Tusnelda and Trix

63. Undisguised

In today’s chapter, I hope readers are ready for more undisguised revelations. The cover image doesn’t give many clues, other than the chapter features plenty of running and some exceptional sunsets. Several of the well-known characters get surprising information and some are stripped down to the skin. Martin finally gets his act together to talk to Tusnelda and he has to realize that they are not quite on the same wavelength.

NB: Despite the seriousness of the topics, there will be a section in this chapter that might tend towards the crazy experimental. A cable failure in my area has prevented me from working online for a few days, so I’ve been entertaining myself by adding effects to photos. Fortunately, I have avoided the temptation to use the most bizarre results.

When Trix wakes up, he feels like he’s walking on hot coals.

“What’s up with your nose?” asks Fie with a wondering meow.

As Fie has correctly observed, Trix has transformed into a miniature version of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, except for the missing antlers.

Fortunately, he is found by Tusnelda and she immediately gives him a healthy treat. It immediately solves the problem.

Tusnelda goes further into the garden. The plants need water and care.

To her surprise, Martin is not on the treadmill as she expected.

He must have gone out for an early jog by the beach and this means that the treadmill is free at her disposal.


San Myshuno Private Practice

Marcus is sitting at his desk, lost in thought.

He had been on his work at Willow Creek Hospital yesterday and spent much of the day analyzing various samples collected from his patients.

It is an important method for finding viruses and bacteria and hidden forms of genetic abnormalities and defects that are the cause of disease or, in some cases, infertility.

In the afternoon he supervised the patients and there was one sick little boy in particular who suddenly left a mark on him.

He had a bad fever and several symptoms of Llama Flu.

While performing the series of necessary tests it suddenly hit him. He was a sweet and trusting child completely dependent on adult care.

Marcus himself has a child… A daughter…. Although it seems unreal to him, is he the father of a child who is equally dependent on an adult’s care. He just didn’t know about her until recently.

Although Lana has rejected his participation, he feels some kind of obligation to take responsibility for his daughter… but how?

He is interrupted in his speculations when there is a light knock on the door.

It is Fatima who wants to brief him on today’s calendar appointments.

“Good morning Marcus.”

“The first client of the day will arrive shortly….. Martin Andersen comes to get answers to his test results.” she says….
“After him you have a new client….. A young woman who inexpressibly asked for an appointment with you and no other doctor… I must say you have a good reputation” she continues with an appreciative smile, after which she continues ….

“I notice the calendar is empty for the rest of the day…. There is a long waiting list for your expertise, so I think I might be able to set up some extra appointments and……”

“Thanks Fatima! That’s fine.” Marcus interrupts…….” and please make no more appointments today….I have an appointment with a client this afternoon who prefers a private consultation.”

“Oh!? I assume it’s a celebrity who fears facing the paparazzi’s camera lenses outside the clinic?” Fatima says with a wink in her eye.

Of course, she doesn’t expect an answer. Discretion is a matter of honor, so she quickly gets up and leaves.

Marcus follows her with his eyes….

Fatima has pretty much everything under control, but fortunately she tacitly accepts dictation where it is required.


As expected, Martin Andersen is the first client to show up

“Good morning Martin! Nice to see you… you can go right in. Doctor Flex is waiting for you.” she says welcomingly.

“Thanks! It’s nice to see you again too,” Martin replies kindly.

Despite his nervousness, the sweet secretary always makes him feel at ease.

He’s actually quite relieved that there’s no waiting.

Doctor Flex is not sitting at the desk when Martin sits down, but he sits down immediately after.

Martin looks hesitantly at the doctor until he is ready.

“Well Mr. Andersen. I have positive results for you. I have analyzed your semen and the quality is excellent.” says the doctor cheerfully.

“Oh!?” says Martin surprised.

“It’s amazing… I’m so relieved….I actually thought that… you know it’s a big topic in The News.” continues Martin in a rambling continuation.

“Yes, this seems to be a widespread problem.” the doctor replies.

“But now Mr. Andersen, I hope you have spoken to your wife, because that means we must now concentrate our investigations on her.” says the doctor seriously.

“Oh! My wife…?” says Martin, taken aback.

“I’m not quite there yet.” he says distressed.

