgers…now the nausea is coming back…..


Perhaps the alert reader has already guessed it. Despite only a 2% change for pregnancy, the miracle has happened.

“Martin! The nausea…I took a test. I’m pregnant!” she cheers.

He looks at her a little confused.

“Are you sure? Can we be sure?”

“I’m absolutely sure. The test showed a clear answer.”

“Wow Sweetie. We finally made it.” he says moved.

“We did Martin. We finally succeeded.”

“We are going to be parents. I can hardly believe it, Tusnelda.”

“It’s going to be fine.” she replies gently.

They give each other a kiss.

Damn….he still tastes like burgers…

“We are going to be parents.” says Martin amazed.

“Sorry Martin….nausea…I have to run.” she says.

He continues as she runs towards the toilet…

“This proves that there is something to what they say, if you are patient, in the end, dreams do come true!”


Author’s note: For Rasmus, Izumi, Martin and Tusnelda, dreams came true, so I will end this chapter on a really good note.
I know there are still some unfinished issues. Will Fabio fall asleep without help and will Don end up seducing the karaoke singer? All this remains unanswered until the next chapter.
Rasmus and Izumi are in many ways a traditional couple and they have celebrated a rather traditional wedding, therefore I have chosen a very traditional wedding song for them. It has a title that embraces them all.



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      Thank you very much for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the party as well as the bride and groom and guests ❤
      I love to see the joy and calm that radiates from Rasmus. He is in a really good place in his life 😊

      Don is a mess right now. Fabio’s questions contribute to him becoming uncertain about his identity and the choices he makes.
      It can be difficult to let go of a familiar lifestyle, even if it no longer feels quite right. It feels safe and predictable, even if it’s bad for you. Some have to stumble more than once.
      I’m glad I brought Don to that bar because the bartender’s facial expressions are a gift. She has seen enough in life to see him through 😂

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      The wedding went perfectly. Fabio is a treasure. He is so happy for Don and that means Don comes into contact with a completely new side of himself.
      I always try to add depth to my text, even when they seem silly and shallow.
      It is my mission that all my characters reach a point where they find peace with themselves and what life offers them.
      I love happy endings, but we’re just not quite there yet 🙂

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      Don has a good core. I enjoy writing his development. Fabio becomes important because he is such an open-minded and curious boy who asks Don important questions 🙂

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      Thanks for your comments ❤

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      Don still has a lot to learn and he may be a slow learner. 🤔
      There are still some difficult chapters ahead. It is not always self-inflicted when the path for some is filled with bigger obstacles than others. 😟

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