Tusnelda and Trix

68. It goes without saying for friends

Conversation between friends can be edifying and create familiarity and joy, or give disappointment and leave the recipient in a state of wonder. In this chapter we meet all kinds of conversations. Tusnelda makes an interesting discovery at her work and makes an important agreement with Rasmus. Marcus and Jade are still messing around, trying to find a common understanding of what they want with each other. Anything can happen where people (and cats) meet, especially where something is at stake.


At nighttime in the Forgotten Hollow

The night is pitch black and visibility is poor.

The antiquated street lamps struggle to shed some light on the nighttime scenery, thereby revealing an almost silent movement of a bat, barely visible to the human eye.

Silently a dark figure materializes in the meager light. His white shoes and the gold ornaments on his jacket are the only things that reveal his gestalt.

Masato is on the hunt for a prey and in the shelter of the trees he starts his luring song.

However, this hunting ground appears to be deserted. Perhaps the rumors of something mysterious going on in the Forgotten Hollow have gradually spread around people.

He must find another area and preferably somewhere near an inn where the late night guests are less attentive.


In the neighborhood Windslar in Windenburg he unnoticed finds such a blurred guest on his way home.

Before the man can sense what has met him, he is paralyzed.

Masato quickly drinks the required amount of blood before he loosens the bite on his prey.

Soon a dazed drunk falls to the ground, struck by a blackout that leaves him with no memories. He is going to sleep off his drunkenness in the grass by the side of the road.

The embarrassing experience will prevent him from ever speaking out loud about what happened.


A dark shadow reveals Masato’s return to Forgotten Hollow.

After a dark meditation, he is completely fresh and ready for another day of work at the reception in the secret laboratory.

We will meet him there after sunrise.


Midnight in Brindleton Bay.

It is midnight before Rasmus comes home from the Humor and Hijinks Festival in San Myshuno.

He had a fantastic day with so many experiences to digest that his body is still full of unrest from all the excitement.

He finds his punching bag and gives it some hard punches. Not because he is angry, but simply to drive the excess adrenaline out of his body before he can sleep.

In the bedroom, Brooke is in the process of doing the same exercise.

Her favorite toy is a ball that looks confusingly like a mouse.

Rasmus still looks quite awake when he ends the boxing.

He sits down in front of the television to watch an episode of the cooking competition. Maybe that will give him the peace he needs.

Brooke doesn’t take long to discover that he has settled down on the sofa, so she eagerly comes running in the hope of getting a cuddle.

“Hello sweet girl,” says Rasmus kindly as she looks at her a little distractedly.

Then his attention is suddenly drawn….. “what happened to your nose!?”

Brooke’s nose is glowing red and feverish. It definitely doesn’t look right.

Rasmus immediately grabs his phone….”We’re going to the vet,” he says.


Brooke looks intently at Rasmus.

“I’m just feeling a little bit dizzy,” she tries to communicate.

Rasmus continues unchallenged towards the clinic’s entrance.

“Please Rasmus! Let’s go home. I don’t like the smell in this place,” she says with a fearful meow.

Unfortunately, Rasmus is stubborn and out of listening distance.

When a large dog suddenly enters the clinic, Brook follows the vet without protest.


“Hey Brooke! Can you follow this finger,” asks the vet.

How stupid do you think I am? Brooke thinks.

Rasmus sits relaxed on a chair and looks like everything is in perfect order.

Now the vet waves a snack in front of Brooke’s nose. Much to Brooke’s annoyance, she hides the snack away again.

“Say something to her Rasmus! She’s a cheater!” meows Brooke in annoyance.

Instead of scolding, Brooke hears Rasmus answer a friendly yes to the vet’s question if he wants to pay for an expensive treatment.

“You are such a traitor Rasmus!” she says with a hiss.

“Ouch! I shall remember you for that treatment.” she meows angrily.

Soon all the discomfort is over and when Rasmus kindly says they can go home, she follows him without hesitation.


