Tusnelda and Trix

87. The favor of fate

Today’s chapter is quite long because there is a lot at stake. Take a break when necessary. Tusnelda and Martin are learning that they are actually expecting a child. Rasmus gets a concern about Don’s behavior. Don, on the other hand, is practicing being able to make some responsible choices. At the end of the chapter, he ends up somewhere he shouldn’t, but which after all might have a reasonable reason. Fabio fears he will be forgotten and turns to Don for comfort. However, not all questions are easy for Don to answer. We are back to the usual mess mixed with some pink sparks.


Morning in Brindleton bay

Martin is up early as usual. He has been training on the treadmill and now he is in the process of preparing for today’s match by examining the opponents’ team.

It’s funny how Tusnelda’s gaze always looks towards the giraffe painting when she walks by.

She feels a tremor of joy and amazement. Now she carries the germ of their own little ‘baby giraffe’ in her womb.

She stops next to Martin and observes what he is doing.

“Martin, why do you always turn off the screen when I come. Are you hiding something for me?”

“Not at all sweetie. It’s just to show you that you have my full attention.” he answers.

“Well then I have to say that it’s kind of sweet.” she replies seriously.

He gives her a searching look before standing up.

Then he gives her a light kiss on the cheek.

“You don’t have to treat me like a fragile egg. I’m not sick, just pregnant.” she says with a sly smile.

“I know Tusnelda. I think every minute about how lucky we are and how amazing fate can be.”

“Then give me a proper hug I can feel.” she says with a smile.

They stand like this for several minutes, feeling each other’s presence, before they both continue their day’s chores.


It’s a really nice morning with a spotless blue sky. You can see the mailman delivering some letters. It may be a bill or some elements Tusnelda receives after they have been extracted at the Scientific Institute.

The mailman continues his route. You can see Tusnelda’s pregnant belly through the window. It has a kind of statement.

Tusnelda has to go to work and she has found some leftover food in the refrigerator.

Martin takes advantage of the beautiful weather to run down to the beach.

He continues along the beach paths.

In the background you can see a recognizable being without him noticing.

It is the black stray dog with the many names. Sasha, Bella, Dina to name them all.

The dog herself really likes the name Sasha. Maybe because it’s the name she’s been hearing a lot lately. She associates it with a really nice lady.

Since we know Martin isn’t a dog person, why would he notice?

Sasha finds a spot of sun and takes a nap.


Morning in the house next door

Close by, Fabio is still fast asleep. As we know he has had a long night up until now.

Izumi is the only person awake in the house. Therefore, she has a long conversation with one of the cats.

Fie gives her a watchful attentive look as she tries to understand everything Izumi is telling. Maybe she does?

“Rasmus and I got married yesterday, you know? It’s the best party ever. Lots of happy people and my dress….it was so beautiful.” Izumi tells in the absence of other listeners.

Fie blinks, which is a really polite behavior for a cat and absolutely not a sign that she is bored.

Now Rasmus appears from the bedroom.

“What are you two talking about?” Rasmus asks curiously.

“I’m telling Fie about the wedding. She’s very interested, aren’t you?” Izumi says kindly to Fie.

Fie doesn’t seem to object, but when Rasmus catches Izumi’s attention, she leaves the conversation.

“You were such a beautiful bride. Izumi.” says Rasmus and sends her a kiss.

“Thank you Rasmus! You looked really handsome in that suit yourself.” she says with a smile.

The atmosphere in the room is starting to heat up to a temperature that can burn you, so it’s time to turn our attention outside in the cool morning air.


Just now, Martin is on his way home from the beach and right in front of him he sees the dog Tusnelda is so fond of.

He glances at the dog as he runs past. She always seems quite calm and friendly, so he has started to accept her in the environment without fear. He can’t really believe that she is homeless, as Tusnelda always claims.

Sasha stands up to move on.

As we know, fate wanted the cat Ambrosius to meet Elijah and Fatima on the day they were ready to take him, but fate has not yet chosen Sasha’s path.


An insistent buzz from the phone wakes Don. It’s Katrina.
He has absolutely no intention of repeating their connection so he ignores the phone call. He should delete her number.

He shamelessly wades into the kitchen wearing nothing but his underpants (which are a gift from Katrina, by the way. Get a grip Don!)

Fortunately, there is only Rasmus it can bother.

“Good morning Rasmus. Did you sleep well?” he says kindly.

“Like a rock. When did you get home?” replies Rasmus.

“Well, it was getting pretty late.” Don replies.

Now Fabio has also woken up and he approaches curiously to follow the conversation.

“You know me, Rasmus. I always find a way, so I found some companionship with a special friend.”

