A unique miracle

2. The journey

Time goes by and Akia and Alia still have not succeeded in making a viable child. The attempt to get pregnant leads Alia out on an unknown journey.

The years have passed and we return to Akia and his fishing rod.

We find Alia on the beach.

As we see, the two are still closely linked….

…. and their love is still hot and vibrant.

But they still have not succeeded in producing a viable child.

…. although they have tried themselves with innumerable methods.

One day, Alia embarks on an unknown journey.

This is the first time she has met a world outside Sulani….

… and she approaches her goal a little uncertainly.

Now she pulls herself together and moves on with steady purposeful steps.

Someone has told her about a magical place.

At the last minute she stops and considers it again …

…. then the step is taken and she looks around in a new and unknown world.

Alia follows the path she has been described … and now she sees the sorceress.

Alia presents herself politely and tells why she has come to this place.

Now the sorceress lifts her glittering wand …

Alia looks at it fearfully ….
….. maybe she should have stayed home?

In the next moment she is dazzled by an indescribable light !?

Is it now that I have become fertile? Is it the child finally on his way?

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