Tusnelda and Trix

A rainy summer update

It’s been raining most of this summer, but I won’t complain. Elsewhere on the globe, everything is on fire. A saying goes – There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. I think this still applies in my country.
Although the rain might make one dream of going somewhere else, I have enjoyed my summer in Denmark.
I have enjoyed some lovely sunny holiday days with family and friends in between the rain showers in different parts of my country.
I have read very little Simlit and written even less. The last few days I’ve been thinking a lot about how to get back on track. For me, sims means primarily play, reflection and creative expression. Therefore, please do not take this spinoff as anything more than a bit of casual experimental play. This is significantly more silly than my usual stuff. My intention is primarily to rediscover my characters and give me inspiration to write


It’s always nice to have a greeting on a postcard. It is a shame that they hardly exist anymore.

Oh hello! You don’t understand what I’m talking about?…… Let me enlarge the picture….

A baby shower invitation 😊

I’m sorry it’s in Simlish. This is a Sims world, so I spent the summer upgrading some of my skills. Sims 4 Studio and Gimp are always a challenge that keeps my brain busy.

So many greetings from all over the world.

The news is always depressing 🙁


I’m sorry Loke, but no more TV for you today.

It didn’t work 🙄

“Hey Mona!”

“Hey Rasmus! I didn’t hear you coming. What brings you here?”

“I’m worried about you Mona. You haven’t updated our story for several months.”

“Oh! But there’s no need to worry about that….you could probably say I’ve had other creative projects. You know, made some paintings and enjoyed myself with friends and family.”

“A friend of mine has these charming chickens. Did you know chickens can be very entertaining?”

“They are so funny…I think my next project will be painting chickens.”

Rasmus: “Yeah, but…”

“Hi Tusnelda! I’m glad you’ve arrived. I could use your support.”

“Oh? Hi Tusnelda?”

“I’m just telling Rasmus about my friend’s chickens.”

“I think they will be very suitable as a motif…”

“I actually drew some fish this summer. Cod and flounder. Perhaps it is the wet summer that has inspired me, but you know… “

“Fish don’t look very gifted, so chickens might be the thing.”

“But shouldn’t you upload some pictures and write your story instead? I hope you are not inhibited by fear like last summer?”

“Um! No, it has nothing to do with fear but I think I’ll put the writing on the shelf for a bit…I haven’t really been motivated.”

Tusnelda: “What!? What do you mean by on the shelf?”

“You can’t just do that Mona! Izumi’s pregnancy has been put on hold for so long that I fear she will explode.”

“We have just invited our friends to a baby shower. Are you really going to cheat us out of having that party?”

“Yes, I completely agree with Rasmus….. Are you aware that EA, after several years, has removed a bug in the Invention Constructor function, so that it finally works. I really want to try it out at the Secret Lab.”

“What about my wedding Mona? Have you decided to shelve that too?”

“Martin and I have been on vacation at Galloping Gulch, but you obviously don’t care. Are we now to live out the rest of our lives as indifferent spares, hidden from public view?”

“I’m really sorry….I didn’t think it meant that much to you….Sigh! …. I….. gulp!” 😢

“Hey, the truth can be hard to hear Mona, but I can make some pancakes to cheer you up.”

“You are a blessing in disguise, Rasmus. You really always know how to change a bad mood into a happy one.”

“Tell me a little more about that vacation, Tusnelda. Where is Galloping Gulch and is there anything to experience there?”

“I really thought you were a lot more informed about game releases than you appear to be Mona?”

“You’ll find Galloping Gulch in Chestnut Ridge. The scenery is exceptionally beautiful with colorful flowers, rock formations, waterfalls and horses.”

“Oh!? This is starting to sound interesting now.”

(It is still raining)


“I would say, Rasmus. Your pancakes are always fabulous!”

“Aww! Thanks Tusnelda! You flatter me.”

“There is no need to be modest Rasmus. She is absolutely right. It is like hearing the angels sing.”

“Thanks Mona, I make them randomly, but they’re not really that hard to imitate.”

“Let me see if I can remember….Ingredients are
250 g flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tbsp sugar
¾ tsp salt
2 eggs
320 ml of milk
2 tbsp melted butter, plus extra for cooking.
Cold butter and maple syrup for serving… It’s pretty simple Mona.”

“You always make it sound so simple, Rasmus, but cooking is an art.”

“Please Tusnelda. It’s not rocket science.”

Mona: munching 😋



Rasmus is still rambling in the background: “You just beat eggs with sugar and mix the dry ingredients together before adding the liquid little by little…..”

“That’s sweet. You saved our Christmas card. You’re still thinking of all of us, Mona.”

(Mona seems to have her attention elsewhere and everyone gradually seems to lose concentration.)


Later on….

“Do you think she has started writing again?”

“I think it’s more like the sound of the opening screen.”

(Tusnelda seems to be right.)

“Yeah! I can see the horse now and my mods still seem to be ok!”

“It’s a foal! So cute!”

(Someone seems to lose their presence….)

“She seems very absorbed, but does that get us any further?”

“I’m not sure, Rasmus. Maybe?”

