Tusnelda and Trix

73. Family matters

When we left the last chapter there were still some unfinished threads. It’s time they got a proper ending.
From the header image, it can be seen that Marcus is back in Finchwick to sort out an unfinished business. He learns that sometimes rumors travel fast. As usual, the chapter is also about love and friendship…and children, both the existing and the unborn. Some monsters are killed and others begin to take their form.


Evening in Brindleton Bay

We are back in the story at about the same time as we last left it.
Tusnelda has just followed Fie home and she is now knocking on the front door.

Rasmus welcomes her and offers her a meal, and then he realizes that he is missing something.

“Maybe I should start by introducing Izumi, my fiancé, and Fabio her son.” he says.

“I’ll just stop by briefly after I followed Fie home from the beach.” Tusnelda replies….. “Martin told me about the boy and your girlfriend.” she continues hesitantly.

Rasmus stands up to welcome Fie….

Izumi greets Tusnelda kindly, but she gets the feeling that Tusnelda is trying to ignore her.

Fabio gets up from the table, thinking that the lady is really weird.

If Tusnelda seems strange, is it perhaps because the sight of Rasmus with the woman and the boy opens up a kind of memory.

A dream with Rasmus in company with a beautiful fair-haired woman and a boy in a green shirt…. She feels a pang of fear!

In that dream Martin was deeply in love with the woman.

Tusnelda shakes the dream out of her head and looks at Rasmus hugging Fie.

“I’m really happy Fie and Futte can live here with you.” she says gratefully.


Fabio finds Futte inside his room, where she has just slept on his bed.

“That lady you’ve been staying with isn’t very nice.” he says.

Futte stretches pleasantly without understanding what Fabio is talking about.
However, she understands that her new home is full of cat-friendly people.

“You’re so cute Futte, even though you’re not a dog.” says Fabio.

Meanwhile, luckily, it looks like the strange lady is getting a proper greeting at Izumi.

“You can clearly feel that Fie and Futte have had a good home. They are so trusting.” says Izumi.

“Oh! Do you like cats?” Tusnelda asks. She suddenly seems a little more open.

“Yes, I love cats.” replies Izumi.

Fie takes one last look at Tusnelda and Izumi who are chatting together. Now she wants to find her sister.

She is quite tired on top of the excursion so when she finds her sister in Fabio’s room, she also notices his warm cozy bed.

When Futte jumps on the bed to sleep with her sister, Fabio finds that he needs his bed now so unfortunately it looks like Fie and Futte will have to find another place to sleep.

Fabio can still hear the strange lady’s voice in the living room, so he ends up going to bed without his mother’s goodnight kiss.

He snuggles under the covers and listens to the murmuring voices. He wishes she will go now.

Tusnelda stays a little longer and talks to Rasmus and Izumi.

It’s easy to see how much in love they are with each other.

“I better go home now.” she says.

“Thank you for bringing back Fie.” says Rasmus in farewell.

“I’d better check on Fabio…but I will just say that she seems to be a nice lady.” Izumi says.

“She’s a dear friend, married to my childhood friend.” Rasmus says.

Fabio is already fast asleep.

Finally, it seems that this day will come to an end, with Rasmus and Izumi hugging each other before going to bed.

But….Wait for it…


Futte stops in surprise when she hears a loud outburst.

Fie immediately seeks reassurance from her sister….”Did you hear the scream? Shall we flee?”

“I’m not sure,” Futtet replies in shock.

As the author, however, I can assure them that there is no need to flee….at least not yet.

In the toilet, Izumi has been given an explanation for her morning sickness.

“Rasmus! I have something important to tell you and I know this comes as a big surprise.”

“I’m pregnant…we’re going to have a baby.”

If I have to interpret Futte’s reaction in the background, she might think that there is danger after all.

“What!?” Rasmus asks in astonishment.

Then the news finally seems to sink in.

After all, He must be excused for the fact that they haven’t even tried for a baby yet.

“Are you sure?” he asks

“Yes I’m quite sure.” she replies.

“That’s amazing Izumi….it is my biggest dream to have a child with you….”