“I really hope she agrees, because without her we can’t move forward.” replies the doctor….. “You can make an appointment with my secretary….Shall we say that was all for today?”

Martin stares blankly into the air. Why hasn’t he thought this far?

Then he gets up quickly.

On the way out, he spots a picture of a young woman with a child on the doctor’s shelf.

“I see you have a child,” he says, as he feels a pang of envy.

“Well that picture is a child I delivered recently. The mother gave me the picture.” the doctor answers shortly.

Marcus gets up after the patient has left.
With this job, it is almost impossible to avoid being confronted with the reality he finds so difficult to swallow…… He indeed has a child.

Martin is immersed in speculation when he leaves. He has not made a new appointment in the calendar. That will have to wait…

Some unidentifiable sounds from the apartment next door make him stop….!?

Then he takes the elevator down. It doesn’t concern him anyway.

What will he say to Tusnelda?

He has been so focused on taking on the responsibility.

He has kept her out…..He must have tried to protect her, but in doing so he risks hurting her even more.


Several floors up, the omnipresent Fatima knocks furiously on the neighbor’s door.

This has to stop.

The neighbor looks somewhat distressed when he meets her angry eyes.

“Salim! You must turn down the sound on your obscure videos. Our clients are getting the wrong impression…. We are not that kind of clinic!” she emphasizes furiously.

“From now on, I expect complete calm between 10 am and 6 pm!” she states.


Ohan’ali Town in Sulani

In Sulani, Rasmus sits and enjoys a pancake for breakfast.

He is just about to go down to the water when Don gets up from the bed.

“Oh! Good morning Don. Would you like some pancakes?”

“I’m not that hungry. I’d rather we went somewhere where I can sunbathe. My shorts have left such an ugly tan line.”

“I’m all for that as long as there’s a reef where I can snorkel.” replies Rasmus.

We’ll leave these guys while they make their way to the beach. We’ll find them later.


Meanwhile in Brindleton Bay

“Well there you are Martin I was beginning to wonder how far you had gone on your jog today?” says Tusnelda when Martin comes home.

He doesn’t answer right away, but spends some time filling the cats’ food dispensers.

“I’ve probably been away a little longer on my run than usual,” he answers with an apologetic smile.

“I’m glad to see you,” she says and suddenly without warning…

…she sings a serenade.

She blows him a kiss… “I love you Martin.”

“I love you too Tusnelda…hmm, well I should probably…..there’s something I have to tell you.” he rambles.”

“You’re acting rather strange?” she says.

There is no time for more talk because now Tusnelda has to go to work.

“Have a nice day sweetie.” he says.

Tusnelda pays no further attention to Martin’s behavior.
Now it’s the work that counts and she plans to carry out some interesting analyzes that will hopefully lead to a scientific breakthrough.


Martin runs down towards the beach.

How deep can he sink? Now he has also started lying to her.
Why did he say he had been on a long run?

The sight of the coast and the sea somehow gives him a little more peace of mind.

This baby project somehow makes him think and act irrationally.
Is it normal for a man to feel like he does? Maybe he’s weird?

He had been so happy when Tusnelda had made up her mind.
Now it seems that the dream of forming a family is so infinitely distant to reach.


San Myshuno Private Practice

“I’m actually here to see Doctor Marcus Flex, but if I need your expertise another time I’ll be happy to make an appointment on your calendar.” Jade says.

Jade has known Marcus for several years. She is one of the roommates he has lived with in Factory One, along with Paolo and Eva.
They have all had a lot of wild parties together and he and Jade had shared a bed on a few occasions.
Since Marcus has become a senior doctor, he has hardly looked at her side.

“Hi Marcus! It’s been a long time. Paolo told me you came by last week?”

“You have booked a consultation. What is your problem?” Marcus says seriously.

“Do you know what has happened to Rasmus? I haven’t seen him in several weeks?”

“This is a consultation Jade. I’m bound by confidentiality. I can’t just comment on people.”

“Oh! Come on Marcus! I’ve seen you without your undies several times so you don’t have to pretend that stiff doctor attitude for me.” Jade laughs.

“Jade, you must be able to accept that I can’t have that kind of conversation during working hours…but outside of protocol, Rasmus has gone on holiday with Don. I think we’ll end the consultation here.” says Marcus.

