Tusnelda and Trix

64. Seize the joys of life

Like humans, Sims are just small individuals subject to the forces of nature and their watcher’s whims. The question is whether they can see and take advantage of the gifts they receive in life.
There is a kind of spell in the air in this chapter and it is absolutely certain that no one will be untouched when we reach the end.
It is Rasmus and Don’s last day in Sulani and that is where we will begin.

She has always been attracted to strong athletic men and he is no exception.
He caught her eye during his fire dance last night.

Later, she discovered his sweet, soft soul under his tough masculine armor and she immediately fell in love with him.
That’s how he ended up in her bed and he didn’t disappoint her.

She lets him sleep and starts making breakfast.

Sulani is a paradise for explorers and vacationers. She knows she should be more careful.

When the food is ready, she goes into the bedroom to wake him up.

Don looks around a little confused. He usually never stays with his one night stands. He prefers to go home to his own bed.

“My god you’re beautiful!” he says when he sees her.

She tastes of honey and almonds, and she sends explosions of sparkling sensation through his body.

All too quickly she breaks the kiss.

“I’ve made breakfast.” she says.


After a short sleep, Rasmus has returned to the bay where he snorkels leisurely around the reef.

This will be his last full day in Sulani and he feels a pang of sadness at having to return to daily life in Brindleton Bay.

He is interrupted in his gloomy thoughts by a surprising series of clicks and barks that almost sound like laughter.

“Click, click, yip, yip!”

“Yip! yiiip! ” continues the dolphin as it curiously approaches.

Rasmus playfully splashes on the surface of the water.

“Hey! Wanna play?” he laughs.

The dolphin dives with a huge splash.

“Hello you cheeky prankster!” Rasmus shouts in surprise as he is sprayed with a cascade of water.

A moment later, the dolphin returns and with a big smile it lets Rasmus stroke its back.

Rasmus caresses it full of awe at the animal’s trust.

The dolphin greets him one more time with a series of clicks and loud yips…

Then it dives below the surface, in search of the fish that have gathered in shoals fleeing from the chasing dolphins.

Rasmus follows it with his eyes until it disappears…. What a surprisingly amazing experience!

He swims quickly towards the bank. He needs some breakfast.

All the way to their holiday home his face beams in a big smile. He has never felt so blessed as now.

He finds some pancakes in the fridge.

After a quick heating on the stove, they are as good as new.

He eats in silence as he wonders if Don is still asleep? He hasn’t heard when he got home last night.


As you might expect, Don is far from asleep right now.
He is in the process of repeating the night’s sparkling exercises with a woman who tastes of honey and almonds… and maybe vanilla?

My god, he could get addicted to this palette of undiscovered flavors!

As she sleeps, he quietly slips out of bed…. He’d better get out before this gets too close to him.

He looks around for his shorts… Then he hears her call.

“Don! Where did you go?”


“Had you planned to sneak away without saying goodbye? Is that what you think I am? Someone you can use and throw away, without looking back?” she says.

“No!…… no, but last night I tried to make it clear to you that I was just a guy passing by. You said you agreed…didn’t you?” he says.

“This is getting way too intense and I’m going home tomorrow.” he continues almost desperately.

She looks at him… “You are scared.” she says sadly with tears in her eyes.

“Please don’t cry. You’re too precious and I’m not worth it,” he whispers, kissing her cheek.

“I’m scared too,” she says quietly.

What the hell is going on with him? ….Making love with women is usually uncomplicated satisfying and fun but this woman has opened a crack to a bottomless deep, a dark cave he didn’t know he was hiding inside.


This time he makes sure to say goodbye properly. Closing the distance between them feels so seductively satisfying that it takes all his willpower to finish the kiss.

“Goodbye Delphine. I am so sorry for this misunderstanding.” he says gravely.

“Goodbye Don!” she says.

She looks after him as he leaves.

“She hasn’t misunderstood anything…She sees him for what he is….. An armored warrior afraid to expose his soft sensitive core…. Too scared to surrender.

Don strolls carelessly up to the holiday home.

As he walks, he looks relaxed and confident, but his gaze is frozen and reveals that he is more affected deep down than he dares to admit to anyone… least of all himself.

Rasmus is bent over the dishes when he comes through the door.

“Don! Where have you been?” Rasmus asks in surprise.

“Oh! You know. I’ve just been wandering around a bit here and there.” Don replies with a shrug.


