Tusnelda and Trix

79. Getting there

In this chapter we will visit most of the characters of the story. It will be a chapter where I mainly want to create celebration and joy for my characters. I will reveal later why it is important to me today.
Of course, life consists of more than partying, so it’s not just a happy inebriation. Well, I’m rambling. So let’s get started with the story.


Thoughts by the water

We start this chapter by the sea on the coast of Sulani.

Contrary to tradition at the beginning of a chapter, it is not morning but sunset on a day that is about to end.

The sunsets are enchanting in Sulani and Delphine dreams of the golden future she has in view.

She is a woman who has a firm belief in the ways of destiny. Especially when you give fate a helping hand.

Perhaps she should worry a little more, because lately Don has started to recover, which, when it comes to Don, is not only a good thing.


Since Jade and Marcus have become a regular couple, Jade has handed over the leadership of the Partyhouse Club to Eva, and Eva really knows how to throw a party.

When it comes to Eva, she absolutely does not want to enter into any commitment. She interprets a good party as boundless and just for fun.

She is not the only one who practices that kind of philosophy.

This makes the path alluring and easy for Don to choose.

Why would Don turn down a good party?

To go back to an old phrase of his…… What comes easy makes your life easy and nice.


Now, as night flows into dawn, we find him facing a different kind of water.

He looks thoughtfully into the half-empty glass before drinking the rest of the sprinkling water. Maybe he has some kind of hangover?

The easy path to fulfilling life’s needs is not always as easy as it may seem.


Morning in Brindleton Bay

A little way from Don, his friend Rasmus is washing his hands.

Rasmus enjoys making breakfast for the family at his new stove.

He also looks forward to being able to eat his breakfast in peace and quiet.

Soon he is joined by Fabio, who fortunately looks like an ordinary boy today.

Fabio is quite picky during this period and often frowns at most of the vegetarian food Rasmus serves, but eggs are a favorite.

“I love when you make eggs and toast, Rasmus.” he says kindly.

“I’m really glad to hear that, Fabio. Eggs are healthy and full of protein.” says Rasmus cheerfully.

Now Izumi has also woken up and she is on her way to join them.

“Thanks for the food, Rasmus.” says Fabio, collecting the used plates.

Izumi looks after him in amazement.

“What have you done to my son, Rasmus? He has suddenly become well-mannered.” she says in surprise.

“I wonder if it’s more due to some scout badges and the fact that the bear seems to have left us?” replies Rasmus calmly.

“Yes, perhaps?” Izumi smiles.

“Fabio! I’m really impressed with your helpfulness lately.” praises Izumu encouragingly.

“Oh! It’s nothing mom. I’m just happy to help you!” says Fabio, throwing his arms out.

“It’s really uplifting.” Izumi says touched.

“Because you’re such a helpful boy and if you do your homework, I’ll take you to a playground by the harbor this afternoon, when Rasmus goes to work.”

“Really mom?” he asks.

“It’s going to be my best day ever!” he says excitedly.

Rasmus looks at Izumi. He really hopes it won’t be too much for her, but in order not to spoil Fabio’s joy, he chooses to keep his thoughts to himself.

A little later, they both look at her a little worried as she has a bout of nausea.

“I’m doing my homework now, mom.” says Fabio, as it will take away all her problems.


Rasmus takes a shower and I mostly show this picture to document that the bathroom still seems to be one of Fie and Futte’s favorite rooms.

It has been a long time since Rasmus visited the Harbor Quarter Gym with his friends, so he wants to run along the beach.

The weather is perfect for running.

Fabio does his homework helped by his mother. He is going to school soon and this afternoon they will visit the playground together.

There is certainly nothing to complain about in this newly renovated house.


Morning at Tusnelda’s home

Martin and Tusnelda lie tightly tangled together in bed.

Martin carefully wriggles out of Tusnelda’s embrace.

He slips quietly out of the bedroom. No reason to wake her up now.