“I can guess what kind of companionship you’re referring to, so please stop, there are children present in the room.” replies Rasmus.

Fabio looks at Rasmus in wonder. What is it that Don is not allowed to talk about? He was actually the one Don met, but maybe he shouldn’t tell that Don found him on the beach in the middle of the night.

“Guys please!” Izumi says sitting down causing the conversation to fall silent.

Rasmus leaves and Fabio decides it’s time to find the climbing frame before the conversation leads to uncomfortable questions from his mother.

Don remains seated. There is something he wants to talk to Izumi about.


Don begins to tell Izumi about the conversation he had with Fabio yesterday, about monsters and Fabio’s eagerness to be a big boy. He does not say where they had that conversation and how late it was. After all, he doesn’t think it’s particularly important.

“It seems like he’s pushing himself.” Don says.

“I never thought I’d hear about childcare from a bachelor like you. You don’t think Fabio benefits from challenging himself?” Izumi says with an ironic twinkle in her eye.

“Well I’m not a child expert but I know something about wanting to be what you’re not and how it can make monsters appear.” Don replies with a shrug.

These are surprisingly wise words from Don’s mouth and we have to wonder if he sees any connection with his own way of life.

“I hope you don’t mind me telling you?” Don says apologetically.

“Not at all Don. I’m glad you’re telling me and I’m glad Fabio has confidence in you.” Izumi says kindly.

Outside, Rasmus has collected the laundry from the clothesline and he is on his way inside.

“You should be proud of your son Izumi. He is such a smart and kind boy. I’ve really grown to like him.” Don says.

“He really admires you Don. I have noticed that you always are kind and patient with him. That’s really a nice trait of you.” Izumi says softly, with bright eyes and a gentle smile.

There is nothing that touches a mother’s heart so deeply as when her child is praised. Don can feel a blush rise to his cheeks.

Just at this moment, Rasmus enters the room and throws the laundry on the table. Don quickly jumps up from his seat.

“Am I missing something interesting?” Rasmus asks.

Izumi laughs when she sees the hearts on Don’s underpants.

Rasmus follows Don’s almost naked body with his eyes as he walks towards the bathroom. He knows Don is not ashamed of his body but he should take some consideration…

“Shall I buy you a pair of underpants like that?” Izumi whispers.

“What are you two up to?” Rasmus snarls with a suspicious look.

“What do you mean Rasmus!?” Izumi says dismissively.

Izumi sends Rasmus a killer look. “What are you insinuating? Are you accusing me of something!? I thought you’d be happy that I like Don.” she says angrily.

Rasmus can’t help but notice that Izumi looks like she’s very annoyed. He’s never seen her like this before.

I’m sorry to say it Izumi, but maybe I’m not the only one who’s noticed how a heated flirtation between you and Don keeps developing. At least I hope Izumi herself is aware of the danger ahead.

“I’m sorry Izumi. I don’t suspect you, but I know Don and I know how he can influence women.” says Rasmus apologetically.

“He’s your friend Rasmus. You should have faith in him and you should trust me.” she concludes angrily with a sharp look.


Now the subject of the conversation emerges from the toilet wearing a pair of very tight jeans.

Both Rasmus and Izumi sit in silence absorbed in their own thoughts…. Rasmus is embarrassed to realize his distrust. Izumi sits with a smile you can’t quite decipher.

Rasmus stands up as Don walks past them. Neither he nor I can avoid seeing how Izumi’s eyes follow Dons eye-catching appearance with a smile.

Izumi follows Rasmus with her eyes as he goes out with the trash. She hates to see her happy jovial husband being so uncomfortable.

Don is already back in his running gear and must be thinking his own way.

Izumi finds the freshly washed clothes in the washing machine and follows Rasmus out into the garden.

As always, Fabio is busy climbing the climbing frame. He seems to be the only carefree one around now.

Rasmus is kneeling by the beds and removing some weeds.

Izumi hangs the wet laundry on the clothesline.

Then she approaches Rasmus’ silent back.

“Rasmus, I’m sorry for snapping at you. I will never, ever cheat on you.” she says gently.

Fabio was on his way towards them, but now he stops and gives them a disapproving look.

“Ew! this is so embarrassing.” he yells dismissively.

It always seems like children really hate to find their parents in an intimate situation, although Fabio should be applauding their togetherness right now.

Rasmus and Izumi don’t seem to care about Fabio’s objections.

Fabio is left to fend for himself but then he hears Brooke’s meow.

“I have brought home a present.” she meows proudly.

He might as well investigate what she brought home…probably some feathers from the beach.