Morning in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has a day off and she casually carries out the work that belongs to a daily life.
Martin has to go to work and he is doing his preparations on the treadmill.

Later, she can confirm once again that she has not been successful in achieving the desired pregnancy.

Right now, she is finding it difficult to hold on to her usual optimistic approach to life.

Martin listens compassionated to her disappointed musings and he is tactful not to mention Doctor Flex.
He has understood that Tusnelda needs to go through her own process, even if it could be tempting to give her well-intentioned advice.

Instead, he tries to give her courage and hope.

“We’re not in a hurry Tusnelda and I’m sure it will work out in time,” he says encouragingly.

It has obviously become the story of their marriage, Tusnelda thinks sadly. When one is at the top, the other is in the dark coal mine.

From an outsider’s point of view, it would be much worse if both are in the coal mine at once, but this is probably not the time when a funny remark is well received.

“I’m so sorry Martin,” says Tusnelda, as if he was the one who needed comfort.

“Why don’t you invite one of your friends. You could go fishing or a trip to the spice market in town?” Martin suggests encouragingly.

“Yes, that might be nice,” she replies gratefully.

It has been a very long time since she has seen Flora, so it will be her that Tusnelda calls.


Tusnelda is already in a much better mood when Flora arrives.

“Hi Tusnelda! How are you,” Flora says kindly.

“I’m mostly fine but there’s something I need to talk to you about…. it is a professional question about herbal medicine… about the Elixir of Fertility,” says Tusnelda.

When Martin leaves the house to go to work, he can hear Tusnelda and Flora engaged in a conversation about herbal medicine and he is glad that he does not have to worry about Tusnelda’s mood while he is away.

“What do you need to know? Flora asks seriously.


Sand Simoleon Beach in Sulani

Rasmus swims quickly across the sea.

His target is a buoy far ahead.

He has paid quite a lot of money for equipment and the deep-water camera. Today he wants to scuba dive.

He shouldn’t be out here alone but Don seemed unapproachable when he suggested he come along.
Rasmus is sure that he will be safe if he takes his reservations.

A moment later he dives into the depths.

He leaves no trace on the surface.


At the same time, Don walks in the opposite direction, away from the water.

As usual, his gaze is drawn to every woman he meets on his way, but as he gets closer to this particular woman, he recognizes her….. There is something demonic about her radiance that makes him pass quickly.

She had texted him to meet her just behind the food stall.
He knows he should ignore her. That he is currently in the process of moving into deep water.

His gaze searches behind the stall and under the trees. Then he sees her ahead.

She looks insecure and it makes him forget his own hesitation.

He has missed her terribly even though it is only a few hours since they parted.
To be fair, he hasn’t been thinking about anything but her.

Damn! His entire organism screams to obliterate the distance between them.
She sends electrical sparks and explosions through his body that break down walls. The energy discharges force him to keep his distance.

“I’m so glad you have the courage to meet me again,” she says.

“So am I,” he says.

They walk down to the water together.

“Let’s swim,” she says.

“My God, you’re beautiful,” he says.

Just at that moment, Rasmus returns to the surface. Ready to make another dive.


Magnolia Blossom Park in Willow Creek

Tusnelda and Flora have gone to Magnolia Blossom park in Willow Creek.
Maybe they can find some exciting growth and otherwise just hang out together and enjoy some other surroundings.

They start by eating lunch. Grilled fruit is definitely not Martin’s favorite dish but Flora seems to enjoy it.

Tusnelda does not touch the food. She sits and ponders some unanswered questions.

“How does the Elixir of Fertility work? How often should I take it?” she asks.

“It is a very powerful Elixir that affects your hormonal system very strongly. You should only consume it one or maybe two times a year….. Furthermore, the Will-o-the-Wisp included in the elixir is extremely rare and difficult……. ” Flora explains.

“Oh! Is it reliable?” interrupts Tusnelda.
The Will-o-the-Wisp is no problem because she has her duplicator.

“You already used the elixir, didn’t you? So try to take it easy and give it time to do its work.” says Flora seriously.

“Yeah, I’m probably too impatient…I always am,” Tusnelda replies.

Why does she never learn to keep calm? she thinks annoyed to herself.


Sand Simoleon Beach

Honestly, Don’s not too keen on swimming. He’s more into making out with Delphine… even if it shakes his very foundations. Kissing her is both alluring and dangerous at the same time and he feels them both trembling.