He continues towards the computer. He must study the opposing team’s recent matches.

It’s a task he has postponed due to Tusnelda’s more pressing needs.

Not that he minded that much….. She is absolutely a very endearing woman and her recent alternative treatment has added some extra dimensions to their relationship… but he still has a job to attend to.

He turns on the computer and immerses himself in the task.


He does not allow himself to be interrupted when Tusnelda enters the living room a little later.

Fortunately, she seems to have her attention elsewhere. As always, the giraffe painting seems to act as a magnet for her gaze.

Soon all the cats find it’s time to get up. They are looking towards the food bowls.

He should also get some breakfast, but to make sure he won’t be interrupted, he chooses to finish the task.

Tusnelda takes a leftover meal out to the garden table.

She just took a pregnancy test this morning and it is as usual negative.

Maybe she should contact the clinic again?

They will probably say that she is too impatient or suggest a medical intervention. She’s not that desperate, yet.

Martin is sitting at the computer busy with his work and she doesn’t want to disappoint him once again right now, so she chooses to leave him alone.

She starts removing weeds from the kitchen garden instead.

Since the work is done, she doesn’t feel she can avoid Martin anymore.
He is still sitting at the screen.

“Hey Martin, do you mind if I go for a long run along the beach?” she asks.

“That’s fine, Tusnelda. I am all busy here.” he answers.

He has actually finished his tasks, but now he wants to take a long bath, eat some breakfast and maybe run on the treadmill if he has time.

Sometimes a man needs some time in peace and quiet with himself.


Tusnelda runs while her thoughts flow. She feels that the optimism of recent days has faded. She really should contact that clinic.

As she gets closer to the boat bridge, she recognizes a familiar person.

She quickly runs closer.

“Hey Rasmus! I’m surprised to see you here. I didn’t think running was your thing?” she says.

“Oh, maybe not…” he replies thoughtfully.

“But you know Tusnelda…I want to look sharp in my wedding outfit, which by the way reminds me…Izumi and I are having a Baby Shower for our friends in the weekend, and of course I want to invite you and Martin.”

Hearing Rasmus talk about the Baby Shower suddenly makes Tusnelda very uncomfortable.


“I’m sorry Tusnelda, I didn’t mean to upset you…Are you feeling better now?” Rasmus asks caringly.

“Yes, I just need to heal up a bit.” Tusnelda replies as she tries to pull herself together.

“Of course we’ll come to your baby shower.” she suddenly says in a firm voice.

“I’m really glad about that.” replies Rasmus seriously.

After this, Tusnelda runs on and Rasmus stays behind and thinks while staring at the ground.

He knows how much Martin and Tusnelda want a child and how long they have been trying. At the same time, everything has come so easily to him. He feels almost guilty about it.


Late morning in San Myshuno

Fatima and Elijah are still in bed. They have had a long night investigating each other’s hidden secrets.

Fatima quietly slips out of bed. She is late. Marcus and her roommates might wonder about her absence.

She goes into Elijah’s bathroom to take a shower.

It must surprise her that a man who cares as much about visual expression as Elijah lives in such a neglected place.


In the kitchen, Elijah is busy preparing breakfast for his beloved. Besides, he is starving himself.

“Morning Elijah!” she says shortly before sitting down to wait at the dining table.

“Grab some food, Fatima!” Elijah says, eating eagerly before sitting down.

“Wow! That’s what I call a hungry man.” says Fatima, surprised.

“Is something troubling you?” he asks seriously.

“Nah! You know I enjoyed every minute, but I have to get back to work.” she sighs.

“You could call in sick and stay with me.” he says.

“Elijah! That’s definitely not an option.” she says indignantly.

“At the very least, maybe you could ask for a few hours off and have a cup of coffee with me. They’re grown people. They’ll survive.” he says cheerfully.

“Yes, I assume so.” Fatima says thoughtfully.


Elijah pours a large mug of coffee and walks over to Fatima, who is sitting on his sofa.

