Tusnelda and Trix

80. Enticing Prospects

Well, I’m finally back in Tusnelda’s universe. There should be no doubt that I have many plans for the story on the drawing board and in the middle of it all the Horse Ranch expansion pack was released. I was completely seduced by the neighborhood and have lots of pictures with the landscape and sunsets in all colors in my archive. As my header image suggests, part of the chapter will therefore take place in Chestnut Ridge. In addition to Tusnelda and Martin’s riding challenges, it is especially the many beautiful prospects that fill this chapter.
If it sounds boring, I can promise that another character has some challenges that can fill the void…or perhaps more precisely the opposite.


An evening in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda has long since come home from work and now she welcomes Martin with a nice surprise….

“Hey Martin! How was the result of your soccer match?”

“It ended in a draw, which is probably a tolerable result. You know it was a strong team we were up against, but yeah, what else can I say?”

“I have a surprise for you Martin that will surely cheer you up. Come with me!”

In his quiet mind, Martin fears that they are now going on an excursion to Sixam. Well, Sixam is adventurous and breathtaking, but he prefers to stick to the wonders of the earth…..

“Sleeping bags!?” he asks in wonder.

“I’ve got one for you, too. I’ve rented a house for a couple of days in Chestnut Ridge.

“Thanks, but don’t they have beds at Chestnut Ridge?” he asks.

“Try to be a little open-minded Martin. I’ve already packed our bags, and once you’ve taken a shower we’ll be ready to go.”


Somewhat later in the neighborhood of Galloping Gulch

It’s not because Martin has anything against Tusnelda’s surprise, but he is, after all, a man who likes his routines and a certain kind of planning. However, after several years of marriage, he should know Tusnelda well enough to know that when she gets an idea there is not far to act.

Now both he and the cats are standing and trying to form an impression of what will be their home in the following days.

“I’m so glad you’re on this adventure with me.” says Tusnelda gratefully.

“Always Sweetie” I’m always with you.” he replies. That’s hardly untrue.


They light a fire and sit together for a while in the evening chill to make themselves at home. Tusnelda has rented a nice big house on top of the ridge. A place they call Big Sky Reach.

Tusnelda is a little impatient and she gets up quickly to examine their lodgings.

Inside, there is a nice large kitchen-living room and she fills the cats’ food bowls before going up the stairs to examine the other rooms.

Trix and his family already seem to be settling in.

After some time, it dawns on Martin that Tusnelda will probably not return. He guess it’s time for him to find a place for the night.

Trix finds a good bench in front of the house.

Of course, there are beds in Chestnut Ridge so after a while they all sleep soundly.


Early next morning in Big Sky Reach

Martin quietly slips out of bed while Tusnelda is still fast asleep.

In the fridge he finds eggs and toast for breakfast. He enjoys the silence as he prepares breakfast for both of them.

He is really hungry and since Tusnelda is still sleeping he eats in silent pleasure.

“Oh there you are sleepyhead!” he says with a smile.

“We’re on holiday and we don’t have a schedule to stick to do we?” she says.

Although they are not guided by a schedule, Tusnelda soon becomes aware that Martin has not imagined a pleasant morning conversation over breakfast.

He gets up quickly to do the dishes and put the excess food in the fridge.

It looks like Tusnelda will have to eat her breakfast in her own company.

As I said, he is a man who likes his routines and in the absence of his treadmill, he goes for a run in the new surroundings.


Finally, we get the opportunity to see the Big Sky Reach lodge from a distance under an almost cobalt blue cloudless sky.

When Tusnelda has eaten, Martin still hasn’t come back, so she decides to wash the dishes and take a bath before going out to investigate the surroundings.

She is attracted by the sound of splashing water and an enticing prospect.
She can see a brightly colored rainbow appearing in the steam above a waterfall.

They say that at the end of a rainbow you can find a treasure. This rainbow appears to have originated at the bottom of a large lake. She’s thinking about what’s hiding down there?


At this very moment, Martin is on his way to the very same lake where the rainbow originates.

As we might know, rainbows occur when sunlight is refracted in the surface between air and water. Whether the vision occurs depending on the viewer’s position in relation to a low-hanging sun.

Martin sees no rainbow, but the sight he sees is no less breathtaking.

He wants to share this vision with Tusnelda and therefore sends her a text with directions.

After this, Martin plunges into the cool water.


Now a completely different part of the world…..