She tears herself free and swims at great speed out into the sea.

She lives up to her name. She is as confident in the water as a dolphin.

He feels terrible about the distance between them. There is no other way out but to swim out to her.

She tastes a little salty and of burnt spices…..He is unable to differentiate them all.

“Please give me a break,” she says, laughing.

It will be a very short break.

Suddenly she looks around nervously. She should be more careful. They are getting noticed among the island’s residents.

“What’s wrong? Is someone after you?” he asks, alarmed.

“No I am in good hands! I assume a keen warrior like you will defend me against a sea dragon should one come by,” she laughs.


Magnolia Blossom Park

Tusnelda and Flora have let go of the serious conversations and now indulge in play.

None of them have been on roller skates before, so it requires all their concentration.




“Yeah! I’ve got it now!” Tusnelda exclaims in relief.

Or maybe not?


Sand Simoleon Beach

Don and Delphine have gone to the beach where they have lit a fire.

“Please do it again Don. I love looking at you” Delphin says.

“What should I do again?” Don asks.

“Dance of course….Dance your fire dance,” she replies.

“No I don’t think so… people will think I’m an idiot,” Don replies.

“Oh! come on, you scarecrow!” she says disappointedly.

Only because he does not want to disappoint her, he throws himself into the dance.

“There you can see Don! No one laughed….everyone can see you are athletic and handsome as a god!” she cheers.


San Myshuno Private Practise

“Jade! What are you doing here?” Marcus asks in surprise.

“I know I shouldn’t come in the middle of your working hours but I really need to talk to you,” Jade says.

“My last client has left and I’m assuming you don’t need a consultation…so if you can make it short.” he says.

“Do you really think my thoughts about teaming up with Rasmus are so crazy?” she asks.

“I think you sound pretty desperate and that’s definitely not the way to go,” he says.

“I like Rasmus, but he doesn’t have your elegance and your flagrant nature. He’s a nice guy, but I don’t think he can give you the resistance you need. You will get bored…and between us, he might have an unhealthy craving for nectar.” Marcus continues.

He feels a pang of guilt when he sees the disappointed expression on her face. That wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

“Don’t be so sad Jade. I’m sure there’s a great guy out there for you. A guy who really matches your qualities.” says Marcus, stroking her cheek comfortingly.

“Thank you Marcus,” she says and gives him a kiss on the cheek. She has taken several things into consideration.

But she certainly hadn’t considered the desperate demand Marcus showed when he returned her kiss.

He’s kissed her before but not with this passion… it’s something else than his usual desire…

…could it be…?

“Doctor Flex! You’re quite a cheeky man,” she says flirtatiously.

Marcus looks like someone who has received a gift. Maybe he has?

Just the thought of her in Rasmus’s bed fills him with….. jealousy? It must not happen!


As we already know, Marcus has a preference for steam-filled shower cubicles.

The effect does not fail to occur.

Afterwards, they both seem a little overwhelmed and almost shy.

They get dressed and Marcus suddenly tries to avoid her eyes.

“I’m sorry Jade, it shouldn’t have happened.” he says and leaves.


She goes into the living room to look for him but he is out of sight.

She sits down and looks thoughtfully at the poster of some doctors on the wall.

All the trivial literature about doctors and nurses she read when she was a big girl. They all contained a promise of the great romantic redemption.

Just before Marcus gave her a reason to believe that she really means something to him and then he just left…. She feels cheap and used. The novels never told her that story.

She lies down to wait on the sofa and after a while she falls asleep. .


Afternoon in the Sulani Sea

Rasmus has floated leisurely around close to the buoy to gather strength for a final dive.

As the sun approaches the surface of the sea, he dives into the depths.

At the edge of the beach, Don is trying to explain to Delphine why he shouldn’t go home with her.

“It’s up to you,” she says and leaves without saying goodbye.

She has a strong feeling that he won’t let her go so easily and it looks like she’s right.

“I’m so sorry Delphine. You are so incredibly attractive and really hard to let go of,” he says.

“Then don’t let go…I’m not stopping you,” she says encouragingly.

Don’s internal struggle for and against, letting go of control and surrendering to the danger-filled infatuation could make this story unbearably long.

Since Rasmus is still diving below the surface, we will turn our attention to Tusnelda.


Afternoon in Magnolia Blossom Park

Tusnelda looks up to the sky. There is an indeterminate light on the way.