He hasn’t slept quite enough, so he takes a big sip.

“I really should go to work.” says Fatima.

“Didn’t you just take a few hours off?” he asks without understanding.

“Yes, but it’s Monday and there are always a lot of phone calls.” she says.

“Does that job you have make you happy?” he asks.

“What do you mean by happy? I am approachable to clients, I’m good at keeping things organized and in control, and that gives me a salary and a place to live.” she says.

“Yes, of course it is not without significance.” he says seriously.

“But does it make you feel alive? Do you feel you can develop your talents? Create something that satisfies you?” he says.

He almost sounds like he’s talking about himself, she thinks.

“I’m pretty good at programming and I once dreamed of making a living from it.” she replies.

“Oh!? That sounds surprising and interesting.” he says.

“Why? Because I’m a woman?” she asks.

“That is absolutely not what I am referring to, but you could move in with me and start freelancing. I earn enough and I will support you until you start making money.” he says.

“Oh, Elijah. Isn’t it a little early to make that kind of offer.” she says blushing.

“I can’t understand you thinking.” Elijah says.

“Thank you Elijah, I’ll think about it, but this whole thing with you and me is pretty new.” she says smiling.

“It is! Isn’t that exciting!?” he says with enthusiasm.


Before noon in Sulani

Delphine has slept a long time.
In the background of the room, you can perhaps see that she has an overnight guest who is still sleeping on a field bed.

She starts by watering the crops in her kitchen garden.

When the work is done, she goes back into her house.

“Good morning Delphine! Do you have plans for today?” says Valentino.

“Good morning Valentino. I have to fill out some environmental reports and then I have to do some field work.” she replies kindly.

He watches her thoughtfully as she walks towards her computer.

He has come to know Delphine as a very dedicated and hard-working woman. He has no doubts that she will achieve her goal, whatever the cost.

“I’m going for a swim,” he says.

Valentino has more or less settled down with Delphine since the day she met him on the beach.
He has helped her with small repairs and with painting her living room.

There are other challenges ahead where she needs his help. We will not go into that further in this chapter.


Valentino sees that Delphine is still sitting at the computer when he later leaves the water.

He also sees that the photograph of her prince charming is where it always is, in a central place.

He looks critically at the photograph of a man who, in his eyes, looks a little too smug.

“Do you still think he’s worth waiting for?” he asks.

“I do.” she says with a smile.

“Fate has chosen me to be his true love and I am not a woman who defies fate. He needs me and I need him.” she adds.


The fieldwork calls and she leaves.

There is always a lot of rubbish on the beaches.

She eventually gets most of it removed.

When she looks out over the lagoon, she sees a suspicious green glow on the surface of the water.

She collects some water samples that she will analyze later.

Feeling sweaty and dirty, she runs to the waterfall to take a shower.

The trickle of the waterfall feels like a cooling caress on her body.

Then she feels his presence as if he is right here in her arms.


Before noon in San Myshuno

As some may remember, Fatima has been hired for a photo assignment by Elijah.
It was that day at the Spice Festival with Jade. That day their love affair took its first tentative steps.

The task is to photograph some stylish everyday clothes in a relaxed atmosphere.

Here, Fatima is fully styled as an everyday woman in a completely different outfit than she usually wears and she loves it.

“Fatima, you are gorgeous! How do you manage to hide for so long?” praises Elijah.

“Ha ha Elijah. You’re embarrassing me” she laughs.

“I’m completely serious.” he says.

“Thank you Elijah.” she says with a big smile.

“Come sit down. I have something to ask you.” he says.

He sits for a long time and breathes deeply as he gathers courage and strength for a terrifying challenge.

“Talk to me Elijah.” she says uneasily.

“That thing between you and me. Shall we make it official? Will you be my girlfriend?” he asks.

“Was that all? Of course I want to.” she replies with a big smile.