Fabio turns around one last time and sees that his mother and Rasmus are still only concerned with each other.


Fabio goes into the house to find out what Don is up to?

Don is sitting on the bed and pondering his situation. He knows everyone considers him to be superficial and only concerned with his own needs, but he cares for Rasmus and is not blind to his reaction.

He interrupts himself when he sees Fabio walk in the door….”Hey kiddo! You look serious. What’s going on?” he asks.

“It’s my mom and Rasmus. They’re so disgusting.”

“What do you mean disgusting?” Don asks in wonder.

“They’re kissing and making out all the time. I think they might forget I exist.”

Right now, Fabio might be kind of right. Izumi and Rasmus are hardly thinking about him at this moment.

They are consumed by a sparkling steam.

“Your mother and Rasmus, they’re in love. They’ve hardly forgotten you, but that’s the kind of thing that happens between adults in love.” Don explains.

“It’s a kind of attraction. It’s like…you know magnets? They’ll keep seeking each other and they can be hard to separate.”

“You are so funny Don. How can they be magnets? That explanation sounds pretty hilarious.” laughs Fabio, while he sees some red-white magnets for his inner gaze.

“Yeah it is a pretty fun experience.” Don chuckles.

“You’ll find that out yourself when you get older.” Don says.

“Have you tried it Don? Do you really think it is that fun?”


“Well yeah, I guess so.” Don replies awkwardly, unsure of where this might lead.

“But what does it feel like to be magnets? How do you do it?” Fabio insistently continues.

Don hesitates before answering. How the hell did he end up in this situation? What can he say to end Fabio’s question?

“Sorry kiddo, but I don’t really think I have the right to tell you.” Don hesitantly replies.

“But I won’t tell anyone. I can keep a secret.” says Fabio eagerly.

“I’m sorry Fabio but I can’t explain. I have to move on. I need a shower.” Don replies before standing up to leave the conversation.

Maybe we should just note that it will be Don’s second shower in the last hour. Let’s hope that Izumi and Rasmus have finished their steam bath before he reaches the bathroom.


Morning in the secret lab

Sure, Tusnelda loves her work in the secret laboratory, but today she seems to be arriving with surprising speed.

Her first task is to find the toilet, where she sacrifices her breakfast to a miserable fate.

She has to take care of the cleaning before she leaves the room and she might as well upgrade the toilet to a self-cleaning stage before she needs it again.

Thus there is nothing so bad that it is not good for something else.


Tusnelda is now ready to meet her colleagues. Not least Aarav who holds the title of administrative manager at the Lab.

“Good morning Tusnelda. You look a little unwell?” says Aarav.

Tusnelda stands sweating and ponders whether now is the time for her to tell?

“Well I actually have some happy news to share. I’m pregnant!” says Tusnelda.

“No!” Aarav exclaims in shock as he immediately sees new staffing challenges before his eyes.
He assumes that means Tusnelda will take a long leave and where will he find a scientist with Tusnelda’s qualities?

“But how did that happen?” Masato asks puzzled.

“Masato! You shock me. Don’t tell me you’re a total virgin!?” chuckles Tusnelda, wide-eyed.

Even Aarav seems to be leaving his own challenges, sending Masato a wondering look.

Tusnelda leaves her two colleagues to digest the news at their own pace. She is eager to take on the tasks of the day.

“Do you really not know how children are conceived Masato?”

NB: I can reveal a little inside information about Masato. When I recently uploaded him to my gallery, it was revealed that he is actually a virgin, despite being a serial romantic. Apart from that he has many fully developed abilities.


Tusnelda stands confidently at the Invention Constructor. She will be doing another upgrade on her SimRay.

Soon she disappears in a cloud of black smoke.

Most pregnant women seem preoccupied with health and fear of anything that could harm the fetus they are carrying, but that thought doesn’t seem to worry Tusnelda in the least.

She goes on with her life as always. When she is in the scientific universe, she becomes as absorbed as ever. These are the sparks that ignite her and give her life a direction, regardless.

Tusnelda gives the robot an appreciative pat on its ball head. It’s on occasions like this that you have to consider how crazy she is.


Later, she goes up to the gym to run on the treadmill. However, she must quickly give up her venture as the physical challenges immediately make her very uncomfortable.
Perhaps she is beginning to realize that her life is about to change.

Simon gives her a searching look when she comes back into the hall. He sees something has changed.

He gives her a hug. He has always been her most accommodating colleague.

Kristina sends her an inquisitorial look before sitting down.

“Are you ok Tusnelda?” Simon asks.

“I’m actually pregnant.” cheers Tusnelda.