“I didn’t plan this Rasmus. I’m so glad you’re taking it this way” Izumi says softly, but immediately after she continues a bit uneasily……”I just have a concern about Fabio? How he will take this?”

“I promise you I’m going to be the best father ever to both of our children….you’ve made me the happiest man ever.” Rasmus says, full of tenderness.

There is no doubt that Rasmus feels that he has been struck by a lucky star, even if this was not planned.

It was just as surprising to their watcher who, believe it or not, this time had no hand in the game’s development.

Fie and Futte look at the whole scene in wonder as they ask each other the mournful question of whether these people never, ever go to bed?

On the other hand, one could perhaps argue that the whole mess is due to the fact that they have frequented the bed a little too often in recent weeks. 😏


Suddenly, Izumi feels an immense hunger, as if her upcoming child has already started demanding extra nourishment from her.

Rasmus can’t wait to share the big news with his surroundings and who can he talk to in the middle of the night?

“Hi Brooke. I have great news! We are soon getting another little new family member.”

“That sounds really great,” Brooke growls, after which she turns her back on Rasmus.

From Brook’s point of view, her surroundings have evolved quite a bit lately, so it’s understandable that she doesn’t express any kind of excitement.

Even Rasmus should be able to understand that she doesn’t want to talk to him right now.

“Shall we go to bed?” Izumi says, kissing his cheek.

Rasmus’s heart gallops in joyful leaps.

The happiest man ever!

Of course, they must immediately celebrate their joy and love.

Brooke doesn’t fail to demonstrate what she thinks about that kind of happiness.

But not even Brooke’s efforts can prevent their sparkling joy.


In the house next door

On top of all these happy sparks, perhaps the story needs some grounding again….

Unfortunately, it seems that someone wants it differently, because when Tusnelda comes home she is overtaken by another kind of sparks.

This sign is not to be mistaken.

Goodbye Tusnelda.

Have a safe trip.

Martin sits inside and watches television.
If you are to interpret his clothing, he has just woken up from sleep.

Fiona takes advantage of his relaxed state to get some cuddles.

“I wonder when Tusnelda will come home?” he says calmly.

As for Tusnelda’s practices, nothing seems to trouble him anymore.

Martin finds his guitar and plays some notes.

Wonder if he notices the green flashes of light out in the lawn?

Probably not. Right now he seems to be more preoccupied with his instrument.


Back to Rasmus.

At Rasmus, it looks like everyone has finally calmed down.

A moment later, the peace is interrupted by a growl under Fabio’s bed.

Fabio quickly sits up in bed and yells loudly at his mother.

Fie jumps up to Rasmus in his bed.

“Rasmus! Wake up! You are needed immediately!” she says with a loud meow.

She’s probably right, because Izumi seems preoccupied with an urgent errand.

What a mess. It also requires a lot of cleaning.

Rasmus enters Fabio’s room where he finds him in a state of panic.

“Fabio! Calm down, what’s going on?” Rasmus asks in a daze.

“The monster is back! Please Rasmus, chase it away.” he pleads.

Rasmus sleepily sits down on the bed….

“But how?” He asks confused.

“Mom! I want my mom!” whines Fabio.

“Your mother is disabled right now….Calm down Fabio! I’ll figure it out.” replies Rasmus, a little more awake.

“Fortunately, Rasmus remembered the cleaning agent which Izumi has told him she uses in a crisis situation like this and he gives the monster some solid squirts.

Fabio’s gaze fearfully searches for signs of life under the bed. He can still see the poisonous smoke emanating from the monster’s ferocious gape.

Rasmus can’t see anything at all.

“So Fabio. The monster is gone and you can safely jump back into bed.” says Rasmus.

“No, you’re lying…. it’s not gone!” says Fabio angrily.

“But I assure you.” replies Rasmus.

“Mom! Help me!!!” Fabio shouts desperately.

“Please, calm down Fabio. Your mother is a bit unwell right now.” says Rasmus.

“Why is she unwell?” Fabio asks uneasily.

“It’s nothing serious. I just promised to help her and if it makes you feel better, I’ll give the monster another go.” replies Rasmus.

Rasmus finds the cleaning bottle once again and Fabio takes advantage of his inattention to run away.