A neighborhood we haven’t visited very much since Rasmus tried to drown his sorrows over the loss of Blue in the Rattlesnake Juice Bar and almost ended up on the front page of a newspaper.
We have visited this house in the neighborhood before, in connection with Don’s unfortunate paralysis. However, I should not get lost in the past. Don is exactly the reason for our return visit.

Morning at Caliente’s mansion in Oasis Springs

Don still lives in Katrina’s mansion in Oasis Springs. Let’s say they both benefit from that arrangement. Although there are indications that Katrina has slightly higher expectations for that partnership than the purely practical. It will all become clear in time.

The sky is not as blue as the sky above Chestnut Ridge, but the sound of splashing water makes associations and draws attention to the back of the house.

There is definitely something going on that sends thoughts back to Don’s paralyzing experiences last year. Now he appears to be completely cured.


Joaquin Le Chien!?

It seems unlikely that it is Don who is hiding beneath the surface…could it be Katrina?

Katrina seems to be busy trolling the forums so she is now beyond suspicion.

Joaquin’s unknown acquaintance reveals herself to be Dina.

It is not clear what Dina’s surprised expression is supposed to mean. One would think that she should be aware of how she ended up in the jacuzzi with Joaquin?

It can’t be a coincidence since she and Joaquin seem to be extremely well acquainted.

It seems that Dina has a lot to complain about.

Shocking truths if we are to interpret Joaquin’s reaction.

I guess Joaquin can also serve up some truths if that’s what matters.

Fortunately, it seems that their disagreements are becoming somewhat more amicable over time.

They are quite cute together 💕

Since we already have plenty of immortalized mayflies in this story, I will leave the young couple to take care of their own destiny.

Besides, I’m still looking for Don.

Morning in the Harbor Quarter Gym in Windenburg

We find Don in his workout gear at the Harbor Quarter Gym.

He looks like he doesn’t quite understand what’s going on behind my screen.
I shouldn’t blame him.

The other members of the Powerhouse Club are not present, which emphasizes that Don’s purposes are to perform a personal task
He is looking for some newbies willing to use him as a mentor.

As his potential trainees still haven’t come forward, Don devotes himself to his personal training. He has not achieved this fit body for free. No pain, no gain.

I will not disturb him further with my interference, as this is, after all, a healthy occupation which is unlikely to upset anyone.


Morning in Chestnut Ridge

We return to the cool water below the waterfall in Galloping Gulch. Martin confidently moves at high speed through the water.

Tusnelda has just arrived and she looks a little more hesitant as she heads into the water.

Although she has thought of everything, she has not brought a bathing suit for this holiday. Since she doesn’t feel like bathing in the nude, she keeps her underwear on.

“Hi Sweetie. I’ve missed you.” says Martin out of breath.

He really could use a break from his hard training, although I’m not sure this activity will give him his breath back.

“Are you up for a challenge Tusnelda?” he says with a wink.

Although Tusnelda is not a well-trained athlete, she does not say no to a challenge and it is revealed that she swims at a high speed. Martin does not come to victory sleeping.

The friendly battle only ends when Tusnelda says stop. Now she wants to find the horses she has heard so much about and find a place where they can receive some riding lessons.


Harbor Quarter Gym in Windenburg

Gradually more people have turned up to train and among them we surprisingly find Eva from the Partyhouse Club.

“Hi Don! This is where you’re hiding?” she said invitingly.

“Eva! I didn’t expect to find you here. Do you need a mentor?” Don says in surprise.

“I’m already fit, as you can see…..I’m just wondering why you don’t attend our Partyhouse events recently?” she says with inquisitive confidence.

“Oh the club events? ….You’ll have to excuse me but I’m in the process of mentoring this young lady.” Don answers bluntly, without answering the question.

It often feels like the quick pleasantries at club meetings, with increasing frequency, subsequently fill him with a void.

This is not the place for that kind of conversation, so he turns his full attention to his volunteer trainee.

Since Eva thus not without reason feels overlooked and ignored, she chooses to leave.


Later, Don finds another newbie who could use a mentor.

The guy (who we all recognize as Allan) looks a little confused by Don’s interference.

Fairly speaking, one must not assume that Allan considers himself a newbie, as he has already gone through a tough military training.

Allan desperately tries to ignore the idiot’s encouraging shouts.

In the long run, of course, Allan cannot control his temper and he shouts some very nasty words in Don’s direction.

