Tusnelda and Trix

42. Silence after storm

The catastrophes have already happened so there are no major dramas in this chapter.
On the surface there is a silence after storm.
Down below, our main characters are still struggling with the aftermaths of what has happened in their lives. Not all actions seem logical where emotions rule.
Tusnelda gets some big surprises and it turns out that she is met with understanding from more sides than she expected.


The morning after Tusnelda’s crash, life seems to be finding its usual routine.

Martin starts, as always, training on his treadmill.

Tusnelda makes breakfast for both of them.

Trix washes one of his daughters’ ears. Apart from her protests, there is a peaceful atmosphere throughout the morning.

Martin grabs a plate of toast and sits down at Tusnelda.

“You look so thoughtful Tusnelda, what do you have on you mind?”

“I’m thinking of my damaged rocket Martin. It’s going to take hundreds of hours before I build a new one.” says Tusnelda

“Oh! Then I can hopefully keep you on the ground a little longer,” Martin replies with a smirk.

“I know it’s hard for you to understand … but this is my biggest dream” says Tusnelda.

“yeah … we all have our dreams and dreams are there for us to set a goal.” says Martin. “I understand you very well!”

“After all, luckily it was only dead things that suffered a crash,” says Martin. “I’m sure you’ll soon be flying again.”

“Fortunately, you’re still here, very much alive.” he continues. The thought of how close he was to losing her is still scary present.

It often seems like the value of life becomes most apparent when one has seen how quickly it can be over. Life is a priceless gift worth celebrating with some cheerful sparks.


Not far from there, Rasmus is on his way to work.

The events of last night still lie like a dark shadow over him and for him to see there is very little to celebrate.

The grief over the loss of Blue is very present and heavy to bear.

Even the sky seems to support his sad mood.

Brooke is inside the house in the process of sharpening her claws.

A sudden loud knock on the door makes her fur rise on her back….. !!?

Outside the front door, she can sense the outline of an unknown person.
Who is he and what is his errand?

Rasmus rarely has guests but after his breakup last night, he may have gotten himself into serious trouble?
Brooke fearfully hides behind a potted plant while she waits for the threat to disappear.

Oh! Readers will surely recognize that guy. Marcus Flex!
Despite his hard eyes, he is hardly any threat …. but what brings him suddenly to Rasmus’ house?

To Brooke’s relief, Marcus soon realizes that no one is home….

… and he soon disappears with quick energetic steps.


At the Science Lab

Right now, Tusnelda has arrived at the Science Lab. She had to quickly abandon her joyous celebration of life to reach her work in time.

“Good morning Tusnelda! … You look like you’ve had a wonderful morning” Masato greets cheerfully.

“Good morning Masato! You look pretty good yourself … you’re actually a very handsome guy.” Tusnelda answers with a wink.

A sudden whim makes her tell a cheeky joke.

“Have you ever heard the story of the nun and the viral vampire?” she says, continuing without waiting for an answer … “There was once a nun who was on her way to ….”

“Tell me, Tusnelda, are you trying to lure me into a little benefit in the back room?” Masato interrupts her with a crooked smile.

Fortunately, the phone rings and gives Tusnelda time to think ..…She certainly was not! …. Why did he get that thought?

Tusnelda feels a disturbing redness in her cheeks. How embarrassing!

“I’ll have to run right away!” she says quickly, though Masato does not have time to respond.

In the basement, she takes a cold shower to gain control of her disturbing thoughts.

It only seems to help in part.
It’s like the zest for life boiling over in her today. Calm down! Tusnelda.

Tusnelda finds a computer that needs updating.
There is nothing as good at gathering focus as a technically challenging task.


Brindleton Bay

Martin is free from work today and he has his own method of curbing bodily restlessness.
He loves to run.

The sky over Brindleton Bay is wrapped in heavy clouds today, but whatever the weather, the scenery is magnificent and beautiful.

Martin is full of gratitude that Tusnelda escaped so successfully from her crash last night.
He wished she had a less heavenly dream …. but it’s not up to him to prevent it. She is like a beautiful bird and the nature of the bird is to fly.

Martin feels very lucky and free as he runs his route.


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda is having an in-depth conversation with the work robot Bob, as Aarav seeks her out.