She is interrupted by a pearly laugh.

“This was absolutely hilarious!” Flora laughs.

“Like watching Bambi on ice,” laughs Tusnelda.

“I’ve had such a wonderfully entertaining day… We’ll definitely be doing that again soon,” says Tusnelda happily.

“I hope you’re ok and that you don’t lose hope,” Flora says more seriously.

“I’m definitely ok and I’ve become much wiser,” Tusnelda replies with a smile,

“Goodbye Tusnelda! Take care of yourself.” Flora says, giving her a warm hug.

“Goodbye Flora!”


There is something mysterious about the light this evening, Tusnelda thinks.

She lies down on the ground and looks up at the sky.

Above the trees, the sky changes color and begins to form vibrant patterns in purple, turquoise and blue.
She feels she is receiving a blessing at that moment.



Sunset in Sulani

Once again Sulani’s sunset shows its most beautiful side.

Far out in the golden sea lies a buoy and follows the movements of the water’s surface. Deep below the buoy, Rasmus swims around. It’s about time to return to the surface.

At the edge of the beach, Don and Dolphine stand huddled together as they try to postpone the separation.
Don trembles with exhaustion in the conflict between the desire to surrender and the urge to escape.

It may seem strange in the description of a man who is a master of seduction without it costing him anything before.
I just want to say that it happens that lightning suddenly strikes without warning and this time Don has really been struck.

“Goodbye Delphine! I….” Don says. The rest of the sentence drowns as he is at a loss for words.

“Bye Don…. I’ll wait for you,” she replies quietly.

The sun has soon disappeared below the surface of the sea.

Don throws himself into the water and quickly swims outward, away from the beach and away from Delphine.

In the distance, the rising moon is caught by the crowns of palm trees.

Don swims forward quickly. Away from the looming fear of an underwater monster trying to drown him.

He’s not bad at swimming, so he doesn’t actually understand why the sudden fear arises.

Now he sees the buoy straight ahead. Some bubbles rise from the bottom of the sea.

He’s almost there.

To his relief, he sees Rasmus rise to the surface.

Don! What a surprise! Where have you been all day?” asks Rasmus.

Don really doesn’t know what to say. He is still in emotional chaos at the focal point between infatuation and anxiety.

“Who will reach the shore first?” shouts Rasmus, already halfway towards the bank.

Don doesn’t feel he has a chance.

“How the hell did you get so fast in the water,” Don asks.

“It’s just practice Don…as with everything else, it’s the way forward,” replies Rasmus.


Sunset at Magnolia Blossom Park

The lights above Magnolia Blossom Park vibrate in surprising colors that light up the dark night sky.

Tusnelda has never seen such a light before.

She recognizes the tree from her dream. The dream she had when she spent the night at Sixam long ago. For her, it symbolizes her love for Martin.

He hasn’t heard from her since this morning. He might be worried about her now.

It’s getting darker.

She better get home.


The Sand Bar in Ohan’ali Town

“It’s our last night at Sulani Rasmus. Maybe you should try something new….something other than your usual nectar,” says Don.

“Yes, why not?” Rasmus replies kindly.

They both order a local specialty. A strong drink served in the shell of a coconut.

“It was drinkable,” says Rasmus… “Do you have any plans tonight Don?”

“Maybe we could throw a farewell party for some of the locals?” suggests Don.


It will be as Don has suggested. They invite some of their acquaintances for a bowl of kava.
It is Don who has been responsible for the invitations, which is perhaps the reason why only women have turned up.

Don looks out over the assembly. She’s not there. He hasn’t asked her. He didn’t dare.

Rasmus looks thoughtfully at the drink in the mug. He’s not sure a drink made from kava root will ever be to his liking, but the natives seem to enjoy it.

Rasmus sits down and talks to a woman. He doesn’t remember meeting her here before, but he probably hasn’t been paying that much attention either.

Rasmus can hear Don toasting. He is probably in his paradise surrounded by a lot of beautiful women.

Brooke has left the party. All that noise and commotion can be too much, so rather look for mice that come out of their hiding places in the dark.

At home in the holiday home, Don has started juggling a ball.

He loves to show off and especially to such a beautiful gathering as this one.

Rasmus seems to have lost interest.

“Rasmus wake up! The whole house is full of beautiful women… They like you….you just have to reach out.” says Don.

