Tusnelda and Trix

56. Error code critical failure!

As the title suggests, this chapter will not be without drama. There is a big difference in how people take their defeat. Some are weighed down by inward shame. Others get furious and find some they can turn their anger against. We will meet them all.
With the help of friends, the day will come to a peaceful end.


When Brooke returned home from hunting during the morning, she discovered that Rasmus has an overnight guest.
She’s not upset about sharing her couch with him. A new friend she can share a common interest with is very welcome.

When Don wakes up he feels a growing discomfort besides the hunger gnawing in his stomach.

He has some nasty hangovers that are not solely due to alcohol consumption.

Rasmus who must be said to have the record in alcohol intake seems amazingly fresh.

What a night!

He needs food and he goes after leftovers in Rasmus’ fridge.

“Good morning Don, I’ve made pancakes!” says Rasmus a little too well laid out.

Now Rasmus catches sight of Don’s tormented face.

“Hey Don! I’m grateful for your help, but when I see your face I think …. did I really fool myself so badly last night?” Rasmus asks worriedly.

“When we talk about who behaved like the worst fool, you’re looking at him right now.” Don answers.

“”When you went to the bathroom yesterday, Clara and I had just been…. well yes….you know.”

“Afterwards, we just stood and talked about some shared experiences and …. yah….”

“She’s so fucking delicious so I….. we made out.”

“Then the trouble of hell broke loose!”

“How was I supposed to know her husband had appeared?”

“Damn, how bad he took it.”

“Afterwards I got an embarrassing lesson about keeping my dirty body parts from his wife” ….. “What could I say?”

“She’s a grown woman, but I’m assuming it’s over between me and Clara … it’s so damn annoying because she’s really hot.

“Oh!?” replies Rasmus, for lack of better words.

“Maybe I should just wait for the situation to cool a bit down.” says Don as he gets up … “I suffer no distress, I have other pastures in my backyard.”

“Hi Rasmus, I need a nap. Would you mind me borrowing your bed?” Don asks.

“It’s ok, I have to go now anyway … so help yourself.” Rasmus answers.

It does not appear Don has time to wait for his answer, for he has already disappeared into the bedroom.

It’s been a long eventful night and Don really needs to sleep.


At Hare and Hedgehog cafe in Windenburg

Rasmus has been looking forward to meeting Jonna this morning and discussing literature with her.
Admittedly, his experience with books is quite limited, but no new beginning without sacrifices. He is willing to give what it costs.

“Good morning Rasmus! What have you been up to lately?” asks Jonna

“I have read a novel by Helmuth Von Gluck, following your recommendation.” Rasmus answers.

“Oh! Really? Tell me what you think.” says Jonna excitedly.

“I think the plot was really exciting … at first I was led astray and thought the killer was the detective’s ex-wife … I mean, why else should she be mentioned in so many pages?”

“However, I quickly realized that all this was just insignificant stuff that had nothing to do with the murder and so the solution was obvious.” concludes Rasmus.

“You think the serial about the detective’s privacy is irrelevant?” Jonna asks

“That’s how we are different. I enjoy the detective’s story as much as the plot itself.” Jonna answers.

Rasmus fears he might have been a little too cocky… and honestly, he has not told her he skipped half of the book’s pages to reach the solution…. But when he sees Jonna’s friendly face he thinks she will not judge him for that reason.

“Jonna, I have long wanted to ask you … may I ask you a personal question?” Rasmus asks far less cheekily.

“Feel free to ask.” Jonna answers welcomingly.

Well yes, who dares nothing won nothing, Rasmus thinks so he jumps right into it.

“Do you want to go on a date with me?” he asks her.

“Oh! I was not expecting that question,” Jonna says unhappily.

“I think you’re a nice guy, but I can not go on a date with you Rasmus.”

Rasmus feels the shame grow … how can he be so conceited?

“I’m a married woman. I have a nice husband and two kids …. I’m a housewife and I just enjoy going to the cafe to meet people before I have to prepare dinner and do homework with the kids in the afternoon.”

“I’m so sorry I gave you the wrong impression,” Jonna says sadly

“I’m sorry too,” Rasmus says sadly.

“I’d better go now … Thanks for a lot of nice conversations,” Rasmus says.

He feels so tiny and humiliated and he most wants to crawl in a mouse hole.

