Christmas special edition

2. Let the magic begin

Today we are going to follow Magic’s arrival to the parallel world and we are going to see how she is received by the Sims in Brindleton Bay. It will be the day when Magic’s abilities will stand the test of time.


Magic Star arrived in the parallel world just before dawn.
Her arrival may not have been quite as easy as expected …



“Damn broom!! … maybe I should have bought a fancier model?”

“Let me start with an overview..”

“This landscape looks completely recognizable. Nice!”

“Now for a little magic…. a much-needed teleportation.”

“Come to me dear house and contents. Come to me my furry friends!”

“Now I have to find my accommodation….here we go…”



“Ouch! I’m too old for these landings.”

“This is beautiful!”

“My home is exactly like when I left it … except I miss the snow.”

“I want to start with a little refreshment on top of the journey”


“This is awful!!!”

“Oh, I suddenly feel so exhausted”

This was the reason why Magic had to postpone her mission for a day and take a really long sleep.
Luckily, both of her furry friends had arrived so they could keep an eye on her.


Next morning

In a way, all of Magic’s magical friends are with her on the journey. At least represented as portraits.

The next day she is back in full vigor.
She starts her morning by making a big cauldron full of Mac ‘n Cheese … a food with fewer surprising side effects than Potions of Plentiful Needs.

“Ah! It’s going to be delicious!”

“Now only a small sprinkle of magic salt is missing.”

“It’s delicious!”

After Magic has done the dishes, it’s finally time to practice some magic.


Brindleton Bay

It’s pretty cloudy in Brindleton Bay and Rasmus’ house is well hidden behind the trees.

Magic goes closer with purposeful steps. She is on an important mission.

“Hello there, my dear young lad!”

“AARGH!! Who the hell are you!?” shouts Rasmus in shock

“Calm down boy, do not scare me!…. It’s not polite to shout at an older fairy”

“Should that extended costume make you a fairy?” Rasmus asks suspiciously.

“You should be ashamed boy! … maybe it’s squeezing in some places ….”

“… but, I can tell you that I was once a young and beautiful fairy.”

“The innocent grace of youth is, unfortunately, perishable … even for fairies.”

“But every young lad I met at that time begged for my favor and only screamed with joy.”

“Have you come to her to fill me with boastful stories from your past?” Rasmus asks annoyed.

“I can hear, young lad, you miss your Christmas spirit. There is certainly a fairy missing here.” ….. “You should take a nice relaxing bath and then I will provide some magic in the meantime.”

“I may need a bath,” replies Rasmus, overwhelmed by Magic’s presence.

While Rasmus tries to digest the morning’s impression in the shower, Magic begins to conjure with flour, butter and Christmas spices.

“Ah! This is going to be delicious!”

When the cookies are done baking, they are decorated with icing and edible glitter.

Just then Rasmus enters the living room, freshly bathed and dressed.

“Wow! These cookies are really delicious … maybe I can get the recipe, because I’m training to be a chef.” says Rasmus, in a much better mood.

“Oh! It’s absolutely nothing … just what the fridge was hiding.” Magic answers …. “But now that your mood is better, maybe you’re ready to listen to my offer for you?”

“I have brought this magical gift to you … it will help you concretize your dreams for me … and I am here to fulfill your dreams!”

“Should a root ball, your portrait and a green liquid fulfill my dreams?” Rasmus asks in disbelief.

“Do you see Magic, what I dream of no one can fulfill”

“I fell in love with the most wonderful woman and when I was most in love, she left me. …. no one can fill this void.”

“I am sorry to hear that” Magic replies sadly

“But young lad, you forget who you have in front of you … I’m a fairy and I’m here to fulfill your dreams. I’m in a hurry now so I have to go.”

Before Magic leaves Rasmus, she has given him an instruction he must follow closely.

Now she hurries on. She has another mission to perform and she needs to do some magic.


Rasmus stands for a long time, looking at the gifts Magic has left him with.
A mandrake, Magic’s portrait and a flask with a Potion of Good Fortune.

“How is this going to fulfill my dreams, Brooke? … She’s a weird lady, do you think I should follow her instructions?”

“If it can relieve your pain then maybe it is worth the try.” Brooke responds with a meow.

Rasmus hesitantly grabs the bottle…

Then he swallows the entire contents.

He immediately feels an intoxicating sense of happiness.

He stares for a long time at Magic’s portrait … what is she doing now?


As soon as Magic senses Rasmus’ has done his part of the task, she throws a spell.

“come sweet dreams, come smoothing sleep, let the magic begin!”

Rasmus has hung Magic’s portrait next to the bed, where she can keep an eye on his dreams.
He does not know what the mandrake should do, but he lays it next to the bed, just as he has been told.

