Tusnelda and Trix

74. Among friends

Things are going well for Rasmus. Really well. Tusnelda wishes him all the best, but there is something in all the changes happening in Rasmus’ life that disturbs her. Trix once again shows his character as her ever-faithful friend.
Be prepared for a chapter with lots of cat spam and emotional turmoil bubbling under the surface.


Brindleton Bay at about 3am

Like all cats, Trix most enjoy hunting at night or shortly before sunrise. Today, however, it is not the squirrel he is chasing, because he runs quickly past the bush where it usually hides.

Perhaps he has become wiser from his recurrent injuries after the many times he has been infected from the squirrel’s sharp teeth?

Today it is a completely different prey he is looking for. The seagulls are dulled by the darkness and the cool night temperatures.

He creeps slowly as he gets closer to his prey and then he strikes…

Although he didn’t manage to catch a seagull this time, he still got some feathers as a reward.

The house is fully lit. Someone probably forgot to turn the auto lights back on. All human usually sleep at this time.

Trix puts his gift in the usual spot. He knows Tusnelda and Martin appreciate his presents. In any case, they are quickly picked up from this place.

He runs through the living room. It is time to find a warm, cozy place to sleep in the bedroom.

He is very surprised when he sees Tusnelda sitting in the chair.

What is she doing!?

“Oh is that you Trix?” she says in a somber voice.

“Who else would I be?” Trix asks with a short meow as he kindly raises his tail.

Tusnelda does not look at him, but instead she looks up at the photo of her and Martin in the forest, after which she gives a deep sigh.

“A long time ago I had a dream Trix and now I know it was a foreshadowing that Martin is going to leave me. I saw a fair-haired woman.” she says sadly.

“What!? You must be hallucinating. As far as I can see, Martin is not in the process of packing his suitcase.” meows Trix.

“A romance guru once told me my romantic destiny is full of challenges and trials and now I understand it means that dream shows my destiny…. I feel so powerless.” she continues.

“It only means you are as dramatic as ever Tusnelda! Martin is sleeping and you should do the same.” he hums.

Instead Tusnelda kneels down and invites Trix into her arms.

He lovingly rubs his head against her breast while purring.

It’s like Tusnelda forgets her depression and she gives him a loving look.

“You have always been a faithful friend Trix” she says.

“I am forever.” he purrs back.

With Trix in her arms, Tusnelda enters the living room.
Her gaze catches the painting of the little giraffe family she painted after their last vacation. Back then, the future looked rosy and easy.

You probably have to give Trix credit when he claims that she’s pretty melodramatic right now.

However, it seems that the contact with Trix makes Tusnelda think more down-to-earth and she checks whether the feeders need a refill.

Everything seems to be in perfect order here.

“Sometimes Trix I feel like you are my voice of reason.” says Tusnelda.

“That’s exactly how it is.” Trix purrs back.

Tusnelda puts on her running clothes.
She wants to run along the beach. There is always something about the wide open sky that makes her think more clearly.

She looks towards the lighthouse shining in the distance. It’s close to dawn now.


Early morning in the neighbor house

In Rasmus’ bedroom, everything exudes peace and harmony.

Fabio sleeps safely under the protective light of the magical night lamp.

Rasmus wakes up and glances at Izumi, who is still sleeping. He feels so blessed.

He puts on his clothes without noise before slipping out of the bedroom. Izumi is carrying their joint child and therefore needs all the sleep she can get.

Rasmus looks out the window. He can see that the dawn is coming.

Everything indicates that it will be a nice sunny day.

He starts by making breakfast for the whole family.

He has a family now!…it still sounds almost unreal to his ears. So wonderful.

He and Izumi have important news to share with Fabio today and he ponders Fabio’s reaction as he stands by the stove.

Now when everything is starting to go so well, he really hopes Fabio doesn’t get too upset…but if that’s the outcome, they’ll have to try to work things out together.

When Rasmus puts the breakfast on the table, he sees Brooke leaving the kitchen at high speed as if she is being chased by an invisible enemy.

The family is still sleeping so he eats his food standing up.


He sees Brooke and Fie below the stairs as he runs towards his punching bag.

They send each other furtive glances.

It is rude cat behavior to stare each other down and Fie is a very polite cat.
It looks like Brooke is slowly bonding with her new roommates.

Rasmus is actually hot-headed and sometimes he is inexplicably grumpy in the morning.
After a short session at the punching bag, he is always at peace. Therefore, it is not usually something that characterizes his nature.

Fie and Brooke both decide to leave together in peaceful harmony.

