Tusnelda and Trix

55. Nocturnal exchange

Warning: A very unhealthy use of alcoholic beverages occurs in this chapter.

The previous chapter had a kind of abrupt end. This chapter will therefore be a continuation of what happened to our main characters for the rest of the evening. This chapter also includes a small spinoff because a guy with compelling confidence demanded a place in the story. Since he has already interfered in the story on several occasions, I have chosen to follow his requirements.


The Narwhal Arms in Windenburg

Rasmus is not quite sure what it is that is bothering him.
He has drunk a few drinks that contain something more than proteins. It has made the memory of Blue seem pretty indifferent now.
He should feel comfortable.

He tries to rewind time back to the beginning of the evening.

He’s been dancing.
The rhythms of the music definitely helped him to drown out his sad thoughts.
The evening started quite well.

At one point, he felt the need for a boozy drink and he placed an order for the whole group.

He really needed that drink and he enjoyed how his tormented thoughts drowned in blurred pleasure.

Not even the awareness of something shady going on between Don and Clara could bother him anymore.

Now he suddenly remembered her groggy face and suddenly he knew.

A vampire is present in the room.


“Hey Don! We should find another bar.” says Rasmus

“What happens man? Why suddenly that grumpy face?” Don asks.

No one from the group wants to cancel the party right now but Rasmus can recognize Masato from Tusnelda’s party and now he is trying to warn Clara.

“You should not talk to him. He is bad company.” he says.

Clara looks at Rasmus a little uneasily.

“Are we talking about Don?” she asks, blushing.


At the Italien Restaurant in Oasis Springs

“You have not tasted the food, have you regretted your order?” asks Martin.

“No it looks delicious.” says Tusnelda.

“We should take that talk Tusnelda … you seem absent?”

Tusnelda sighs deeply. Nothing is as clear as she thought.
He really is the most important person in her life, but there is a voice that will not be silenced.

“You know you can tell me everything.” says Martin.

“It’s not that simple!” exclaims Tusnelda desperately.


When Tusnelda first starts talking, she tells him about all her doubts, frustrations and conflicting feelings.

She talks about the fire that always burns in her for research and development.
She talks about the pressure she feels over always failing his expectations.
She talks about her thoughts on moving to Sixam and how her dream convinced her that she can not do without him.

“You’re the most important Martin, but still there are some voices that will not be silent.” she says….. “I know your desire to have children is so deep. I saw it in my dream and I’m so scared of losing you.”

“Why should you lose me?” Martin asks in surprise.

“Because I’m not in that place Martin, where I dream of filling the house with baby crying and goodnight songs.” says Tusnelda …. “There is so much I want to achieve before.”

“So now you’re suddenly telling me you do not want children.” says Martin gloomily.

“I’m telling you we’re both busy making careers and that it may not be the best time to think about children.” says Tusnelda.

“I guess we still have time to wait a little longer and should we end up without children we can have a good life together without them.” she concludes.

“Yeah, I guess … we might.” Martin answers a little hesitantly.


At The Narwhal Arms

Rasmus has not seen Masato for a while. He has apparently chosen to leave The Narwals Arm to find other hunting areas.

Now he has ordered a glass of red nectar, which is his favorite drink.
He listens a little distractedly to another bar guest telling an incredible story. He wishes he would let him be. He is not in the mood for conversation.

Rasmus wants to find a quiet place where he can enjoy his drink and try to regain his composure.

In a corner of the room, he catches sight of Don, Clara and a guy named Joaquin, whom he has greeted earlier in the evening.

Don gets up when he arrives. He’s obviously not in the mood for conversation either, but that does not matter.

“Finally we meet again! You’re the only friend I’m missing.” he says to the nectar in the glass.

A moment later, the glass is empty.

“Hi Don, should I bring you something from the bar?” he shouts.

“No, thanks! I have everything I need. Please help yourself while I teach Clara some dance steps.” answers Don in a hoarse voice.

These are some pretty weird dance moves if Rasmus has to rate them.

Sometimes Don behaves pretty weird.

Rasmus gets up to go to the bar.

“There you are my little friend!” says Rasmus with relief in his voice.

Don and Clara are still busy with their dance.

“So it’s just you and me.” mumbles Rasmus.

He takes a sip of the glass.

“You And Me Together, Forever….” Rasmus hums.

“Or maybe not? …” To Rasmus’ surprise, the glass will soon be empty.

“Where did you go?” He asks giggling …. “Come back your naughty red bandit.”

“Hey are you all right? Your eye flickers and you look pretty unfocused?” Joaquin asks worriedly.

“No, I am not!” Rasmus answers in a choked voice.

