If you are missing more stories then try to pick from the following varied bouquet of blogs and stories.
They have inspired me with theirs individual language and form and make my day a little more exciting.

The list contains stories that have been completed, stories that are under development and a few that unfortunately never get an end. They are intended as an inspiration list from which you can search further.
There are many more who deserve a place on this list. I regularly find new interesting Simlit blogs, but unfortunately, I can not name them all.

After the End

Almost Eternal

Ashes to Ashes

The Blackwell Chronicles

Bloomer Legacy




Dim Sims

Divan the Simmer’s Simlit Blog

Dust to Dust


The Lacey Legacy


Line of the Last


Manny like Sims – The True Story of the Villareal Family

MercuryFoam’s Sims 4 Stories

New Beginnings

Rainbow Sundae

Remember Me Until Tomorrow

Seventeen & Maldusk

Sim Along With Me

Skeilah’s Stories

Snowbnuuy’s Simlit

The Strannik Legacy

Stories By SoulGal

Tales of Camelot

The Simaginarium

Polaris Legacy

Qeenarellas’s Challenges and Stories

Grab som popcorn.

I have a great admiration for Machinima. It’s a different way of telling stories.
The following is just a small selection of short films and a few series, for inspiration for your further hunt.
Grab some popcorn and enjoy.

Anchesenamon Sims: – My Life as a Ghost (Partial a Let’s Play)

20th Century Plumbob: – Him + The One and Only Judith Ward

Chelsea the cat: – Different

D I – Harry Styles: – Sign of the Times (A Sims4 Music Video)

Simmer Boi: – The Witching Hour + Ward University (Sims4 Series)

Simmerville: – San Myshuno Undercover (Sims4 Series)

Simlish Television: – Dance School (Sims4 Series)

Rémi Marocelli: – Plumbob Princess

Snuck: – The Painter

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