Tusnelda and Trix

67. Trick or treat

These very days, people are celebrating horror everywhere in the streets, and this has inspired the title of the chapter.
I guess my readers will not find this chapter particularly frightening. However, I will say that several of the characters will have a shocking and for some also a painful experience during the day. Some may get a treat, but not all. We have a long chapter ahead of us, so let’s get started.

NB: I should probably remember to warn about a few pictures that reveal some naked body parts.


Early morning in Brindleton Bay

It is quite early in the morning when Tusnelda gets dressed and goes out into the garden summoned by invisible forces.

As usual I expect an alien abduction but this time something else is at stake.

Her gaze is drawn to something in the darkness.


What has she seen out there in the dark? Is it a bloodthirsty vampire or a werewolf that has strayed into Brindleton Bay?

No matter how much I try to zoom in on the unknown that scares her, I see nothing….

Perhaps Tusnelda has reached exactly the same conclusion.

She seems clearly relieved that it was just her imagination playing tricks on her.

Maybe it’s just the game’s recent implementation of the annoying wants and fears playing tricks on her.

Now that she is in the clothes, she might as well give the plants some loving care.

Thus she continues as the sun rises.

When the gardening is done she continues to make some herbal ointments.

Which brings her on to the insect warehouse. Some species need propagation.

During the work, she discovers that her Cloning machine needs a repair.

You can’t accuse Tusnelda of being lazy and when the series of tasks are done the day has long since started.

Martin starts the morning with another training session towards reaching the top.

Since both of them seem to be fully occupied for the next few hours, we will set our sights on someone else.


In the house next door

Rasmus has just woken up and is now looking for some leftovers in the fridge.

He eats in a good mood.
His feelings of loneliness don’t seem to bother him anymore. Meeting new friends is always satisfying.

Brooke, on the other hand, calls for some attention.

She is a sweet cat, but she is very much left to her own company. Maybe he should consider finding another pet she could bond with?

Lacking the bay outside the house in Ohan’ali, he runs down towards the beach.
Unfortunately, the sea along Brindleton Bay’s shores isn’t swimmable.

He runs past a sick stray dog. The beach is teeming with homeless dogs and cats. He might offer it a home, but he’s not really a dog person.

There are even more tasks involved with a dog than with cats… and who’s to say Brooke will approve of such a friend?

After a long run, he is back at the house. Now he just needs a bath.


He has just got dressed after his bath when he gets a call.

“Yes hi!… I assure you I’m fine.” he says.

I will leave the readers to speculate about who Rasmus is talking to, but not for long.

“I would love to go swimming with you…See you soon!”


The community pool in Windenburg

He meets Izumi in front of the Bathe de Rill in the Lykke Centre.

“Hey Izumi! Thanks for calling.” Rasmus says happily.

“When I got home last night, it occurred to me that your question about swimming might be a cautious invitation, so I thought I might just help you get your tongue rolling.” Izumi says.

“Yeah, you might be on to something.” replies Rasmus, blushing.

He’s not quite sure why he asked? To be honest, he was probably still a little fuzzy at the time.


Rasmus immediately throws himself into the water after he has changed into his swimming trunks.

He swims some fast laps around the pool.

Izumi is probably not the most trained swimmer so she watches him wondering.

After a few more rounds, Rasmus takes a rest on the edge of the pool.
He looks so relaxed and happy.

Izumi jumps up next to him.

“How have you become such a masterful swimmer, Rasmus?” she asks curiously.

“I have just returned home to Brindleton Bay after living in Sulani for a few months. When I lived on the island swimming was a daily routine.” replies Rasmus with a big smile.

There is no doubt that the memory fills him with joy.


At the secret lab

Tusnelda is already well underway with today’s work and right now she is in the middle of the process of developing a serum.

She places the serum in the Cloning Machine to reproduce it.

Everything is proceeding as it should and should not cause tension.

She is just about to upgrade another Cloning Machine when she hears a mocking laugh.

It is Aanya who actually has an evil trait, maniacally amused by one of her evil plans.

She needs to be taught a lesson.

It is rare for Tusnelda to use her SimRay, but here it shows its value.

“Ouch!” screams Aanya as she feels her brain explode.

“What happened? Why am I suddenly in my workout clothes?” she asks, puzzled.

“You need a long run. In the meantime, you can think hard about your evil ideas.” says Tusnelda sternly.