“I miss my little red friend, where did he go”

“”Oh him? He’s on his way into the closet.” Joaquin answers.

What silly talk Rasmus thinks.
Sure, he’s a bit dizzy but he can still realize that it will make more sense to look for his drink at the bar.

“It sounds like someone is remodeling the closet.” says Marcus with a smirk.

In that moment, Rasmus forgets what his errand was …Is he hallucinating or are there ghosts in the closet?

Maybe he’s had a little too much to drink so far? He suddenly feels an urgent need to find the toilet.
The nectar will have to wait until later.


Oasis Springs

At the restaurant, the bill is paid and Tusnelda and Martin are ready to go.

“How are you Martin? Are we okay?” asks Tusnelda gently.

Despite the fact that she has just placed a bomb under his dream, Martin looks at her with loving eyes.

“I just need to digest your speech but we’ll get through it.” he says.

“I know I can be a bit of a, mouthful to digest.” says Tusnelda

“You certainly are,” Martin replies.

“But a very tasty mouthful,” he adds.

Sure they’ll get through it. They definitely both want to 💖

“Shall we take the dessert at home?” says Tusnelda with a twinkle in her eye.

“I’m in for that,” he replies with a laugh.


At The Narwhal Arms

For a moment, Rasmus has happily forgotten all about nectar, as he has once again been captivated by the alluring rhythms of the music.

It’s fun to dance, but after a while he gets thirsty and he thinks of the glass of nectar he never got ordered.

As he approaches the bar he discovers that the bartender has gone home but to his relief he discovers an untouched glass.

“Hello my little lonely friend! It’s a great pleasure to meet you.” Rasmus cheers with a big laugh.

The drink is of indescribable recipe, but it contains a nice amount of alcohol and that is the most important.

Rasmus again feels a pleasant feeling of indifference. The music is muted and he should go home now. He just wants to sit for a moment and enjoy the relaxed feeling and the cozy mumble of voices in the background.

Everything is perfect.


Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda and Martin have already landed in front of their home.

“I’ll find you in a little while,” Martin says as he detaches himself from her arms.

First of all, he needs to find the bathroom.

Tusnelda uses the interruption to put the last insects in place on the shelves. The collection is almost complete now.

She sees him immediately when he comes out the door.

Last they met in front of the insects the atmosphere was awful. Tonight they have found greater care for one another.

She has been completely honest and she feels as vulnerable as never before.

He meets her neither with distance nor anger and the gratitude and sense of acceptance melts her last defenses.

They still have their sparkling moments.


Tusnelda watches Martin sleep peacefully. She can not really sleep.

How can he be in such a peace of mind when she is so demanding, unreliable and selfish?
No matter what she exposed him to, he is never in doubt that he wants her.

The realization that she does not need to defend herself leaves her in free fall.
It is terrifying!

Nothing seems to scare him and she knows he will wait for her when she stumbles.

The realization opens a door for her to begin to change herself.


It is still night and the moon is high in the sky.

The moon sees everything and knows the answers to all questions.

In this part of the world, there is always a cold and gloomy filter resting over the landscape.

It has often amazed me how a vampire ends up in a secret laboratory in the middle of a desert. How does he survive day and night?

We are in Forgotten Hollow and with this spinoff I’m trying to find a possible answer.

A plasma tree and the street light give the landscape an enchanted glow.

Bats fly high in the sky at a speed that almost makes them invisible to the human eye

We have left the plasma tree as a shadow materialize and pick the fruit of the tree.
They will satisfy his worst hunger if the hunt fails.

Of course, everyone has recognized him now even though he is almost invisible in the dark.

Come on, Masato. You should not be late for your own show.

It brightens in the distance and just at dawn the prey tends to be most inattentive and tired after the night’s wild rides.


Brindleton Bay

We return to Brindleton bay with this proud hunter.

Tusnelda’s thoughts prevent her from sleeping and she will therefore focus on her alien plants.
They need to be weeded.

They are doing amazingly well on this earth.

Tusnelda makes some observations and she writes them down carefully in her notebook.

The glowing blue tree is fully grown now. What an impressive speed.

Tusnelda is completely lost in her speculations when she suddenly discovers Martin is standing next to her.

He looks worried.

“Are you still considering moving to your alien planet?” he asks.

“Well, not without you.” she answers.

“I hope it’s not your seriousness.” he says in shock.

“Of course not,” she replies calmly.

“I wonder what it looks like on your alien planet?” he says thoughtfully.
“Should I interpret your photographs then the planet is gorgeous”

“It is,” she replies.

“Have you seen the moon?” he asks.

It looks like Martin has suddenly been bewitched by the moon and they find an open spot of grass where they can look at stars and planets together.

