• Christmas special edition

    This time of the year

    This special edition should be understood as a loving greeting from my characters to their faithful followers. A story written just for fun with a touch of seriousness. Another year has now passed in Tusnelda’s universe and it has been a year since I presented Magic Star in a Christmas special edition. Back then, she promised to fulfill my main characters’ dreams and she helped them to clarify what dreams they had. At this time of year, all companies update their status and this is also the case with this story. Maybe not everything may have gone quite as they wished.

  • Tusnelda and Trix

    70. A fabulous boy

    We left Rasmus in the previous chapter in a rather intense place, where Izumi was just about to reveal an important confidence. Allan got a suspicion that Rasmus might be the father of his child and Tusnelda was once again abducted by her Alien friends. There’s no need to drag this out any further, so let’s jump right into it.