On the way into the house, Futte comes to meet them. Just a random observation from a cat’s perspective.


The coast of Brindleton Bay at Sunrise

Tusnelda has already run for a good half hour when the sun rises over the sea.

With the sun at her back, she sets course for her home.

The morning light illuminates the surroundings with a soft golden tone.

The house seems completely empty and abandoned. Maybe Martin is still sleeping.

In the kitchen, she finds Melvin in roughly the same place she left him.

“Hey Melvin! Where is everyone?” she asks

Melvin gives her a little meow in reply.

She hears the footsteps on the treadmill before she reaches the shed.

“Hey sweetie! You look a little tired?” says Martin, as he looks at her inquisitively.

“Is something bothering you?” he asks a little out of breath.

“No! What would trouble me?” she asks.

Martin can’t quite shake the feeling. He knows too her well by now.


Out behind the shed, Melvin looks like he’s very busy.

He quickly distances himself from the house.

Something mysterious makes him suddenly stop…

To me it looks most like a small pile of dirt…or maybe a mole shot?

Melvin quickly seems to come to that conclusion too. It is a harmless pile of dirt, and he rolls around in the grass pleasantly.

He might as well enjoy the peace and relax a bit before returning home.


By Rasmus and Izumi

Life is far from peaceful and relaxing for Izumi right now. She is constantly affected by an unpleasant nausea.

Rasmus is a little worried about her and he asks her if she is all right?

She reassures that nausea is completely normal in the first phase of pregnancy. She will get through it.

They are both on their way to the couch when they hear the fridge door open.
It is Fabio who has come in from the garden and now finds himself some breakfast.

He sits down without disturbing them and eats his toasts. He would like to get more time for climbing before he goes to school so there is no need to draw attention to himself.

The mission failed because now both Rasmus and his mother come and sit down next to him.

“Hey Rasmus! The monster didn’t dare show up last night. The lamp worked!” he exclaims eagerly.

“I’m really glad to hear that Fabio.” Rasmus says kindly.

“Fabio! I really want to tell you something…” Izumi begins.

However, Fabio still seems to be thinking about something he wants to tell Rasmus.

“Fabio! Are you listening?” Izumi continues.

“Rasmus and I just found out we’re expecting a baby…”

“What?” Fabio says hesitantly while still looking at Rasmus.

“You are going to be big brother to a little brother or sister!” cheers Izumi.

“WHAT!” Fabio shouts in surprise as he looks at his mother as if he is only now discovering her presence.

“Am I getting a little brother?” he asks.

“Yeah, or maybe a little sister.” Izumi says.

“Where is he going to live? Is he going to take my room?” Fabio asks.

“No, that’s your room Fabio, we will find a solution for that by then.” Rasmus breaks in.

“How is that going to be done? Are we going to move again?” Fabio asks, looking seriously at Rasmus.

“We’ll find a solution sweetie.” Izumi says softly. This was a question they not at all had prepared for.

Fabio stands up and Izumi follows him.

Rasmus remains seated while he considers a more complete answer to Fabio’s questions, but it turns out that Fabio’s thoughts have already moved to a completely different place…

“Do I have time to climb on the climbing frame before I go to school?” he asks.

“Fabio! Rasmus and I have talked about all three of us taking a day off today. So we can go on a trip together.” Izumi says.

“Really!?” Fabio exclaims in surprise.

“Thank you mom! You are the best mom ever!” Fabio exclaims and gives his mother a hug.

He really is a sweet and easy boy, thinks Rasmus as he gets up from the table.

Here I feel like interjecting that you should never sell the fur before the bear have been shot and it may be that some challenges appear later, but Rasmus is new to the parenting role, so let’s not take the sorrows for granted.

“Where are we going?” Fabio asks.

“We have talked about going to the flea market in San Myshuno…but not until this afternoon.” replies Izumi.

“So I can climb now?” Fabio asks.

“Yes, you have plenty of time to climb.” Izumi declares.

Fabio already seems to have lost his concentration when he hears Futte calling.

“Hey Futte! Who’s the cutest cat?” he laughs as Futte rubs her head up his leg.

“I’m taking the day off from school today.” he says, petting Futte gently.

This is going to be the best day ever, he thinks as he runs out to his climbing frame.

No school even if it’s just an ordinary day.


“How do you think he took the news?” Rasmus asks cautiously.

“I think he actually took it pretty easy.” Izumi says with a smile.

“He really is a fabulous boy.” Rasmus replies.

“But I’ll probably have to expand the house with a new room.” says Rasmus.