“I don’t think we can do much more right now.”

“I guess you’re right Tusnelda. Let’s go home to our loved ones. Fabio will be home from school soon.”



Did they just leave without saying goodbye?

Well, back to the game…. What!? Wait! What is she doing in The Rusty Horseshoe?”

Will that woman never stop following her random whims?

Let me check the other characters of the game. How are they doing in Brindleton Bay?

Oh!? Our lovebirds. I wonder what they are up to?

Maybe I should seek them out to see for myself….


The next morning

Knock Knock!

“Hey Elijah!”


“You seem like a nice cheerful lady, but who are you and why are you dripping on my sofa?”

“I am Mona and the dripping is the effect of the seasons. Isn’t that exciting?”

“You know I can implement seasons in your world if you like.”

“Oh!? Are you a wizard?”

“I am not a wizard but I am your creator and your watcher. I made you in my game…Now for something else….Can I use your photo studio?”


“You’re welcome to keep the photo, Mona”

(Fatima arrives as omnipresent as ever.)

“Who is she Elijah? Are you going to shoot for a new commercial?”

“Say hello to Mona. She is our creator.”

……?! 🙄

“Actually, I’m just Elijah’s creator. Fatima was born as a random townie.”

(Awkward silence)


It’s time to move on

Knock Knock!

Fortunately, Marcus is at home….or working at the clinic, to be more precise.

“Welcome to the Procreation and Fertility Clinic….Eh!? You look way past childbearing age, if I may say so bluntly.”

“Ha ha! You’ve got a sense of humor, but of course that’s not why I’m coming.” 😂

“So what’s your problem?”

“Who says I have a problem?…. Let me give you a piece of advice…You should buy Jade a ring. She’ll appreciate it….By the way, how do you feel about the weather?”

“Point 1. I don’t talk about my privacy with patients. Point 2. I don’t know anything about the weather.”

“Since it seems you have no diseases I can cure, I will hereby end the consultation. You must know that a doctor’s time is very expensive.”

What an arrogant character…

Maybe I should plan a fatal accident next season? A faulty electrical outlet or stove?

Or maybe not? I don’t usually write in the crime genre.


Now on to Brindleton Bay..

Wow! The seasons do not seem to affect Brindleton Bay.

The plants actually seem to be thirsty.

Knock knock!

“Hey cat! Do you know that I’m a big cat lover?”

“Hey Rasmus!”

“I will say I loved your pancakes!”

“Hey Mona…. Now that you’re sitting on that sofa…You remind me of a fairy named Magic. Are you related?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, but you’ll probably be pleased that I’ve decided to resume the story.”

“Hi Mona. That’s great to hear….I’m so grateful that I’ll soon be able to give birth to this baby. It’s grown huge.”

“Are you giggling and blushing Rasmus?”

“I can’t help that Izumi has that effect on me…She’s uh…irresistible…But Mona, you didn’t RSVP to our baby shower invitation?”

“Oh yes, the invitation. It was a very beautiful invitation. I thank you for the honor but unfortunately I will have to cancel.”

“It is not very appropriate for an author to interfere directly in the course of a story. You shouldn’t make a difference.”

“Heh heh! I understand. Unfortunately I will have to cancel our conversation now…you see Rasmus…” 😏

“Fabio just vent to school so no interruptions for the next little while…and I can’t really resist the effect he has on me.” 🥰

Did they just disappear into the bedroom? I really hope they remember to close the door…or maybe I should just move on.


Now without a raincoat

I love the weather in this Save.

Is there anyone at home?

Tusnelda appears to be leaving home


“Hello Martin! I’m glad to meet you at home. What are you up to now?”

“Howdy Mona! Tusnelda told me about you. Would you like to join me in a New Appaloosa line dance?”

“I’m not sure it’s for me. I’ve never been to Chestnut Ridge.”

“Bullshit! Follow me!”

“Thanks for the dance Mona. It’s been fun.”




At 2:30 after midnight


Before I get started, some reflections on next season….
This October marks three years since Tusnelda and Trix moved into the dark mine of the Forgotten Hollow.
I had a script when I started and I guess I still do, but so many other characters have mixed in along the way. My curiosity and imagination have made them end up as more than mayflies. The addition of sentiments to the game has brought an extra challenge that makes it difficult to just stick to what I have planned ahead. I both love it and hate it.
There are still so many paths I could have chosen to take. I stand at a crossroads where many of the story’s characters have ended up more or less as established couples.
Tusnelda and Martin without a doubt. Rasmus has ended up in the stable relationship he has always dreamed of. Thanks to his tireless struggle for self-development and the favor of fate.
We must assume Alice has no more secrets to hide, but she certainly hasn’t reached her goal. One can doubt that she knows what she is looking for. Allan has surprisingly chosen to change in order to be the best possible father for Andy.
Neither Jade nor Delphine has any doubts about what they are looking for, even if their nature offers them completely different paths to follow.
Jade and Marcus grope their way towards a stable relationship. Delphine still dreams of Don, but does he ever dream of her?
A surprise came with the big passionate love that arose between Fatima and Elijahs. Not least for me.
Now the question arises about what I need to delve deeper into. We know Martin has wanted offspring from the beginning of the story. Tusnelda is gradually convinced to go that way. Rasmus soon has a sizeable herd when you count everyone.
Offspring are a natural continuation of life. You could say it is man’s only possibility to continue into eternity. But do my readers want to come along on that journey if that’s where I end up? Can I bear the hassle of babies and infants in the game?
Every classic adventure ends at this point. You find your one and only love and live happily ever after. We all know it’s a scam. I have planned an ending and I could make it very short like in the fairy tale? However, there are always goals to reach for and personal battles to fight. Life goes on for better or worse and so does this story…. for a while longer