“Hi Tusnelda! Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?” he asks

“Now that you mention exciting, I got plenty of excitement yesterday” Tusnelda replies dramatically.

Now Tusnelda continues with a vivid description of her crash with the rocket and she omits no details.

When Tusnelda finally reaches the end and she tells how she, like a Phoenix, crawls out of the ashes, Aarev is almost stunned by shock.

“As you can see, there is nothing that can knock me out” says Tusnelda superiorly …. “But I think I will save the excitement for tomorrow.


Meanwhile in Brindleton Bay

Martin also seeks no excitement today. He has finished his run and now he is weeding under trees and crops.

He does not really have a great passion for gardening but he can see that the plants are thirsty and he thinks that Tusnelda will appreciate his efforts.

Somehow he enjoys the serenity while doing the practical work.


Back at the Science Lab

Tusnelda tries to create focus by observing the hover lamp.
It takes more effort than usual.

Suddenly she gets a call from the Faculty of Life Sciences.

They kindly thank Tusnelda for the submitted samples of her synthetic food serum….

Unfortunately, it turns out that there are certain unintended side effects of the product. They can therefore not recommend that Tusnelda apply for a patent right now.
The product is inedible and there is a lack of scientific evidence.

“What do you mean it’s inedible?” Tusnelda shouts angrily … “and what does it mean that there is a lack of scientific evidence?”

Tusnelda has performed numerous tests over several months, but that is obviously not enough evidence for the Honorable Faculty?

Tusnelda ends the conversation with a disappointed grunt.

Tusnelda turns to Aarev.

“What nonsense. Do you understand that my food serum lacks scientific evidence? … It’s ridiculous” she says and bursts out laughing.

“Usually, such inventions require several years of testing on a thousand subjects,” Aarav calmly replies … “It does not mean that your serum is ineffective, but that you lack more tests”

“A thousand tests!” says Tusnelda in shock … “It will take my whole lifetime!”

Aanya has been summoned by the loud debate.

“How are you doing with your side effects?” Tusnelda asks cautiously.

“I have not eaten cakes for several weeks, so my side effects are long gone” Aanya kindly replies.

“We would all like to help test your serum Tusnelda” says Aarav. “Multiple brains think better than one brain. That’s why we work in a team.”

Tusnelda looks at the small group of scientists who have gathered around her and suddenly she realizes she is finally completely accepted.


Tusnelda continues her experiments with the taste of her synthetic food serum.
She dips her finger in the flask and tastes gently.

EW! The bitter taste is about to send her to the floor.

She takes careful notes during the process … but it amazes her that she, who is a trained chef, has such a hard time producing a tasty product.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Rasmus is not yet a fully trained chef but he is employed in a culinary career, and he has just been released from his job.

The sorrow of the morning has been replaced by a blind rage during the day.

He has an uncontrollable urge to hit and humiliate the possessive braggart, Allan!!
Not to forget all those damn seductive women and unfaithful scammers.

First he will send his bed to the landfill … he will never again sleep in the bed she has been lying in.


At the Science Lab

For Tusnelda, it’s time for a lunch break.
She needs to be alone with her thoughts and she therefore takes her food into a small office.

She has not spoken to Masato since the embarrassing episode this morning….. Where did her sudden whim come from?

The thought of her wanting to seduce Masato seems ridiculous to her. She is a happily married woman. She did not encourage him … or did she?

Maybe the whole incident is due to Masato’s vampiric lure?

Tusnelda looks around the office. Apart from the filing cabinets, it is completely unused .. it is basically silly.
She could put a computer in here?


Brindleton Bay

Rasmus has replaced his old bed with a punching bag.

Soon he is standing in front of the punching bag, visualizing Allan’s pathetic face.

His boxing blows hit precisely with great force in fast repetitions.
Come on, you filthy bastard!!!

The visualization worked really well and Rasmus soon feels noticeably relieved and in a much better mood.

Now he wants to cook himself a delicious meal.

Rasmus actually enjoys cooking and while standing by the stove he lets his thoughts flow freely.

Ten minutes later, his thoughts have found their way to Blue. Rasmus has lost the desire to eat and the food is now unfinished on the stove.

Why him? How could she just turn her back on everything they had together?