Sensibly enough, Don chooses to leave him unchallenged, in order to find a more willing trainee who will appreciate his experience and good advice.


Still morning in Brindleton Bay

The sky is also at its best in Brindleton Bay. We find Fabio on his beloved climbing frame. He is an active boy who finds it difficult to sit still for long.

Now Rasmus and Izumi come out of the door dressed in party clothes.
They will take some pictures to use for a baby shower invitation.

Rasmus looks towards Fabio. He is in a scout uniform, which he considers to be his best outfit.

In the background, Izumi looks like she’s still suffering from morning sickness.

“Are you okay?” Rasmus asks caringly.

“Yes Rasmus, it’s only a little nausea, nothing to worry about.” she says smiling.

“How’s our little beetle doing?” Rasmus asks as he places his hands on Izumi’s swollen baby bump.

“You can hardly call it a beetle anymore. I can feel some noticeable kicks now.” replies Izumi.

Now Fabio has become aware that something is going on between his mother and Rasmus, which arouses his curiosity and perhaps also ignites a little jealousy.

“What are you talking about?” he interrupts.

“We’re talking about the baby Fabio. How I can feel its movements now.” Izumi says kindly.

“Really?” Fabio asks.

“Really. Want to try and see if you can feel it?” replies Izumi.

Fabio hesitantly places his hands on his mother’s baby bump. At first he feels nothing at all except that she feels warm and the fabric of the dress is smooth and soft.

Then suddenly he feels a movement.

“I can feel it mom! It kicked my hand!” he says eagerly.

“Exactly Fabio. That’s what we were talking about.” she says.

“Won’t it bruise you?” Fabio asks worriedly.

“There is absolutely no risk of that.” Izumi replies kindly.

Thus reassured, Fabio goes to school.

“He really is a smart boy.” says Rasmus.

“He absolutely is.” Izumi says fondly.

Izumi looks gratefully at Rasmus as he enters the house. She is happy about how well he and Fabio have bonded with each other. She couldn’t have gotten a better man.


Rasmus has switched on the television, where, contrary to custom, he watches a TV classic instead of the chefs’ competition.

This film is about a boy who has smuggled a foal into his room.

Now it looks like the foal has spotted the potted plants in the house.

Of course, it ends in pure chaos and some very angry parents.

Suddenly the film is over and the moral is, he must assume, that foals belong in a stable.

Izumi finds a seat in the sofa next to him.

“What are you watching, Rasmus?” she asks.

“You just missed a movie about a boy who takes home a foal… I hope Fabio doesn’t get those kinds of ideas.” replies Rasmus seriously.

“There is definitely no room for a horse in this household and luckily I don’t think Fabio knows anything about it existing.” she says.

However, Rasmus has a feeling that Fabio knows a lot more than he lets on. He is a smart kid.


New Appaloosa in Chestnut Ridge

Martin has found a board near a riding hall in the New Appaloosa.

“It looks like you have to bring your own horse before you receive riding lessons.” he says to Tusnelda, without noticing that she has already moved on.

Tusnelda has discovered a local resident. He must be able to give them some information.

“Hello, good man. Can you tell me where we can get riding lessons?”

“Howdy! Strangers. Your fine clothes reveal that you are a tourist and that explain your ignorance. Every child from this region learns how to ride from childhood by climbing onto a horse.” he answers.

Seeing Tusnelda’s disappointed look, he kindly adds that she can try to talk to Mike Eagle who lives on the ridge.

Tusnelda thanks him kindly, but he is already on his way. He’s probably not a big fan of small talk.

He didn’t even say his name, she thinks in astonishment.

Now Martin finally seems to have discovered that he has been speaking to empty air and he is fast approaching.

“Hey Sweetie. Looks like riding lessons aren’t possible without a horse.” he says.

“I’ve talked to a local and he says we need to talk to a guy at the top of the ridge.” she replies.

“You are a very smart woman who does not give up until you have found a solution.” he says approvingly.

It’s probably not untrue when it comes to most obstacles in her life, but no one is perfect.


At the same time at Factory One in Windenburg

Don has completed today’s mentor task and now he seeks out Eva’s home. He has a bit of a guilty conscience for ignoring her so rudely in the Gym.

Of course, it could also be that he has completely different intentions, now that he is recovering so well.

His knock on the door is not ignored.