Now he wants to see what happens to his mother.


Fabio has just found Izumi when Rasmus discovers his disappearance.

“Are you sick mom?” Fabio asks.

“No, I’m perfectly fine and healthy.” assure Izumi…”Come and let me put you to bed.”

Rasmus thinks a little embarrassed that he didn’t manage the role of parent perfectly this night.

“Mom. I woke up because there was a monster under my bed.” says Fabio.

“Then I better make sure it doesn’t come back.” Izumi says calmly.

Fabio watches with satisfaction as his mother drives the monster completely away. She always knows how to fix even the worst beast.

“Goodnight my sweetie.” she says, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Rasmus is still waiting in the living room when Izumi returns.

“He’s sleeping soundly again,” Izumi says.

“I really tried to chase those monsters away so we didn’t disturb you,” Rasmus says a little dejected.

“I know, Rasmus.” Izumi says giving him a kiss…”You did absolutely perfect.”


Finally, the house seems to have completely calmed down.

Fabio sleeps undisturbed for the rest of the night.

Nor are ten roaring lions able to wake Rasmus now.

As for Izumi, that’s a completely different matter.


By Tusnelda and Martin

Martin hasn’t gone to bed yet. He is still busy playing his guitar while waiting for Tusnelda.

Tusnelda has been handed over on the lawn exactly where the Aliens picked her up a few hours before.

“There you are sweetie. Have you been to your club meeting tonight?”

She guess she could claim that, but she refrains from commenting on it….

“I met Fie on the beach this evening, so I visited Rasmus and spoke to his girlfriend, or fiancée as he calls her.” she says.

“I’ve missed you sweetie…let’s go to bed.” Martin says.

Tusnelda can clearly feel that Rasmus and his engagement do not interest Martin in the slightest right now.
It actually suits her very well. She doesn’t like to talk about anything that makes her think of the memory of Martin and a fair-haired woman.

On his way to bed, Martin looks at Tusnelda, which makes him wonder if she’s okay.

She seems a little withdrawn and absent.


Later, when Martin is sleeping, she sneaks out of bed.

She already knows in advance that it is useless and stupid.

It’s too early, so of course the test is negative.

The disappointment and discouragement make her sit in a chair for the rest of the night.
She knows she will have to seek help if she is not to lose him.


A new day in Henford-on-bagley

In the market square of Finchwick, the market wife stands at her stall as she always does.

Today Marcus is back in town and he starts by buying some chocolate berries. He remembers Lana liking them.

He remembers the route from the last visit, so he walks quickly across the square.

The house is on top of the hill, as romantic as he remembers it.

He knocks on the door determinedly as he hopes she will welcome him.

“Hello Marcus! What brings you to Finchwick?” Lana asks in surprise.

“I want to talk to you about Maria.” says Marcus, a little nervous.


“I would like to financially support Maria’s upbringing. I assume you don’t earn that much as a teacher and I can afford it.” says Marcus.

“Thank you Marcus. The expenses for the house are not that big and I prefer to be financially independent.” Maria answers kindly.

“But this is crazy. After all, I’m her father and I want to take some of the responsibility.”

“As I know you, you’re not much for taking any kind of responsibility. It’s all about satisfying your own needs.” Lana says angrily.

“It’s been three or four years since you’ve known me. How can you make such a judgment when you won’t even let me try to take responsibility.” shouts Marcus.

“Ok! You can get a chance to show that you mean it by paying alimony, but officially she has no father.” Lana says.”

“You’re afraid I’ll take her away from you?” says Marcus surprised.

“I can assure you it’s not going to happen… I just want to take responsibility.”

“You have no responsibility Marcus. Maria was my decision alone, but I appreciate your consideration.” Lana replies more calmly.

When Marcus gets up, Maria comes in from her sandbox in the garden.
It’s probably lucky she didn’t hear his and Lana’s discussion just before.

“Hello Maria! Do you remember who I am?” he asks curiously.

“Uncle daddy?” says Maria questioningly.

“Well now I’m your uncle?” says Marcus bitterly, after which he gets a wondering look.