“At least we can have a drink together after work? Catch up on the time that has passed. For old friendship’s sake.” Jade asks.

“Yes, I think it is possible.” Marcus replies quickly, eager to get her out the door.


Mua Pel’am in Sulani

Today our friends have found an undisturbed bay near the Admiral’s Wreckage on Mua Pel’am.

Rasmus snorkels casually while enjoying the view of life on the seabed.

Don has unfolded a beach towel on the beach. Now he wants to do something about that tan line.

Don dozes off while listening to the lapping of the waves and the sound of tropical birds.

The same applies to the sea. There are no jet skis to disturb the sounds of nature.

Two guys indulging in Sulani’s gentle pulse.


Maybe Don has fallen asleep because he doesn’t react when a woman walks quite close to him… and she clearly doesn’t react to him either.
Sulani’s residents are used to the crazy behavior of tourists.

“If it’s your friend snoring on the beach, maybe you should wake him up. He’s dangerously close to looking like a boiled lobster.” she says to Rasmus.

As if awakened by an invisible force, Don suddenly comes swimming past them at full speed.

She introduces herself as Oliana Ngata.

“I see your friend likes to show off, is he your partner?” she asks kindly.

“No, no. Don definitely has a preference for women and so do I. We’re just good friends.” Rasmus replies

“I don’t disagree with that preference.” Oliana replies with a laugh.


Don must have realized by now that no fish are biting on the hook here, so he walks up the beach as Oliana leaves.

It’s time to pack the bath towel. He and Rasmus have agreed that they will look at volcanoes.

“Look at me! No tan line.” says Don proudly to…?

😳 What!!!!


If you do not behave decently then you will be written out of the story!!!!!

Pfff! Bullshit! I know I’m irresistible and it can obviously be hard for some to handle 😘

Well then…. For the health of the author and the readers, we will now leave Sulani for a while.(but I must admit I LOVE ❤ his smug face in the previous picture. Please don’t tell him)


The Buff in Windenburg

Someone is enjoying their sparkling time.

It is evidently the private consultation outside the prying camera lenses of the paparazzi that was not mentioned in Fatima’s calendar.

The client is probably not a surprise to the reader.
It is the sea god Poseidon or as he prefers to call himself J.

After some cuddling and kissing in the pool, the two guys get out of the water. At the Buff, they can live the free undisguised life as naturists.

(Perhaps someone will wonder why this picture has escaped the sharp eye of the authorities?)

(The Guardian of Virtue is unfortunately temporarily absent…. She sees nothing!)

(Therefore, the reader is forced to live with the naked bodies….as long as it lasts.)

The Buff has lots of bushes for free use, so Marcus and J repeat the pleasures.

Later, the mood becomes a little more serious when J suddenly confides that he is a Noncommittal Sim.

After some reflection, Marcus admits that he is also a Noncommittal Sim.

This is just a perfect match.


On the Volcano at Mua Pel’am

Rasmus and Don have left the bay to climb a nearby volcano.
The hot glowing lava in the core of the volcano sends up yellow smoke in a column that can be seen from a long distance.

Today, Rasmus has remembered the photo equipment so that he can take some pictures of the unique nature, like a real tourist.

“Hey Rasmus! It’s sweating hot here….. Look at this hot dude!”

Don is showing off as always.

“I beg your pardon! I can be serious too.”

Still showing off 🙄

When Don gets tired of posing in front of the volcano, he takes over the camera.

Rasmus looks so relaxed, almost dreamy. A yellow dreamer on yellow background.

After the volcano, they go down to cool off under a waterfall.

Rasmus tries to catch frogs while Don has disappeared out of sight……Maybe he’s found a place where he can increase his tan.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

In the afternoon the light changes on the beach in Brindleton Bay.

Now you can get the impression that Martin has been running up and down the beach all day…..He hasn’t, but the restlessness in him has made him run once more.

Tusnelda must have come home by now, so he heads home.

Tusnelda has been in the shower and has warmed up some leftover food.


She has just eaten when he walks in the door.

She looks at him in surprise as he sits down across from her.

“Hey Martin! You look a little stressed…has something happened?”

“I’m so sorry I did it without including you…” he begins fumbling.