They don’t get to talk more about this part of the future challenges when Brooke calls Rasmus back to the present by demanding some attention.

“Have you noticed the cats are starting to bond together?” Rasmus asks.


By Tusnelda and Martin

Martin has finished today’s training. Now he wants to find Tusnelda.

“There you are sweetie.” he says and strokes her cheek gently….”What do you say we pay Rasmus a short visit?”

“We can do that if it suits him?” she replies cheerfully.

Tusnelda has now come to the conclusion that there is no point in the night’s speculations. When she looks into Martin’s eyes she has no doubt that he loves her no matter what happens.

“I’ll give him a call.” says Martin.

He is happy to see that Tusnelda has found her usual optimistic self again.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?” He says, giving her a hug.


Shortly after, Tusnelda stands in front of Rasmus’ house with a loving Futte in her arms.
This is where she gets the first sense of uneasiness.

Her hesitation becomes even greater when she and Martin are standing outside Rasmus’ front door. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea at all?

She cannot escape because Rasmus is already at the door.

He invites them in and Martin has already slipped through the door.

Tusnelda hesitantly stands back.

Rasmus spontaneously gives her a hug.

“Hey Tusnelda, is something wrong?” he asks caring.

“There’s nothing wrong, what could be wrong?” she asks without waiting for an answer.

Martin is already inside the house. He sees Izumi talking to her son and he considers whether he should sit on the couch?

Now he feels a gentle push against his leg… “Hey Fie!”

“How are you my sweet girl?” he asks as he scratches her under the chin.

She answers him with an affectionate purr.


The four of them gather around the couch.

Izumi introduces herself politely and she asks about Martin’s job and interests.

Martin talks about his sport and passion for running and his love for cats.

Tusnelda seems to sit passively as she has an inner dialogue against the voices that try to drown out her common sense.

“Oh! I’m a big cat lover myself and it’s really a pleasure that your beautiful cats have moved in with us.” Izumi says cheerfully.

“I’m really glad you told me. It makes it all a lot easier when you know your fur babies have found a good home.” replies Martin.

They’re talking about babies now!? Tusnelda feels how the anxiety creeps in and is about to take over…. Why is Martin so accommodatingly keen on that subject?

Why does Rasmus just sit so calmly and let it all happen?

Someone will have to intervene. Someone will have to separate them…..Someone…!
The anxiety feels overwhelming as she realizes it is futile. She already lost him.

She feels such powerlessness and such a loss of control that she struggles not to cry out loud.

Tusnelda gets up quickly to break out of the grip of anxiety. She tries to concentrate on the cats on the scratching post.

In the background, as if behind a duvet, she hears Rasmus saying something to Izumi.

The conversation with Martin is interrupted when Izumi gets up to talk to Rasmus..

Rasmus looks calmly up at Izumi with complete trust.

Now they both go a little apart where they exchange a few words regarding Fabio and an excursion.

My god, how silly I am, Tusnelda thinks to herself.


Outside in the garden, Fabio swings on the climbing frame.

Inside, Rasmus and Martin talk together.

Tusnelda has sat down next to Izumi and right now she is talking about her interest in herbal medicine. A subject that interests her passionately.

Izumi asks friendly questions on the subject.

Suddenly their conversation is interrupted by a roar from the men.

“I know you’re a soccer player Martin, but I know I’m superior to you when it comes to basketball.” says Rasmus.

“Challenge accepted!” says Martin eagerly.

“Woah! That sounds serious.” says Tusnelda with a knowing smile.

“We’re going out for a minute, Izumi!” says Rasmus, while Fie gets a hug from Martin before he runs out.

Since Martin is a guest, he is allowed to start.


“Rasmus and Martin seem to have a really close friendship. He seems like a nice man, your Martin.” Izumi says.

“Yes he is.” says Tusnelda, as she feels the uneasiness creep into her stomach.

“It looks like you and Rasmus are really good for each other. Rasmus seems so happy and calm since he met you.” Tusnelda says kindly.

“I am very much in love with Rasmus. He is such a sweet and attentive man and he is very caring towards Fabio.” Izumi says in a soft voice.

“We just found out we’re having a baby together…I’m pregnant.” Izumi confides.

“Oh!…congratulations…” Tusnelda manages to say.

Then the anxiety comes flooding back. In the background, she sees Martin holding his hand to his heart.
“That’s my biggest wish ever!” he exclaims.

That’s the only thing she sees, How touched and happy he looks.

She wants to scream out loud!

“I’m sorry I have to go now….work is waiting for me.” says Tusnelda.