“Before you run you can test this serum. It should give you plenty of energy for at least twenty laps around the lab.”

As a viewer, one can wonder why Aanya really drinks the serum, but maybe she fears Tusnelda’s SimRay more than the unspecified liquid.

“You may leave.” says Tusnelda and then she goes to continue her research at the Chemistry Lab.

Engrossed as Tusnelda is, she doesn’t notice that Aanya gives up running before the first round is over.

It looks like the energizing serum is having the opposite effect on Aanya.
Whether it can cure Aanya’s malicious ideas I dare not promise.

Tusnelda doesn’t have time to deal with that kind of problem right now.


At the community pool

Izumi has a rather playful nature and we return to the swimming pool just as she sends a proper splash in the direction of Rasmus.

She laughs teasingly.

“I got you Rasmus.” she giggles.

Rasmus laughs loudly and the pool’s other guests curiously swim closer, attracted by the cheerful atmosphere.

Like bees looking for honey, as Don would say.

It has been a long time since Rasmus has felt this cheerful and it gives him a restless boost of energy.

He makes some powerful swimming moves towards the edge of the pool.

He quickly climbs onto the jumping tower.

He looks down into the pool and prepares for a jump.

He hesitates for a moment. It’s been a while since he made a jump….

…..the last time was probably when he…..

The situation awakens a deja vu to the past…

The memory forces its way through the protective layer of oblivion.

Not that he has ever forgotten her, but time had placed a thick protective layer over the bleeding wound.

“Blue!” he gasps.

The shock causes him to lose his footing and he lands on his stomach with a shattering splash.


“Rasmus! Are you ok? …That looked very painful.” Izumi says startled.

“It was painful… but it’s over now.” says Rasmus.

“I’m actually a bit hungry. How about we find a coffee shop?” he asks.

“I’m all in” she replies smiling.


At the secret lab

Don’t be so dramatic Tusnelda. Both I and the readers have understood that you are hungry too.

Tusnelda takes her lunch to the front office.

Aanya gives her a fearful look as she walks by.

From her seat, Tusnelda spots Masato.
Her recent promotion has made her feel an extraordinary responsibility for the lab’s employees, so maybe she should give him a closer inspection.

As an observer, you would probably think that she should rather eat her lunch and let Masato do his work undisturbed.

Nothing is further from Tusenlda’s way of thinking.

“What are you fiddling with, Masato?” she asks.

“I’m taking care of my work tasks, but if you need my seat, you’re welcome,” Masato says cheekily.

“You should know Tusnelda, I’m always at your service, so if this is an attempt to achieve an intimate rendezvous in the basement, I’m at your disposal,” he continues flirtatiously.

How rude! Tusnelda thinks angrily.

“Looks like you need to cool down, Masato” she says.

Once again her SimRay comes in handy.

What a powerful tool!

After a few minutes, she thinks he must have cooled down enough, so she begins to remove the thick layer of ice.

What the heck!

She might have expected a blue-frozen tone, but Masato’s skin has turned all dark.

“You really are a very fierce perky woman,” Masato laughs.

Tusnelda wonders if Masato’s brain might have been damaged as well.

“Why are you laughing?” Tusnelda asks in surprise…. “I would expect you to be furious…. even if your new skin color really suits you,” she goes on.

Masato looks at her with almost loving indulgence.

This case is really interesting so Tusnelda asks for a small genetic sample for scientific use.

Precisely for this inquiry, Masato is less willing to oblige.

Tusnelda doesn’t really dare to push him further, so instead she gives him a small acknowledgment for his cooperation so far.

Masato thanks excessively politely and just here Tusnelda is sure that his brain has been damaged.

She gives Masato a thoughtful look as he puts the straw into the plasma pack with a satisfied smile.

This phenomenon and its cause becomes really difficult to explain to Aarav.
Fortunately, she has come so far in today’s tasks that she can afford to go home. She can put off that explanation for another day….Perhaps Masato has transformed into his old self by then.


Just before noon, at the Hare and Hedgehog Cafe

Meanwhile, Rasmus and Izumi have found their destination in Lykke Centre.

“For a while, I came to this cafe quite a bit. I can recommend their cannoli.” says Rasmus with a big smile.

“I know the Hare and Hedgehog Cafe well, I just haven’t been lucky enough to meet you there,” Izumi says.

Did she say lucky? Rasmus thinks dumbfounded.


Rasmus orders his cannoli and they look for an undisturbed table.