“I’ve been seeing this doctor in San Myshuno for a test and…”

“Are you sick!?” Tusnelda exclaims in shock.

“No I’m not sick. He did this test on my semen and everything is fine.”

“But it’s fantastic Martin… I’m so glad you’re ok.” says Tusnelda

“Really!? …I’m so relieved you’re take it that way,” he replies.

“Doctor Flex has urged me to have this conversation for weeks….”
“This morning he told me to make an appointment for your examination when I…”

“What!?” Tusnelda exclaims in shock.

“I don’t need a test. I feel perfectly fit and healthy….. What the heck gives you that idea Martin?” she replies dismissively.


Tusnelda doesn’t wait for his answer as she walks out the door, leaving Martin behind. That ends the conversation for the time being.

Damn! Guess he didn’t handle that conversation very well.

Outside the window, he sees Tusnelda removing weeds from the trees.
He knows that she needs space to gather herself. He might as well start his analyse of the opponents’ team.


Tusnelda is upset and confused, so she starts talking to a tree. At least it won’t interrupt her.

As always, the cats can sense when she is mentally out of balance and Fiona comes to check on her.

“You’re such a sweet cat,” she says gratefully.

She looks thoughtfully down towards the beach. Then she decides to run.


The sunset at the beach is unique in Brindleton Bay.

As she runs forward, thoughts fly through her head like buzzing wasps. Hard to ignore.

Her confusion is mainly due to the fact that she has no clue on what Martin is talking about. Why does he think she should have a test?

With Brindleton Bay’s red evening sky in the background, will we give Tusnelda a break to gather her thoughts.


Afternoon on Lani St. Taz.

After the trip on the volcano, Rasmus and Don have gone to Sand Simoleon Beach on Lani St. Taz.
Here they take a rest in the late afternoon sun.

As the sunset begins, they set up the photo equipment.

I will not comment on the pictures, but let the readers enjoy the golden images. The sunsets in Sulani is breathtakingly beautiful.

Even Don, for once, becomes completely quiet and absorbed.

“I’m beginning to understand you, Rasmus. This vision outweighs all other needs,” Don says.

“Thank you Don. I’m happy to be able to share the moment with you,” answers Rasmus, touched by his friend’s honest gesture.


They return to Ohan’ali Town, eager to find some food.

Close to the Sand bar, there is a food stall with local dishes.

“I’d really like to settle down and open a restaurant in Sulani. … It’ll be a little place down by the beach where I’ll snorkel in the morning before opening hours… What do you think of that idea Don? ” says Rasmus enthusiastically.

“I think it probably requires a lot of start-up capital, which you do not have.” Don says seriously.

“It doesn’t look like you to be so sensible… but you’re surely right,” replies Rasmus.

“What do you mean I’m not sensible?” Don asks offended….

We will leave the two friends to their friendly banter because there is something else going on far away from Sulani.


The Waterside Warble in San Myshuno Spice Distrikt

Marcus and Jade have had a few drinks in a bar in the Spice District.

Now they have sat down at a table outside in the balmy night to be able to talk without the interference of curious Townies.

“Do you know anything about when Rasmus will return?” Jade asks seriously.

“Why the hell have you suddenly become so interested in Rasmus?” Marcus asks.

“I think he’s a nice guy.” Jade replies.

“I tried to invite him to Geekcon recently… It’s not that the festival interested me, but I was hoping that he had made a move on me…..i think he is attracted to me, but he seemed a little distracted.”

“He’s not that type of guy Jade. He is not like you and me. Rasmus is a romantic. He believes in true love.”

“But that’s exactly the point Marcus. We’re not getting any younger and I’m tired of fooling around….. I want to settle down, have kids and he just seems like a guy you can count on.”

“But are you even attracted to him?” Marcus asks wonderingly.

“That’s not the main thing. I think he’s suitable. I think we can make it work.” Jade says.

“This is ridiculous! You are bloody nuts!” Marcus answers in shock.

A little later they say goodbye to each other.

“I’ve missed hanging out with you Marcus. Let’s do it again soon so I can hear about what you’re up to… Like, are you ever thinking about having kids?” says Jade.

“Yeah that was really cool…..even if you are a nut…. Good night Jade.” Marcus replies.