“No thanks Don! I’m wide awake and the women thing isn’t that easy.” Rasmus replies.

“You take it way too seriously, Rasmus…. Why not take advantage of what comes easily? It makes your life easy and nice.” replies Don cheerfully….. But even before he has finished the last sentence he can hear how hollow it sounds. An echo resounds from a bottomless deep.

Don turns his attention back to his audience. For the well-known habit of charming the women. It is a role he is fully familiar with and it makes him feel safe.

A woman sits down next to Rasmus….
“How did you and Don become friends. You seem so different?” she asks.

“He’s just a really good and faithful friend, it’s as simple as that,” replies Rasmus.

Although Don now stands with his familiar self-assuredness and makes a careless flirtatious remark to a young woman named Nalani, he probably needs Rasmus’s grounding more than either of them realizes.


Midnight in Brindleton Bay

Martin runs at full speed on the treadmill. He has not heard from Tusnelda all day and he really hopes she is well.

The house is dark, but Tusnelda has a strong sense of where to find him.

The only place there is light is in the shed.

As if summoned by an invisible force, he comes to meet her.

“Hey Sweetie! You’re back.” he says with relief.

“I had the most incredible experience today Martin…I’m sure I received a blessing and everything is going to be fine now.” she says.

“Yes, I’m sure it will,” he says calmly.

She radiates such fierce alluring clarity and he can do nothing but follow her.

None of them have eyes for the fact that two little blessings have already landed in their vicinity.

“It’s bedtime now.” Trix says with a loving purr.

Martin still follows Tusnelda while he wonders what she has experienced.

I’m sure he’ll get an answer sooner or later, but as Trix says… It’s bedtime for humans and cats.

Trix watches Tusnelda and Martin as he wonders why they are always so preoccupied with anything but where the miracles really happen.

He has just become the father of two new kittens and they see nothing.

Now Fiona comes through the door.

Everyone is gathered now and it’s time to say goodnight to Brindleton Bay.


Midnight in Sulani

New guests have joined the kava party at the holiday house.

Other guests begin to leave the gathering.

Everything takes a dramatic turn when one of the last guests called Lia throws a drink at the head of Nalani.

Rasmus shouts out in shock.

Nalani shouts angrily at Lia and everything could have ended in a terrible fight if Rasmus hadn’t inadvertently made himself a target.

“All this comes from your unbridled flirt Don! …you created the problem, so now it’s up to you to fix it…” says Rasmus angrily.

This is the first time Rasmus has openly distanced himself from Don’s behavior, and he is probably right that the whole high-tension situation is due to jealousy, but I can’t quite see why Lia directs all her anger at Rasmus. If her eyes could kill he is close to taking his last breath.

Don looks at Lia in horror, then directs his energy to where he can make a difference.

At least he can appease Nalani.

“It’s so typical of you tourists…You wade into our peaceful land and set everyone’s hearts on fire, with no thought of the consequences!!!” roars Lia loudly.

“You are seducers and abusers the whole bundle!!” she shouts angrily.

Rasmus doesn’t quite know what to say and fortunately Lia chooses to leave.

He looks at Don and Nalani.

Don has to get himself out of that situation. He will go down to the bay to find peace on top of the unpleasant attack.


Rasmus look to the sky. There is a special almost enchanting light… perhaps it is due to the full moon?

He has almost forgotten the unpleasant end of the party. Right now, he is only filled with love for this unique island.

Back at the vacation home, Don is resolving the conflict in the only way he knows.
It is very easy for him. He has a special talent when it comes to women.

Why not take advantage of what comes easily? It makes your life easy and nice.

The crack to the depths is thus effectively closed and the voice that says he might be wrong is silenced in the dark.

For Rasmus, the night fortunately ends in peace and harmony with the elements. Life has given him a special talent for swimming and that gift brings nothing but joy.


With this, the day has come to an end and I assume that it is time to end today’s chapter. I know I have taken up plenty of the readers’ time. However, I feel that there are still some unanswered questions floating in the wind that need closure.

Next morning in Sulani

The dawn has erased the darkness.

Rasmus quickly runs the short way home to the holiday home.

There are still some leftover pancakes. Life is good.

Don has found his way to his own bed.

Nalani has taken over Rasmus’ bed.

Rasmus lies down on the sofa, which is the only available sleeping place in the house. He sleeps right away.


San Myshuno Private Clinic

Jade wakes up when Marcus enters the room.