Why does he always make such mistakes? Why is he so bad at figuring out women’s intentions?

He looks back and sees Jonna’s sad compassionate look.

That’s who he is, a poor thing that women feel sorry for.

How could he imagine anything else.


Somewhere in the desert near the secret laboratory

Someone has told Tusnelda about this interesting cliff at the public square near the laboratory. Now she has come to take a photograph of the inscriptions.

She meets Marcus near the cliff and asks him for directions.

“Unfortunately, it is impossible for Sims to cross the road,” says Marcus.

After this, Tusnelda returns to the laboratory without the desired image and leave the task for her watcher.

However, the reader should not do without the full picture.


At the Hare Square in Windenburg

Rasmus takes a run in the Lykke Centre district to calm his upset feelings.

When he reaches the small park the Hare Square, he decides to take a break.

His sense of shame has been replaced by anger….. Why is his Watcher exposing him to these trials?

He finds a bench where he sits down to ponder life as it has taken shape so far.

He is an honest man who does not harm others, even though he may have failed his own morals once in a while ….. but does that justify punishing him in that way?

Self-pity and self-justice is not the prettiest feelings, but after all very human when life does not go as one might wish.


At the secret lab

When Tusnelda meets Masato, she has a hard time detaching herself from the memory of him, as he appeared in her dream.

“You’re staring at me … what’s your problem?” Masato asks suspiciously.

“Oh sorry Masato! I was probably distracted by some personal speculation …. I just want to wish you a nice day,” Tusnelda says.

“You must have a nice day, too,” Masato replies more welcomingly.

Masato looks after Tusnelda as she disappears through the door.

That woman gets no less weird with each passing day.


Tusnelda’s first task today is to take place at the construction robot.

After several bug settings at the first Electroflux Wormhole Generator, she has decided to build a new version.

Sometimes she actually feels like she can talk to the robot and it seems to listen attentively to her instructions.

“Thank you for good cooperation,” she says, patting the robot on its smooth steel cheek.

Maybe Masato is right when he thinks she’s weird?
It is said that genius and madness are each other’s companions.


Now the new Wormhole Generator needs to be tested.

Tusnelda sees how the portal forms an opening.

Everything seems to work perfectly.
She may soon embark on a new journey to Sixam.


It’s time for a lunch break and Tusnelda stands for a long time pondering in front of the bonsai.

Then she remembers that she actually came for some food.

Inside the office, Kristina sits and works on some difficult calculations.
The new powerful computer does not seem to be of much help.

“Hi Kristina! You look like you need a break,” Tusnelda says kindly.

Kristina gives her a hug and Tusnelda thinks how everything has become much easier with good friends at work.

“I’m missing some numbers in this calculation,” Kristina says annoyed…. Then she decides to let it rest for a moment.

“By the way, how was your day off Tusnelda?” she asks.

“It was perfect. I was on a date with Martin. We really needed to talk….” answers Tusnelda.

The conversation is interrupted when Simon enters the office.

“Hi ladies! How are you today?” he asks.

“We are good.” answers Tusnelda.

“I could use some fresh eyes for some difficult calculations,” Kristina answers.

“It is my key word to move on …. Good luck to you both.” Tusnelda says on her way out.


At the Hare Square in Windenburg

Rasmus is distracted in his thoughts when a boy enters the park to play on the playground.

It does not make him in a better mood.

He had dreamed of having a child with Blue, but now he assumes that children are excluded in his life. How will it ever become possible?

He leaves the park and runs on to the Harbor Quarter Gym which is right nearby.

Today he makes no effort to find the members of the club.
He is angry at life and finds a punching bag. No one should prevent him from striking out.

Damn how mad he is!!!


At the secret lab

After the lunch break, Tusnelda starts a new experiment.

Suddenly she hears a small sharp bang and a toxic yellow smoke begins to rise from the element.

It is followed by an even more powerful explosion which almost overturns Tusnelda backwards.

She exclaims a startled cry for help as the first flames take hold of her pants and suit.

Soon she is completely shrouded in flames while the fire alarms transmits an infernal noise that almost numbs her hearing and urges her to flee.

“HELP ME!!!” she screams desperately.

Fortunately, help is near when Kristina shows up with a fire extinguisher.

Soon Simon also steps in for assistance and with mutual help they luckily get rid of the flames.