He immediately feels an overwhelming tiredness and he crawls into bed even though it is before noon.

He quickly falls into a heavy sleep.

While he sleeps, Magic throws her spells ….

While Rasmus is sleeping, his world is completely changed.


As I said, Magic has another mission. The other main characters in the story of Tusnelda and Trix, probably also have some dreams she can fulfill.

It’s afternoon when Magic finds her way to Tusnelda and Martin’s house.

“Hello young man! I’m Magic and I’m here to fulfill your dreams.”

“Hi Magic! You must be kidding!? In This household we believe in science and hard work … I do not believe in fairies and other supernatural beings.” Martin replies, while having a hard time suppressing his laughter.

“Oh! I see I’m dealing with a misbeliever!” Magic says seriously.

Magic finds her wand and casts a spell on a group of weed under a tree.

Martin stands as if bewitched by the sparks and the result of the spell.

The weeds disappear like dew to the sun.

Now that he has seen for himself that Magic has some inexplicable abilities, he more humbly accepts her gift.

However, he finds the contents of the package somewhat comical.


Tusnelda has just been released from work and she finds some leftovers in the fridge.

She greets the strange guest kindly.

“Hi sweet girl, I want to ask you both to listen carefully to my offer to you” says Magic.

“My name is Magic and I have come to fulfill your dreams. Therefore, I would ask you to follow my instructions carefully. “

“Dreams? What dreams?” Tusnelda asks wondering.

Martin doesn’t have much more to say right now.

Tusnelda gets up and whispers Martin in the ear … “She is weird, but probably harmless”

Magic watches them closely.

“I say thank you for the offer, but I have everything I want … an exciting job and a wonderful man” says Tusnelda.

“I can see that you are very attached to each other … a dream less for me to fulfill. This is a nice bonus!” Magic answers seriously.

Tusnelda puts the dishes in the dishwasher and Magic follows her.

“My dear, I think you are too modest. Receive this magical gift … it will help you concretize your hidden dreams.”

Tusnelda looks surprised at the contents of the package. A mandrake, a portrait of Magic and a bottle of green liquid.

The contents of the bottle are suspiciously reminiscent of the green Need Fixer serum she gave Masato recently … and he lost his energy like a candle in the wind.

“There is absolutely no spinach in the Potion of Good Fortune, only valerian root” says Magic, as she can read Tusnelda’s thoughts. … “But tell me now girl, you must have some interests?”

“I actually built my own rocket and I just finished it yesterday” Tusnelda says proudly.

“Oh! A rocket? A flying vessel? That sounds very exciting … will you show it to me?” asks Magic curiously.

“This vessel sounds highly interesting and more convenient than a flying broom … but hurry now! Find your husband my dear, we all have a task to perform …. and it’s urgent! “Magic quickly concludes the conversation.


“Hi sweetie, I’m glad the crazy fairy-lady has not conjured you away” says Martin when Tusnelda returns.

“What do you think of this fairy Tusnelda? Do you think we should drink her elixir?” asks Martin.

“I know a lot about serums and as long as it is not a Ghost Goo Serum she has given us, then we can at most get a little tired” says Tusnelda.

“By the way, there is no valerian root in the Ghost Goo serum, so it’s probably harmless”

Then Tusnelda swallows the entire contents of the bottle.

“How do you feel?” Martin asks anxiously.

“I feel absolutely fantastic” Tusnelda replies

After this, Martin swallows the bottle without further speculation.

He feels more relaxed and content than ever before.


“come sweet dreams, come smoothing sleep, let the magic begin!”

“Hey Sweetie, what do you think about you and me having a little sparkling break?” asks Martin.

Tusnelda needs no further encouragement.

As often before, the bedroom is soon filled with pink sparks.

Just outside, Magic throws some additional sparkling spells.

As darkness falls, their world has changed.

Let the magic begin!


Now the magic just needs time to do its job and Magic sits down patiently to wait.


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  • Yimiki

    I love the silly moments with Magic’s magic going wrong, both when she falls with the broom and when the potion she drinks has bad side effects. Her cats look adorable!

    Hmm… granting everyone’s wishes in a winter wonderland. The landscape changing into a winter one looks amazing! She’s a very strong fairy to be able to conjure up all that.
    I wonder what everyone’s wished would be. Rasmus’s wish is probably to be with Blue again… or to be happy again? maybe he’s wishing he never met Blue? Though that would be a bit of a dark wish to grant. I wonder what will happen there. Martin wants to have a child with Tusnelda, but Tus herself seems more the type to go out and grab her goals herself than keep them inside as wishes.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for the comment ❤
      I think you have captured the personalities of Rasmus, Tusnelda and Martin quite accurately.
      Magic is a very strong fairy, but not infallible. She will definitely try to accommodate their wishes but how? 😉

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