A unique miracle

5. Snake poison

Alia is trying to understand what has happened to her and she is very worried that it has hurt her child. She gets a guest who might reassure her.

Now the long wait has begun.

Alia who is still weak and tired gets new energy from the sun.

In the evening, the neighbors come with congratulations and food.

Akia goes to bed, but Alia enjoys the company of the neighbors until it becomes black night.


Alia gradually regains her composure.

The child grows and tumbles in her body and now Akia tries to get to know the little creature.

One day the sorceress comes for an unexpected visit.

Alia is extremely grateful and invites her to feel her child’s life.

The sorceress carefully notices …. viable … he is … but!?

Later, Alia tells her about what she can remember from that awful night …

…. she is not quite sure what happened, but she is terribly afraid that her child has been harmed.

As the sorceress leaves, she reassures Alia that she is expecting a strong and viable child.

On the way home, the sorceress thinks that even though the child seemed healthy and strong, she did not like the faint scent of snake poison she could sense from Alias’s body.

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