The night is over and Rasmus chooses to eat breakfast before going to bed.
He’s going to use another day off today.

As he carries his dishes to the kitchen sink, he watches with satisfaction as Brooke eats with good appetite.

On his way to bed, his eye is caught by a photograph on the bedroom wall.

A photograph of some brightly colored fish caught with an underwater camera in the reef around Sulani.
The memory fills him with great joy.

Soon after, he is fast asleep.

Near his bed, Brooke is sleeping near her favorite toy. After all, Rasmus and her are still friends.


In the house next door

At Tusnelda and Martin’s, everyone has just gotten up after the night’s rest.

Mia, Fie and Futte head towards the feeders to eat their breakfast.

A little later, Tusnelda calls Fie and Futte out into the garden.

Fie looks attentively at Tusnelda. She seems a little stressed.

“What’s going on?” Futte asks her sister.

“You’re both fully grown and healthy young cats now… It’s been so great watching your progress so far.” says Tusnelda seriously.

“Perhaps you still lack a bit of upbringing in good manners, but it’s nothing irreparable…. I’m sure that you’re both very teachable under the right conditions.” she continues.

Futte sends Tusnelda a searching look as she tries to understand where she is going.

She looks at Fie, who almost looks like she has lost interest in Tusnelda’s strange speech.

However, Tusnelda immediately catches the cats’ attention again when she offers them an unexpected treat.

Fie eagerly reaches for the treat, while Futte begins to wonder about Tusnelda’s behavior.

“I promise you will not be separated,” continues Tusnelda.

“What is she talking about?” Fie asks her sister.

“Does anyone get treats here?” Mia interrupts eagerly with her infant meow.

Futte is immediately distracted by the role of the good nanny and she hears no more of Tusnelda’s incomprehensible speech.

“You are such a sweet big sister.” says Tusnelda tenderly.

Futte follows Tusnelda with her eyes when she enters the house.

There is definitely something going on, but she just can’t quite figure out what it is.


Factory One in Windenburg

It is still early morning when Marcus arrives at the abandoned factory that used to be his home.

He sees her immediately as he walks through the door. She looks surprised.

“Marcus! What are you doing here?” she asks.

“There was something we didn’t get to last night,” he says.

She seems almost as surprised when he gives her a kiss.

“Please Jade! I’m really trying to do the right thing here.” he says.

“Wow Marcus! That was quite a surprise.” Eva exclaims.

Everyone has known him for years in this house and that makes it really difficult to step out of the fixed framework.

Jade walks over to Eva.

“What’s going on Jade? Is this really your seriousness?” Eva whispers curiously.

“I don’t really know. I’m kind of confused,” Jade replies.

Marcus watches them from a distance. Something secretive always seems to be going on between women.

“Hey Jade. What are you whispering about?” he asks.

“Nothing Mr. Curious. Just some woman talk.” she replies.

“Jade I came to ask if you would like to go out to dinner with me?” Marcus asks.

“Oh!? So something serious is going on.” says Eva with a smirk.

“Nah! I don’t know what to say.” Jade replies.

“You’re going to say yes you fool… see where it leads.” replies Eva.

“I actually had another guy in mind,” Jade says quietly.

“What!” Marcus exclaims.

“Hopefully you’re not still thinking about Rasmus? You two don’t match at all.” Marcus exclaims in frustration.

“What!? Who? Is this someone I know?” Eva asks curiously.

“We can talk later,” Jade replies, getting up to leave.


“Goodbye Marcus.” she says as she leaves the house to go to work. He can see her eyes are glowing when she looks at him.

Marcus looks after her as she leaves….Damn, how ambiguous and complicated she has become lately.

“Jade! Wait!” he calls and goes after her.

“Do you want to say something?” she asks.

“Would you like to go out to dinner with me” he asks.

“Alright Marcus. Let’s say we have a date tonight.” she says.

Marcus looks after her thoughtfully as she and Paulo leave the house to go to work.