“I’m so relieved, I told you I’m just an insecure pimpled guy underneath my confident facade.” he said.

With this photo, it’s official. Simstagram, that man is taken now!

“Now I have to go.” she says, hugging him goodbye.

“You still have time.” he answers.

“I’ll follow you to the door.” he says.

It will be a different door than the main door they walk through.


Later, Elijah persuades Fatima to let herself be photographed for a slightly more private project.
I guess he is still a working artist, for better or for worse.

She looks so fucking sexy in this skimpy EA negligee.

Who would have thought that this otherwise quite moral company could deliver something as attractive like that?

“That was really fun, Elijah.” she says laughing.

“I’m glad you think so.” he says, a little surprised at her sense of humor. Laughter isn’t the first thought that came to his mind, but more the desire to….No! He shouldn’t think about this now.

“Do you want to go on a date with me after work?” he says.

“I’d love to, Elijah! But now I have to go.” she says firmly.

When he sees her perfectly shaped bottom leaving his view, he has a really hard time letting her go.

But somewhere he is probably a sensible man and besides, he has a job to complete.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

In the house in Brindleton Bay, Rasmus also gets ready for the day’s work.
Fabio has just come home after school and is eating a sandwich.

Work calls, even though Rasmus looks like someone who would rather stay with his family.


Fabio eagerly runs ahead when he reaches the playground in the Whiskerman’s Wharf.

Izumi follows at a more leisurely pace.

They find a bucket of water balloons and they start a friendly battle.

Izumi takes aim and throws a balloon as best her strained body will allow her.

Fabio laughs out loud when it misses its target.

Then he takes aim and hits Izumi with a well-placed throw. In battle, no consideration applies.


Later he plays a pirate captain on a proud schooner. Izumi is appointed as a sea monster at first until she manages to retreat.

It’s getting darker. Izumi finds her knitting and sits down on a bench. She is still working on knitting a baby onesie.


Late afternoon at the house in Dachshund’s Creek

Tusnelda has just come home from work and she looks like she’s had a hard day.

I apologize that we no longer follow her job in the secret lab, but it’s not very interesting and besides, it would make this chapter unreasonably long. (Which it already might be).

Back to Tusnelda, who has just seen a black creature under the viaduct.

It is her eternal companion, the black dog she has named Sasha.

Sasha patiently waits for the delicious dog biscuit Tusnelda always has in her pockets.

There is nothing to say about her returning to Tusnelda repeatedly. Their love for each other seems to be for joint joy.


Not too far from there we find Martin on the treadmill.
He loves pretty much everything about Tusnelda, except maybe her penchant for surrounding herself with dogs. But nobody’s perfect.

There may also be another thing about Tusnelda that can irritate him. Her habit of throwing laundry everywhere.
Martin is a man who appreciates order in his surroundings.

But after all, there are more benefits than annoyances. Her ability to cook really delicious and healthy food is something he really appreciates.

Someone says that the way to a man’s love is through food. It is probably not completely comprehensive in Tusnelda’s and Martin’s case. There is no doubt that she has his heart, whatever the future holds.


Late afternoon at the Waterside Warble

“Thanks for wanting to meet me.” Elijah says, giving Fatima a kiss on the cheek.

It seems like forever since she’s seen him, even though it’s been less than five hours. She feels almost completely shy, very different from her usual omnipresent demeanor.

“How was your day?” he asks.

“It was ok. Nothing unusual apart from phone calls and calendar management, as always.” she replies, not mentioning her constantly pounding heart that has made it nearly impossible for her to keep track of anything.

“Let me buy you a drink.” he says.


She sits at the bar and looks around the room while they wait for their drinks.

A woman in a red dress enters the room and greets Elijah with an appreciative phrase.

“You have a fan, I see.” says Fatima.

“I’m an outgoing guy so it’s hard for me to hide.” Elijah replies smiling.

They sip their drinks in silence next to each other.

Fatima can almost only hear her own beating heart and has difficulty finding words.