“It was so nice to meet you again and and learn more about your interests, Tusnelda…. You must have a lovely day.” Izumi says kindly.

Tusnelda rushes out the door.

She can hear Rasmus and Martin playing ball in the background, but she doesn’t take the time to call Martin.

She just needs to get away.

She looks so small and lonely as we see her here.


I’m not going to comment on who won the battle, but now Martin stands in all friendliness and shows a SimTok video to Rasmus.

It’s obviously really funny because Rasmus laughs very loudly.

“Everything in your life seems to have fallen into place now. How did it happen so fast?” Martin suddenly asks.

Rasmus has barely finished laughing, but now he suddenly becomes serious.

“Maybe I don’t really know the answer myself, but suddenly Izumi was right there in front of me and she was funny and outgoing and yet so easy to be with.” replies Rasmus and thinks about it a bit……

“She’s not complicated at all and I just knew I had to have her.”

“That sounds great.” Martin answers.

“She is gentle, motherly, beautiful and sexy and she has the most seductively beautiful eyes.” Rasmus continues, as he cannot find an end to all the superlatives he wants to adorn her with.

“It sounds like you’re really very much in love with her, Rasmus….I’m so happy for your luck.” says Martin enthusiastically.”

“I’m very much in love with Izumi, Martin…and imagine, we’re already expecting a child together….I feel so blessed.” says Rasmus, touched.

“Woah! Congratulations my friend. I’m so happy for you.” says Martin and gives Rasmus a big hug.

“Thank you my friend.” Rasmus says quietly as he hugs Martin back.

Martin follows Rasmus with his eyes as he walks into his house to Izumi. He looks so confident and relaxed.

Even though he feels a twinge of envy that Rasmus is going to be a father, he wishes his friend all the happiness he can get. He has fought hard to get there.

Inside the house, Rasmus is received by Izumi. You’d think they hadn’t seen each other for a very long time.

Outside, Martin kneels down to say goodbye to Futte. He is so happy that Fie and Futte seem to have settled in well.

When Rasmus talked about Izumi, Martin thought about how he felt when he met Tusnelda in his time.
Then as now, he has never doubted that he wanted her.

She left without him noticing so he better come home and see how she is.

He has a feeling she’s struggling with something right now.

As he knows her, pushing her is not helpful. She needs her own room. He just has to be there when she’s ready to open up.

When he reaches the house, he is received by Mia.
He can only try to imagine how empty his life will be without all their little fur babies.


Inside the house, Tusnelda is standing and looks like someone who has lost a big battle.

“How are you sweetie?” he asks gently.

“Why do all the people ask me that?” she replies.

Shortly after, she goes to work and a little later it is also Martin’s turn to leave.


Back to Rasmus

There is a knock on the front door of Rasmus’s house, but no one answers.

Rasmus and Izumi are not present right now.

On closer inspection, they appear to be very present in each other’s company.

Marcus goes outside to play some basketball while he waits.

No one has invited him, but there has been a lot of gossip about Rasmus in the neighborhood and now he wants to see it for himself.

Rumor has it that Rasmus is deeply in love and he is floating in seventh heaven.

The fact is that it has been a long time since anyone has seen him in the Harbor Quarter Gym.

“Hi there! Who are you? Are you going to visit us?” says Fabio.

“Hey boy! I’m Marcus. I’m a friend of Rasmus. Is he out?”

“I’m Fabio! Rasmus doesn’t have time to talk to you right now. Him and my mom are working on their new baby…. They still don’t think I know how babies are made, but I do.” says Fabio.

“Oh!?” says Marcus a little dumbfounded.

“You know, first the baby are tiny little… like a pea, and then you really have to work hard to make them grow. They require a lot of nutrition.” continues Fabio.

Marcus really doesn’t know what to say to that lesson in reproductive performance, so he refrained from commenting on it further.

Fortunately, Fabio quickly has other thoughts… “Do you want to see me hanging by my legs?” he asks.

There is nothing Marcus would rather spend his time on right now.


Meanwhile, Rasmus and Izumi have gotten dressed.
Rasmus wants to put some laundry in the washing machine while Izumi once again struggles with her nausea. Poor her.

Izumi looks out the window and she sees Fabio showing off to someone.

“Who is Fabio talking to? Is it someone you know?” she asks.

When Rasmus comes out of the door, he sees Fabio and Marcus talking together.

“Hi Marcus! I can see that you have already made acquaintance with Fabio?” says Rasmus.

“Yes I have.” Marcus says, giving Fabio a somewhat cryptic look.

“I’ve been telling Marcus how you and my mom are making me a new little brother. He doesn’t seem to know that much about baby making.” says Fabio.