Lana suggests to him that she take some pictures of Maria and him together.

Marcus just answered her with a shrug. For what use? Didn’t she just tell him that Maria doesn’t have a father, officially?

“Uncle is mad?” Maria asks.

“No I’m not mad at you.” Marcus answers, a little embarrassed.

His and Lana’s disagreements should not be passed on to the child.

“I see your mother is ready to take a photograph now.” he continues.

Both Marcus and Maria look a little uncomfortable in the situation.

Maria looks towards Lana a little worried.

Later, both she and Marcus relax more and they both enjoy the contact with each other. Maria laughs out loud when he tickles her under the chin.

After the photoshoot, Maria shows him how good she is at building with bricks.
Marcus gives her little messages of encouragement, but at the same time he feels terribly awkward.

He is actually in doubt as to what made him appear today….What did he dream of accomplishing?

He doesn’t understand Lana’s thinking…..What made her contact him in the first place when she had a perfectly untroubled life and he could have continued his life in blissful ignorance?

His thoughts are interrupted when Lana calls out to Maria. It’s time for her to eat her lunch.

Brindleton Bay

Fabio is playing with his medical kit when he hears Rasmus calling his name.

Rasmus has prepared a surprise in Fabio’s room and now he wants to talk to him.

“I installed this lamp for you Fabio. The salesman told me that it emits a special invisible light that scares away all monsters when it lights up.”

“Wow! That’s so cool Rasmus!” Fabio exclaims impressed.

“I thought so too, so that’s why I realized that it was just the lamp you were missing.”

“But what happens at night? It’s always when I’m sleeping that the monsters come.” Fabio asks uncertainly.

“This lamp is meant to burn all night, so that won’t happen again.” Rasmus explains calmly.

Fabio sits in his own thoughts for a little while as he tries to take it all in.

“Rasmus! I think you’re the coolest man I’ve ever met..and kind too.” says Fabio seriously.

“I think you’re the coolest and most fabulous kid I’ve ever met.” Rasmus says softly as he gives Fabio a hug.

“Your beard tickles me.” Fabio laughs.

“Unfortunately, I have to go Fabio. Work calls, but I look forward to hearing how you slept when we meet tomorrow.”

“I look forward to telling you.” Fabio replies with a big smile.


Afternoon in Cobblebottom Street, Finchwick

Marcus is still visiting Maria and he reads her a bedtime story before leaving.

Later, Lana puts her to bed.

Marcus says goodbye to Lana in front of her house.

“Thanks for the visit Marcus. I think Maria had some pleasant hours with you.” she says kindly.

“Yeah, it was quite nice to spend a little more time with her. I guess she actually needs to know her father.” he says.

“Don’t start again Marcus! I assure you she doesn’t need anything she can’t get from me.” Lana says angrily.

“I said I’m not trying to steal her.” Marcus replies grumpily, after which he leaves.

He turns outside the gate when he hears Lana calling him.

“Marcus! I’m sorry. I don’t mean it personally.” she says.

Marcus moves on quickly. How the hell can she mean it any other way?
Whatever she says, he’s sure she feels he has let her down.

When Marcus has left, Lana follows him.

He hears her call, causing him to stop once more.

However, he quickly discovers that he is not the target of her attention.

He also realizes why she would prefer nothing more to do with him.

She has found another man to take on the role of Maria’s father.

For him, all that remains is to be a distant uncle.

He quickly turns and leaves.

He walks towards the Finchwick town square.

The sun is low in the sky and casts long shadows across the square.

He sits down on a bench and thinks about what he just experienced.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Rasmus gives Izumi a light kiss on the cheek.

“I have to go now.” he says.

“Are you sure you’ll be ok?… I can give you Martin and Tusnelda’s number if you need help.”

“I’m ok Rasmus. It’s just a little nausea. It will go away in a few months.” Izumi says.

Fabio can’t help but hear what she says as he walks past them…. What will disappear in a few months? Should he be worried about his mom?

Nah, It’s probably just some grown-up talk.

Izumi kisses Rasmus goodbye.

She looks after him lovingly as he leaves.

