A unique miracle

1. The snake in paradise

This story begins in Sulani, where the story of Finn and Naja ends.
It will temporarily not be a reunion with Finn and Naja as the story takes place in a different time … or perhaps more closely in a parallel universe.

Once upon a time, a woman and a man lived in Sulani

They were both young and very much in love.

Their blood was hot and vigorous.

Their common dream was that their mutual love would bring a child.

Her name was Alia and his name was Akia.

Alia loved the sea and could almost be compared to a mermaid …
… without her having any supernatural abilities (or fishtail if anyone should ask)

The sea in Sulani was warm and invited to relaxed play and joy …

With this, my story is introduced .
The first ingredient is a solid base of love and it should not make the story worse.

Besides the love for Alia, Akia had another great passion

As soon as he had time to go Akia went fishing

He could stand and fish and enjoy the view of the sea for several hours.

Sulani is in many ways a paradise on earth …..

But there is no paradise without a snake ……

Here, however, he had to go with an unresolved case, because the house was empty.

Alia was swimming …..

… and Akia was still fishing.

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