“Really?” says Rasmus, blushing.

“Yep! He seems like an enlightened little boy.” says Marcus, with a wry smile.

“He most certainly is.” replies Rasmus while smiling at Fabio.

Now that you think about it, it seems rather hilarious that a little boy is teaching a fertility doctor about reproduction, but we leave the topic here.

“Fabio! We’re going to San Myshuno in a minute. Your mother just had to get ready.” says Rasmus to Fabio.

Izumi has once again been delayed by an overwhelming errand.
Someone should really upgrade that toilet to self-cleaning.


Early afternoon at the secret lab

In the laboratory, Tusnelda takes a break from the routine tasks as she stands and looks at some pictures from Sixam.

It makes no sense that she, who has flown several times with the rocket to an alien planet, is suddenly overwhelmed by irrational anxiety.

However, she has come to the point in her self-reflection that she perfectly understands that it is due to her inability to fulfill Martin’s dream of a child.
She guess it has actually also become her own dream. The giraffe picture indicates that.

She therefore seeks out Simon, whom she considers a friend, to ask him to do her a favor.

“What kind of favor do you have in mind Tusnelda?” he asks.

“I need you to take a sample.” she replies.

This is the reason why, a moment later, Tusnelda willingly opens her mouth so that Simon can obtain the necessary genetic test.

“You can hand it over to me now so I can examine it.” she says.

“I’m sorry Tusnelda, but I really think you should leave it to me, so you don’t find anything to worry you without someone to comfort you afterwards” replies Simon.

It dawns on Tusnelda that Simon is adamant on that point

“I promise you can safely leave it to my discretion.” he says and leaves.


Simon puts the swab down into a test tube with liquid.

Then he centrifuges the liquid to separate the individual cells.

He carefully reads the test result. It doesn’t seem to show anything worrisome.

He does some additional testing with a different tracer.


Suddenly Tusnelda appears at his side. She looks at him a little unsure.

“Is everything as it should be?” she asks.

“As far as I can see, I can’t find any genetic defects and nothing to indicate serious illness. What exactly are you looking for Tusnelda?” he asks.

Tusnelda hesitates a bit before answering… “I just want to know whether I have any hormonal disturbances and if I’m healthy.” she says.

“I absolutely want to declare that your hormonal system is normal and you seem healthy and fit.….but I’m an not a doctor, I’m analyst and I have most of my basis experience from rats.” says Simon.

“Thanks Simon! That’s just what I need to hear.” she replies.

“Maybe you should see a doctor anyway. Just to be on the safe side.” concludes Simon.

“I’m sure it’s not necessary.” says Tusnelda as she leaves.

Simon continues to analyze some metals now that he’s up and running.

Tusnelda continues into the reception to find the toilet.

She feels ashamed of her anxiety earlier in the day. She is a scientist and she should be the first to stick to the facts.

She greets Masato somewhat absently as she passes him.

“Tusnelda!” he calls.

She stops to hear what else is coming.

“You seem a little stressed. Is something bothering you?” he asks.

Why is everyone asking her that question!?


San Myshuno

Marcus accompanies them to San Myshuno. They start by watching a street musician perform.

Marcus does not have any recognition as he still has not met his new neighbor.

One has to wonder that the guitarist can force such tones out of this miserable instrument. He is certainly very talented.

Elijah bows kindly to his audience before leaving.


Don has joined and the three guys play basketball together.

Rasmus has so much excess energy during this period.

Fabio presents his mother with a present.

“It’s a drawing mom! I drew it myself.” he says proudly.

“Thank you so much Fabio! That’s really sweet of you.” Izumi says gratefully.

Now Fabio has spotted a climbing frame and he quickly runs across the basketball court, past Rasmus and his friends.

It’s the best day ever.

On the secret lab

In the laboratory, Tusnelda is developing a new form of Serum.
Although Simon did not give her an absolutely clear answer, she will do what she can.

She knows the recipe for the Elixir of Fertility from her herbal knowledge and if she adds some extra metals and salts to this basic recipe, she is sure that she will find a perfect and powerful recipe.

What could possibly go wrong?

She takes a backup of the bottle of serum, with the Cloning machine, so she doesn’t have to start over if she needs to add an extra ingredient.

She sits up in the small office upstairs in the company of Aanya, as security for someone to grab her if things unexpected go wrong. She does all true have some common sense left.

She quickly swallows the contents of the bottle. It doesn’t taste too unpleasant.

She feels a little dizzy when she gets up, but it’s not too bad.