She has never before met a man as sweet and caring as him.
She does not understand that he is not long ago taken by another woman. They must have been deaf and blind.

Rasmus is a little late for it and he runs off quickly.

Fabio has found a flashlight and is reading a book under the covers.
Above him glows the magic lamp. He thinks that both his mother and Rasmus will make sure that everything around him is good.


Finchwick sunset

Marcus has been sitting on benches for a while. The market stall is closed and he is suddenly awakened by the rays of the evening sun.

The evening sky is fantastic and he gets up to enjoy the view.

He assumes that Lana never took their relationship as lightly as he did and when she realized it was never going to be any more, than some arousing visits to public bathrooms and cheap hotels, she took what she could get before she quietly disappeared from his life.

He wasn’t even looking for her. She was just replaced by other non-committal relationships.

It has taken him most of his youth to understand that even the easy choices have a price.

He stays until the sun disappears completely behind the horizon and he feels that a part of his assertive irresponsibility disappears with the sun.

Life is more than an everlasting sunshine.


Marcus feels the urge for a drink and he therefore visits the local inn, The Gnome’s Arms.

He immediately orders a large mug with barley brew.

He looks forward to enjoying his brew and his thoughts in silence as more guests sit down at the bar.

An older man asks him what brings him to Finchwick and Marcus casually replies that it is some family matter.

“Oh! I saw you at Lana McKinnon’s house earlier today…Are you related to Lana?” the man asks.

Marcus quickly realizes that in a small town like this, rumors move faster than a horse can run.
For a man like him who prefer to keep certain aspects of his life in secret, it is a sign to empty the glass and instead find a bar back in San Myshuno.


Evening in Brindleton Bay

Rasmus is still at work when he gets a visitor from the Sports Club.

Surprisingly, this guest is not unknown to Izumi. It seems she is known by most people in this world.

“Paolo! What a surprise!” she exclaims, giving him a hug.

“I actually came to visit Rasmus…. Don told me he had a new girlfriend, but I had no idea it would be you.” says Paolo.

“Rasmus is at work, but let’s sit down.” Izumi replies kindly.

“Tell me what happened. Where did you and Rasmus meet?” asks Paolo.

“Oh! We met completely by chance at a Diner in Oasis Springs, an evening when Rasmus was terribly down and I tried to cheer him up a bit and… you know, he is the sweetest man… and then everything went really fast and now we are actually waiting a child together.” says Izumi happily.

“Wow! This is news!” Paolo shouts in surprise, almost unable to sit still on the chair.

“What is news?” Fabio asks curiously as he walks past them.

“First say hello to Paolo.” Izumi says as she blinks fiercely at Paolo.

Hi Paolo! I’m Fabio.” he says and greets kindly.

“What news are you talking about mom?” Fabio asks once more.

“Do you not know?” Paolo asks in wonder.

Now Izumi suddenly gets very busy scolding Brooke, who sits and begs for a treat.

“Shame on you Brooke! You have your own food in the food bowl.

Brooke looks up at Izumi, offended. What the hell makes her so holy all of a sudden?

She gives Izumi an angry hiss and leaves.

Fortunately, Paolo has probably understood the point as Izumi is now scolding Futte who has jumped onto the table.

Fabio looks tiredly at his mother. She is not at all sweet and cozy as she usually is right now.

He takes his empty glass and leaves the table.

He spots Fie sitting on the floor, completely confused.

“Don’t be afraid Fie. She’ll be in a good mood soon.” he says.

He then tells his mother that he wants to go outside to play on the climbing frame.
She surprisingly says yes, even though it’s almost completely dark outside.


When Fabio comes outside, he spots a dog.

“Hey doggy! Wanna play?” he asks as he extends his hand towards the dog.

The dog answers him with an angry growl.

“Hey calm down doggy! I won’t hurt you.” says Fabio disarmingly.

“Has someone not treated you well?” Fabio asks.

The dog is standing still and listening to his voice.

Now it tilts its head as Fabio continues to talk soothingly to it.

“I want to be your friend…Don’t you miss a friend?” Fabio asks.

Fabio finds a treat in his pocket……. “It’s actually a cat treat, but I think it’s just as good for dogs.” says Fabio.