One might wonder that her colleagues are apparently completely unaffected.

However, Simon looks kindly at Tusnelda and says that he is happy to hear that.

Kristina continues unchallenged on the keyboard. Perhaps she is as engrossed in her own scientific tasks as Tusnelda tends to be.

Later, however, it turns out that she accepts the news with joy and a warm hug.


Morning at the Myshuno Meadows

Rasmus, Izumi and Fabio are back in the wedding setting in their wedding clothes.

There was no time to take wedding photos during the party, so Don is there as a photographer.

“Look at the sky. The weather is perfect for a photo shoot.” Don exclaims excitedly.

Izumi sends Fabio a loving look. He looks so cute in his red shirt with waistcoat.

The first photos are taken of the bride and groom.

Later it is Fabio’s turn to participate.

There is something strange about the game’s three-person photography setups, because one person is always standing slightly to the side.
Other than that, I love Rasmus and Izumi in this picture.

Fabio and Rasmus are just so cute together. 🥰

Soon, the entire photo shoot is over and Fabio immediately finds Don.


They all leave the wedding surroundings.

Don has found a food stand where he orders a meal.

Izumi reaches Rasmus at a leisurely pace.

“Can I get something for you?” he asks.

“No thanks, I’m fine.” she replies and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Fabio is in the process of eating a bun. Now he sees that his mother and Rasmus have resumed their magnetic self-absorbed habit.

He therefore goes exploring nearby, where he finds a box full of knick knacks.

Maybe he can find a treasure.


Both Izumi and Rasmus have eaten a meal from the stalls. They sit scattered on the square as there is obviously only one chair at each table. (Why!?)

Rasmus struggles with bad nausea as there was no information that his dish contained meat.

Don is approaching Izumi.

“You look really handsome in that suit.” Izumi says appreciatively.

“Well, thanks.” Don says a little uncomfortably

Don is absolutely right in his uneasiness over that they are about to cross a line, because here they move again into a flirtation that is quite obsessively started by Izumi.

Don might be wondering why he keeps getting caught up in these flirtations? Maybe he should start by acting less flamboyant. Panties with hearts and a bare torso can turn on an accidental vibration.

After trying to stop their venture several times, the only solution is that Don will have to leave the area. With the help of the watcher, he immediately calls for a transport.

Dear Izumi you do surprise me!

When Don has left the arena, Rasmus wakes up and realizes he should call for a transport home.
Luckily he hasn’t discovered the notes in air because I can’t stand jealous sims. They are such a plague on the game.

At the same time, Don has arrived at the Harbor Quarter Gym. We will follow him later.


Brindleton Bay

When Rasmus and Izumi end up on home ground, there are no cracks in their joy.

Fabio immediately goes into his room.

He is terribly tired after the night’s excursion so he needs a nap.

A moment later he is fast asleep.

Rasmus and Izumi seem to have full attention on each other so we can safely leave them to amuse themselves together.


Windenburg in the Harbor Quarter Gym

Don has a daily task that consists of being a mentor. Here he has found an apprentice. A young guy from the soldiers barracks in Oasis Springs.

Don encourages the best he has learned.

However, the young fellow soon tires of his shouting.

Don looks around for another willing apprentice.

This young guy might benefit from Don’s training.

He firmly declines. He gets more than enough guidance from his regular pack.

Don retreats at the lever. It’s not that easy to meet his daily task.


Later, Don finds a new guy on the treadmill he can give some words of encouragement to.

When the guy turns his face towards Don, he gets the distinct feeling that they have met before.

How could he forget that grumpy face?

The rest of us have of course long ago recognized Allan and he is certainly not happy with Don’s mentor interference.

Allan is furious and my curiosity tells me to follow him.

He’s probably headed for the punching bag.

Surprisingly, he continues towards the cafeteria.

The explanation is that the Harbor Quarter Gym has employed a yoga instructor on the roof terrace.

Allan! I am so pleasantly surprised!!!

Don chooses the punching bag that Allan has opted out of. You have to say Don is obsessed with training.

It can gradually be seen that Allan has a lot of experience when it comes to yoga exercises.

Although there are still positions that can be improved.

When the yoga class is over, Allan is rather sweaty, but with a relaxed appearance.

He seems to have automatically adopted a new way of dealing with anger. This is surprising and it almost makes me proud of him.

Well done Allan!

Don pounds away at the punching bag with usual fervor. Maybe he could also benefit from a yoga lesson for a change.

It’s time to say goodbye to Allan, but maybe we should pay him a visit soon. It’s been a long time.


Afternoon in the Secret Lab

Tusnelda takes care of all the plants in the laboratory. She notes with pleasure that the plants from Sixam are doing very well.