Then she suddenly feels like all the energy is leaving her body…

…and she rolls over on the floor and falls into a deep sleep.

One could perhaps interject that she might need to sleep after sitting up all night.

If you zoom in on Aanya inside the office, it looks like Tusnelda is not the only one who has had a bad day.


Afternoon in San Myshuno

After an hour, Rasmus sits down on a bench, out of breath, where he laughs and wipes the sweat from his forehead.

“Come on you chicken!” Don calls out.

“I’m done for today.” shouts Rasmus back.

Rasmus stays seated and cheers on Don and Marcus’ goals.

When you look at Rasmus now on that very bench, then maybe you remember it was here on this bench Alice revealed that she was married and broke his heart.
Since this memory seems to have been completely erased from Rasmus’ memory, there is no reason to dwell on it.

Fabio is still hanging out on the climbing frame, but in the distance you can see that Don is on his way away.

Fabio sits down next to Rasmus.

“Did you have a nice day, Fabio?” Rasmus asks.

“Here comes Izumi. She’s done looking at the stalls.

“I had the best day ever Rasmus. I think you have some really cool friends.” he says.

Marcus watches them from a distance. Rasmus looks like he is completely adapted to the small family. He looks so confident and happy.

In principle, Marcus himself could have such a family if everything had gone completely differently.
If he had had a possible choice and he had had the courage to make such a choice.

He better get back home. He has some patients tomorrow and who knows if Jade will stop by?

“I also think it has been my best day ever.” Rasmus replies.

I’m zooming out in this picture just to see it all in a larger perspective. An ordinary family enjoying each other’s company, seen from a human perspective.


Late afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Trix runs to meet Tusnelda when she comes home from work.
She looks like something is bothering her.

He gives Tusnelda an encouraging meow.

“Come and play with me! It usually amuses you!” he meows.

Maybe they can really understand each other’s language because Tusnelda finds the little laser light that Trix loves to catch.

She is not happy, but Trix’s eager pursuit seems to amuse her nonetheless.

He eagerly jumps around to catch the beam of light that is hitting all around.

“I got you!” he hums.

Then the light is already on the run again.

Tusnelda takes Trix into her arms.

“You are such a good friend Trix.” she says.

“I love you too, Tusnelda.” Trix purrs.

Then what has just been built topples over.

Tusnelda places Trix on the grass and lets out a deep dark sigh.

She looks devastated as she walks into the house.

“You really should talk to someone who speaks your native language!” meows Trix.

When Martin comes home from work at the same time, Trix calls for help with a loud meow!

“Hey sweetie! I’ve missed you.” Martin says happily.

He can immediately see that Tusnelda is not at all happy, so he stretches out his arms to give her a hug.

“Come here sweetie! I’m sure everything will work out.” he says comfortingly.

“I’m not so sure anymore.” she says depressed.

If only she would tell what’s bothering her, he thinks.


I can feel that Tusnelda’s gloomy face is starting to affect me and so that the readers don’t get too depressed, we take a short scene change to Rasmus, where Izumi, Fabio and Rasmus have just returned home from San Myshuno.

“Your mother is very tired tonight Fabio…Would it be ok if I put you to bed tonight?” Rasmus asks.

“You can do that Rasmus! But can I climb more today?” asks Fabio.

Rasmus thinks that Fabio looks pretty tired too, but he gives him permission to climb a little more while he helps Izumi. She looks exhausted.


A deep breath, then we are back with Tusnelda and Martin...

Martin has started grilling some veggie burgers.

He looks at Tusnelda and he feels her pain.
It’s one of those things that happens after many years of living together.

“The food will be ready in a moment.” he says cheerfully.

Nothing seems to work.

He continues flipping the steaks in silence.

“I’m sorry Martin.” she suddenly says.

“You don’t have to apologize, sweetie.” he says

“I’m just depressed.” she says sadly.

“I can see that, but talk to me Tusnelda…You know you can tell me everything.” he answers.

But I can’t, she thinks gloomily….Not that! She can’t tell him something so silly and embarrassing and stupid. She knows he loves her.

“I hate to lecture you, but maybe a long hot bath will help?” he says.

“It could make you feel better,” he says.

“Yeah, I think I’ll give it a try.” she says.

“That sounds really good sweetie, we can talk afterwards.” he says encouragingly.


Tusnelda looks really depressed as she walks into the living room.

She just manages to close the door to the bedroom, then she breaks down completely.

She cries in torrents while the tears flow.

She cries for several minutes, then she wipes her eyes.

She’s having her worst day ever.