Before he leaves for home, Marcus sits down and pulls on the barbell. He puts all his effort into it….Damn that woman is complicated!

He could choose many others who are easier to catch than her but for once he wants to make an effort. Hold on to someone stable in his life.


Morning in the scientific lab

Tusnelda has just met at work.

She is eager to get started on today’s task and she is particularly curious to meet Masato and see if the effects of the freezing have worn off.

She hesitates for a moment before walking through the door.

She finds Masato exactly as dark-skinned as when she left him yesterday.

“Hello Masato! I hope you’ve been having a great time since yesterday?” she says cheerfully.

“Thank you Tusnelda. I certainly have nothing to complain about.” replies Masato with a smile.

“May I ask you something in confidence?” she asks, walking closer to him.

He stands up as she walks against him.

She hesitates for a moment as she makes sure that he really is in a good mood.

“I would really like to investigate this skin-changing phenomenon more thoroughly…May I collect some genetic material?” she asks kindly.

Much to her pleasant surprise, Masato responds positively.

In addition to the skin change, the freezing seems to have a positive effect on Masato’s mood. This is indeed extremely interesting!

She efficiently collects the required amount of saliva.

Now she just need some undisturbed time to analyze the collected genetic material.


Right now, Tusnelda would very much like to avoid curious questions about Masato, from Aarav…although of course she doesn’t know if he suspects a connection between her and Masato’s sudden transformation.

You can never be too careful so the solution lies right ahead when she activates the Satellite dish’s Knockout application.


In an adjacent room, Aarav is engrossed in a conversation with a foreign scientist.

I should not be able to say why he suddenly appears in the laboratory. All the usual employees are apparently still employed. Perhaps he is sent by the authorities to check the laboratory’s working environment and general safety level? Let’s assume that explanation for now.

The fact is that Aarav is hit by a sudden overwhelming fatigue.

This causes the unknown scientist to stand up.

He has been affected by the same fatigue syndrome.

Here they lie so neatly side by side and thus ensure Tusnelda the peace she desires.

Masato is guaranteed not to bother her either.

Tusnelda immediately begins deciphering and analyzing Masato’s genes.

While the decipherment is underway, Tusnelda uses the time to develop new serums.

There is absolutely no one to disturb her concentration today.


An hour later….

Aarav and the unknown scientist are just returning from their involuntary sleep.

“I feel all groggy,” Aarav mutters.

“Something very suspicious is going on in this lab” the unknown scientist says sternly.

“I don’t quite agree…” Aarav begins his defense speech.

“As a scientist, you can never be too suspicious…..I’ve heard rumors of a dangerous virus the scientists accidentally multiplied in StrangerVille. Fortunately, they managed to escape and seal the laboratory before the virus could spread….. We may never get full answers because everything is closed and classified by the authorities.” says the unknown scientist.

“Who are you!?” continues the scientist, when he discovers Tusnelda, who until now has been listening in silence.

“Let me introduce Tusnelda. She’s the laboratory’s most promising scientist.” says Aarav proudly.

“Is she classified?” asks the distrustful scientist.

“I can assure you of that.” Aarav replies without hesitation.

“Well… Since everything seems to be safe I would like to have some lunch now… is there a canteen in this place.” he continues.

“I think Tusnelda can solve your problem.” says Aarav cheerfully.

“I certainly can.” replies Tusnelda welcomingly.

The scientist sends her one last inquisitive glance and then decides to follow Aarav’s call.

“This is a Need Fixer Serum I have developed. It is guaranteed to meet all your needs.” Tusnelda says kindly.

She anxiously watched the scientist as he drinks the serum.
Occasionally this serum can backfire and have the opposite effect.

“This is magnificent!” the scientist exclaims excitedly.

Tusnelda observes how the mistrustful man has suddenly forgotten all reservations as he takes some playful dance steps.

“It is indeed magnificent!” she answers proudly.