“Jade! Why are you still here?” he asks.

“Please tell me why Marcus!??…. We made love and then you just walked away from me. Is this what I am worth in your eyes?” she asks.

“No! On the contrary!” he exclaims.

“I’m so sorry Jade. I shouldn’t have taken advantage of you. I know what you are seeking and I’m not the man you’re looking for.” he says.

He sounds so vulnerable honest and affectionate.

Maybe he’s not, or maybe he is?

They have known each other for several years through joy and seriousness and she can feel he desires her.

This time at least he makes room for her in his bed.


Later he invites her to eat breakfast and that’s where she greets the other residents of the apartment.

“Hey! You’re gorgeous! …What is your name dear?” Fatima bursts out spontaneously.

“By the way, my name is Fatima…. Marcus has always been so secretive about his romantic acquaintances, but he really has no reason to hide you from the public,” she continues welcomingly.

“Thank you Fatima! That’s enough.” grumbles Marcus.

Later, the apartment’s other residents sit down to the breakfast table. They all welcome her kindly and Jade immediately feels at home in this open-minded community.



Rasmus sleeps for a few hours with Brooke as a bedmate.

To his delight, he sees that he is still in Sulani. There are still a few hours until they have to leave.

He should just be able to make one last dip in the bay.

He quickly runs the short way down towards the water.

When he swims out into the clear water, he realizes that he has simply fallen in love with the sea around these beautiful islands. For him, there is nothing more significant in life.


Delphine sits on the edge of the bed. She waited for him all night, but he did not come.

She got the picture on the beach yesterday. They really had something special together.

She has loved other men but none like him.
There is such a strong energy in their intimacy and she is sure they can work miracles together.
For her, there is no doubt that he is a diamond between coal and stone.

He looks so strong and muscular in the picture, but this is about much more than raw muscle strength, and he sadly lacked the courage to explore the unknown.

She sighs deeply and tears herself free.

She puts on her swimwear to swim in the bay.

As her name suggests, she swims like a dolphin. She was born and raised by the water and she does not recognize the fear of the unknown in the depths.
She has to help him. She has courage enough for both of them.


He does not answer her calls, so in the afternoon she decides to seek him out at the holiday home.

It quickly dawns on her that the house is empty.

Did he really just run away!?

Suddenly her legs feel too weak to support her weight and she sits down in the grass, trying to let reality sink into her evidence.

It had felt like he was her perfect match. Their mutual attraction and the powerful intense energy that arose when they were together. When it came down to it, he couldn’t take it….couldn’t take her.

She had expected more from him. She was wrong.

She has met plenty of these men. Sulani is a paradise for explorers passing through and people who are looking for a short-term happiness.

She is a powerful woman and she will survive.

She must move on now. Above her, the sky is still blue and despite sorrows and pain, life is still beautiful.


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Author’s note: The whole background of this long chapter and the two love stories with different endings are two surprisingly unplanned courtships in my game. These courtships do not appear directly in the story, but have had an impact on the plot. I mean these Sims have made their point known.
Delphine was one of those enterprising Sims and she didn’t even have a role in the story when she surprisingly proposed to Don. Don’s romantic barometer had risen really fast.
So she got a role, even though it might not have the outcome she wants…For now.
I know that wants and fears is an update that meets the wishes of many players and even though I have opted out of these in the settings, it is still my feeling that they make their impact. Not least in this chapter.

Finally, I will give this song to Delphine for her strength and courage. For me, it is a very sensual song that emphasizes the beauty and melancholy of life.



  • sirianasims

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    Beautiful chapter! I love the depth and heart to all your characters!

    Making love with women is usually uncomplicated satisfying and fun but this woman has opened a crack to a bottomless deep, a dark cave he didn’t know he was hiding inside.

    What a powerful theme! I love how you revisit this motif throughout the chapter and intersperse it with images of Rasmus fearlessly diving down into the depths. Rasmus and Don are such great foils for each other; I think they can both learn something from the other.

    I’m also enjoying how you intertwine all the relationships here – Marcus and Jade’s, and of course Tusnelda and Martin’s everlasting one! Beautifully written 😍

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words ❤
      I’m glad you like the chapter. I felt a little unsure if people would buy Don’s transformation, as he is often a character that people love to hate. The eternal womanizer.
      I’ve always had a soft spot for the Sims4 version of Don. He works super well as an opposite and friend to Rasmus.

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