Aarav asks her to sit down so they can talk.

He has some concerns about who will take over her research when she stops working. He will therefore ask her to include her co-workers thoroughly in her research.

“But why should I want to stop working” Tusnelda asks uncomprehendingly.

“Are you not going to raise a child now?” Aarav says confused.

“Yes, and so will Martin.” she says briefly before standing up.

“Yes of course….but…” Aarav says and gets up too. Then he realizes that he has already lost Tusnelda’s attention.

Aarav follows her with a wondering gaze. Does she have any ideas about what it means to have a child? Does that woman even have any kind of feelings?


Aarav is not wrong when he suspects Tusnelda of not knowing what to expect in the future. She practically doesn’t know anyone with small babies and infants, and that means she doesn’t have any major worries.

The only thing that concerns Tusnelda right now is that she is insanely hungry, so she wants to find some food.

She has found a sandwich in the fridge and she finds a comfortable chair in the office.

She inhales the aroma of the freshly prepared food before eating the last bit.

Then the nausea returns.

Fortunately, it is time to return home, so some time later we find Tusnelda outside her house. Unfortunately, the nausea followed her all the way home.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

In the house next door, Rasmus is on his way to work. You could almost call him Tusnelda’s opposite. Where she is dressed in black and uncomfortable, Rasmus is dressed in white with an energetic approach.

You can maybe sense a small worried frown, but I’m probably over-interpreting.

When Rasmus has left, Izumi puts the laundry away.

Fabio has been awake for a few hours, but now he is taking another nap. The night has been rough for him.


Don has just received an unexpected visitor. It’s Katrina and she is clearly depressed.

“Don, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have pushed you….won’t you please come home with me.”

“Oh Katrina, you shouldn’t have come. I can’t give you what you want. You and me, it only leads to pain.” he says softly, caressing her cheek.

Maybe that’s not quite the right approach if you really want her out of your life Don? I’m just saying.

Inside, Izumi sits with her dinner. She can hear Don’s voice now becoming more distant as he follows Katrina down the stairs.

“Don, I miss you so. I’m desperate to feel you. Won’t you give me a hug goodbye?” she says with tears in her eyes.

He hates to see her crying. He just wants to make her feel better. It won’t cost him that much…..

She is a really sexy and gorgeous woman. His body immediately recognizes her with desire. Their bodies fit together as smoothly as two puzzle pieces.

From there it is a short distance to the next act.

Some things still work perfectly between them.


A while later, Don says goodbye to her thoroughly. It probably won’t be the last time.

After that, they parted ways.

Don finds his way back to the treadmill. His body always seems restless and impossible to calm down.

Izumi does the dishes after the evening meal.

Fie jumps up on the bed and turns to keep an eye on what Don is doing.

“Hey cat, don’t give me that accusing look!” Don says in a grumpy tone.

“What look? That must be your own messed up mind you’re looking at.” Fie purrs kindly.

Right now, Don is actually quite unsure of which direction to go, and to add another topic to his speculation, Izumi enters the room and sits on the bed.

“Don, I’ve noticed Rasmus gets a little tense when I talk about you. Is there something you two disagreed about?” Izumi asks.

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe he’s just tired of having me around all day. I’ll have to find another place to stay.” Don replies.

“You don’t have to rush it. Fabio is gonna miss you… We all enjoy your company. You and Rasmus are best friends… I don’t understand what could bother him?” Izumi says.

“Well I might have a clue but you should talk to him Izumi.” Don says.

“He was acting so strange this morning, like he was accusing me of some kind of conspiracy with you. I thought he’d be happy that I actually like you?” say Izumi uncomprehendingly.

“You really need to talk to Rasmus, it’s not something I can interfere with.” Don emphasizes.

“Yeah you’re probably right? Thanks for listening Don. I’m going to bed.” Izumi says.

Izumi walks towards the bedroom with heavy steps. She has started her third trimester and the birth is getting closer.

She misses Rasmus but she knows it will be well past midnight before he is home.

Sleep comes as a release.


When Don hears the bedroom door close after Izumi, he stops the treadmill.

He really needs to consider his options. He can’t stay here forever.

As he walks out of the room, he bumps right into Fabio.

“Hey kiddo! Shouldn’t you be sleeping now?”

“I just woke up. I have to do my math. Do you want to help me?” Fabio asks.

“Well, yes of course, but I don’t have much experience in math.” Don says apologetically.

“Didn’t you go to school and learn math?” Fabio asks in surprise.

“Of course I went to school, but mathematics? I was more into sports and exercise.” Don explains.

