A unique miracle

6. The blessing

Time passes and the baby grows steadily in Alias’ womb. Sometimes the worries grow but there is comfort to be found.

Akia has started a job as a lifeguard …. you can not support a family with love and a water source.

Alia relaxes in the sun while the baby grows in her womb.

When Akia comes home, she always encourages him to greet their child.

It is one of their happiest moments.

But at night, when Akia is asleep, Alia’s worries and restlessness grow.

Alia summons her ancestors …
They praise Alia for her beautiful being and carefully notice the unborn child.

It is a healthy and strong child they are expecting …

They can do nothing about the poison where it has done harm … but they bless the child so that darkness and evil never take power.


It’s morning when Alia is awakened by the first woe.

Suddenly, Akia becomes aware of Alias’ tense face.

The child is on his way and never before has he felt so frightened and helpless.

While Akia flutters panicked around the room, Alia concentrates on the birth.

Finally she stands with the boy in her arms.

He is their little accomplished miracle.

Alia put protective arms around the little boy.

Akia looks at the woman and the boy …. the family he has missed for many years.

They name their son Keoni.

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