Thank you for reading this far

Well! Actually, that’s all for this time 😉


  • GlacierSnow

    This fourth-wall-breaking episode with characters having a chat with the author is wonderful. I love how alarmed and indignant they are that their story has been put on hold for a bit. 🤣

    I often feel like I need to sit down and talk with my characters to get motivated again. I like how you found a fun way to do exactly that.

    I really enjoy the rambling, intertwined storylines, multi-character experience. This whole story has been a lot of fun. You’re a talented storyteller. I’m here for whatever you decide is next.

  • SirianaSims

    I love that Fabio is listed first in the baby shower invitation! It feels like Izumi and Rasmus are making sure he will never feel forgotten when the baby comes ❤️ And your GIMP skills are really good, the computer screen looks seamless and I can still recognise the people on it.

    I would love to see Tusnelda and Martin finally get pregnant or come to terms with it never happening, maybe adopting, some sort of closure. And I still want Don and Marcus to get their heads out of their asses. So I selfishly do hope you continue to write Tusnelda and Trix, but only for as long as you truly feel like it. While it’s always a little sad to see a good story end, it leaves room for new things to blossom. I know I’ll always be waiting patiently in the Danish rain for whatever you choose to do next ❤️

    (I heard someone call this summer “den længste efterårsferie nogensinde” 😂)

    • MonaSolstraale

      Ha ha! I’m glad you can read Simlish. (Maybe I should have done a translation)
      It has almost become a new obsession that all writing that appears in the game must be Simlish. I have therefore started to change the text on Elijah’s posters to Simlish script. I can get very nerdy sometimes 😆

      Thanks for your comment on my Gimp skills. I keep forgetting how to apply transparent layers so the first attempt always requires blood, sweat and tears. I should repeat that exercise once a week so as not to forget it. Getting computer screens and postcards scaled down to the right size is also a challenge that requires many failed steps before I am satisfied. It can keep me busy for a long time, but I love the challenge.

      I definitely want to continue Tusnelda and Trix. I’m already way ahead of what’s going on when it comes to my game. Already last summer I took pictures of the birth and Rasmus and Izumi’s wedding, only to repeat it all again in the game, this summer. Since last year, several new characters have crept in.
      You probably can’t accuse me of being superficial when it comes to that story and there are many threads that weave into each other. Every once in a while I need to get it all at a distance to renew my perspective.

      I laughed at your remark about the longest fall break ever. I remember some rainy summers from my childhood, although this one might break the record. I’m actually pretty bad with too much heat, so the temperature has suited me just fine. A bonus is that everything looks fresh and green.

  • Yimiki

    Hi Mona! I’m ridiculously far behind on everyone’s simlit chapters, it seems 😆 summer really went by in the blink of an eye. Haha, as a born Dutchie I completely agree with the saying “there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing” 🤣

    Aww, sim-Mona getting postcard from the story characters is the cutest thing. It looks really well-done, too! Haha, they’re calling you out for not writing about them now? That sounds very familiar – mine have done that in the past, too 😅 I think it’s good to have other creative passions and social commitments outside simlit. Clearly Rasmus and Tusnelda don’t agree, though 🤭

    I love the wall-breaking of seeing sim-you playing the sims, in the sims, in a written story 🤣 visiting everyone again it really feels like it’s been a while! I’m glad some of those side characters ended up being much more than mayflies. I can’t imagine Tusnelda and Trix any other way now 😁 I’ll happily read on a little longer, for as long as the story continues <3

    • MonaSolstraale

      Hi Yimiki. It’s really great to have you back ❤
      I just went on another small domestic trip to visit family, so I still don’t get to sacrifice Simlit that much time. The small Sims4Studio creative projects I can do better go on and off.
      I’m so far ahead of my game, but looking for an angle on where to start on the next chapter. While I’m looking, I play a bit casual and collect more random stuff that I think would also do great in a chapter. It doesn’t help me and I definitely don’t need more mayflies to distract my focus!! 😬😂
      As a step towards the starting line, I think it’s fun to have these conversations with my characters, to get a different angle.

      NB: I notice that my WP allows more emojis now. I have no idea how it happened 🤔 …It is probably an effect after an update.

      • Yimiki

        It’s great to be back 😁 sort of. I’m getting there, haha. sounds like you’re gathering a small swarm of mayflies at this point, aren’t you? I look forward to seeing which ones make it!

        Yes! I’ve noticed that too! I can finally use emojis in your comments, woo! It was weirdly frustrating that I could not do it in the past 😂

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