This particular table also puts some thoughts back to the past.

Rasmus eats in thoughtful silence.

“That cannoli looks really delicious…maybe I’ll try one of those.” Izumi says attentively.

“Yes, you really should! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” Rasmus says enthusiastically.

He hesitates for a moment….

“I have a feeling we have met before.” he says.

“I’m just going to get my cannoli. I’ll be right back.” Izumi says.

There are quite a lot of people in the cafe. Among others, Izumi catches sight of a well-known actress.

A little later she is on her way back.

Rasmus sits a bit withdrawn and scrolls through some memories while Izumi eats her cannoli.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve met you before,” he says.

“We have met at a Diner in Oasis Springs… but maybe you were too blurry to remember?” she teases.

“Of course not!” says Rasmus.

Izumi laughs when she sees his hurt look…. “I’m just teasing,” she says.

“Maybe it’s just something I’m imagining because I feel like we’ve always known each other.” he continues.

“Thank you Rasmus. That was really sweet,” Izumi says seriously.

“Actually, we spoke quite briefly many months ago at the Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno.” she says.

“The Casbah Gallery! There it was. You are the woman with the beautiful eyes,” shouts Rasmus beaming with joy.

“Is this supposed to be a compliment?” Izumi laughs.

“We can go to the museum if you want? I’m meeting some friends there later tonight.” replies Rasmus graciously.


San Myshuno Private Practice

In San Myshuno Private Practice, the secretary Fatima is in conversation with one of the clinic’s young doctors.

Suddenly she hears someone at the door. A patient who can’t really decide whether to go in or leave again.

He looks pretty pained so she better help him make a decision.

“Oh! Welcome Don… You look like you need a doctor. I’ll show you the way.” Fatima says cheerfully.

Damn it! Don thinks as he recognizes the woman from the Rattlesnake Juice Bar in Oasis Springs.
Everywhere he runs into intimate acquaintances of the past and he’s just not in that mood right now.

Don is waiting, stressed in pain in the waiting room, when he spots Macus.
Since he and Marcus know each other privately, he must speak to another doctor.


This doctor will turn out to be a female doctor who introduces herself as Doctor Kristine Paulsen with a specialization in alternative treatment and mindfulness.

“Welcome Mr. Lothario. I understand from our medical secretary that you are having trouble with some muscle tension?” says the doctor welcomingly.

“I don’t really know how to explain it, but lately I’ve been experiencing some visual disorders and involuntary muscle paralysis that has prevented me from performing.” Don says.

“Performing? Are you an actor?” asks the doctor inquisitively.

“No, I work as an athlete, bodybuilding,” Don replies in surprise.

“In that case, I would recommend you some sports massage. Tense muscles can cause paralysis.” the doctor replies authoritatively.

“Massage!? I don’t think it’s for me, can’t you give me some pills?” Don says in shock.

“Pills can cause some side effects, so first we will start with the least invasive solution. Do you want help or not?” the doctor asks with authority.

The doctor seems very sure of her theory and Don really wants his old life back, so he better agree to the treatment.


The doctor demands that he take off most of his clothes and thus, covered only with a towel, he climbs onto the massage table.

“Are you really sure this is an effective method?” Don asks incredulously.

“No more nonsense.” replies the doctor authoritatively, after which she takes a good hold of his sore muscles.

“Ouch!” Don says.

“I haven’t even started yet, so try to relax.” replies the doctor.

It soon turns out that she is telling the truth, because now she begins to manipulate Don’s muscles with a relentless force.

How can such a slender woman wield such strength?

Don feels like she’s breaking every bone in his poor body…

“Ouch!” he moans.

Now the doctor’s treatment becomes a little less painful as she hits him with light hand blows on his shattered body.

She takes a slightly less firm grip and he can finally start to relax.

She massages his outer back muscles.

Her hands caress his back with soft, sensual strokes…

He lets out a loud sigh of pleasure.

He surrenders completely to her hands and will…..


 Not again! What the hell is wrong with him?

“Stop it! I can’t take part in this any longer,” Don says desperately as he jumps up from the massage table.

“I think you are well on your way, so we will stop for today” the doctor answers encouragingly.

Well on his way? Will this mean he has to repeat this treatment?

“I think I choose to stop the treatment here.” Don says.

“What is this nonsense?” replies the doctor suspiciously…”Come sit down so we can make a plan.” she continues with authority.