Since everything at the laboratory has now ended in peace and tolerability, we will turn our gaze elsewhere.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Rasmus has woken up after a refreshing sleep and now he starts doing the household chores he has neglected over the past day.

There is a lot of laundry that needs to be sorted and washed.

Brooke keeps a watchful eye on him from her safe vantage point on top of the refrigerator.

When the washing machine is started, Rasmus finally has time to play.

Whatever Brooke may have thought of him earlier this morning is now forgotten. Nothing can overshadow the joy of catching the dancing light beam from the cat toy.

“Brooke hums with delight as she tries to catch the glowing fish swimming in fast courses across the floor.

Later Rasmus leaves.

He wants to go for a run down to the beach.

The beach is beautiful as always and the temperature is pleasant with a light cloud cover under a blue sky.


At the Secret Lab

In the science lab, Tusnelda has allmost completed the construction of a new improved Electroflux Wormhole Generator.

Finally, she waters the purple tree from Sixam, before she heads into the front desk to give Masato the results of the genetic test.

By the way, the unknown scientist was not the only one who had his needs fixed with a serum that day.

Absolutely amazing!

“Masato! We must talk about the result.” she says.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to Tusnelda that Masato looks like his own pale self, but it strangely doesn’t seem to please him.

“My skin has faded and I was just getting used to the benefits of my new appearance. Can you bring it back?” Masato asks.

“No, I can’t…not permanently. My analysis of your genetic material shows surprising results….. The fact is this change in skin color is a temporary error occurring by freezing during recent years evolutions. A so-called bug!…I have reported this bug to AHQ and I would suspect that it will be fixed in an upcoming evolutionary update.…along with all the other serious flaws and bugs that have gradually turned this scientific career into a nightmare.” replies Tusnelda.

“A what!?” Masato asks dumbfounded.

“Your genes contain answers to all your questions and I can reassure you that apart from your vampirism you are apparently healthy…although your pale skin could indicate some form of anemia.” she continues.

“I don’t recall asking you those questions….” Masato says.

“I’m off work and got no time for more talk. Goodbye Masato.” says Tusnelda, after which she gets up and leaves.

Tusnelda is very satisfied with her day’s efforts, but she leaves behind Masato as a big question mark.

That woman is still a fascinating mystery and his attempts so far to read her mind make no sense at all.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

In Brindleton Bay, Rasmus has just finished his run.

Now he sees that someone is waiting for him at the house.

“Don! What a pleasant surprise,” he exclaims.

“Thank you Rasmus! I’m glad to see you too my friend.” Don replies with a smile.

“How are you? How has it been to return in the familiar life?” Rasmus asks kindly.

“Exactly to the question of returning to my familiar life….it has brought its challenges,” Don replies gravely.

“Oh?” replies Rasmus… “What are these challenges all about?”

“Let’s play some basketball!” suggests Don, without answering the question.

Thus it will be.

A little later, we see them in casual combat. Nothing is better for the zest for life than spending a few carefree hours with a really good friend.


Early evening at The Ale House Restaurant in Windenburg

“Thanks for showing up Jade…Shall we go inside?” asks Marcus, struck by an unfamiliar uncertainty.

“Thanks Marcus, but why are you hesitating?” Jade replies.

Marcus reports their arrival to the hostess. He has already booked a table several hours ago.

The hostess quickly goes ahead.

“Here is your table Mr. Flex. I wish you a pleasant evening.” she says smiling.

They start by looking at the menu.

Jade glances at Marcus furtively. Maybe they should have put on some nice clothes tonight. To emphasize that this is something special.

Her musings are interrupted by the waiter who has come to receive their orders.

“You look really beautiful tonight.” Marcus says to her.

“Thanks Marcus, but these are just my usual rags…nothing new in them.” Jade replies modestly.

“Please Jade! Be a little accommodating,” Marcus says.

Jade get a bit confused. Why does it all become so strained and difficult? The whole thing is probably a big mistake.