When the fire is extinguished, Tusnelda flees in wild panic!!!

Everyone has left the room and only the burned-out equipment remains.

“Error code critical failure!!!”

“Everyone must immediately leave the building!” Shouts Aarav.

The fire is extinguished so why should we run now, Tusnelda thinks angrily.

She hates when her scientific experiments makes failure. It makes her so angry!

Now she will take a bath before making another attempt.


At the same time in Brindleton Bay

At home it is far more peaceful.

Martin has just spotted Trix still carrying around the little feather duster.

He understands an invitation and he finds his sparkling cat toy.

“Do you think I’m a bird?” says Trix with an accusing meow.

None of them have discovered that the wonderful play must soon end.
An interruption is on its way outside the windows.

It’s Rasmus knocking on the door.

So long, wonderful cat toys.

“Rasmus, what a pleasure!” says Martin welcomingly.

“I do not see much to enjoy,” Rasmus says seriously.

“It sounds like you need an encouragement.” says Martin kindly.
“What do you say to my suggestion that we find a cozy place where we can have a late lunch?”

“I do not feel like food!” says Rasmus.

When he sees Martin’s disappointed face, he makes a new decision ….

“OK! Let’s go,” he replies.


At the secret lab

When Tusnelda comes out of the bath, her burnt hair and her eyebrows lie in the sewer.

She is annoyed by the failed project and she is obvious for a quarrel. Someone has to pay the price and Masato is the one closest right now.

“You look like a convict! Why did you cut off your hair?” asks Masato.

“Damn you, Masato! Your insensitive crook. ” snarls Tusnelda.

“What’s your problem,” Masato says clearly annoyed.

“You’re my problem! I’ve seen you in a dream and I saw clearly what a bad character you are.” answers Tusnelda.

Masato sighs deeply and grabs his head.

“It can not be your seriousness that I have to take responsibility for what happens in your dreams,” he says.

“I can offer you a treatment that will remove all your discomfort,” he offers with a smirk.

“I knew it!” roars Tusnelda …. “I’ve had enough of your cure!”


Tusnelda is standing in the greenhouse trying to gather herself.
There is something about Masato that provokes her enormously. This has always been the case, but she knows it does not make it reasonable.

She must gather her mind and return to the essentials.


Tusnelda finds some undamaged equipment and starts a new attempt.


This time, she luckily escapes a new fire.

It does not seem to make her any further grateful.

In fact, I get the feeling she wants to kill me through the screen.

That settles the case and I send her outside where she can not make any accidents.

Down to the fish pond.

Tusnelda tends to love fishing.

Today, she looks like it’s a punishment.

The rest of her working day takes place at the fish pond.
Let’s hope that this beautiful catch, after all, gives her a little joy.


On a square in the Lykke Centre district

Martin has taken Rasmus to a new restaurant.

“If we can wake the chef, there is hope we can get some food,” Martin says cheerfully.

“You sound to be in a very good mood today.” says Rasmus

Rasmus looks at Martin as he walks into the reception to book a table.
Everything seems to be going perfectly for Martin … why can the joys not be a little more fairly distributed?

In many ways, things are going really well for Martin, but we who know the truth about his challenges know that you can not always interpret people by how they look on the outside.

Now the hostess has found a vacant table on the list.

She kindly accompanies them to their seats.

They sit together for a while in silence as they study the menu.

“I want to order some lamb. What do you want?” asks Martin.

“I feel like a glass of red nectar and a vegetarian pasta dish.” Rasmus answers.

“I also take a glass of red nectar for the lamb,” Martin tells the waiter who has come to receive their order.

“I’ve had a terrible day,” says Rasmus … “I have been meeting a woman in a cafe for several weeks …. She’s been so interesting to talk to and good at listening … Quite different from Blue,” he says.

“So today I pulled myself together to invite her on a date and she rejected me …. It turned out she’s married!”

“Why did she not tell you that long ago?” Martin asks seriously.

“Why did I not ask her?” Rasmus replies …. “I think I should have learned my lesson after Blue.”

“Nor was it my intention to date Jonna from the start …. I just enjoyed our conversations. She was really interesting. She knew so much about art and literature.” Rasmus continues.

“On second thought, these topics probably do not interest me the most.” he admits with a smile.

“How are you Martin” he asks …. “The last time I saw you you seemed quite frustrated, but today you seem to be doing really well.”