“My mom says it’s necessary to be good at math, but I also love to exercise, Don. We are almost identical!” Fabio exclaims excitedly.

“Well? Yes, but you should listen to your mother. She is very wise” Don says.

Fabio gets down to math and Don gets up. As said before, he is very restless.

I wonder what he’s up to?

This is another quality you notice in Don. He always participates without prompting in household tasks.

They always seem to have a load of laundry in this household.

When Don enters the room, he sees Fabio bent over his math tasks in deep concentration. For some reason it fills him with joy. That boy will surely do well in the future.


Afternoon at the house next door

Tusnelda has had a shower and put on a loose comfortable dress. Now she is harvesting some lemons.

Fiona calls for attention and Tusnelda starts a confidential conversation with her.

After seeing her colleagues’ silent, knowing faces, Tusnelda begins to think about what it takes to be a parent?
So far, most thoughts have been concerned with how she should reach the pregnancy.


She is just on her way to the computer to consult some websites on the subject when Martin arrives home.

How should she narrow down her search? She types the word parenthood into the search box and gets several different links to game sites as well as sites that deal with genealogy.

The word children provides a new array of infinite links, with suggestions for schools, food recipes, sales pages for clothes and books. This seems incomprehensible!

Martin sees Tusnelda sitting in deep concentration so he chooses to go to the bathroom without disturbing her.

Now that the soccer game no longer requires his attention, Martin’s brain has also begun to work on the changes that will come into his and Tusnelda’s life. Mostly he’s just happy.

The many links that point in very different directions do not give Tusnelda any clarification. Maybe she should talk to Martin instead, if he has any ideas.

She knows where to find him.

On the way, she notices the laundry is dry, so she takes it off the clothesline now that she’s nearby.

A little later, she has found him on the treadmill. “Martin can we talk?”

“Of course Sweetie. I’ll be with you in just a second.”


The house next door

After a short sleep, Izumi is awakened by an intrusive bladder.

It’s almost at the last minute.

Don is talking to Fabio over dinner.

“I think you’re a great kid Fabio. It’s been so much fun getting to know you. I should probably tell you that I will be moving on soon.” Don says.

“But why Don? I get lonely when you go. Aren’t you my friend anymore?”

“Of course we’re still friends.” Don says, feeling a stab in his heart.

“You have your mother and Rasmus, who love you. Soon a little brother or sister will arrive. You must have time to grow together as a family without my interference.” Don explains.

Fabio sits in silence for a long time and looks at Don.

“Don’t you have any friends in your school?” Don asks, breaking the silence.

“I don’t want to have that baby. I’d rather you stay.” Fabio says .

“But that’s not possible. I’m sorry, but I’m sure you’ll be fine” Don replies Don replies shocked.


Don has not yet touched the food when Fabio gets up to find his mother.

He should never have gotten involved. He’s always going to leave broken hearts behind. It is his curse fate.

Later, he feels Izumi looking at him.

He gets up quickly with the dishes.

Fabio finds a fruit sorbet in the freezer.

“Are you going to have dessert for dinner?” Don asks.

“My mom says it’s ok.” Fabio answers with a triumphant look.

Now I’m doing it again, Don thinks. Meddling in things that are none of his business. He knows nothing about raising children and it is not his job to tell.

He can feel Izumi’s gaze following him. He can only guess what she is thinking. It makes him uneasy.

“After you’ve eaten your dessert you should go to bed. It’s a school day tomorrow.” Izumi says.

“But mom, the monster is back. It’s scaring me.” Fabio says.

“Oh!? That’s bad.” Izumi exclaims.

“Don’t fear the monster. I’ll take care of that.” Izumi says in a firm voice.

Don has taken another shower. The third today. Now he is getting ready to brush his teeth.

Izumi goes into Fabio’s room to give the monster a proper fight with the cleaning spray. No one should hurt her little boy.

Don looks at his own reflection. The past few days have taken him so far away from his usual comfort zone that he no longer fits his own self-image and this fills him with uneasiness.

He sees Fabio seeking his mother’s gaze. That’s good. She is the one he should lean on.

“Fabio, how about I tuck you into bed tonight?” Izumi asks.

“Yes mom.” Fabio answers seriously.

Fabio gratefully follows at his mother’s heels. She is big and unwavering, like a stable pillar to lean on.

He crawls under the covers under his mother’s watchful eye. He can relax in the knowledge that she will make sure that no harm will befall him.

He is asleep the second her kiss hits him on the cheek.


Late night in Oasis Springs

It will probably not please many to see Don enter this address, but where else is he going to go?

He finds Katrina at the computer on the first floor.

