Tusnelda and Trix

44. You don’t have to eat the whole cow

To the readers who welcome Tusnelda and Trix back to Henford on Bagley. I’m sorry to disappoint you.
The headline image symbolizes a metaphor. A remark made by a Sim who is quite well known.
Tusnelda is still working very focused on her goals. She is in no doubt about where she is going.
Rasmus seems more swaying. His random flow with the current has recently led him to a lot of new acquaintances and a night on a hard bench. The question is what do we do with the events that occur randomly in life.



Dawn has come and the hunters of the night are searching for their home.

The hunt for the squirrel did not go quite as Trix has hoped.

Finally he reaches the bedroom and he desperately calls for help with a complaining meow.

He is sick and dizzy and now that he is finally in safety, his legs are shaking under him. Shortly after, he falls to the floor.

The exhaustion makes him sleep right on the spot.

Here he is found by Tusnelda. “Trix! What happened to you !?” she exclaims in horror.

Trix gets up with much difficulty.

Fortunately, Trix only suffers from a fever that Tusnelda can quickly cure with a healthy treat.

“Trix, you little fool … what have I told you about squirrel bites?” Tusnelda asks as she strokes him gently.
The relief makes her forget that she should scold him.

Trix purrs in gratitude “I’m a cat Tusnelda! It’s my instinct to hunt squirrels … I’m lucky you’re my friend”


Meanwhile at The Rattlesnake Juice Bar

“Wow! You’re a weird man !?”

Don is on his way home to Katrina.
Suddenly it is dawn and he was actually in the process of preparing an apology that would not put him completely on ice.

“I got a little dizzy and I thought it would be wise to take a nap before my trip home” says Rasmus.

He’s feeling pretty embarrassed right now.

“I was so sure you had finally come to your senses and you took loving care of Candy last night … you disappeared right after she left,” Don says.

“No, that’s definitely not something I wanted to do,” Rasmus replies….

“You know Don, I just wanted to …..”

“Hey! Calm down, it’s ok!” Don interrupts … “I understand what you’re saying … she’s not exactly your type.”

“Let me show you something.” Don continues

“You should download this App bearded man … ‘Simply dating’ … Here you will find all types of women, something for everyone’s desire”

“What do you think of her? … She has some huge attributes! Maybe it’s more your type?”

Rasmus has never seen anything like it and he stares once more at the screen.

“Are you crazy Don? I would fear being suffocated between her ….. attriboobs.” Rasmus replies with a laugh.

“Well, she might not be quite your type either” Don laughs.

“Tell me! Who is your type actually? ….. Are you gay?” Don asks hesitantly.

“No, I’m not gay” Rasmus replies

“But if you like women, then you should treat them nice… make them feel valued, make them glow and make them feel special” Don continues.

“Yes, I know that feeling. I met a woman who made me feel very special ..… then she left me” Rasmus replies.

“You’re a weird, bearded man … Why are you hanging in the past? The world is full of women and I can see you have a secret attraction to them” Don says.

“You’re taking it way too seriously man”

“When it comes to women …You should compare it to going to a nice restaurant…. Drink a glass of your favorite nectar and eat a delicious steak … enjoy the moment”

“You don’t have to eat the whole damn cow!”

“I’m actually a vegetarian,” Rasmus replies

“Are you telling me you live in a monastery !?” Don asks in shock.

“No, of course not …” Rasmus begins

“Wow! What a relief! … I like you bearded man and you made me worried about your mental health” Don says.

“I have to run now … give an apology to Katrina so I avoid ending up on a bench” …. “I will leave the benches for you” he ends the conversation with a laugh.

“It was nice to meet you bearded man! See you at the gym!”

“Nice to meet you too. See you Don! … and by the way, my name is Rasmus.”


Back in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda prepares breakfast. Martin is, as usual, doing his morning workout on the treadmill.

Tusnelda looks thoughtfully at a kitten. She’s so cute, but Tusnelda still hopes Fiona is not expecting more kittens.

Maybe they should make an appointment with the vet for a neutralization … she must remember to talk to Martin about it.

There is no doubt Fiona is a good mother and that she is raising her kittens well.


Martin is about to stumble on the treadmill when he hears Tusnelda shouting loudly.