“But it triggered the very visual disturbances I asked for treatment for.” says Don dejectedly.

The doctor looks at him speculatively.

“You will have to tell me exactly what these visual disturbances are, if I am to find the right treatment.” she says.

“But it’s kind of embarrassing.” Don replies as he shrinks under her gaze.

“Nothing is too embarrassing in a doctor’s office and what is said here does not get outside my door.” she says kindly.

“If you say so, then…” Don begins hesitantly as the doctor takes notes for the medical record.

For readers’ information. As said before, what is said in confidence stays in confidence, so we will therefore leave Don alone with his explanations.


Half an hour later……

“Are we done?” Don asks in surprise.

“First I would like to commend you for your courage to be honest and as I told you before….Your problem is not at all unusual for men suffering from mental stress. You sound like you have something to think about.” says the doctor.

“Shall we say that’s enough for today? I’m going to leave you for a moment so you can put on your clothes. I’ll see you for a follow-up consultation in some weeks, Mr. Lothario” she says in closing.

After that speech, she turns her gaze the other way.

Don stands back as he thinks about what he’s gotten himself into.

He would like to talk to Marcus between men and friends.


At the Casbah Gallery in San Myshuno Arts Quarter

At the Casbah Gallery, Rasmus and Izumi stand side by side.

They are both looking at a large painting. An abstraction of a city.

“This painting has some very clear and bright colors,” Rasmus says a little hesitantly as he searches for an answer.

Izumi looks straight into his gaze. “I like bright, clear colors.” she says.

“Can you?” he asks, unable to break her gaze.

“Yes, I can,” she replies with the same intense look.

“I think I want to see a few more paintings,” he replies, after which he tears himself free.

Rasmus has found another painting with an abstraction over the big city, but this time the artist has chosen to use a blue color scale.


How strange it was that she should appear to him today. She would love this picture… but now when he thinks of her, her face is faded and not at all clear like the colors in this painting.

“You seem to be very preoccupied with the blue painting?” Izumi says questioningly.

“Nah! Not really, but it made me think of a woman I once knew.” says Rasmus.

“This woman…apparently she still means a lot to you?” Izumi asks.

“Not really anymore.” he answers .

Rasmus looks at Izumi for a long time and he feels his heart beating hard as he tries to get control of his voice.

“I think I may have met someone who interests me more,” he continues seriously.

“Have you? That sounds interesting. Is this someone you want to tell me about?” she asks with a cryptic smile.

“I think I want to see some more paintings,” Rasmus says hesitantly.

Izumi looks after him as he leaves. She can feel that he is holding something back. She is sure that in time he will share it with her.

She thinks he is worth waiting for and she has time to wait.

In fact, she also really likes the blue painting.


Marcus’ office in the neighborhood of the Casbah Gallery

Right now, Don is walking into Marcus’s office.

He sits absorbed in his own thoughts in the chair opposite Marcus.

“Hi Don.. I hope you are aware that I cannot act as your doctor.” says Marcus for an introduction.

“I know, but I need to talk to you as a friend because lately I’ve been having some disturbing thoughts.” Don says.

“Just speak up. I’m just ears.” says Marcus encouragingly.

“As you know, Rasmus and I have lived in Sulani for a few months and there I met this beautiful sensual woman who has kind of obsessed me….The problem is that it paralyzes my private parts…..my manhood.….I can’t…you know?” Don mumbles almost inaudibly.

At first Marcus looks almost shocked….

……then he roars with laughter.

“Sorry Don, but I never expected to hear that phrase from the Sims world’s most notorious womanizer,” Marcus laughs

“Do you really think this is funny?” Don asks in disbelief.

“No, of course not, but it almost sounds like you’re ashamed of being caught cheating…are you cheating on someone?” Marcus asks.

“What? No! Not more than it’s my usual lifestyle… but the problem is I can’t continue my usual lifestyle.” Don says worriedly.

“I know how hard it is to change your lifestyle, but you see Don…We’re not getting any younger and it comes at a price to continue living like a hormone filled teenager,” Marcus says seriously.

“Yeah, thanks for your advice Marcus,” Don says, standing up.

Don leaves Marcus’ office. He’s not sure if he was getting advice or what Marcus was trying to say.

Out in the hallway, the secretary Fatima spots him.

She immediately goes to meet him.

“Are you ok Don?” she asks seriously.

“Yes, I think so, thank you for asking,” he replies somewhat evasively.