The dog certainly seems to think that it is absolutely as suitable for a dog and it swallows the treat with great pleasure.

Now the dog wants to play with Fabio anyway, and it wags its tail happily.

“I’m going in now, but if you come again I’ll find a ball we can play with next time.” says Fabio as he pet the dog.

Fabio can still see the dog following him with his eyes as he reaches the front door….. “Goodbye sweet doggy. See you again!” he says.

The dog stays in the dark for a long time, looking for Fabio.


Fabio has news to tell his big toy dog.

“Today I met a real live dog and we became friends and I’m sure she will be your friend too…then we can play together all three of us. What do you think of that Spot?”

Izumi enters the room.

“It sounds like you’re having a nice chat,” she says.

“We have mom! I told Spot about my new friend I met in the garden. She’s a live dog and she wants to visit me again….can she mom? Can she visit me?” he asks eagerly.

“We’ll see about that Fabio, but right now it’s your bedtime that counts.”

“Mom! Are you sick?” he asks suddenly.

“No, I’m not sick Fabio. I just felt a little nauseous tonight. It can happen Fabio, but it will pass.” she says seriously.

“I once had nausea and the nausea made me throw up.” says Fabio.

“Exactly Fabio and now you’re fine again.” she says gently.

“Tomorrow, when Rasmus gets up, all three of us will talk together and then we have a surprise we want to tell you.” she continues.

“Rasmus bought me a magic lamp. It was a surprise.” Fabio says.

“You’re such a sweet boy but now you have to sleep.” Izumi says, hugging him.

Izumi watches over Fabio as he crawls into bed.

Then she kisses him goodnight.

Fabio sleeps immediately.

Izumi is holding onto her stomach. She has such terrible nausea. She is only at the start of her first trimester and she already feels so bloated.


“That’s it! Now he’s sleeping.” she says. ….” have you ever considered having children Paolo?”

“No, I don’t think it’s in my cards.” replies Paolo.

“You never know! It ain’t over till the fat lady sings, as they say….It’s with children as with love. They rarely come when you expect it.” she replies.

Then they leave the subject and sit and watch a sci-fi together.

The only kind of love Paolo knows has so far been associated with the Partihaus club and lots of booze. As far as he knows, this has only resulted in lots of headaches and not in children for any of the club’s members.


Despite the darkness, Brooke sees Rasmus from afar and she rushes to meet him.

Finally she gets some of the close cuddle time with him that she misses. Their surroundings have become so terribly chaotic.

Rasmus carries Brooke with him into the house and here he discovers to his surprise that he has been visited by Paolo.

“Paolo! Nice to see you. It’s been a long time.” he says.

“We’ve missed you at the gym. Don told me you met a woman, but does that mean you’ve put all training behind you?” asks Paolo.

“No, that’s not my plan, but things have been going a little fast here… You know, Izumi has a son and they’ve both moved in here. It all takes some adjusting.” says Rasmus a little embarrassed.

“But to talk about the bright side, I’ve never felt better. Fabio is a great boy. I love Izumi and we’re going to have a child together.” says Rasmus with a big smile.

“Yes, she told me that.” says Paolo……”But Rasmus! I just got a private message so I have to go. Let’s meet at the Harbor Quarter Gym soon.” he continues.

“It’s a deal.” Rasmus replies.

Afterwards, Paolo quickly continues into the nightlife.


Fabio lies safely asleep under the magic lamp. No monsters have appeared this night.

“You look tired.” Izumi says gently as she massages Rasmus’ shoulders.

“I’m tired. Very tired.” sighs Rasmus.

“Thank you my love.” he says.

“Rasmus, we’ll have to talk to Fabio tomorrow. This evening he asked me if I am sick.” Izumi says seriously.

“That sounds right. He’s a clever boy. Not much escapes his gaze.” Rasmus says softly.

It is past midnight and they rush into the bedroom.

Rasmus looks at Izumi and he feels so blessed.

Today, he doesn’t understand why he was so heartbroken over Blue. She gave him some satisfying surprises but everything else around her was so unpredictable and chaotic.