“Damn! Someone has vandalized the drying rack!”

“Maybe the clotheslines are just old and worn out .. it’s quickly fixed with a fresh string.” says Martin calmly.

“So, my darling … the problem is solved.”

“Thanks Martin, but I could actually repair the clotheslines myself …. you know I can build a rocket so a clothesline is a piece of cake!”

“I know, Tusnelda, but please do not deceive me for the pleasure of taking care of your needs,” Martin replies with a twinkle in his eye.


Rasmus has returned home and the loneliness in the house hits him like a hammer. “

Will he ever get through this longing and this feeling of emptiness.

He’s thinking about the conversation with Don.
Don’s approach to life seems so easy and straightforward…

However, comparing a women to a steak to be consumed is far from Rasmus ’ideas about love.

Maybe that was what Blue was trying to tell him when she talked about a non-committal relationship?
Maybe he was just her steak? …They were never meant to fall in love.

Rasmus is not going to work today, so he turns on the cooking contest on TV.

The program can not catch his attention and he does not want to be reminded anymore of steaks …. or Blue.


If Martin saw him run now he would cheer loudly, Rasmus thinks.

The weather is wonderful and somehow gives the effort of running him peace of mind.


At the Science Lab

Kristina receives Tusnelda with a hug when she arrives at work.

Today, Tusnelda has a new plan. She has found some old drawings in a scientific archive on the web and it needs to be tested.

Later, the prototype is ready to be tested.

First of all, she wants to make sure that everyone is positive and happy in her workplace and here she gets useful help from the Satellite Dish.

Apart from the pink aura, there also seem to be other affects, but Tusnelda is not yet aware of this.

Tusnelda has reinvented an Electroflux Wormhole Generator and first of all it needs to be adjusted.

The Wormhole Generator responds immediately to the adjustment.

Aanya comes out of the greenhouse and now she is standing and watching Tusnelda.

“Do never go in that gate! It will cost you your life, Tusnelda!” shouts Aanya …. “So many scientists have entered the gate in the old days and they have never returned.”

“Calm down Aanya, of course I do not intend to enter that gate” Tusnelda answers calmly.

This is far from the truth, because that is of course exactly what Tusnelda intends to do after she has tested the safety.
Her lie, however, seems to reassure Aanya.


To gain peace of mind for more curious glances, Tusnelda continues to build the Lab rocket.

Meanwhile, she is caught by other curious glances than Aanya’s watchful gaze …

An alien observes Tusnelda with a smile.
She seems to be an interesting gestalt. A rare human with a particularly focused mind.

See you later unknown female human” says the alien into the air.

Of course, Tusnelda can not hear him from the long distance and he does not expect her answer either.


When it’s time for Tusnelda’s lunch, she discovers that the entire staff room is full of alien creatures.

They discuss lively with each other, with strange creaking voices.

Tusnelda brings her sandwich down to the researcher room.
Here, too, the aliens have occupied the room.

Maybe Tusnelda should get upset about the strangers intruding. Perhaps it is the influence of the Satellite Dish that causes Tusnelda to feel only pure happiness.

Shortly after, the aliens leave the science lab.

They have seen what they need to see so far.


Afternoon in Brindleton bay

Every time Rasmus gets overwhelmed with anger, he returns to his punching sack in his old bedroom.

Suddenly the sack flips back and hits him right in the head.

The blow makes him dizzy and makes him see stars before his eyes.

His anger rises to double strength and he gives the sack some powerful blows in return.

Suddenly the anger disappears like dew to the sun.
Rasmus feels completely relaxed and he is amused that the sack almost seemed alive to him a moment ago.

He feels hungry and he is looking forward to a meal.

Now that Rasmus is at rest, the grief returns.

He stabs the fork in the food on the plate in despair. He has lost his appetite.

Brooke is sitting singing lonely longing songs.

Rasmus approaches. Her complaint does not improve his mood.

Maybe we should adopt you a friend Brooke? It’s enough for one of us to suffer.

Brooke enjoys Rasmus’ sudden care.

Shortly after, she finds her food bowl. Unlike Rasmus, she eats her food with great pleasure.


Tusnelda has just returned home. She has been promoted and her new title is Ufologist.
The work is going really well now.