Fortunately, the strained atmosphere is soon interrupted when the waiter brings their food.

“Let us eat!” says Marcus, smoothing out.

They start eating in silence.

Later, the atmosphere becomes somewhat more relaxed when they forget that this is a serious date and they begin talk about shared memories and experiences from their past.


However, the relaxed atmosphere disappears when Marcus suddenly gets an idea that he should declare his love in a loud serenade.

Jade covers her ears…”Stop Marcus!”

“Perhaps I asked you to make an effort, but this is overdoing it….It sounded terrible and was very awkward.” says Jade embarrassed.

“Do you actually know what you want?” says Marcus sullenly.

“Sorry Marcus. Are we still friends?” she asks with a giggle.

“Of course we’re friends, Jade! How about we have a drink at the bar after we eat our food?” replies Marcus cheerfully.


Brindleton Bay

Rasmus and Don have been interrupted in their play by a loose dog that is digging a big hole in Rasmus’s lawn.

“Hey dog! You have to go home and leave my lawn alone,” says Rasmus.

“WROOFF!” The dog barks loudly.

“Please, Calm down now.” says Rasmus startled.

“Is that dog giving you trouble?” Don asks a little timidly… He really hopes Rasmus won’t ask him to interfere. Barking dogs are not his thing.

“There are really a lot of homeless dogs roaming around the neighborhood,” Rasmus replies.

In the middle of it all it seems that Rasmus will have more guests.

“Is there really no one to take care of this problem?” asks Don concerned.”

“No, the dogs probably don’t do any mischief apart from a few holes here and there…. that also applies to homeless cats,” says Rasmus with a shrug.

“Maybe you should contact the authorities so they can send a dog catcher, who can ensure that those dogs and cats are euthanized once and for all.” Don suggests.

“Maybe it’s just a stray who has come a little far from home,” says Rasmus, uncomfortable with the idea of killing pets.

“Hello Rasmus!” says Tusnelda, who is now approaching.

“Hello Tusnelda! You arrive in the middle of a discussion of the problems with the many homeless pets,” says Rasmus.

“Oh! So you’re Tusnelda? Rasmus told me about you,” says Don with an inquisitive look.
No matter what he struggles with, female attributes will never pass his gaze.

“I know that dog. She is sweet and friendly. Maybe you should get a dog, Rasmus?” says Tusnelda.

“It’s great to finally meet you Tusnelda! Rasmus never told me you are such a beautiful woman.” Don says, in his usual charming manner.

It is now that Rasmus thinks it is wisest to change subjects, so he invites Tusnelda to participate in the basketball game.

“Don’t mind Don. It’s his usual attempt to please women, without thinking further about what he’s saying.” Rasmus says apologetically.

“I don’t mind a compliment and if he crosses the line, I can assure you I know how to cool such a guy down.” Tusnelda replies.

Soon all three of them are busy with their basketball game and that gives none of them time to deal with other subjects.

Rasmus is happy and his joy is no less when he succeeds in winning on points. He does a happy dance of joy to Don and Tusnelda’s great amusement.

“I’m taking a break, please continue playing,” says Rasmus.

Tusnelda and Don have no objections, so this is how it will be.


The Ale House Restaurant in Windenburg

Jade has already drunk one of the pink Cupido Cocktails and now Marcus has ordered her another one.

“I see you like the sweet cranberry drinks?” he says kindly.

“Can I speak to you openly?” Jade asks

Marcus doesn’t have time to answer before she continues…

“I really appreciate our friendship and I know we’re good together in bed… but there must be more?…. I heard Rasmus has returned home. I want children and I think he wants too.” Jade continues.

“I think it’s rude of you to keep talking about that guy to me…He’s a soft romantic and how is he going to put up with your insensitive behavior. You’re going to be each other’s misfortune.” Marcus says angrily.

“Regarding a child…. just give me time to get there though.” he says.