“Don! What a lovely surprise.” Eva exclaims welcomingly.

Don actually looks a little tormented…

“Hi Eva. Thanks for inviting me in. I’m really sorry we couldn’t talk freely in the Harbor Quarter Gym. Regarding the Party House events… You see, lately I’ve been a little depressed and I’ve been feeling pretty lost about my life…maybe we could have a chat?”

There isn’t a sign with the title Psychologist on Eva’s street door, but that doesn’t mean she’s without skills.
She wants very much to cheer Don up and show him that his depression is pure imagination as his life is still full of satisfying enjoyment.

To make a long story short, there is no need to delve into the details of her methods.

However, it does not seem that Don has completely lost his desire for a heartfelt conversation.

Eva is not the talking type so she quickly finds an excuse to leave the bedside, not to mention the entire first floor.

Don sits back lost and confused.

He looks inquisitively at his hands.

Fortunately, these hands and his whole body have regained their full functionality without any sudden paralysis. He is thus fully fit to resume his old familiar lifestyle… but something is nagging him.

Somewhere it dawns on him that he really misses Rasmus and their conversations, as strange as his thinking may be.

Lately, however, Rasmus has been so busy with his new family, which leaves very little time for the Powerhouse Sports Club and his old friends.

Don gets up from the bed and gets ready to leave.

Eva seems to have disappeared, so he just wants to borrow the bathroom before he leaves. She probably won’t miss him.

I don’t think Eva is a healthy acquaintance for Don when you look at it soberly, so it’s not something we should lament. Perhaps, after all, there is still hope for his further development.


Oh no! It seems that Don has suddenly taken ill. Dizzy and cross-eyed as he appears.

However, it quickly turns out that his flickering gaze is due to an enticing prospect. Before him stands Eva without a bare minimum of clothing to cover her feminine charms.

It seems that Don has suddenly forgotten all about his decision to go home and forgotten is his longing for Rasmus and heartfelt conversations.

Please forget what I have ever written about my hope for Don’s development. Instincts have taken over and old habits can be very hard to break.


Afternoon in Chestnut Ridge

Martin and Tusnelda have just arrived at Mike Eagel’s place. A farm named Palomino Junction. The first thing that meets them are three large horses.

“Do you think horses like apples Martin?” says Tusnelda and turns to Martin who is approaching a large stallion.

It is of course worth trying, so Martin experimentally holds out an apple towards the stallion.
It greedily grabs it without hesitation with its soft lips.

“What a nice handsome boy.” says Martin in a soft voice.

Tusnelda carefully holds out an apple to an Appaloosa mare. She nips it so gently that Tusnelda only senses a soft breath from the mare.

Tusnelda and Martin look at each other. This is indeed a whole new experience that needs to be digested.

None of them see a guy who is now approaching with fast steps.

Mike who is the owner of the place sends Martin a silent searching look.

“Hello! I’m Martin. I hope we’re not disturbing, but my wife was advised to ask you if we want to know more about horses.” explains Martin.

In the background we see the mare and something else.

It turns out that the mare has a foal that is a true copy of its father.

Meanwhile, Tusnelda has just given the third horse an apple and that horse turns out to belong to the guy she met in town a few hours before. It looks like he has given Mike a warning of their arrival.

He’s still not quite communicative, so he is content to reply to Tusnelda with a short “Howdy!” before turning his horse and riding away.

Mike welcomes them to Palomino Junction, so Tusnelda moves on to investigate the surroundings.

NB: A quick side note about Mike Eagle. He is one of my countless sims made for a bachelorette casting call. I love giving these Sims a life in my game when there is a place for them to fit.

Tusnelda turns to Martin, but he seems absorbed in a conversation with Mike.

“Just go ahead Sweetie, I’ll follow you in a bit.” he says.

She does not let herself be slowed down and behind the pond she sees a white dog.

It is a really sweet and welcoming dog and as we all know Tusnelda loves dogs.

It turns out that Mike and Martin have a lot of common interests. For example, they are both very fond of sports, so they quickly connect with each other.

“You are welcome to ride my horses. They are both well behaved and if you spend a little time creating a bond there is no danger.” Mike says kindly.

In the meantime, Tusnelda has discovered that she and Mike have a common interest. Mike has a vegetable garden in a small greenhouse.

Outside the greenhouse some watermelons are growing. Tusnelda recognizes weeds when she sees them, so she immediately sets out to remove them.