The Sand Bar in Ohan’ali Town

Far from San Myshuno, Rasmus is walking into a bar with his friend Don, unaware that Jade has just referred to him as nice and suitable.

Rasmus orders a glass of red nectar, while Don wants a drink that is a little more spicy.

They sit together in silence and digest the many visual impressions of the day.

Suddenly the bartender disappears behind a blanket of flame.

“Hey dude, you don’t have to burn all the booze out of my drink!” Don says.

Don is finally served his drink, with the alcohol not evaporated in the flames.

In a fit of happiness, Rasmus suddenly bursts into song. It must be the nectar and the many impressions of the day that make their impact.

“You sound like a happy fool.” Don says.

“What about you Don? Are you happy?…it strikes me that you’ve gone a whole day without flirting with a single woman.” Rasmus asks teasingly.

“You’re right Rasmus. I have some catching up to do,” Don laughs.

The first woman is already on the pitch.

“Hey handsome! Do you like swimming? ” she says.

“What do you mean swimming?” Don asks in surprise.

“I swim like a fish and I am said to have an enchanting voice. We could go into the sea and you could hear me sing?” she asks fondly.

Whatever Rasmus might think, it turns out that even Don has a minimum standard and this time he kindly declines.
There is something terrifying about that woman that sends a chill down his spine.


Late night in Brindleton Bay

In Brindleton Bay, Martin sits at the computer. He doesn’t get much out of the battle unfolding before his eyes…. In his mind, he replays the conversation with Tusnelda over and over.

Tusnelda has found her fishing rod. The rhythmic casts of the fishing line give her something concrete to concentrate on.

Every now and then she catches a fish on the hook.


Ohan’ali Town, Sulani

Far from Tusnelda stands Rasmus, pulling fish up the water.

The fish in Sulani are really colorful and beautiful. If he ever settles in Sulani he wants to get an aquarium.
Instead, he puts the beautiful fish back into the water.


Don has stayed back at the bar.
As we’ve heard, he has some catching up to do and now he’s trying to cheer a woman up.

“Hey, what gives such a beautiful woman such a sad face,” he says.

“If it’s your boyfriend, he must be an idiot. You deserve a rose,” he continues.

The woman giggles. “I guess you’re quite the charmer,”

“All to the woman’s credit,” says Don with a nod.

The woman leaves the bar in a much better mood, so Don continues his charm offensive towards other women in the bar.

Who knows if he will manage to get a fish on the hook sooner or later?


After midnight in Brindleton Bay

Martin wonders when Tusnelda intends to come back. At least she didn’t start the rocket.

He looks at the picture of the giraffe family she painted after their vacation.

One moment he thinks they’re on the same wavelength and the next he realizes he has no idea what’s going on in her head.

He knows he’s made it all a lot worse by not telling her where he himself was going…

His self-reproach is interrupted by Trix and Fie.

He does not yet know that Tusnelda is on her way home.

She has finally figured it out.

Neither of them say anything.

To Martin’s great relief, she has returned.


“I’m so sorry I didn’t take you on board Tusnelda. Can you ever forgive me?”

“There is nothing to forgive, but why didn’t you tell me what you were messing with in plain words I can understand?” she asks.

“I thought I was the reason you’re not getting pregnant. I needed an answer and I didn’t want to worry you unnecessarily,” he says.

“But I’m not worried Martin. I’m so sure we’ll succeed by joint effort..… and about the tests, I need time to think about it,” she says.

“Of course you do, sweetie. I promise to give you the time you need.” he answers.

As we know, love conquers everything ❤


After midnight in Sulani

It is pitch black when Rasmus wades into the water.

It takes him some time to get used to the darkness as he snorkels slowly around the corals.
At night, everything changes colors, but beneath the surface there is still plenty of life.

On the beach, Don is standing by a fire, showing off.
It’s probably for a woman but we don’t know who and it’s not certain we’ll ever find out.

With this unanswered question, we will end this chapter in Sulani.


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    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for the comment cathytea ❤

      I really think Don is an amusing character. In particular in conjunction with Rasmus.
      The dialogue between Marcus and Jade was also pretty fun to write 😆

  • SnuffyBucket

    Ahahah! Salim and his naughty videos. ‘We are not that kind of clinic!’ dying, ahahahaaaa.