“How can I be sure you’ll ever get there, Marcus?… Besides, have you ever considered that I might be a romantic woman. I might dream of more romance?” says Jade.

“You do?” he asks seriously.
It gives him a lot to think about.

“I guess I’m a rather unromantic pragmatic guy, but I promise you I’ll do my best to fulfill your dreams.” Marcus says seriously.

In a way, it’s pretty sweet, she thinks.

She drinks the rest of her Cupido Cocktail. It makes her pleasantly relaxed and it’s like its pink color casts a pleasant glow over her vision.

“Let’s go, ma chérie,” Marcus says, blowing her a kiss.

“You’re actually pretty charming when you get your act together.” she says.

“You’re welcome to invite me with you home,” she says.

How can he refuse this offer? That’s how it will be.


Evening in Brindleton Bay

While Don and Tusnelda continue the ball game, Rasmus has opened his fridge.

He loves to cook and now he wants to prepare a delicious meal for his friends.

Now the food just needs one last taste and then he can call people to the meal.


“I really miss your cooking, Rasmus” says Don kindly.

Tusnelda looks a little absent.

“What’s on your mind, Tusnelda? You seem a little distant.” Rasmus asks.

“Oh it was something about our cats.” replies Tusnelda.

Cats? It doesn’t seem to interest Don so he leaves the table.

“What’s wrong with them Tusnelda? Are they sick or do they have other problems?” Rasmus asks worriedly.

“No, they’re not sick…but I don’t really know how to turn it around…After the last kittens, the herd has become too big,” replies Tusnelda.

Perhaps the reader is aware of what Tusnelda has on her mind, but to keep the tension a little longer we see where Don is.

Don loves a good physical challenge and here is something he is really good at.

“Don’t worry, we have made an agreement,” says Rasmus cheerfully.

“Goodbye Rasmus and thank you. I’m so glad you can help…. You have done us a considerable favor.” says Tusnelda as she gets up.

“Of course Tusnelda! It goes without saying for friends.” replies Rasmus with a smile.

Now she wants to go home and receive Martin when he comes home from work. She has a very special surprise in mind.


San Myshuno Private Praksis

The end of the date was that Jade accompanied Marcus home.
However, it is clear that Marcus’ efforts to do the right things have been quite exhausting.

Although this date was not perfect in Jade’s eyes, her instincts did not let this assessment limit her. Maybe Marcus did something right after all?

Regardless, he needs some rest now.

“Thanks for tonight Jade, let’s get some sleep and pick up where we left off tomorrow.” he sleepily mumbles.

Before Jade realizes what is happening, he is on his way to bed.

Jade stands back, rather surprised.

This night didn’t end quite as she expected.

The Movie Channel shows a romantic movie. One of the big classics that makes her dream.

It is one of her favorite movies and she has seen it so many times before. Wept in torrents over the young lovers’ obstacles… and when they finally find each other in the finale, everything is perfect. So satisfying perfect.

Contrary the men in her own life who never quite live up to the hero in these movies. She can’t quite figure out why.


Late night in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda comes out of the bath

Don said she was beautiful. She has to admit that she really enjoyed that compliment.

She had a really good and successful day.

Tonight she has a very special date planned for Martin and herself.

Time passes slowly when you wait.

She is interrupted in her thoughts by Melvin who calls for some attention.

He is such a sweet kitty. A perfect little copy of his father Trix.


Tusnelda is at her computer when Futte and Fie approach.

“Hey girls! I have something to tell you.” she says.

“You’re acting strange.” says Futte with a suspicious meow.

Fie scans Tusnelda with a quick glance and chooses to get under cover.

“You scared her away!” meows Futte with a accusing look.

“I can tell you another day,” says Tusnelda evasively.

When Tusnelda has left, Fie looks out from her hiding place. She can sense that something unfamiliar is going on.

From a distance, Fie can see Tusnelda dancing. She has plenty of energy until the next day, thanks to the Need Fixer Serum.