Suddenly, Elijah is again greeted by an excited woman.

“Another fan, I see.” Fatima says sharply.

“Please Fatima, don’t push me away and don’t tell me you’re a jealous type, like crazy Marcus” he says.

Then he starts singing…

Guess mine is not the first heart broken 🎵
My eyes are not the first to cry
I’m not the first to know
There’s just no getting over you

I know I’m just a fool who’s willing
To sit around and wait for you
But baby, can’t you see there’s nothing else for me to do?
I’m hopelessly devoted to you


“Please stop Elijah! I’m not jealous and I’m not pushing you anywhere.” she replies blushing. Elijah can certainly be overwhelming unrestrained in his expressions.

“What a relief.” he replies seriously.

Now there’s a guy who starts commenting on Elijah: “I saw you perform here in the Spice District a few weeks ago and I hope you will soon start a band. You are amazing.” he says.

“Thanks, I’m glad you think so, but making a band is unfortunately not an option that exists.” Elijah replies kindly.

“How do you two know each other? Are you an artist too?” the woman in the red dress asks Fatima.

“No, I’m not. We’re neighbors and friends…” Fatima begins.

“…and lovers, not to forget.” Elijah adds.

He then blows her a hot steamy kiss.

“Please Elijah, you overwhelm me.” she says, giddy.

“Come with me Fatima…I think you need us to get away from the crowd for a little while.” he says.

She follows him towards the stairs to the first floor, unaware of what awaits her.


Evening at Tusnelda and Martin’s

Tell me how I deserve such a delicious meal.” says Martin.

“I apologize for already eating Martin, but I was terribly hungry.” says Tusnelda.

“It’s ok Sweetie. I’m a little late today.” he answers.

“How was your day today?” he asks with interest.

“Just a minute Martin, I heard a mysterious sound…” she says and gets up from her chair…

He gets the idea that she might be holding something back.

Oh no Tusnelda! We recognize those lights…

But it’s like she’s already in a trance…

It inevitably happens again.

Goodbye Tusnelda!


One has to wonder that Martin does not react at all to Tusnelda’s abductions. He calmly continues his daily tasks.

After eating, he puts the leftovers in the fridge.

There is still laundry for him to take care of.

The freshly washed clothes are hung on the clothesline.

After which the last piles of laundry are collected and washed in the washing machine.

Now that all household duties are over, he sits down at the computer.
He has been recommended to look into an interesting website about a villa called Via Romanza.


Waterside Warble

Fatima looks around in amazement as she and Elijah reach the first floor.

This is a music venue. Why has she never heard of the place before?

Elijah has grabbed a guitar that is on a stage and now he starts playing.

She sits down with the rest of her drink and watches him from a distance.

Of course, it doesn’t take long before the first fan shows up.

He is really good at playing the guitar.

Finally, she can’t sit still any longer. She has to move so she starts dancing.

The table next to the stage will soon fill up with guests. Apparently the bartender has also left his bar.

However, he quickly has other thoughts. I guess he still has a bar to tend to.

How can the other guests sit still? The only thing Fatima feels right now is her desire to dance.

Elijah looks right at her and gives her a wink that sends her on a dizzying journey.

When she sees him on stage, he seems so unattainable to her and at the same time so familiar as if she has known him all her life.


Whiskerman’s Wharf late night

Fabio looks around in wonder. The sun has long gone down and it is pitch dark.

“Shouldn’t we go home mom?” he asks.

“yeah, I guess it’s about time.” Izumi replies, putting down her knitting.

She walks with firm steps down towards the pier and this time it is Fabio who has difficulty keeping up.

Izumi can suddenly feel that her blood sugar is critically low and stops at a stall to buy some food.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but I only sell freshly caught fish in this stall.” says the stall holder kindly.

“You don’t have to buy fish mom. I can catch fish for you.” interrupts Fabio.

“Oh yeah, I forgot we have a little fisherman in the family.” Izumi says.