He moves on quickly.

Right now he doesn’t need more probing questions and more expectant women nearby.

He quickly leaves the building and the Arts Quarter.

Now he just needs to find a reasonable explanation that can satisfy Katrina and give him peace of mind.


In the Casbah Gallery

Rasmus and Izumi have moved down to the photo installations in the gallery’s basement.

Rasmus looks thoughtfully at Izumi as she approaches.

“Hey Izumi, look this way.” says Rasmus encouragingly.

He presses the self-timer and rushes over to her.

They take a whole series of silly lineups.

The playful poses somehow make it easier to stand close to her. It is just a kind of acting.

“It was really fun.” Izumi says laughing.

Then she gives him a big hug. He has got another best friend for life.

“I have to ask you…Are you married? Are you with anyone?” asks Rasmus, fired up by a moment of courage on top of the cheerful atmosphere.

“No I’m not. Has anyone told you to ask?” Izumi replies teasingly.

“No,” replies Rasmus hesitantly.

“Hey relax Rasmus. There’s no pressure. We will meet again.…Thank you for a wonderful day!” Izumi replies.

Rasmus looks after her as she leaves.

“Shouldn’t you be meeting your friends by now?” Izumi asks, turning to face him.

“Yeah, I guess I have to hurry.” Rasmus says as he rushes forward.

His gaze catches her eyes as he walks past her. She has the most beautiful light brown eyes.

He rushes towards the door.

“Hey, won’t you give me a hug?” she says.

Of course he wants to. He gives her a big warm hug.

“Bye Izumi, see you soon” he says.

This is where their paths diverge.

Izumi continues into the center of the gallery.

Rasmus continues out into the square while he tries to catch one last glimpse of her.

He is interrupted by the phone ringing.

“Hey Martin! I’ll be there in a minute.” he answers.

Darkness is coming and the Humor and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno, has just started.


In the private department of the clinic

“Hi Marcus, I’m sorry I interrupted you earlier.” Jade says.

Jade hints that earlier in the evening she burst into Marcus’ office while he was having a confidential conversation with Don. However, she quickly disappeared, barely seen out the door.

“You must always remember to knock on the door,” Marcus says seriously.

“But what is your errand tonight” he asks?

“Oh! I have something to discuss with Fatima,” Jade says cryptically.

Fatima? What do she and Jade have in common? Somehow the ubiquitous secretary manages to interfere in everything, Marcus thinks.

Marcus tries to listen to their conversation, but they are sitting too far away.

“You shouldn’t settle for so little Jade. You are a gorgeous woman and you deserve respect and proper treatment.” says Fatima.

Marcus feels a growing irritation at being kept out and he also has something personal he wants to discuss with Jade. He gets up and approaches the women.

The women quickly end their conversation as he approaches.

“Thank you Fatima.” Jade says gratefully.

“Jade, can I talk to you privately?” Marcus asks.

“It’s not polite to interrupt someone else’s conversation Marcus. You should know better!” Jade says sternly.


Down on the ground

Outside the Casbah Gallery the Humor and Hijinks Festival has started.

Rasmus meets Martin and Tusnelda in front of a fountain with the bright tea. They hereby join the Jokesters.

Fairly speaking, Tusnelda’s behavior earlier in the day suggests that she should choose the dark tea and the Pranksters, but the three friends choose to stick together.

“Let’s find a seat.” suggests Martin.

Rasmus is in a great mood and tells a joke where he makes fun of the Pranksters’ foolish behavior.

All three of them crack up laughing until Tusnelda becomes more serious.

“How are you Rasmus?…Martin told me you feel a little lonely.” she says attentively.

“That was yesterday,” says Rasmus, as he thinks about how quickly things can change.

“I’ve had a lovely day today. I’ve been swimming in the communal swimming pool in Windenburg, with a friend and I haven’t felt the least bit lonely.” says Rasmus.

“That sounds really nice!” says Tusnelda smiling, after which she gets up from the table.

Tusnelda has been attracted by a stall with souvenirs and festival t-shirts.

” You seemed a little depressed under the surface yesterday” Martin says seriously.

“You don’t have to worry Martin. I’m really, really fine.” Rasmus emphasizes.

As a burnt child avoids the fire, Rasmus avoids talking about the person who is occupying him right now. It is too early and too fragile to see where it leads.

Martin should perhaps rather worry about Tusnelda, who seems very tempted by the many offers in the market stall.

