Tusnelda and Trix

45. Do never challenge the reaper

This chapter will primarily focus on Tusnelda.
We will follow her on a very challenging work day. Maybe she’s gotten wiser when the day comes to an end.
We will also follow a little kitten’s surprising encounter with the world and Trix who suddenly gets a lot more to keep an eye on than squirrels.


Just before dawn you see a little kitten leaving the house. The instinct entices her to follow unfamiliar scents and sounds.

All the other occupants of the house are still asleep.


Tusnelda looks thoughtfully at the art poster showing an Alien family.

“Did you know that not all Sims come from this planet Martin?” asks Tusnelda.

Martin sits silently in the background. Since being promoted on his team, he has been tasked with studying the playing techniques of other teams.

“I’ve met some of these alien Sims at work and I really dream of seeing their world.” Tusnelda continues unchallenged by his silence.

“Sorry! What did you say?” Martin asks without quite wanting an answer.

Fortunately, Tusnelda is interrupted by Trix calling for some attention.

“Hi Trix … I can see that your bite wounds are just fine. It’s good you did not chase more squirrels last night” Tusnelda says while she caresses him.

What Tusnelda does not know, she does not have to worry about.
Therefore, she also does not get upset about Fiona’s answer to her little daughter “What do you mean by Futte is gone !?”


The sky is cloudy over the water and the wind causes the grass to move in calm sliding waves.

Suddenly one sees another movement in the tall grass.

A little kitten can be sensed in all the green.

She has come a long way from home. Many kittens have ended up in an animal shelter that way.

Fiona tries to communicate with Martin, with nervous meows … has he seen her child?

“Play with some of your toys Fiona, I do not have time right now”

Futte looks around in an infinitely large world and I follow her fascinated. I really did not expect her to go that far.

Shortly after, she finally turns her direction towards her home. She has a long journey ahead.

Tusnelda continues on the rocket before going to work.

Fiona searches for her daughter at the beach.

Martin has finally finished watching TV and now he is hanging up laundry.
That man is constantly washing clothes.

Fortunately, Futte has found her way back on her own.

She tells that she is home again with a loud meow.

Here come some familiar legs.

Happiness is being a kitten in a cat lover’s home.

Happiness is also a sparkling toy.

Their playtime lasts until Martin is distracted by the postman coming by.

Tusnelda has ordered some elements she will need in her scientific research. They have been impossible to find.


At the Science Lab

Tusnelda is ready for a new day in a new trusted position.

She quickly walks past Masato. He’s been behaving strangely lately, so she’d better not give him any ideas.

Her gaze quickly scans the room.

Everyone seems to be busy with their respective projects.

She is received with the usual hug by Kristina.
It is truly mysterious what has predicted such a transformation.

Tusnelda describes to Kristina some really interesting serums she wants to try ….

“I found them in an old archive in the attic … Who’s ever heard of Need Fixer and Ghost Goo Serum? I really need to explore them further.” says Tusnelda.

“I’m not sure that sounds wise” Kristina says nervously.

Of course, Tusnelda will do her preparations properly.
She first spends some time researching the information she can find online. Effects and side effects.

The Need Fixer sounds completely straightforward. It covers all your needs and makes sure you are in a perfect physical and mental balance.
The Ghost Goo Serum sounds more like an imaginative fake. It should turn you into a ghost for a short time, which sounds completely crazy and unlikely.

Before she can get started, the lab table needs to be repaired.

She starts with the Need Fixer. It is mainly based on spinach and everyone who has read Popeye knows that spinach gives unimaginable powers.

It’s too early in the day for her co-workers to have any unmet needs, so the test will have to wait a bit.
In the meantime, she can make sure everyone is in a good mood.

We have gradually gotten used to seeing the Satellite Dish work.

Tusnelda herself feels how she is affected by a carefree feeling of happiness.

She takes advantage of the increasingly uncritical mood to adjust a little more on the Electroflux Wormhole Generator.

Suddenly she hears some creaking voices and she therefore calls into the depths.

“Hello! Can you hear me!? …. It’s me Tusnelda calling.”

