A unique miracle

9. Farewell

The festivities are approaching and today it’s time for readers to say farewell to a very loving family and their unique miracle of a son.

“Keoni! Are you ready?” Alia asks cheerfully

Soon all the neighbors arrive at the house.

Everyone wants to greet Keoni and congratulate him on his thirteenth birthday.

Keoni is too young to drink kava, but Akia makes a toast with the guests and smiles proudly at his son.

After the neighbors have left, Keoni enters his room and through the window he sees a cloudless sky….
Damn! It’s going to be another crap day inside.

Akia has gone fishing and the rest of the family seems to be having a good time.

Keoni sits down and plays at the dollhouse with Nalu.

Even though Keoni does not go to school, he still does his homework.

As the evening darkness descends, Nalu and Keoni jump into the sea.

Keoni enjoys talking to his little brother.

After the swim, Keoni runs up the shore.

Keoni loves his family, the sea and the fresh air of Sulani …

… but now Keoni has heard of a land where the sun almost never shines.

Keoni has become a teenager and now he is saying goodbye to his family.

He is a healthy and strong kid and he is ready to find his own way in life.


The festivities are approaching and today it's time for readers to say goodbye to Keoni and his family.

This is the end of a short story about a long-awaited child who for his parents will always be a blessed unique miracle.

The story was originally written as a prelude to a challenge about a teenager’s struggle to fend for himself.
I fell completely in love with Keoni while writing his story in the Danish forum and he has forever changed my perception of vampires in Sims4.
Before they were just disruptive bloodsuckers and now I have discovered they have a lot of cool abilities.

Finally, I wish all my readers a Happy New Year! 💖 🎉
No one knows the future but hopefully 2021 will be far less stressful than this year.


  • Synzorasize

    Oof, I did not know about this story since I was busy with other things so I don’t normally get time to look at other people’s blogs a lot. I liked this short story, haha, hopefully we can get to see him in the future. Also because it has a happy ending! 😀

    I also recognize him in MaggieMarley’s legacy-bachelor challenge so that’s why I got very interested in this. 🙂

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your comment ❤
      I’m glad you liked the story.
      Maybe I should share Keoni’s path to achieving his goal sometime in the new year 🙂

      I must admit that I am a worshiper of happy endings ….
      Our lives offer enough challenges in advance and where would we be if we do not dare to hope for a positive development 🙂

      • Synzorasize

        You’re welcome, haha! It is a good story! I wonder what Keoni wants to do in life since he’s a vamp. 🙂

        I love happy endings and when I’m writing a depressing story I usually try to make it better over time. That is true as well! 😀

        • MonaSolstraale

          Thanks again ❤
          Now I definitely feel like sharing Keoni’s story.

          I’m glad you like Happy endings 🙂
          When you have time to spare, you might want to read A turtles journey? … I will promise you a happy ending 😉

          • Synzorasize

            You’re welcome! 🙂 And please do, I am curious, haha!

            Thanks, it’s my favorite thing, haha. I have already read it once but I think I’ll read it again, it’s a pretty enlightening story throughout all that darkness so I like that story as well! 🙂

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you very much for your comment! ❤

      I love to fantasize about the background story of my Sims and Keoni was really a really surprising acquaintance. When I wanted to take some pictures of his parents, Vlad unexpectedly showed up and then the idea was founded 🙂

      Tak! Glædelig jul og godt nytår! ❤

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