There are many temptations…so many expensive temptations.


In Marcus’s office a few floors up

“Thank you Jade for we can talk privately.” says Marcus.

“You sound kind of serious?” Jade says.

“I am serious.” he replies….. “I’ve thought a lot about what you’ve said about you being tired of fooling around and I think you’re very sexy and beautiful and I think you also find me attractive, so maybe we should team up?” he says with a shrug.

“Is this supposed to be a proposal?” Jade asks incredulously.

“No thanks Marcus! You’re really have to try harder than that…I guess I’d better leave now.” she says.


Down on the festival grounds, Rasmus is surprised by another encounter with the past….

“Jonna!? How nice to see you.” says Rasmus surprised.

“I’m glad to see you got a girlfriend. You deserve it.” Jonna says smiling.

“Girlfriend?” Rasmus asks wonderingly.

“Oh! It’s Tusnelda, my good friend. She’s in love with my friend Martin. I don’t think she needs any more boyfriends besides him.”

“I’m really sorry about that,” Jonna says apologetically to Tusnelda.

“What!? Who is she? Is she complaining that I only have one boyfriend?” Tusnelda asks confused.

Rasmus and Jonna look at each other and burst out laughing at the unintentional misunderstanding.

“Don’t worry Tusnelda…It’s just a funny misunderstanding,” chuckles Rasmus.
He can hardly stop laughing on top of this amazing redemptive day.

“Nice to meet you Jonna.. I’ll let you two catch up,” Tusnelda says kindly after which she moves on.


Tusnelda finds a standup comedian who is trying out a stage show.
He still needs a lot of practice to master his punchlines.

Martin is a loner and he has found himself somewhere outside the crowd.
He takes a few careful puffs from a hookah.

He sends a large bubble into the air.

He feels quite relaxed because he has not yet discovered that Tusnelda is once again about to make a purchase at the market stall.

Tusnelda has bought some fireworks, oblivious to the fact that the big fireworks show is about to start.


In Marcus’s office

“Jade, please don’t leave me here.” says Marcus.

“I think you’re gorgeous and smart. We have known each other for several years. We could be a perfect couple together. Someone the magazines will write about.” he flatters.

He gently reaches out for her and strokes her cheek…..”I really want to kiss you.” he says.

“You’ve got a stain on your smock,” she interrupts.

When he looks down in confusion, she pats him on the chin.


“Why can’t you take me seriously?” he asks, confused.

“Because you don’t take me seriously Marcus. You don’t even take yourself seriously! ….I expect much more. I expect an engagement ring and a man who has really thought about what he wants.” she replies.

“Goodbye Marcus!” she says and leaves.

Marcus walks towards the window. He can hear some bangs from fireworks down in the square.

He senses that he will only widen the distance if he follows Jade right now.

The festival is a recurring event and he sees that today it is the Jokesters who have won the victory.

The yellow explosions light up all over the festival site.

Down in the square, the spectators stand like tiny ants and stare up at the yellow lights.

Rasmus and Tusnelda are standing with their necks bent far back.

“This is absolutely fantastic!” Tusnelda exults loudly.

Martin has found some fireworks he can enjoy in peace behind the toilets.

The last rocket has been sent and he approaches Tusnelda who is standing and talking to another spectator.

He gives her a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey sweetie! Are you ready to go home?” he asks.

“Rasmus has already left and I’m ready.” she replies.


Jade is also on her way home.

She stands a bit in the street and looks across towards the square.

The Humor and Hijinks Festival has just ended.

She looks up at the house she just left.

She really cares about him and she really hopes that he has what it takes.

High up, a small human stands looking out the window, not much bigger than a small ant.

He is a well-known doctor with many important patients.

He has so many talents and so much to offer aside from being able to enter into a committed mutual relationship. It was never on his wish list until now.

He really cares about her and he hopes that he will be able to let go of everything except the most important. That in time he can offer her what she dreams of.


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  • cathytea

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    I love this chapter!

    I cautiously like Izumi. She seems nice. But I really hope she doesn’t turn out to be another heartbreak for Rasmus. Poor guy. He seems to be taking it cautiously this time. Which is probably good.

    Marcus…. doesn’t seem that into Jade to be honest. “Maybe we should team up” 🤣 What a proposal!

    Your screenshots in this chapter are spectacular. You really display your visual storytelling skills here. Nicely done.

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