He misses her every single minute without distractions.
Life feels meaningless and his longing and loneliness deprive him of the desire to breathe.


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda has left the office and she is stopped by Kristina.

“Hey Tusnelda, I heard you crashed a rocket last night?” says Kristina surprisingly kindly.

“Yes, I can barely remember what happened but suddenly I lost control of the steering wheel” Tusnelda replies.

“Fortunately, my fireproof spacesuit saved my life”

Kristina stands silent and listens and Tusnelda gets a strange inexplicable feeling.

“Do you want to say something?” Tusnelda asks uncertainly.

Without warning, Kristina suddenly gives her a hug.

“I’m glad you survived, Tusnelda.”

Have all people gone crazy today !?

This is too much to take in and Tusnelda frantically grabs a pruning shears, after which she starts cutting the bonsai. It really does require some serious cutting!


Brindleton Bay

Martin has once again returned to his charisma training.

Now he stands with big arm movements and speaks for an imaginary group of fans.

“My dear fans! ..I thank you for your support with all my heart”

He sees the pictures of Tusnelda and continues …

“A special thank to you my beloved wife ..…”

He stops in the middle of the sentence and looks at his own reflection … This is a foolish exercise for a Soccer Player! He probably does not get better at hitting the ball by using his mouth.

Tusnelda would burst out laughing if she saw him now.

Fortunately, he is interrupted by his mobile calling.

“Rasmus my friend! Of course you’re welcome. See you soon!”


Rasmus leaves his home with heavy steps.

He has never before felt so sad and alone.


Tusnelda has just returned home after a very unusual day on work .

When she reaches the front door she sees Rasmus and Martin.

“Rasmus my dear friend!” she says, giving him a big hug

“You’ll be having dinner with us, won’t you?” … “I need a bath and we can talk later,” Tusnelda says.

“You heard what the lady of the house said … let’s go inside” Martin says cheerfully.

Tusnelda has been in the shower. She is exhausted on top of the day’s many emotional experiences and she has laid down to take a nap.

Meanwhile, Martin sits down to listen to his friend. Right now, the grief and longing for Blue is the most urgent.

“Blue has lied to you and she has betrayed your trust.” says Martin …. “You should forget her, Rasmus! You are a good friend and a loving and honest man. You have far greater value and deserve a woman who can see it.”

“I know I should be mad at her Martin, but I love her and I miss everything we had together.” Rasmus says with a sigh.

“Let’s make some dinner,” Martin says.
What else can he say? It’s probably not easy to get Rasmus to change his mind right now.

Martin has chopped vegetables and he has started on a vegetarian stew.

Rasmus stands for a long time, staring blankly into the air.
It’s like he’s not really present.

Gradually, Rasmus participates in the preparations. He enjoys cooking as always.

Martin completes the dinner alone and meanwhile Tusnelda has finished her nap.

“How are you feeling?” she asks Rasmus empathetically.

“I feel so abandoned and thrown away” Rasmus replies sadly … “How can she do this? How can she choose that bully?… I’m so sure she loves me”

“I miss her so terribly Tusnelda! … My life is so empty and sad, how should I be able to continue now?”

“Oh, my sweet friend” comforts Tusnelda … “Your life is not empty. You have me and Martin and we will always be there for you.”

Rasmus gives Tusnelda a big hug.
Of course, he is grateful to have good supportive friends by his side.


Later, the three of them sit together and eat dinner.

“Your vegetarian dish is brilliant Martin! … You could certainly be hired as a chef at my job.” Rasmus says happily.

“How’s it going in the chefs world?” asks Tusnelda …. “Is there any gossip I’ve missed?”

The three friends continue the meal and their conversation on cozy everyday topics.

Rasmus looks at his two close friends. He loves listening to their carefree conversation and when he sees them together he is sure there is hope.


After the meal, Rasmus pats himself on the stomach with satisfaction. It was a really tasty meal.

Suddenly he stops in surprise … “Do you have kittens?”
How has he avoided discovering them until now?

“Thank you so much for the food and for your understanding” he says …. “I guess I should go home now.”