Tusnelda gets no answer and she thinks it’s finally time for her to complete the Need Fixer and find a willing guinea pig.

She adds a bit of metal to the spinach concentrate and then it should be ready.

In the background, Kristina and Simon dance to the music from a radio. They also feel the happy mood.

Regardless of the good mood, neither Kristina nor Simon have any need they want to get fixed.


As you might guess, it will again be Masato who acts as the guinea pig.

One may wonder why he still follows Tusnelda’s urgings… maybe he’s really obsessed with the idea of enchanting her?

Masato responds immediately with a familiar reaction. He sinks to his knees and falls asleep.

This is definitely not what Tusnelda imagines by getting all needs fixed.
Maybe she’s been a little too generous with the metal? Or maybe it’s because Masato is a vampire?

Now Simon enters the front office. He looks with interest from Masato to Tusnelda. “What has happened here?” he asks.

“Masato does not seem to be able to tolerate spinach. He suddenly became very tired” Tusnelda replies.

“You may have to hold back with those tests of serums until you have become a little more experienced,” Simon concludes.

Tusneleda returns to the experimental room.

She is disappointed with the result, but should it make her take a break?
How should she get more experienced if she stops doing tests?
It all makes no sense.


For the sake of her good reputation, she chooses to spend time on a more harmless analysis of an element.

Then the equipment breaks down.

How annoying! This is the second time today she has to repair the equipment.

Shortly after, she is annoyed by the mess on the floor.

What happened to the positive mood in the workplace, Tusnelda?

Tusnelda now has a rank that allows her to lead and distribute the work…

… and she has a SimRay.

“Ouch! Why did you do that Tusnelda? …. That thing makes my brain explode,” says Aanya

Now comes Aarav, summoned by Aanya’s protests.

“What are you doing Tusnelda?”

“This place needs a thorough cleanup and I am just leading and distributing the work,” Tusnelda replies.

Meanwhile, Aanya, like a robot, is collecting garbage.

“As you can see, things are going really well.” she concludes

“Arrogance stands for fall,” Aarav answers sarcastically … “This is definitely not a method we normally use in this lab.”

Oops! Tusnelda.


Tusnelda continues to make serums.
She has now made a Ghost Goo Serum, which she copies for convenience.

After activating the Satellite Dish, she feels comfortable again. She feels completely happy and lucky.

After Aarev’s sarcastic remark and her basic sense of luck, she decides to test the Ghost Goo serum herself.

It tastes pretty good … now it will be exciting to see if she becomes temporarily invisible.

Tusnelda does not turn into a ghost….. Of course not!

Instead, she sees some terrible memories which she long ago erased from her memory…. These are not things she wants to remember.

It all culminates in a giant explosion. The memory of the heat and the bang when her rocket exploded.

“Nooooo !!!” she screams loudly

An icy cold makes her turn around … and there she sees Grim Reaper!

Is she going to die now!?

Slap, slap!

Grim gives her some hard punches to her cheek.

“I had your name on the list Tusnelda and I saved you once … do never challenge the reaper!” he says in a hollow toneless voice.

Tusnelda is shaken and she quickly leaves the place.

The reaper does the same.

A dark sulfur-containing smoke still hovers over the floor.

The reaper continues up towards the staff room.

Tusnelda is left petrified…

Simon comes by and asks if she’s ok? … it triggers a catastrophic scream.

“Where did he go !?” asks Tusnelda, after which she runs frantically forward.

“Who? Why are we running?” asks Simon, while panic strikes him as well.

“It was the reaper … I’m sure I saw him” Tusnelda replies fearfully

Simon slowly allows the information to settle ….

“The Reaper …. is anyone dead !?” he says in shock.

“No I’m sure it’s me he was looking for” Tusnelda replies

What if he regrets letting her go? … maybe he’s coming back?
Maybe he’s looking for her right now?

Maybe he is looking for her right now !!!?

Panic causes Tusnelda to run to find a hiding place.

Meanwhile, the reaper has entered the training room.
What is he going to do there? Will he run on the treadmill or dance to music?

Tusnelda is still rushing around to find the farthest corners of the research center.

Here she sits and hides at a desk while she looks back nervously.