As Mike has explained, they should take some time to bond with the horses and Martin seems to have lost his heart to the black and white brindled stallion.

It is a very calm and good-natured horse that really seems to enjoy Martin’s attention.

Meanwhile, Tusnelda and Mike have a conversation about vegetables and herbs in the greenhouse.
She is immediately convinced of the advantages of a greenhouse and in her thoughts she is already considering whether she can squeeze a greenhouse into her own garden. We will see how that goes.

Meanwhile, Martin is getting ready for his first ever horse ride.

Even if the horse moves calmly, the experience is very unfamiliar.

He also quickly discovers that it is not he who controls the horse, but the horse that controls him.

Goodbye Martin! Have a safe trip.

It should also be noted that the sky has changed color from deep blue to a delicate pale blue. It will not be the last time that the sky changes color that day, which in itself is quite fascinating.

The stallion seems to have his own route he follows, so for Martin it’s just a matter of holding on.

Tusnelda seems a bit more timid when she contacts the mare. The horse is friendly but more energetic and independent than the stallion.

It doesn’t look like Martin is enjoying the ride, but he’s still hanging on.

With patience, Tusnelda has made good contact with the mare and I will let the following pictures speak for themselves.


It soon turns out that Tusnelda is really comfortable on horseback. Soon she rides on at a faster pace.

As Mike has explained to her, the horse can find its own home, so she can safely let go of all thoughts of steering and just let the mare follow her own route….What a route!

The landscape is breathtaking with the colour-resistant flowers that light up in all kinds of bright colors.

Suddenly the camera switches focus to Martin lying flat on the path?

The stallion is on his way home at high speed. Perhaps the slow pace has made him a little too impatient. There is nothing as satisfying as a high-speed race.

Something tells me that it is not entirely voluntary that Martin got off the horse, but he seems to take it in good spirits.

Tusnelda confidently rides on.

Martin has to transport himself back to Palomino Junction. It’s a good thing he is in good condition.

Tusnelda and the mare have reached the top of the ridge, to the house she and Martin live in.
They don’t stop when the mare reverses her course home.

Now Martin can finally see the stallion standing in the shade of a tree near the small pond on Mike’s land.

The mare trots on at a good speed.

The sunset is approaching and the sky is changing color one more time.

I often find Martin at the barbecue in their house. It seems he is very fond of food cooked over the embers. Therefore, uninvited, he begins to prepare an evening meal. Fortunately, Mike doesn’t seem to mind.

The mare has led Tusnelda into another area. Her only job is to stay in the saddle and enjoy the scenery.

Martin and Mike eat together while continuing their conversation.

Mike tells that he used to live in Mt. Komorebi for several years before moving to this area. Among other things, he has climbed a mountain in Yukimatsu. It is a piece of information that piques Martin’s interest.

The sunset is almost total when the mare decides to return home.

The stallion wakes up and curiously raises his head as Martin approaches.

Martin has a few more tasks before they can go back to their lodgings.
After riding, the horse must be groomed and have its hooves cleaned.

It is an unfamiliar task, so Martin is pleased with the stallion’s calm, patient mind.


It is almost completely dark when the mare and Tusnelda come back at high speed.

Tusnelda thanks the mare for the ride. It has been a fantastic experience.

She quickly climbs down from the horse.

She also has the task of grooming and cleaning the horse’s hooves before they can finish the day.

Martin’s care for the stallion is almost touching.

Now the last animals find their night’s lodging.

The sky has regained its deep cobalt blue color and calm settles over everything.


Late night in Caliente’s mansion in Oasis Springs

It is almost completely dark when Don returns home from the Partyhouse residence. He still looks somewhat tormented as his day has been far from satisfactory.

Yup! You’re actually the guy I’m talking about Don! How are you feeling now?

Don glances up at the house as he walks towards the front door. He hopes everyone has gone to bed because he really needs some alone time now.

He heads straight for the kitchen.

Whatever Eva has served him, it is not a meal that has made him properly satisfied.

You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs and in fear of waking his housemates he chooses a cold leftover. Some grilled fruit that does absolutely nothing to stand out on its own.

Let’s hope it will suffice in the absence of anything better.

Don becomes aware of something moving on the first floor and he thus realizes that Katrina is probably awake. He is not mistaken.


As for Katrina, she’s definitely wide awake and is currently preparing a lovely surprise for Don.