She gives him a hug. She is so grateful for her helpful little son.

“Come on Fabio! We’ll find another stall.” she says.

This time she has better luck.

Meanwhile, Fabio has found a chess set. There is always something to experience for a curious and active little guy.


Late night in Dachshund’s Creek

Martin has used the time to research more about Villa Via Romanza. The villa is located in a neighborhood called Terra Amorosa in Tartosa.

The amorous site name would indicate that the site doesn’t contain any information he might be missing, but it turns out he’s wrong.

A light in the garden indicates that his private time is coming to an end.

Here Tusnelda returns from her journey.

When she enters the house, she hears Martin chuckle excitedly about something.

“What are you looking at?” she asks curiously.

Martin quickly closes the computer when he hears her coming.

“Hi Sweetie!” he says

“I heard you cheering. What were you looking at?” she asks persistently.

“It was just some funny memes. Some cat videos. Nothing important.” he answers.

Tusnelda looks at him skeptically. There is something about his behavior that is beneath her. If it was cat memes why was he in such a hurry to shut down the website.

“How was your flight?” he asks kindly.

“I don’t know, Martin. I never have any memory of what happened, but I always feel very clear-headed afterwards.”

“I’m always very happy to see you come back unscathed.” he answers.

She is extremely clairvoyant right now so she can’t shake the feeling that he is hiding something…..Which, when it comes down to it, also applies to herself.

“Hey Sweetie, are you all right?” he asks, coming closer.

He gives her a kiss on the cheek to close the distance that has suddenly appeared between them.

“What can I do to make you feel better?” he asks.

“You always make me feel better about myself. I think I’m just tired now.” she says.


He sits on the edge of the bed and watches her intently.

He massaged her tense shoulders to make her relax.

“I’m so sorry Martin. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative.” she says.

“Hey Sweetie, it’s ok. We’ll get through this together.” he says.

“Martin, have I ever told you how much I love you?” she says.

“You don’t have to Sweetie. I already know.” he answers.

Whatever secrets and everyday irritations they may have that tear them apart, they always managed to close the gap again.

“Now I think you should show me some of the skills you have developed on top of your alternative treatment.” he whispers.

There are still sparks over the marriage bed.

We will leave them here 💖


Almost midnight at the Waterside Warble

Fatima goes down the stairs to buy a drink at the bar.

When she reaches the lower floor, she discovers to her surprise that all Sims are dressed in red. Red must be the new hot thing. She must remember to ask Elijah.

Now another surprising thing happens.
When Fatima spots Alexis, she lets out an excited cheer.

Alexis comes from a completely different world (read Save).

“Thank you! I didn’t know my fame has come with me to this continent.” she says, happy to be recognized.

“Can I buy you a drink?” Fatima asks kindly.

They sit down at the bar. The bartender seems to have disappeared, but they have a nice casual chat.


Marcus has arrived on the first floor. It is Fatima who has invited all her flatmates.

Elijah put the guitar down. Now he wants to dance.

Fatima has come up to the first floor again to join the dance.

Suddenly everyone leaves the dance floor. Elijah does a power jump and somersault high into the air.

He lands safely on both feet again.

He seems to have gained unimaginable amounts of energy in his infatuation and all that energy needs to be burned off.

Like a flying acrobat, he throws the light cones around with a sure hand.


A little later, as Elijah takes a well-deserved break, a deejay arrives.

It will be the starting signal for more dancing.

At the back of the room at a table sits a red-haired guy whom I recognize as a vampire, chatting with John. He should be very careful.

“Hey Marcus! Come dance with me.” calls Jade.

“I enjoy watching you dance. The view here is amazing.” he answers.

Kristine is contacted by a somewhat sleazy guy who turns out to be their landlord. He offers his service to her.

“No thanks. The apartment is in perfect order. We don’t need any services” she says.

It seems that John is not enjoying the conversation with the redheaded vampire. He looks rather uncomfortable.