Grim seems to have forgotten why he ended up in the training room and he looks almost confused.
Normally he does not leve until he has harvested.

The hiding place does not seem safe and Tusnelda is considering her situation when Aanya enters the room.

“Hi Tusnelda! Why do you look so upset?” she asks.

“The reaper !!! He is here ….”

” I’m going to die!” she screams dramatically

“Here? Where?” asks Aanya, looking around.

Tusnelda does not know what to answer, but now Aanya has also been infected by her panic.

“Are you absolutely sure, Tusnelda?”

“Nah … I’m not sure he’s here anymore …”

“Maybe it’s just your imagination” suggests Aanya

“Yes, you’re probably right in my imagination has played a trick on me,” Tusnelda says hesitantly.
Deep down, she does not know what to believe.

Reasonably reassured, she goes to the toilet. It is like all body fluids require their departure.

She is ashamed of her uncontrolled behavior…. over she let herself panic.

She’s also starting to feel ashamed that she’s exploited Masato … with no respect for his life.

“I am sorry Masato! It’s not fair of me to treat you like a guinea pig,” she says.

“Well, it does not matter … it’s always a pleasure to do you small favors,” Masato replies with a twinkle in his eye.

“I do not make fun of you Masato… today I came to realize how short and precious life is” Tusnelda answers.

“Aha! You might have forgotten that I’m the only one of us who is immortal …. unless you want a transformation” Masato replies

“Unless I want what !?” says Tusnelda surprised.

“Immortality is not for us humans, we must all die … but today you luckily escaped the horror.” says Simon.

“I did not need to be reminded of this again,” Tusnelda replies heavily.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

When Tusnelda comes home she looks like the sky is about to fall down

Today’s experience still lies like a shadow over her.

Tusnelda crawls under the duvet with all the clothes on.

Here she lies, shaking like an aspen leaf. The shock is still in her body.

After a while, fatigue has overwhelmed her and she falls asleep.


After some time, Tusnelda wakes up. She will take a long relaxing bath.

Just today, the water pipes are in need of repair.

Martin has come home when she comes out of the bathroom, but he is not very present right now.

In the garden, the little cat family enjoys that they have found each other.
In a little while, Fiona will go down to the beach, while Trix keeps a close eye on both kids.

Tusnelda finds some leftover food …

… and another item in need of repair.

Suddenly she notices Martin’s gaze.

Rarely has she been so happy to see his loving safe being.

“Have you had a nice day darling?” he asks her.

“Something made me realize I could be dead when I crashed with the rocket.” answers Tusnelda.
She does not want to make Martin more worried than he already seems to be.

“Fortunately, that did not happen” Martin concludes with a kiss.

While Martin takes care of Tusnelda, we will turn to Fiona.

Fiona has returned home from the beach, carrying a prey .

She finds her kittens and calls out to them with a commanding meow …. “Come on girls! You’re both adults soon and it’s time for you to learn to recognize the right kind of prey.”


Tusnelda has fallen into a deep exhausted sleep.
Maybe Trix senses her mood because he keeps a watchful eye on her.

Martin has, as usual, found his treadmill.

Suddenly Tusnelda gets up.

The luminous alluring green bubbles soon appear quite usual.

Goodbye Tusnelda! Here she sets off again into the clouds.

Once again, Martin has to go to bed without Tusnelda.
Is he even considering where she is?

Sooner or later, she returns home. She always does, but it will not be until several hours later.

This day is finally over.


Just one last thing before we end this chapter…. I have not yet mentioned Rasmus in a word and maybe you’re thinking about how is doing?

In the house next door, Rasmus is getting ready to go to bed.

With the darkness the sadness returns and he sits down heavily on his bed.

As usual he thinks of Blue ….

She suddenly came into his life like a firework and filled it with fun and colors.
Like a firework, the colors burned out, leaving an empty dark sky.

Is she even thinking about him now?

These thoughts give him no joy and he decides to try sleeping.

Fortunately, he soon falls asleep. A sleep that is hopefully without comfortless dreams.


Author’s Note:

After this chapter, I take a short break.
I have planned to make a Christmas special release as a prelude to the upcoming New Year.