She has in every way prepared herself with new lipstick and enticing lingerie.

Whoah it’s hot in here.

Here arrives the target of all her efforts.

You have to give her credit for keeping her body fit and attractive.

“Hey Don, I have a nice surprise for you, what do you think of my new panties?” she says and turns her body in an inviting way.

Don is at a loss for words.

To Katrina’s surprise, he turns his back on her and walks towards the bed.


Let’s put it as briefly as she is not at all satisfied with his reaction, which she does not fail to tell him.

“You’re late Don. What have you been up to?” she suddenly asks suspiciously.

“I have been to the Harbor Quarter Gym. I’ve been teaching my trainees. You know my job as a personal trainer requires it.” he answers as close to the truth as possible.

Surely none of this can be said to be untrue.

“I’m quite exhausted. I’ve had a rough day.” he continues.

“You actually look a little tense Don. Let me give you some massage to relax you.” Katrina says kindly.

Why should he reject her loving care? I guess everyone needs some care from their fellow humans when it comes down to it.


Here we leave the intimate bedroom atmosphere for a moment to see a surprising sight unfolding in the yard.

Nina has taken up yoga, which is surprising because she is known as a very lazy Sim.

The fact that I mention Nina is only because it is not without significance for the further course of the evening. Moreover, it already seems that she has exerted herself more than enough.


In the bedroom, Katrina has succeeded in luring Don into a pair of underpants that match her own. As they say, it takes two to make a couple.

Of course, Don is not an ungrateful scumbag who lets down a woman who has gone to so much trouble for his sake.


We are now a moment away from Nina being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nina intends to shower after her exertions, but the kinship with Katrina does not deny itself as she is distracted by a mirror. Here she is, enjoying her own reflection.

Suddenly she becomes aware of some suspicious noises from the room next door. Is her mother about to suffocate?

Unfortunately Nina couldn’t see the writing on the door so what happens next is inevitable.

A shocking sight unfolds before her gaze, as it is revealed that her mother is far from dead but, on the contrary, very much alive.

Nina quickly flees across the room.

The door directly in front of her leads out onto a balcony.

Her first thought is immediate relief at being freed from seeing more of the embarrassing sight that has just unfolded before her eyes.

This is when she discovers her big mistake.

She is now trapped on a balcony with no other way out than the door she has absolutely no desire to walk through again.

Her only view is the night-black sky besides a lot of exercise equipment belonging to Don.

She’s a lazy sim so this sight doesn’t make her in a good mood and the thought of Don fills her with an even greater discomfort right now.

If she ever had any romantic thoughts about Don (and she certainly did) her mother never took part in any of them.

Sorry Nina, but we will now leave you behind closed doors. The readers may now need a more cheerful prospect than your unhappy face.


Late night in New Appaloosa

When one door is closed, we find another door wide open.

Mike has invited Martin and Tusnelda to the local night club The Rusty Horseshoe where they serve a really good local grape nectar.

Tusnelda goes ahead. She is quite excited to taste the goods.

Mike has explained that you can make good money from the nectar you produce if it is allowed to store for a number of years.

The entrepreneur in her does not deny herself as she thinks that grapes cannot be more difficult to grow than many of the fruits that already grow in her garden.

Martin, on the other hand, is a little more interested in hearing more about Mike’s adventures in Yukimatsu. He asks with interest how it was to climb the mountain and what equipment is required.

There is no doubt that the two guys connect really well and Martin has made a new friend.

Another detail is that Martin does not like large crowds as they often make him tense. This may be another reason why they stay outside.

Tusnelda has asked the bartender for a glass of nectar.

She will probably have to wait a little longer for Martin and Mike’s participation.


Sooner or later, Martin finds Tusnelda. In addition, there are not so many guests in the room anymore.

Tusnelda tries to talk to Martin about nectar brewing, but the sound of a peasant orchestra is deafeningly loud in the room.

This is where Mika suggests they dance the local line dance.

So here they go.

Here I interrupt the series of pictures with some country music that is probably suitable for line dancing.
In addition, thunderstruck is an emotion that will resonate with some characters in this chapter. I probably don’t need to say more.

Yup! That dance is really enjoyable.

It is well past midnight and the bar is now attracting some of the existences of darkness.

Masato! He obviously can’t stand the lack of limelight any longer. It doesn’t seem like his arrival excites the woman at the bar.