“So you actually came, Don?” Katrina says.

“Yes, I have some personal belongings to collect…”

“…and I was wondering, um..if maybe I could borrow the couch for a few days until I find a permanent place to stay.” Don says.

“The couch? For real Don?” asks Katrina with a wry look.

They both stand up and size each other up hesitantly.

“You could possibly have one side of the double bed. It’s wide enough for us to keep our distance,” suggests Katrina.

So yeah here he goes.


He shouldn’t be here, but he leans into her arms anyway.

Katrina does not hide her desire.

He might as well surrender to what his instincts dictate.

As said before. Some things really work perfectly between them.


Late night in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has lit a bonfire in the garden.

Martin is standing strumming his guitar.

In every way, they have created a cozy setting for a confidential conversation about expectations for the new life that lies ahead of them.

Tusnelda sees that the fire is quickly burning out, so she just wants to put an extra lump of firewood on the fire.

Then the accident happens. A spark jumps up and grabs Martin’s guitar and in an instant it is consumed in flames.

At first, they both panic…

Then Tusnelda thinks of her SimRay and she extinguishes the fire with a freeze ray in a short moment.

Whoah! The SimRay is in every way a unique tool.

Martin and all the cats have sought safety at the other end of the plot.

Now comes Tusnelda.

“Are they all unharmed?” she asks.

“Yes Fiona just ran but how are you?” Martin asks.

“I’m completely unharmed.” replies Tusnelda and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

“I should have saved you, but you’re the hero.” mutters Martin, giving her a proper kiss.

“Let’s talk no more about it. Let’s take a picture together to celebrate the favor and fate.” says Tusnelda.

They have much to celebrate indeed.

She can’t care if he’s a hero or not. She simply loves him.

Suddenly the terrible nausea returns.

“I’m sorry Martin. I think we have to postpone that conversation.” she wails.

“It’s ok Sweetie. We’ll make it together. You deserve to get some sleep now.” He comforts.

She is actually quite tired.

Maybe someone remembers how obsessed Fiona is with fire, so it’s no surprise to see Fiona sleeping by the lit fire.


Martin can’t sleep yet. He finds a book and sits down in the armchair close to Tusnelda.

He has kept the book in his stash for a long time. Only now does he dare to start reading it and start preparing to become a father.

Out by the fire, Fiona gives me a shock. A stray spark has hit her fur and for a moment I think it will be her last.

As the smoke oozes from the scorched fur, Fiona gives the fire a surprised look.

She has learned a lesson she will never forget. Never go too close to the fire or you risk burning yourself.


Night in Oasis Springs

“I hope we agree that this doesn’t mean we have to restart the whole baby talk, Katrina.”

“You’ve made your point clear, so no.” she says seriously.

“I think we can still be friends…you know friends with benefits.” she continues.

“Well, I’ll look forward to that.” Don replies with a friendly smile.

“So we agree that we only have a purely casual relationship now?” Katrina asks.

“Yes, I think it benefits both of us the most.” Don replies before crawling under the covers.

Don quickly falls asleep and Katrina sits back. At least she got him back in her bed. What now?

She cannot really feel joy that she succeeded in her efforts, so she gets up and goes down to the living room.

She sits down at the piano and plays some random tunes. The music embraces her in oblivion and gives her comfort.

Don is exhausted after the mental challenges of recent days and he falls into a deep sleep, relieved to be able to live as before.


Author’s note: I hope you won’t be too disappointed to see Don back at Katrina’s house. Looking at their faces I don’t think it will last long. My perception of Don is that he is really afraid of entering into committed relationships. As long as he can carry himself as an irresistible womanizer, he feels confident.
I don’t think Don has a defense against Fabio, as he never imagined that a little boy could open up to a feeling of true selfless love. That is the reason why he returns to what he knows.
Another part is, of course, that as a writer I don’t want to risk him creating disorder in Rasmus and Izumi’s relationship because of her flirtatious attitude towards Don. He must leave for a while.

It’s a coincidence that showed me the way to The Marias – Hush, a few days ago. I immediately thought of what was going on between Don and Katrina. Enjoy!


    • MonaSolstraale

      Life is messy. I give you absolutely right. Not everything goes as smoothly as you plan 🙃
      PS: I’m glad you found me. It’s really hard to find story updates in the Sims Forum since it’s already winding down and the structure is blown.

  • Yimiki

    It’s been such a long road for Tusnelda and Martin to reach this point. Fingers crossed that they will be blessed with a healthy baby. <3 I wonder if Tusnelda’s baby and Izumi’s baby would end up being playmates as toddlers and children.