She already seems to have forgotten what made her so serious before.


At Rasmus’s house in Brindleton Bay

Brooke sees Don leaving the basketball court and she tries to catch up with him.

She catches up to him just as he reaches the top of the stairs.

“Oh! Hi Brooke”

“Are you trying to avoid me?” meows Brooke offended.

“I’m afraid I don’t understand cat language.” Don says with a shrug.

“I know you miss me Don and right now you just want to scratch my chin,” Brooke says with a smirking purr.

“See you’re not as stupid as you pretend,” Brooke purrs as Don bends down and pet her.

In the meantime, Rasmus has managed the clean-up and put leftovers in the fridge.

He meets Don and Brooke on the stairs.

“How are you, Don? I got the feeling that something is worrying you,” asks Rasmus.

“I will admit that there are some things that worry me…I have discovered some disturbing changes in my mind.” Don replied hesitantly.

“What changes?” ask Rasmus.

“I spent a night with this beautiful woman in Sulani….I assume you didn’t notice because you had your gaze below the surface the whole time.” Don replies.

“When? What happened?” Rasmus asks wonderingly.

“Every single time I’m close to a woman, all I see is her… and then I become completely paralyzed…” Don replies unhappily.

“Wow!” Rasmus exclaims in surprise.

“I think she has put a spell on me…” says Don.

“I think you are in love.” Rasmus replies gently.

“If you need to talk about heartbreak then you’ve come to an expert…. Remember all the times I tried to talk to you about Blue and you didn’t get it?… Welcome to my world Don. I know exactly how you feel right now.” says Rasmus with a smile.

“Yes, I probably owe you an apology for my ignorance… but you seem remarkably cheerful now… I don’t see many blue thoughts in your mind, Rasmus.” Don replies with a laugh.

“I have no blue thoughts. I’ve gotten over her…and you will too as time goes by,” says Rasmus confidently.

Rasmus gives Don a huge hug.

Who would have guessed that there was such a sensitive guy under Don’s confident superficial exterior. A guy who has become his very best friend.

“Good night my friend…. There is nothing wrong in your mind.” says Rasmus softly.

Don and Rasmus goes their separate ways.

Don has been given a lot to think about, thanks to a friend who truly understands what he is struggling with.

In love!? …..He who has loved and enjoyed women for years has suddenly woken up to a whole new level and it’s scaring the hell out of him.

They say that it is in need that you get to know your true friends. Who would have guessed that this friend would turn out to be a soft sensitive guy with a cheesy beard.


Late night at the neighbor house

It will be very late before Martin comes home.

“Hey Handsome!”

“How was your day?” Tusnelda asks.

“Excellent! We won the soccer match…. How about your day?” replies Martin.

“My day has been fantastic. I did an experiment that gave breakthrough results in my work….and I have made an agreement with Rasmus.” says Tusnelda happily.

“What kind of agreement,” Martin asks suspiciously.

“Fie and Futte are moving to his house. He says Brooke misses company.” says Tusnelda.

“Oh!? I see…. I assume it will be for everyone’s good,” Martin says a little hesitantly.

“I have a nice surprise planned for you tonight… I would like to show you my very special secret spot.” says Tusnelda fondly.

“That sounds promising!” he answers.

“Then come with me Martin… if you dare.” she replies.


Martin had not imagined that Tusnelda’s special surprise would be a night in the space rocket.

He had followed her up into space once before and mostly remembers the relief when they landed safely on earth again.

“Are you following?” Tusnelda asks as she signals for him to get on board.

“Yes, I’m with you.” he answers bravely.

He once said he would follow her to the moon, so now he has to keep his word.

He takes a deep breath before stepping up the last step.

The rocket starts up with a deafening noise.

It leaves a long trail into the night.

Soon the plot is deserted. The day is over and this will be all for this time.

In the next chapter, we will see if Martin lands safely on earth again and how things develop for all the other characters in the story. Thank you for reading until now ❤


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