As we can see, Tusnelda is still engrossed in the dance so she does not see what is going on behind her back.

As Masato and the red vampire settle down at the bar, Mike appears to leave the dance. He has to get up early to feed his animals.

Tusnelda and Martin are preparing for bedtime and they are getting ready to leave.

With that, we will be leaving the Rusty Horseshoe.

Sorry Masato but your time in the limelight is coming to an end.


Oasis Spring at 2 o’clock

I’m assuming we can’t leave Nina on the balcony until dawn and sooner or later things will calm down in Katrina’s bedroom.

However, it does not seem to have helped Nina’s mood.

Dina has just come home from her evening work, so Nina seeks her out in the kitchen, where Dina has just eaten some late-night food.

Nina sits down with a rather tormented expression on her face.

“What happened!?” Dina asks when she sees Nina’s expression.

“You don’t want to know.” Nina answers glumly.

But then she begins to tell, uninvited, what she has inadvertently witnessed in their mother’s bed.

As Nina herself predicted, there are some details Dina absolutely does not need to know about her mother’s doings, so she hastily excuses herself saying she needs to sleep.

Nina is still not entirely sure whether it is the punctured dream about Don or her mother’s behavior that bothers her the most, but she has understood that the conversation with Dina is over.

Dina leaves the kitchen. Unfortunately, Nina doesn’t look any more upbeat than the last time we saw her.

Nothing in this house seems particularly edifying at all, but I’ll leave it to them to find their own happiness.
However, I will promise that this will not be the last we see of Don. Somehow, I care about him regardless of all his faults and sloppy behavior.


Late night at Galloping Gulch

We can’t end a chapter in such a depressing place as the previous one, so let’s return to a life-giving cascading view of the falls from the Big Sky Reach.

Tusnelda and Martin have just returned from The Rusty Horseshoe in New Appaloosa.
Mia the kitten runs to meet them and Tusnelda bends down to pet her.

Suddenly, Martin tells her in a surprisingly firm way that he is the one she should deal with.

He goes up the stairs to their bedroom and Tusneldas follows him.

He sits on the edge of the bed and Tusnelda thinks with surprise that he looks very thoughtful. Like something is occupying his thoughts.

She sits down next to him and takes his hand.

“It doesn’t look like it’s romance that takes you?” she says.

“Are you ok Martin?” she asks.

“Sorry Tusnelda. You’re right…It’s just something Mike told me about climbing the mountain in Yukimatsu. It triggers a lot of thoughts, but I am with you now.” he says.

Whatever sorrows and triumphs life has in store for him, there will never be a doubt in his mind that Tusnelda is the best thing that has happened to him.

We will leave them here in peaceful harmony and loving embrace and leave the rest of the night up to them. I have full faith that they will find their own way.



  • GlacierSnow

    Yay! You’re back!

    Ah… I liked Tusnelda and Martin’s trip to Chestnut Ridge. They look like they had a pretty good time, and Martin has made a new friend. I’m wondering what thoughts Martin is having now regarding Mike’s stories of climbing the mountain. Memories? Or new ambitions? Hmmm…

    Joaquin and Dina, hm? That was unexpected. But they look happy.

    Nina running out and standing trapped on the balcony after seeing Don and Katrina together cracked me up. 🤣

  • SirianaSims

    I love that they brought the cats on their adventure, no leaving them at home ❤️
    Martin reminds me of my husband, he also brings running shoes on vacations and gets up early when we don’t have to. I will never understand it 😂

    Dina and Joaquin are not a bad match, actually, I’m glad Dina seems to be removing herself from all the Caliente drama.

    As for Don, well, you know how I feel about Don. I desperately want him to get his head out of his butt, but trying to mentor a huge, muscled Allan doesn’t exactly show off his brain power. Allan has bigger arms than you, Don, what do you think you can teach him?

    I love how Rasmus’ house has changed now that he has a family, with pictures of Fabio and kid’s drawings on the wall, it feels so cozy and homey.

    “Please forget what I have ever written about my hope for Don’s development. Instincts have taken over and old habits can be very hard to break.” Hahaha, this made me laugh. Don, you’re hopeless. (I still have hope for him too, though. I can’t help it 😂) Also, that man is a machine, three times in one day? Impressive!

    I love all of Tusnelda and Martin’s vacation, it’s such a gorgeous world and it’s probably good for them to get away and experience something new after all the stress they’ve been through lately. And it sounds like Martin may have found a new obsession!