    And we arrive with Don. I love how protective he’s grown of Fabio. Ironically, his own father instincts awaken right after he turns down Katrina’s wish for children- Yikes. Izumi is right in that Rasmus should trust her, but Don does have a reputation, and seeing him in his boxers blushing at Izumi does not make it hard to jump to conclusions. And poor Rasmus has been burned before by a cheating partner. I’m going to believe that they are strong enough to make it through speedbumps like this.

    Bwahahaha, omg Masato XD not even the NPC sims seem to want to give him the time of day. Poor guy 😂

    Sigh. Katrina just won’t quit. And Don doesn’t have the spine to stay away from her when she approaches him. I absolutely do not trust her to not secretly still be trying for a baby. As long as he doesn’t go back to- gaaahhhh, of course he ends up back at Katrina’s house.

    Woo! Go Tusnelda and Tusnelda’s Simray! That thing comes in handy at the weirdest of times.

    • MonaSolstraale

      The road has certainly been long for Martin and Tusnelda. Martin in particular has put his dreams on hold for a very long time.

      Don really has a lot of good qualities, except perhaps for a spine. He actually has a fairly healthy way of thinking, but I imagine that he is in a development that feels like free fall to him. It takes courage to let go of the familiar and courage is not always connected to the one with the strongest muscles.
      Rasmus and Izumi have a very strong relationship. Don only managed to scratch the paint a little, despite his heart panties 😅

      Masato never seems to get the shine he’s dreaming 😂

      Katrina definitely has a passion for Don. She contacted him several times while he was gone. Their new arrangement probably suits Don perfectly, but Katrina not so much 😉

  • SirianaSims

    I’m glad Don gets out of the house before he creates any more chaos by accident, but I think getting close to Fabio was healthy for him. Hopefully he’ll soon find out what he truly wants ❤️

    I am so happy for Martin and Tusnelda even though her colleagues are a bit confused about the whole thing. I’m sure she and Martin will be great parents, even if they’re still a bit clueless, and Rasmus and Izumi will surely give them good advice.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I think that Fabio has given Don a push in a direction where he starts to reconsider his life…or maybe really starts to take a stand. Fabio really likes Don. I think they are quite touching together 🥰

      Tusnelda and Martin are very ignorant when it comes to baby care, but they will definitely make good parents. There is lots of love in their home. I can definitely see them and Rasmus and Izumi having a toddler party together 👶🏼👶🏼

  • GlacierSnow

    LOL. Tusnelda does seem a bit unprepared for the upcoming baby. Good thing at least Martin is reading about parenthood.

    I love the scene where Izumi is telling Fie about the wedding. Fie looks so intently at her. It’s delightful.

    Don… Don… Don. I don’t even know what to say. He seems to be really struggling with an identity crisis and and possible change in what he wants out of life. I’m not surprised, exactly, that he ends up back in Katrina’s arms. But I doubt that’s going to go very well.

    There may have been more going on in the game version of this than is shown in the story, but I didn’t interpret Izumi’s interactions with Don as flirty, just friendly. I interpreted Rasmus as overreacting and being overly suspicious without reason. The comment about getting Rasmus a pair of underpants like Don’s seemed like Izumi playfully flirting with Rasmus, rather than commenting on Don. And Rasmus seemed more jealous than he should have been in that moment. All very realistic, just a different take on it. Rasmus clearly thinks Izumi is attracted to Don (and doesn’t trust Don not to take advantage of that) so it makes sense that it would start causing trouble. But Izumi seems fairly innocent to me (she might think Don is nice to look at, but her interactions with him don’t look like she’s encouraging anything to happen, at least to my way of thinking).

    I like that Don was mature enough to recognize the trouble he might be getting into with a good friend. He’s growing up, it seems, even if his solution was to go back to Katrina.

    Speaking of guys who gave grown up a lot… Bravo for Allan’s mature choice to go do yoga and calm himself down! Well done Allan!

    • MonaSolstraale

      It’s funny you mention Izumi’s interactions with Don. When I checked their relationship barometer, I can see that they are high in friendship and they don’t have the slightest line in the pink romance barometer. I think you’ve seen it right. Izumi is in a good mood, but Don is not her target.
      Rasmus seems annoyed without being directly jealous, but I think it’s wise not to jeopardize his friendship with Don. I can’t stand the jealous outbursts in the game. They are so annoying.
      Don is in the process of growing up and he is gradually able to make quite mature choices, although Katrina may not seem like his best choice.

      I am very impressed by Allan’s development myself. His traits are still hot-tempered and jealous, but I had no idea yoga in the game is that mood-stabilizing. The yoga exercises have really changed his character.

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