In the background you can see a cloud of black smoke that reveals the vampire’s departure. He will not be missed.

“Hey simmers! Are you ready?!” shouts the deejay.

“We are ready!” Elijah and Fatima shout in unison as if speaking from one mouth.

Jade looks at Fatima inquisitively. Were these movements supposed to look like a dance?

We will leave them here while the party is in full swing. It’s apparently a completely different kind of party than the Partyhouse club’s boundless displays.


Brindleton Bay at two in the morning

Rasmus spots Fabio in the climbing frame as the first thing when he gets home from work.

“Fabio! Why aren’t you sleeping?” he asks.

“Rasmus!” Fabio shouts happily, throwing himself into his arms.

“Why are you out so late? What is your mother doing?” Rasmus asks.

“She said I could climb 10 minutes longer before bed.” replies Fabio, as that explains everything.

“It must have been several hours now? Come, let me follow you to bed now.” Rasmus replies.

Fabio follows him without protest. He’s actually quite tired now.

Fabio spots his mother when he passes the sofa in the living room. That is why she has been silent.

Rasmus is waiting for him by his bed.

It actually looks quite enticing.

He is asleep before Rasmus can kiss him goodnight.


Rasmus enters the living room and calls Izumi. She probably needs a proper bed.

She sits up startled…..

“Fabio!” she calls.

Rasmus gives her a kiss on the cheek.

“He’s snuggled and sleeping already.”

“I must be passed away.” she says, confused.

“Fortunately, it doesn’t seem quite that dramatic. You look quite alive in my eyes.” laughs Rasmus.

“That baby tumbles around like it’s getting paid for it. Try to feel here” she says.

“Wow! Are you sure there isn’t a whole basketball team hiding in there?” Rasmus asks

“Maybe we could give him a fight to the line?” Izumi asks.

There is something in Izumi’s gaze that makes Rasmus blush.

It’s bedtime, for Rasmus and Izumi as well.

It still amazes me the sparks that still occur between them. It is not a matter of course for all couples.

We will leave them here 💖


Night at the Waterside Warble

At the Waterside Warble, the party is still in full swing. Almost everyone seems to dance to the pulsating rhythms of disco.

“Here comes the last track of the night! Are you with me!” the deejay shouts.

Kristina is dancing something that resembles a Rumbasim dance.

But they are all getting tired.

The deejay leaves the party and lets the jukebox take over. There are still many guests, although half are Fatima’s roommates.

Elijah finds her in the crowd.

This is how they stand intertwined while the guests go home.

“I love it when you make me feel like I am flying.” she says.

“So do I.” he answers.


“I need some air Elijah. Thanks for a wonderful date.” she says.


Fatima goes down to the water’s edge and lets herself be carried away by the smell of the sea and the wind.

She feels glowing and airy in her infatuation.

With the scene of a single woman with the sea as a backdrop, this chapter ends almost as it began.


She hears footsteps that make her turn around.

“Did you really think I would leave you alone.” he says as he gives her a heartfelt hug.

“No, I didn’t expect that.” she replies.

It’s time to leave the the loving couple in an almost perfect romantic setup by the sea, sharing a passionate kiss 💖


Author’s note: This will be the last chapter I post for a month or two. My summer vacation starts on Sunday and I’ll more or less be away for the next four weeks. I wish all my readers a very good summer.
Contrasts make things sharper and this also applies in the world of music. I often find that the most hardcore heavy rock bands deliver the most heartfelt poetic songs.
This song is for my readers. It may be absurd to claim that words are not the most important thing in a story based on written words. Nevertheless, it sounds right to me.
When I return, I can soon celebrate the third anniversary of the beginning of the story of Tusnelda and the Trix. I had not dreamed of the journey that has taken me. I am truly grateful for each and every reader and for all the comments I have received over the years. They are always enriching and inspiring.