I know Rasmus almost does not appear in this chapter. Tusnelda’s working day devoured most of the space. We’ll be seeing a lot more of him for the rest of December.

Before I finish, I just want to touch the topic that concerns Rasmus and several readers …. A question that might find an answer someday.

Does Blue even think of Rasmus?

Willow Creek

Maybe she does 😉


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  • SnuffyBucket

    I was absorbed in the chaos of Tusnelda’s work day and formulating my comment based around that and then I reach the end and all thought leaves my head other than “Blue is looking a little sick and slightly more swollen that usual… holy heck! Is she? Could she be…?” That’d certainly be complicated. Ooh boy.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Blue may be pregnant … and it does not say anything about the father.

      I’m glad you liked the kitten’s adventure. It amazed me that I found it so far from home ᓚᘏᗢ ❤

  • Yimiki

    Tusnelda is getting more and more obsessed with Sixam and aliens! I like how motivated she is, even if it’s to the detriment of others sometimes. Oooh, did she reach the top of her career? That’s a very fancy work outfit. Ghost Goo serum sounds… ominous in many many potential ways. What if it turns you into ectoplasmic goo? Poor Masato, always being guinea pig for Tusnelda’s experiments xD You’d think that after so many failed attempts he would grow tired of testing them out.

    Whoa, that’s one way to make others do the work for you. Brainwashing your colleagues into cleaning up is not exactly what I’d call a healthy relationship dynamic, Tusnelda. Aarav has a good point in warning her about her arrogance.

    Oh geez, that’s terrifying! Being forced to relive the memory of almost dying… she seemed to recover from it very well when it happened but it seems like she buried it rather than accepted it. Holy cow and Grim, too! did he show up just because of the ghost serum that she drank? I had no idea that was a thing! Oh geez, being hunted by the Grim Reaper. That’s a scary thought. Come here, Grimmy, leave poor Tusnelda alone. I’m glad that she finally realized how dangerous the things she fed Masato could have been. Looks like today was one step back, and one step forwards.

    How many abductions does that make? xD

    Aw, Blue’s comparison to fireworks is so apt but also very sad. At first I thought she was holding her stomach and thinking of steak, but those body changes… is that what I think it is? =O

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment ❤
      Tusnelda is very focused on Sixam and Aliens. I have no idea the number of her abductions. They often come across my plans.
      Masato has romantic thoughts about Tusnelda. That may be why he lets himself be used time and time again 🙄
      He once tried to invite her on a date 😀

      Brainwashing does not seem like a viable option.
      I do not know why she gets so many tasks in the game that causes her to brainwash her colleagues. It’s not going to happen when I sit at the keystroke.

      I do not know if it is normal for Grim to show up when a Sim is drinking Ghost Goo Serum. I’ve only tried out the Science career this one time.
      I got a shock when I saw Grim because I was afraid that Tusnelda was dying. She gives my serenity challenges due to her lifestyle. 😯

      I love ❤ you thought Blue was thinking of a steak. She has eaten too much of Rasmus the delicious Steak 😆 ❤
      Her body shape? … well, you’re probably right in your assumptions … even if the thought of the steak appeals more to my humor 😆

      • Yimiki

        LOL he must have seen the coercion and blackmail about his vampirism as super-interested flirting xD

        I don’t know about the Ghost Goo serum – I’ve only played the scientist career once myself and got bored pretty quickly, so I didn’t even know it existed. Makes me wonder how many other ways of summoning Grim there are, besides death.

        Bwahaha well in a way, her current state would be a result of eating too much Rasmus steak, no? XD

        • MonaSolstraale

          I think Masato is convinced that his patience pays off in the end 😉

          There are some boring iterations in the science career, but unpredictable events make me find it quite entertaining.

          Yes, definitely too much steak 😆

  • GlacierSnow

    The Grim Reaper at work scene was hilarious! (Scary for them, of course, but absolutely hysterically funny for me). Especially the one shot of Tusnelda freaking out and waving her hands in the air. And the shot of Grim standing there in the workout room looking totally confused. I still can not stop laughing. Even the possibility that Blue is pregnant has not derailed my mirth.

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