It’s a long time since they’ve had such a moment together.

Just the two of them and the infinite sky.

The moon is still high in the sky.


The Narwhal Arms

“Hi Don, can we talk?” Candy asks.

Clara has just left and tonight she is going home alone.

She looks sad.

“I just need to make sure my friend is breathing.” says Don.

“I thought you liked me Don and then I saw you with Clara,” Candy says sadly.

“I do like you Candy! I think you’re a beautiful young woman, but you might be better served by a guy like Rasmus there …. I’m not into solid relationships.” Don answers seriously.

Candy’s disappointment is noticeable and a little later she leaves.

“Hi Rasmus! It’s time to leave.” calls Don.

Rasmus looks a little confused.

“I goz a biz zired,” Rasmus replies followed by a heartfelt yawn.

“I see you still prefer hard benches,” Don says with a laugh.

“You are my bezz friend,” laughs Rasmus.

“What zhe zime? I have zo meet zomeone to discuzz lizerazure,” says Rasmus.

“Literature?” Don asks in astonishment. “Since when have you started to get interested in books?”

“Zince yezerday!” exclaims Rasmus.

“I love booz,” he says.

“If you’re going to discuss literature, you better learn to control your tongue.” Don answers. “I’d better follow you home to bed.”


Brindleton Bay

We return for a short while to Tusnelda and Martin.

It is only now that it dawns on me that Martin must have bought his sleeping shirt in the same store as Don. I apologize for the confusion.

Here, too, they are getting ready to find their bed.

The moon is on its way down behind the trees.
Dawn is on its way.


Forgotten Hollow

Shortly before dawn, Masato has not yet found his prey.
Now he puts on his alluring face and starts singing.

A young woman shows up on the road.

She is slowed down by a sudden enchantment.

She is unable to feel what hit her.

When she wakes up, she hears the most wonderful alluring singing voice.

Invoked by the song, she ends up in Masato’s arms. He takes exactly the amount of blood he needs. She never discovers what has hit her.

Later, she will only remember a charming handsome man.

He makes her world look like a fairy tale. as he offers her to show her the stars.

“It’s been so exciting talking to you… can I see you again ?” she asks hopefully.

“Meet me at the same place tomorrow night, but do not tell anyone about me,” Masato whispers as he gives her a hug.

She certainly will not tell anyone about him. The next night, she will sneak out the window again to meet her secret prince.

The night is almost over.

Masato gathers energy in a dark meditation.
In a few hours he will show up for his work in the Secret Laboratory.


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  • cathytea

    Oh my! I really enjoyed learning more about Masato! I also love the way you present uncomfortable feelings and situations. It’s done with such care for the characters. I’m excited that Tusnelda feels she might be able to make some healthy changes in how she fits her relationship into her life! And Rasmus is such a mess, a mess with very good friends!

    • MonaSolstraale

      I’m glad you enjoyed learning a little more about Masato. He’s such a flirt, so that’s how I imagine him 😆
      It amazed me that Morgan did not get a bad feeling after Masato drank her blood. Maybe it’s because of his alluring abilities.

      Tusnelda is realizing that she must change.
      Rasmus is still struggling to find his direction, but there is hope ahead. I’m happy for your comments ❤

  • GlacierSnow

    I’ve been meaning to say this for several chapters now. I want to thank you for creating a relationship conflict in which it is the woman who doesn’t want children (or at least not right now) and the man who does want them. In nearly every story I’ve come across (especially movies and TV shows) if there is a conflict over whether or not to have kids, it is always the woman who wants them and the man who doesn’t. Even if, by their personalities, it would make way more sense the other way around. For personal reasons that is extremely frustrating to me. But you stick with the characters’ personalities instead of their genders, and I appreciate that so much.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Hi GlacierSnow. I have written a reply to your comment on my web page.
      I can see that I made a mistake and wrote an independent comment instead of a reply.
      Just FYI so you know I appreciate your comment.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Here comes my answer…

      Thank you so much GlacierSnow. I’m so glad you notice ❤
      I don’t think the desire for children has anything to do with gender, but as you write is more a matter of personality and life choices.

      The gender-stereotypic societal perception almost always says something else. Some of the unequivocal perception is perhaps due to the fact that a woman loses much of her fertility and ability to conceive already from the beginning of her thirties.
      Today I heard on TV a man calling for more consideration to be given to men’s need to talk about their emotional thoughts in fertility treatment. The focus is almost exclusively on the woman, her hormones and her feelings, and the man is reduced to an appendix whose sole task is to deliver a portion of semen.
      Here I may have gone a bit far in my answer, but I think that many of us who write Simlit have a deeply personal reason and experiences that inspire us and give us material to write the way we do.

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