Tusnelda quickly takes care of the weeds under the trees.

Then she’s back to work on the rocket.
She has not reached as far as she had hoped. Yesterday’s abduction has cost her precious time.

Tusnelda works eagerly with a kitten as a curious spectator.


Hours later, she is still working.

The kittens tiny meow finally catches her attention.

Martin has finally returned home.

He is dead tired and could really need some attention too.

His back and legs ache so terribly. It’s been a tough fight tonight.

Luckily, he is discovered by Tusnelda.

The reunion is a common joy.

“I’m so tired Tusnelda … Let’s find our bed.” Martin says with a deep sigh.


At the Harbor Quarter Gym

Don has spotted a new interesting woman in the gym and he is now engaged in his usual smirking speech.

He is interrupted by Rasmus arriving.

“Hi Don! Nice to see you again!” Rasmus says cheerfully.

Immediately, the woman shifts her focus from Don’s well-trained body to Rasmus’ chubby innocent figure.

She does not seem to notice what is happening right in front of her. She cheerfully tells a story to both men.

“Are you still in doubt about your secret?” Don says dryly as he sends Rasmus a questioning glance.


Rasmus has not come to flatter women so he finds a punching sack on the top floor. He immediately notices the rage is starting to boil inside him. It gives him such a satisfaction to beat the stupid sack.

A woman claims she is a coach and she tries to give him some good advice.

“Leave me alone!” he snarls

It was not so polite to the woman. He must give her an apology on occasion.
Right now he is enjoying that his rage has disappeared.


It’s completely dark when Rasmus leaves the gym. He feels tired in a pleasant way. The physical fatigue makes him relax.

As he leaves the building, he notices a light.

He sits down on a bench to enjoy the sight and sound of a fountain right in front of the gym.

Blue would love that sight. She loves everything that is blue.


Martin is in the bathroom to brush his teeth and Tusnelda is on her way under the duvet.

A sudden urge makes her change her mind.

The flashing lights attract her like magnets.

As promised at the Lab, it’s the aliens who want to see her again.

Goodbye Tusnelda! Here she goes again.

Only a few flashing lights remain.

Martin staggers to the bed with his eyes closed.

“I’m sorry Tusnelda. I’m too tired to cuddle tonight,” he says.

Without noticing the empty space in the bed, he quickly falls into a heavy dreamless sleep.


I’m so glad you showed me the fountain, Big Man … It’s gorgeous!

Blue !? Is it really you?

I never thought I would see you again … I miss you so terribly.

Do not be silly Big Man. Of course I’m here with you … You must be tired, let me give you some massage so you can relax.….

The next moment Rasmus wakes up. He must be really tired … and such a fool.

Every single fucking minute where he lets go of his self-control, she reappears. Such a hopeless dream, such a longing, such a curse.

Dawn is approaching. It’s high time he finds home.


Just before dawn in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda’s house lies quietly.

A beam of light announces her return.

Unconscious but confident, she descends to the ground.

She wakes up the moment her feet stand on the ground.

She has no memory of what happened to her in the UFO, but she feels comfortable and cool.

The kittens have been patiently waiting for her return and she gives them both a little treat.


Rasmus has finally reached his empty house.

He finds the bed and it fortunately evokes no memories.

Shortly after, he falls into a deep sleep.


Tusnelda crawls once more under the duvet.
She squints at Martin, who does not seem to have missed her in her absence.

Shortly after, they all sleep.


That is to say … a single one skips sleep.
It is Trix who has not yet given up hope of cracking the neck of a squirrel.


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  • Yimiki

    Oh! Poor Trix! I’d have a heart attack if I woke up and saw one of my cats collapsed on the floor like that. Luckily Tusnelda is a scientist and can heal him right away, the poor baby =(

    Rasmus slept on that bench all night? He must be feeling sore now. I don’t know why but the combination of Rasmus and Don (And Rasmus and Marcus, for that matter) is so incredibly entertaining to read. I was chuckling throughout their whole exchange. Don is genuinely trying to help him feel better, too. Bwahaha living in an abstaining monastery must be Don’s greatest fear. He’s such a rake but I really like the way you’re portraying him, at least in the way he acts around Rasmus.