    (By the way, one of your images is missing, the one with the caption “Goodbye Martin! Have a safe trip.”)

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤
      I really think Tusnelda and Martin needed new challenges. They are quite different but they seem to enjoy their shared experiences. They both agree on their love for cats.
      I’m writing the next chapter and I’m not quite done with Chestnut Ridge. I love that landscape with the big open sky 🥰

      Ha, ha. You know I don’t disagree with you about Don. It has struck me lately that he often looks so displeased in the game. A far cry from his usual smug appearance. I wanted to challenge it a bit. His reaction when he saw Katrina in her enticing lingerie was so surprisingly funny 😂
      A machine without a brain is a good description, so she just had to press the right button to get it working again.
      I know I might be tightening it when I make him a victim of his own sex appeal, but not everyone learns the same way. He’s on his way 😉

      Thanks for bringing the missing picture to my attention. I host all my pictures from Imgur so I don’t know how it disappeared? At one point I got a warning that one of my images had been censored – perhaps by mistake. I didn’t understand the message and it doesn’t make any sense when I see which picture was missing? I’ve re-uploaded the image on Imgur and we’ll see.

  • Yimiki

    We had a soccer match in The Netherlands this weekend that ended in complete chaos. I’m glad that Martin had a better time than they did, ha. There Tusnelda goes arranging things without telling Martin or asking for his input 😂 luckily, he does not seem to mind at all. They are well suited to each other. Have fun in Chestnut Ridge, you two!

    Rasmus is surrounded by well-earned bliss <3 Haha, I remember my own mum telling me about her kids kicking her ribs quite a bit when they were in the womb.

    Aw, Don. He seeks connection but all he knows is quick pleasure, so that’s what he keeps reaching for instead. Something tells me that Don seeing Rasmus, happy and blissful with a spouse and family, might not be the void-filling cure that Don is hoping it will be. Oh, aaaand he’s back to Eva. Never mind. xD

    Chestnut Ridge is gorgeous. Looks like Martin and Tusnelda are having a great time 😄

    Bwahahaha, Nina fleeing onto the balcony and now stuck there is hilarious. Woops. Nothing to do but wait! Let’s hope they don’t go at it all night…

    Strawberry vampire! He’s as creepy as ever. And Masato on top of that. Sorry, you two! No extra spotlight allowed. If Dina and Nina are mayflies, than you’re three-day-moths. Off you flap, now 🤭

    • MonaSolstraale

      Martin is definitely not a boring man, but he is much more structured and calm than Tusnelda. He likes his routines and always chooses to do thorough research, where Tusnelda often throws herself into new ideas and challenges without reservation. Martin rarely loses his temper, so I imagine that in that way they complement each other perfectly. I’m not sure he’d ever get on a horse without Tusnelda, but he’ll probably reach the top of his mountain sooner or later.

      Rasmus is in a fantastic place in his life and it is so well deserved 🥰
      He has gone through a big evolution. He was so ready to embrace his entire new family. Unfortunately, in doing so, he ends up leaving Don to his own messy ways 😟
      Don still has a lot to learn. I am sure that he has understood that Rasmus has something he lacks, and here I am not thinking of children, but the ability to self-reflect on what he is looking for in his life. Until now, it has just dawned on him that his familiar life doesn’t work for him anymore and Eva definitely can’t help him with a clarification 🤨

      Nina always looks like she wants to seduce Don so I thought she needed to cool off a bit 😂
      It’s good that Dina stays out of that drama.

      The strawberry vampire probably has a name, but I’ve never looked into it. Masato is a bit more interesting, although he should please stay on the periphery and in the secret lab. He doesn’t seem to agree with me on that matter, as he often has a habit of landing in front of the camera lens at an inopportune moment 🙄

      • Yimiki

        I’m imagining Tusnelda as a little hurricane and Martin as the big rock that she swirls around, but that also centers her. They do compliment each other well 😊

        Rasmus forgetting about Don a bit is sad for Don, but not Rasmus’s responsibility, I think. I don’t think it’s children either but seeing Rasmus happy and fulfilled, with a familial goal, while Don flits around going nowhere in particular, I imagine might leave an impression. Hopefully Don can learn and grow, too.

        Strawberry vampire shall forevermore be known as Strawberry! It could even be his stage name, ha. Masato is just desperate for any screen time at all 😂

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