Despite the call to take a shower, she chooses to disobey Martin’s advice and her watcher’s actions as she crawls under the covers.

She sleeps right away.

Fair enough, she should also be exhausted by now.


Martin collects the uneaten food to put in the fridge.

He can see that Tusnelda hasn’t even eaten all her food.

He hopes she will choose to tell him what is going on inside her.

He goes out to remove Tusnelda’s plate and discovers that Fiona is using a chair as a scratching post.

“Shame on you Fiona! Don’t scratch the furniture!” he scolds.

He follows Fiona with his eyes as she slinks off.

She meows softly while sending him pleading eyes.

“Don’t try Fiona! I’m not for that kind of flattery.” he says firmly.

She sends him another appealing glance….

When she caresses his leg, he is sold.

Everyone deserves some love when they feel lonely.


Evening at Rasmus

Izumi sleeps and Rasmus is doing some dishes while he watches Fabio through the window.

It is already completely dark but now he gets an unexpected visit.

“Hey Don! What brings you here at this hour?” Rasmus asks.

“It’s only 7 p.m., I guess it’s not that late yet.” Don replies.

Rasmus invites Don in and they sit down at the kitchen table.

“You seem so happy Rasmus?” Don says.

“I’m happy Don and I’m very happy indeed.” replies Rasmus with a big smile.

Outside, Fabio wonders that Rasmus hasn’t called him yet and he walks towards the house.

Maybe Rasmus has fallen asleep?

He soon discovers that they have another guest.

“Hey Rasmus friend!” he exclaims happily.

“Hi Fabio! My name is Don.” Don says kindly.

“I know you from the pictures on the wall and from San Myshuno today.” says Fabio.

“That sounds about right.” Don replies.

“Sorry Don, but I need Rasmus now…he needs to put me to bed.” says Fabio.

“I wonder if I can do without him in the meantime?” Don says kindly as he looks at Rasmus.

“You have to!” says Fabio firmly, then he and Rasmus stand up.

“I’ll see you in a little while.” says Rasmus to Don.

When Rasmus and Fabio enters Fabio’s room, Futte is sleeping on his bed.

“I need my bed Futte!” says Fabio.

Actually, the bed should be big enough for both of them, but Futte chooses to jump down anyway.

Rasmus bends down and gives Fabio a kiss on his cheek.

“You tickles Rasmus” mumbles Fabio, after which he sleeps.

“He’s completely gone in dreamland.” says Rasmus when he comes back to Don.

“You seem so changed man! So dedicated to family life.” says Don.

“But that’s how it’s Don.” Rasmus says seriously.

“Think Izumi is waiting my child now! I feel so blessed!” Rasmus cheers out loud.

“You’ve always been a little weird Rasmus, but I can see that this makes you really happy.” says Don.

“So, congratulations man. I love to see your happy face.” says Don and gives him a big warm hug.

“I will go again, but I hope you soon get time to hang out with the guys Rasmus. I miss you.”

“See you soon.” Rasmus says to Don as he goes.

As Don pass the tent in the garden he smiles. We’ll see why.

Inside, Fabio sleeps safely under the protective light of the magic lamp.

Rasmus finds his way to the bedroom where Izumi sleeps peacefully.

Soon the whole house sleeps.

Brooke and Fie are sleeping side by side in the tent.
It is clear that the cats have really started to bond together and therefore this chapter has a happy ending.


Tusnelda is very uncomfortable speaking the emotional language. She knows her thoughts are illogical and irrational and they therefore feel embarrassing and shameful. Of course she will seek a scientific solution. How can she do anything else? It’s part of her DNA.
What she does not dare to put into words is thus fueled to grow even bigger. Only by sharing her fears and thoughts with those who love her will they be able to be brought back to a manageable size.
She is given this song as a reminder of the disadvantage of silence.



  • Yimiki

    Careful of those seagulls, Trix! They can and do gang up on you =O

    Oh, Tusnelda. She’s so scared she’ll lose him if she can’t give him a child, but at the same time, she seems to be very lax about actually making a child happen. I don’t mean the bed sparkles here. I remember Tusnelda still being on birth control while Martin was already thinking they were working towards a baby. I wonder if she realizes that it’s possible to adopt? Parental love doesn’t have to come from a biological connection.

    Aww, Izumi and Rasmus’s worry over how Fabio is going to react is so wholesome. They both care about him and want to grow together as a family. I’m glad that Fabio seems to like it at first glance. I know that big things like that sometimes take a while to really sink in with children. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fabio comes back to the subject himself later.
    I like the bench flashback with Rasmus. He really is in a much better place. The memory with his friends and family is a great upgrade from Blue. ^.^

    And the anxiety monster rears its ugly head again. Sometimes it’s hard to control your emotions even when logic proves the situation is not like that at all. Poor Tusnelda. She is seeing ghosts where there are none, all from fear of losing Martin.