“You are welcome to stay all night” Tusnelda answers …. “We can always put extra bedding on the sofa for you … if you can live with it being a little short”


Martin and Rasmus have sat down at the chessboard in the garden.
Now they sit and tease each other while playing a friendly game of chess.

First victory goes to Rasmus.

Martin demands immediate revenge.

In the background, Tusnelda has started rebuilding her rocket.

Tusnelda works while listening to their voices in the background.

Soon you hear Martin’s triumphant shout “I got you!”

The two friends decide to end the game for tonight.

They are still standing together for a while by the fire. Enjoying their friendship and catching up on some of the latest accomplishments at Martin’s work.

Martin talks about the charisma exercises in front of the mirror ..

“Have you ever heard of something so stupid, Rasmus? I’m a Soccer Player! ….I’m not running for mayor.”

The clock is approaching midnight and Rasmus decides to go home. ….The couch does not seem so enticing when it comes to that.

“Thanks for tonight! See you soon” says Rasmus.

“See you my friend” Martin replies

Martin turns to Tusnelda.
She has been working on the rocket all evening. Before he know it, she’s up in the air again.

“What are you saying to you and me enjoying what we were interrupted in this morning?” says Martin and sends her a kiss.

Fortunately, Tusnelda has no objections.

Fiona has found one of her kittens and now she gives it some caring fur care before she goes out hunting.

“Stay away from the fire!” she admonishes her before running off to the beach

In the background, Martin and Tusnelda have dissolved their embrace after which they turn towards the bedroom.

A little kitten sits back and ponders one of life’s big questions.
What ignites a fire and what causes it to suddenly burn out?


When Rasmus returns home, he is again struck by an oppressive sorrowful longing.
He finds a sandwich in the hope that it can fill the emptiness he feels inside him.

But of course it is not hunger that bothers him and food can not fill his drak void.

Rasmus wipes his eyes.
How pathetic he is, he stands here crying like a child.

Martin’s old room and bed is still untouched after he moved.
Rasmus is sure that Martin does not miss his bed and Rasmus needs a new bed to sleep in.

He needs a fresh start and the bed is an excellent place to start.

Rasmus is exhausted from his emotional chaos and luckily he soon falls asleep.
Sleep is a blessing that finally gives him a much-needed break.


Rasmus is not wrong….

Of course, Martin does not miss his old bed. Right now, Martin misses nothing.


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  • Yimiki

    Martin is such a good guy. Tusnelda’s dream comes with a real risk of losing her life, but instead of getting upset and trying to control her, he fully supports her in what she does. He’s a great husband. <3

    Aw, Rasmus. This will hurt for a while. I wonder what Blue is doing but at the same time I don’t really want to know. The scenes of him selling his bed because Blue has slept in it and replacing it with a punching bag are so sad. At least he’s hitting the punching bag instead of another person. He’s really not in a good headspace though. I just want to roll him into a blanket and pat his head and tell him that everything is going to be okay. T.T

    Bwahaha omg the relationship between Masato and Tusnelda is just XD gone from hostile suspicion to blackmail and experimenting, to sort-of-acceptance, and now he thinks she’s flirting with him. This poor guy must have the worst whiplash from his social interactions with Tusnelda. xD Awwww, she’s finally reached a point with her colleagues where even Kristina has gotten attached to her. Patience really pays off.

    I’m glad that Rasmus came to visit Tusnelda and Martin – he shouldn’t be alone with his thoughts right now. The poor guy needs friends to take his mind off things and remind him of the fun he had even before Blue showed up.

    The little kitten is asking the bigger questions in life. A good number of people would not be able to answer that question.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤

      I do not know what was going on between Masato and Tusnelda. Maybe it was because she was in a very flirtatious mood when she met at work, for suddenly their romantic barometer rose 😮
      Another thing that made me lose my jaw was when Kristina and Tusnelda suddenly hugged each other. Kristina has always looked so angry.

      Rasmus is going through a difficult time and it is good that he has good friends.
      Maybe I’ll show a little sneak peek with Blue in a future episode. It’s hard to let go of her completely … even for me.

      Martin is a really nice supportive husband. He has his own dreams and knows the importance of having a goal 🙂

      The kitten sat for so long looking into the extinguished fire.
      I often find that cats look like they are thinking about the things they see. Who knows? 😉

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