Today he knows that love is so much more. He has learned that love can be trusting and simple and yet full of sparkling joy.

This ends another day….

There are still a lot challenges ahead. There is still a surprise to inaugurate Fabio in, but no one will doubt whether they will manage it together when we see them now.


Windenburg, Olde Platz

It is well past midnight when Marcus arrives at The Old Quarter Inn in Windenburg.
On second thought, he chose to avoid the hectic nightlife of San Myshuno, where everyone seemed to be constantly on the hunt.

The bartender stands sleepily watching a television at the other end of the room.
Marcus wakes him from his slumber by ordering a drink.

For Marcus’ sake, he can drop his circus acts. He just wants to enjoy his drink in undisturbed self-reflection and wait for…..

He is interrupted in his thoughts by a mysterious guy talking loudly to himself in a squeaky voice.

Marcus gets his drink and tries to ignore the guests who have sat down at the bar.

“Hey gorgeous! Interested in some company tonight?” asks the woman next to him.

“No, thanks for the offer, but I already have an appointment.” Marcus replies kindly.

He follows the woman with his eyes.

In the past when he was more active in the nightlife, he would not let such an opportunity slip away, but his trip to Finchwick has once again made him realize that every choice has a consequence.

“Perhaps some other time!” he calls out to the woman kindly as she leaves the inn to continue her hunt elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Paolo has arrived at the inn and he immediately orders a drink.

“Good to see you Paolo! I’m glad you had time to catch up despite the late hour…it’s been a long time.” greets Marcus.

“Of course, always. You know me. I don’t go to bed early, but is something wrong?” Paolo asks curiously.

“Nah, you know. It’s just been a while since the Partihaus club hung out together and I felt like having a few dinks with good friends.” says Marcus.

“Well, I guess there is not as much party in us as in the past, but I can help you with the drinks.” Paolo replies kindly.

They drink together in silence.

“What a masterpiece!” Marcus says enthusiastically.

“How are Eva and Jade?” Marcus asks casually.

“Ha, you can’t fool me Marcus. I know you see more of Jade than I do.” says Paolo.

“Jah, but I can’t really figure her out.” Marcus replies.

Before Paolo can answer, the strange guy next to them starts talking.

“You humans make life way too complicated. It’s due to your primitive animalistic evolution and lack of intelligence.” he squeaks.

“What a strange guy…wonder who bothered him?” Paolo says quietly, as the guy gets more and more agitated and looks like he wants to strangle everyone around him.

“I do have some news to share with you, but let’s empty the glass and leave the place before your sidekick goes berserk.” says Paolo.

“Sounds reasonable.” Marcus replies.


Soon they are standing outside the inn laughing loudly at the strange guy.

“What’s your news?” Marcus asks a little more seriously.

“Oh well the news?…. Don told me recently that Rasmus had met a woman and I went to visit him today. He was at work but his girlfriend was at home….It’s Izumi, you know.. She’s pregnant so Rasmus is going to have a child.”

I feel like interjecting that you can’t claim that it’s only in Henford-on-Bagley that rumors run rampant.

“Whoah! Jade goes nuts when she hears this. She had appointed Rasmus to father her children.” says Marcus.

“Are you sure? So what do you think she’s doing with you?” asks Paolo.

“We don’t make children. I assume we just enjoy the time until she finds a suitable baby daddy.” Marcus says.

“Yeah, we’ll say so.” replies Paolo calmly and gives Marcus a huge hug.

“Hey Paolo! It’s almost 4 o’clock. Shall we have some breakfast together? My place?” Marcus asks.


This will be the reason why Marcus and Paolo later appear outside the Private Clinic.

Marcus has recently discovered that everyone needs a family or at least a very close friend.
The readers need not be concerned. This is not going to be too complicated. Paolo is not one of the kind of friends Marcus has previously picked up in the nightlife.
He is one of those friends that cannot be easily replaced.


A special thanks to thepancake1 and MizoreYukii for sharing their Bed Cuddle mod, which made it possible to take a picture of Rasmus and Izumi in a sweet embrace.