    Hey, Marcus! His conversation with Fabio made me chuckle. Gah, Tusnelda, looking at a genetic sample in a science machine is not the same as checking your fertility. She’s so smart but sometimes she’s a little too stubborn and blockheaded for her own good. I mean that in the best way possible, but oh my gods, the man literally said he gets his experience from testing rats o.o

    Poor Martin. He’s trying so hard to cheer her up and be there for her, but Tusnelda’s sad mood is making him sad, too. Come on, Tus. Have a heartfelt conversation right there at the table. You can do it… darn.

    Awwww. Those snoozing cats in the tent <3

    • MonaSolstraale

      Adoption is certainly an option, but here you are several horse lengths ahead of Tusnelda’s development. Mostly she doesn’t give offspring a thought, but Izumi’s pregnancy has given her a wake-up call. I assume the time factor is not in her calculation…until now.
      I have to admit that I wonder if Tusnelda has been struck by a bug of sadness, because the sudden burst of tears came completely spontaneously.
      Martin is strangely in a good place, where he seems to rest in his own company and not even Rasmus’ parenting can knock him out. He works unnoticed and persistently to achieve his goals.
      I cut out the entire sequence with Tusnelda and Martin’s honest conversation. It made more sense to postpone it…and besides, this chapter is already way too long.

      Marcus came by uninvited and I couldn’t help teasing him with Fabio’s straightforward child perspective 😆
      I think Fabio is quite an entertaining character. Will the truth about what awaits him dawn on him later? Probably. However, Rasmus has promised to keep his room safe, so far so good.

      The picture with Rasmus’ family on the bench gives me such a tender emotion and what a contrast to the past ❤
      Sorrows and joys follow one another. I’m quite sentimental and a sucker for happy endings. I love to see how the cats bond with each other in the game ❤

      • Yimiki

        Sorrows and joys following each other is a recipe for a good, balanced literary meal! 😄 Martin only feeling a slight pang of envy but overall being happy for his friend was so wholesome to see, too. He’s such a strong, loving person.

  • cathytea

    Aw. She’ll be OK, I’m sure, with Trix and Martin. But what a difficult time to be in, and how challenging to not be able to talk about one’s emotions! (I say, as if from experience!) I loved seeing the happiness of Rasmus, his family, and friends. And how lovely to be showing us the screenshots from various perspectives, cat and human and close-up and panned out!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤
      I would like to say that I have often experienced the healing of talking about what fills us emotionally, even if it can feel embarrassing and difficult.

  • Haneul

    This is one of my favorite chapters. I love how you handle the emotions and balance Tusnelda’s sadness with Rasmus’ happy family life. When Tusnelda says she knows her dream foreshadowed Martin leaving her, I felt so sad. Tusnelda knows such a thought is irrational, but she can’t let it go. 🙁 I hope she can talk to Martin about her feelings and that he’ll reassure her. She must disturb the silence and let it out (the song you shared reflects the mood well).

    On a more positive note, Fabio is adorable. He’s excited to tell Rasmus that the lamp works. “I’ve been telling Marcus how you and my mom are making me a new little brother. He doesn’t seem to know that much about baby making.” XD I also love that Rasmus has come so far since that low when Alice broke his heart.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your comment ❤
      Anxiety is difficult to deal with as it rarely has much basis in facts but instead reflects an emotional imbalance. It is a call from the subconscious.
      Tusnelda switches between anxiety and rational common sense. It is very necessary for her to talk with Martin so that this irrational ghost does not grow bigger.

      I love watching Rasmus’ peaceful loving face as it appears now. It’s such a contrast from the past.
      Fabio is a really funny and sweet character. His facial expressions change so quickly, which I think reflects his thoughts.

  • Manny Likes Sims

    Hearing Fabio explain reproduction to a fertility doctor made me laugh so hard XD

    Seeing Rasmus smiling on *that* bench was such a nice touch and so heartwarming! He’s come so far <3

    Also, I love how you depict Tusnelda's anxiety! Even though she struggles to talk about her emotions, you convey her state so well – through her intrusive images of that hypothetical other woman Martin loves, her insecurities about Izumi's pregnancy, and her sensitivity to everyone asking if she's ok! I'm rooting for her so hard! And she's surrounded by such supportive friends and partner, I am optimistic she'll make it <3

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