    ‘You’re acting rather strange’ says the women who inexplicably burst into song just a moment prior.

    Today’s ‘moment-that-I-took-a-sip-of-coffee-and-shouldn’t-have’ was a second before you showed us Don’s bum. And well-positioned thigh. And well-placed neighbour. Phew. Never mind, Don. Maybe the fish want a bigger maggot?

    Ooh, lots of bums in this one. My partner is looking over wondering what the heck I’m reading, butt I’m having a great time watching Marcus try to cling to his wild days. See, Jade gets it. You’re not getting any younger, Marcus.

  • Yimiki

    Good on Marcus for realising that he wants to be in his daughter’s life! I do hope that Lana actually lets him do that without a fuss. It’s his kid, too, after all. Her never giving him a chance to be a dad before left a bad taste in my mouth.

    So Martin came without Tusnelda, despite his doctor’s advice. And he still hasn’t told her that he went to the hospital to get checked up. I do hope that he won’t break the news to her like: “so, I’m fine, so that means the problem must be with you!” because I can imagine that will lead to another fight right away o.o

    LOL Jade, consultation hours are not for casual social catch-ups. Made me laugh, though. I’m curious why she asked for Rasmus specifically. Did he catch her eye? He did, didn’t he? =O

    Bwahahahahaa xD no pixels anywhere, Don. Ah, that made me laugh so hard. Oh, Don xD He is just fantastic. I will never get tired of reading about his and Rasmus’s adventures, especially not when he makes smug faces like that. Awww, and they connect over the beautiful Sulani sunset. I love these two together. Rasmus opening up his own restaurant in Sulani would be fantastic. Fingers crossed that he can make it happen.

    Oh, there we go. Aaaand Martin swings and misses. Tusnelda didn’t understand what he was getting to at all. Which actually surprises me a little, but I suppose it’s not on the forefront of her mind like it is with Martin.

    Ouch. So Jade is drawn to Rasmus, but only because she wants to settle and have someone to look after her. Ick. Sure, that works fine with someone who has the same mindset, but Rasmus is a romantic. And being with someone with that mindset would not end well. He’d be used all over again. Ugh, I hope that doesn’t end up happening. He’s so happy now =(

    • MonaSolstraale

      Don and Rasmus often highlight the best in each other 😆
      I laughed out loud when I saw Don’s smug face. I couldn’t really bring it into the story without cutting it heavily due to his miserable bottom. It was my internet crash that made me toy with other ideas. It is often where bugs and errors happen that the imagination shows its strength.

      Martin and Tusnelda certainly do not have the same mindset. However, I think that her subconscious understood very well what he was talking about… why else would she run away?
      The strength of their relationship is that they constantly try to meet each other to reach a common understanding.

      I think Jade and Rasmus have a certain interest in each other. I have often noticed that they seek eye contact when they are in the same room. I got a kind of surprise when I re-read the chapter ‘Housewarming’ in the first book. There, Jade shows up uninvited. Perhaps as a form of prediction.
      I think you are right when you say that a relationship will end in tears. We’ll see how it goes. People change in this story as well as in real life 🙂

      • Yimiki

        Hehee, I’m sure Don would disagree with you about his miserable bottom.

        Hm. I suppose that’s true, people do change over time. Maybe they’d actually be perfect together and Jade would turn into a romantic, too. Maybe Rasmus wouldn’t mind being chosen just because he’s stable and dependable. I’ve got my eye on her, though *squints suspiciously* no second Blues allowed for our sweet cheese-haired buddy!

  • Haneul

    This chapter is hilarious and also so sweet at the same time. The edited shots of Don and the threats to erase him made me laugh. However, the situation with Martin and Tusnelda is difficult. Martin was trying to sort out any problems he has, but I agree with him that he should have discussed it with Tusnelda first before springing on her that he was fine and a doctor was ready to examine her… I’m glad that they were able to have a conversation and come together as a couple towards the end of this chapter.

    • MonaSolstraale

      I couldn’t stand Don’s smug face. I had to use that picture 😆

      I think that Tusnelda and Martin have an equal relationship and despite their disagreements and challenges, they always end up finding each other ❤

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