  • Haneul

    Congratulations to Rasmus and Izumi on the coming baby. I like how Rasmus treats Fabio. After failing with the spray for the monster-under-the-bed, he doesn’t get too frustrated or give up, he comes back with his solution, and impresses Fabio with the nightlight. It’s super sweet.

    I hope that Tusnelda and Izumi will be able to bond over their mutual love for cats, and that Tusnelda will soon become pregnant too. Poor Tusnelda. As Marcus notes, life is more than just rainbows and sunshine.

    I’m glad Marcus has Paolo as a friend because things seem kind of sad for Marcus too. Lana is taking care of his child Maria without him because he didn’t take things seriously enough when he hooked up with her.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your detailed comment ❤

      I had of course planned for Izumi to have a child with Rasmus, but the game actually pre-empted the events a bit. Therefore I had to end the previous chapter a little incomplete.

      Tusnelda is in a personal crisis because things are not going the way she wants. One of the reasons why I have brought several new characters into the story is to show a kind of time perspective. It is my intention to focus more on her in the next chapters.

      I think Marcus has read Lana very well now. She may be a little bitter and afraid that he will interfere too much.
      Marcus has understood that all choices have a consequence. He needed a friend who cares. Everyone does.

  • Yimiki

    Aww Tusnelda, it’s hard to control the feelings that your subconsciousness sends your way. I don’t think anyone can doubt Martin’s love to her at this point though. She has no reason to worry. And Izumi isn’t just Rasmus’s girlfriend anymore, either, with them getting engaged! All is safe there, Tus.

    Oh! Baby! Congratulations to both! I have no doubt that this pregnancy will bring Rasmus much, much more joy than the last one <3 I love how Rasmus instantly refers to both the baby and Fabio as his children. Haha, the cats know what’s up. Them going to bed seems to be the problem here xD

    Ouch. Lana being so adamant on keeping Marcus away from his daughter is so hurtful. He’s right; she hasn’t seen him in three years, and people do change over time. I get that she didn’t factor a dad into her become-a-mummy plan but… gods. I feel so bad for Marcus. He had no say in this at all. Oooof, so that’s why she doesn’t want Marcus around. She has a man in mind for the father role already. Poor Marcus.

    Awww. The little nightlight above Fabio’s bed <3 I love how they’re finally bonding. Rasmus is slowly learning how to handle Fabio and Fabio is slowly coming around to the idea of Rasmus being there permanently. It’s very telling how his perspective on Blue has changed, too. She was always chaotic and unpredictable. Which is a great rush of adrenaline and I can imagine that causing intense feelings in the moment. But there’s something about calm stability and comfort that he has with Izumi now, that him and Blue never had. Trusting and simple sounds exactly right.

    [has appointed Rasmus to father her children]… pffft, Jade wishes. Ha! Rasmus is happy and far away from any drama now. LOL so what is Jade doing with Marcus indeed. I really hope that he figures out what he wants in life, and where he wants to go. Him and Don both.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your lovely comment. As always, it makes me smile.

      I assume that Tusnelda does not have the most well-developed connection to her subconscious and emotional life. Those things are often pushed into the background in relation to her research and her development of ideas.
      This is perhaps a hint that time does not solve everything without you making an effort yourself.

      Baby happiness yes! ❤
      I think my MCCC setting says 5% risk of accidental pregnancy and this probably says something about the favor of chance or the frequency with which they have chosen to spend time in their bed. I am sure that Rasmus will become a very dedicated and caring father to both children. The night light is already a sign of that.

      Blue (Alice) brought a lot of excitement, but also unpredictability and uncertainty into Rasmus’ life.
      I still came to love her ever-smiling face as I described their love story.
      I really wish her a happy future and now that Allan is rebuilding himself there might be a chance…. with the obstacle that Alice is still flirtatious, unpredictable and chaotic. Personal characteristics that push Allan’s fear of loss of control.

      Marcus (and Don) are still in the middle of their rebuilding… or in the process of figuring out if they even want to change?
      Even if they choose to continue their lives as they know it, this does not prevent the world around them from changing.
      Jade dreams of romance and children and Rasmus is absolutely not an option anymore.
      Well….There are still quite a few unresolved dilemmas in this narrative, so the story is not over yet.

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