    Oooh yup, if you’re not careful the number of kittens will suddenly jump from 2 to 20. Especially if the kittens grow up and find cat lovers of their own…

    Rasmus was Blue’s steak. Such a depressing way of looking at it but also not incorrect. Rasmus’s dream with Blue by the fountain was so sad. T.T it will take a long time before she is completely gone from his mind. The most intense feelings take the longest to fade away and Blue made everything about their relationship an intense whirlwind. It’s cruel on many levels.

    Ah yes, the purpose of building a giant, sparkly, glowy portal to unknown adventures is, of course, to NOT go through it, Aanya. xD Tusnelda’s curiosity seems to be bringing over more and more aliens. I hope that they do not decide to take her away and not give her back one day.

    Trix! No! XD Looks like someone is going for squirrelly revenge. You can do it, kitty! Show that squirrel who is boss! I’m picturing a full-out war against a whole family of squirrels at this point, with the cats on one side and the squirrels on the other.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Don’s different facial expressions are so funny and they put my imagination in vibrations.
      I absolutely do not attach any negative value to Don’s approach to life, as long as he is honest and the relationship with the women is based on a common agreement.
      However, the honesty is questionable when it comes to Katrina. 😕

      Rasmus I imagine I have a different idea of love. He’s not going to forget Blue so easily. They really were a perfect match in the game …. apart from the fact that she already has a partner 🙁

      The science career is in many ways pretty crazy in the game. It is difficult to describe the many inventions reasonably credibly 🙄
      Right now, Tusnelda is making great progress in her career 🙂

      Oh no! I really do not want to find my cats in collapse on the floor either.
      The thought of a squirrel army sounds scary. I can see the little monsters equipped with shields and swords. Trix will definitely need reinforcement 😆

  • Mercuryfoam

    Don and Rasmus’s exchange have me rolling. so mismatched and hilarious. that fountain is indeed beautiful. That scene is so melancholic. Love how you invoked Rasmus’s dream. Even if it’s so sad.

    So creepy all the aliens around Tus. being silently watched and then abducted. Im going to assume they invited her for a party and thats it.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks! I’m glad you felt entertained ❤

      Don is one of those Sims who separates watering. So many gamers want to see him dead. I do not belong to that bunch. I love his smug attitude 😆

      When I saw the blue fountain I had to go with Rasmus dream.
      Rasmus is struggling to find a foothold now. It would not be credible if Blue is washed out so easily…

      All these Alien abductions.
      Tusnelda often contacts that outer space, so I assume that they just fulfill her wish. A party sounds great 🙂

  • SnuffyBucket

    Aww poor Trix! I hate it when the pets are sick; they always look really, really sick, it’s so sad.

    Bloody hell, Don. As if having every woman around you fawning over you, you’re on dating apps too? Attriboobs, haha. Err, Rasmus. Don’t take advice about women from Don; a man who needs that much company from women is probably no company to them, if you get my drift… Oh good; he realises he doesn’t need to change. Uh, not so good that he thinks he was Blue’s steak. Aw, Rasmus.

    I loved the canteen being full of aliens and Tusnelda all oblivious, like ‘I think I’ll have a sandwich today, la la la.’ And then casually being abducted again. I wonder if she’ll ever find her way to Sixam!

    • MonaSolstraale

      Don always amuses me. I think there is only one who takes his good advice seriously … namely Don himself 😆
      Rasmus may have a hard time finding his point right now, but he is true to his nature. I like to imagine him like that.
      Blues steak yes? It’s not the way I prefer to think about cohabitation, but it’s actually advice I got when I was young. It seems pretty consumer-oriented.

      A canteen full of blue and green aliens should make Tusnelda raise an eyebrow, but no 🙄

      Sixam is not that far away anymore. Unfortunately, she lost her rocket just before she was able to take the final step out there.

  • Manny Likes Sims

    Rasmus’s dream hit me so hard. I adore Rasmus and I just want the best for him! T.T

    Also, I laughed too hard at “attriboobs” XD And at Tusnelda being so casual about all the aliens XD

    • MonaSolstraale

      Poor Rasmus 😥
      He’s actually one of my favorite characters, so I don’t want to let him be in pain forever.
      Right now he is going through a tough time. There is light ahead, but it will be a while yet.

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