Thanks for reading


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    Right, the weather is getting worse and my blissful summer sim-hibernation is over. Time to get caught up! 😁

    Delphine! It’s been a while since we’ve seen her. I still have hope that someday, she’ll end up with Don and Rasmus gets his restaurant in Sulani. Man, I just love seeing those palm trees and sunsets. There’s something so beautiful about Sulani that other worlds just don’t have.

    Eva and Don are actually quite well-suited to each other when it comes to romantic views, aren’t they? Power to them but dang it, Don, you did find someone you love! You just don’t want to admit that to yourself! xD
    Ooof, and Delphine still has Don’s picture on her desk T.T I do hope he comes back there one day, and not when they’re both old wrinkly raisins.

    Aww, Fabio is growing up into such a helpful boy. He’s doing quite well and Rasmus is a great influence on him, as always. Rasmus feeling guilty about the baby shower while Tusnelda is trying so hard to become pregnant is understandable. But Rasmus is forgetting that he didn’t have an easy time at all. He’s been cheated on, cannot be the father of his own first child (not that he knows that) and was lonely for months, maybe years. He had a really rough time before vacationing in Sulani and meeting Izumi.

    Martin is so used to Tusnelda getting kidnapped by now that he doesn’t even react anymore xD Aww, did he just book the two of them a romantic retreat?

    That redhaired vampire looks oddly familiar… wait a minute, isn’t that the guy that drained Tusnelda way back when? =O

    Thank you for the song! I hope you have a wonderful vacation and I know what you mean, sometimes the most important moments do not need words at all ^^ Almost happy anniversary, too! Tusnelda and Trix is nearly a toddler now =)

    • MonaSolstraale

      Delphine surely hasn’t forgotten Don but he seems to have banished the memory of her and is living by his old rules without a hitch…or has he?
      Eva and Don certainly seem to be on the same page, but how much longer can he be allowed to ride on a free pass as an uncommitted womanizer? Sooner or later there will be an unexpected bill. Perhaps with an unplanned paternity, as has happened to Marcus, or some other kind of unpleasant surprise. His life is already changing with or without his approval.

      Rasmus lives fully in his present now and he has already put his biggest life changes behind him. He seems to have forgotten the challenges of the past, but he is a sensitive soul and he fully recognizes Tusnelda’s pain ❤

      Fabio is really a helpful and sensible boy right now. He has fully adopted Rasmus as the father he has always missed. He thrives on the attention he gets from both his parents. The future will tell how he feels about the competition for attention that a new sibling will bring.

      Has Martin booked a romantic holiday? Maybe? It could also be that he is on the trail of something completely different? I’m not giving anything away here 😆

      You’re absolutely right about the redheaded vampire. He drained Tusnelda ages ago. We haven’t seen much of him since, but as you know vampires unlive forever….. Which, by the way, reminds me that it’s been a long time since Masato disturbed my pictures. Maybe I should follow Tusnelda to work one day after all, just to make sure he’s okay 😕

      Thank you for your greeting. My first part of the holiday is now over. Just as intense and enriching as it always is when I’m at summer college. Days filled with singing, art, lectures, conversations and delicious food. This year also enriched with lots of sun 😀
      As the song says. The sense of togetherness doesn’t require words. You just need to be present ❤

  • sirianasims

    I am still hoping for Delphine and Don to work it out!

    I feel for Tusnelda. And Rasmus. I know a little about this and it’s not easy when one person is upset because of something that makes the other person happy.

    I love, love, love Elijah and Fatima’s relationship, that man has no chill ❤️

    • MonaSolstraale

      I’ve taken lots of pictures for future chapters and without spoiling too much, I’ll say that Don may not have completely forgotten Delphine. I’m working on some dream sequences.

      It can be very difficult to accommodate that your friend gets everything you have dreamed of for a long time. Guilt can arise for both involved because envy is such an ugly feeling 😥

      Elijah and Fatima! I love them. They rarely take their eyes off each other ❤

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