“I’m fine Rasmus! … Tusnelda and I had some disagreements, but I think we’ve talked about it all … I can feel she wants me, but …..”

“It all sounds good, but what does your but mean?” Rasmus asks seriously.

“But…. you know all cohabitation requires compromise.” Martin replies.

Rasmus does not manage to ask Martin what compromises he is thinking about because now the waiter comes with their food.

“We’ll figure it out …. let’s eat.” says Martin.

“It looks really delicate.” says Martin.

“Let’s toast.” Rasmus answers.

Both men reach for their glasses.

“Cheers to our friendship.” says Rasmus.

He has suddenly understood that Martin’s life may not always be as easy as he thinks.

Whether it’s the nectar or the realization that does it I should not be able to say, but the mood will soon become far more cheerful.


Afternoon in Brindleton Bay

Tusnelda does not seem to have regained her good mood when she gets home.

It’s probably very lucky Martin has an errand somewhere right now, because she looks like she can tear the head off everyone nearby.

Even the cats keep their distance as she enters the house.

She still looks furious as she walks to the bathroom.

Let’s hope a hot long bath can do some wonders.


Windenburg at the restaurant

The two friends spend another hour at the restaurant where they share their experiences in life.

Some is funny and dramatic. …

… Others more serious.

They have both missed spending time together.

“If you are done, maybe we should cancel the meeting?” says Martin.

Rasmus gets up from the table. He has almost not touched his food.

“I like the décor.” he says as he looks around …. “In time I would like to open such a restaurant.”

“It sounds like a great goal to work towards.” says Martin kindly.

“Goodbye my friend! It’s been really nice talking to you.” says Rasmus as he gives Martin a hug.

Martin looks around the room as he leaves the restaurant.
He is happy to hear Rasmus has some wishes for the future that do not necessarily involve a woman.

Rasmus wants to find the bathroom before he leves and on the way he sees … well yes ….

Martin steps out into the square.

Windenburg is a charming old town and he is not in a hurry. Tusnelda has suggested him to spend more time develop his own interests.


Readers need not worry any more about Rasmus today.
He found the toilet and a new acquaintance at a well-equipped bar.

… which on second thought might be quite worrying.


Brindleton Bay

In the house, Fie lies in the middle of the floor in a very sad state.
She has once again been in contact with a biting squirrel.

This time, however, she escapes the vet as Tusnelda finds a healing treat.

“You got away with it very fortunately!” Trix communicate silently to his daughter… “shall we play?”

Tusnelda finally seems to have calmed down. and she eats a light meal while the cats play in the background.

After the meal, she lies down on the bed to take a nap.
It has been a challenging day and she really needs to sleep.


On the square of Windenburg.

Martin has found an easel outside the restaurant and he has started painting the houses in the square.

He actually enjoys painting and it is a hobby he has neglected for a while.

Unresolved conflicts take up a lot of space and he enjoys the freedom he has been given now that there are no hidden tensions between him and Tusnelda.

The unspoken prevent development and he is sure that everything has been said openly now.
Although deep down, he still has not given up hope of a common child. He can not give up that hope.

The painting is finished and it is time he finds home.


Brindleton Bay

The house is dark when Martin comes home so he starts a new painting…. Maybe Tusnelda is in the club or in her shop.

The painting is far less detailed and almost made for fun.

He enters the living room where he sets direction towards the computer.
He will search for some training tips.

He has just sat down on the chair when he hears a door open.

Tusnelda! What have you done to yourself “he shouts in shock.

“There was a critical error at work today and this is unfortunately the result,” says Tusnelda.

“There was a huge explosion and suddenly I was completely engulfed in flames! My hair disappeared … but otherwise I’m unharmed.”

“My Goodness!” exclaims Martin quietly.

“Look at you …. are you sure?” he asks.

“I’m absolutely sure.” she answers.

“I’m so glad you’re unharmed.” he says, stroking her cheek.

If possible he would hold her in his arms from now on and prevent her from doing more dangerous experiments, but he knows it will kill her zest for life.

“You don’t have to worry about me, I am a survivor.” she says as she can read his mind.


Later, however, he will have to admit that he is worried.

“I do not want to lose you.” he says.

“I know,” she replies … “I promise to take care.”

They agree to enjoy the evening together by the bonfire.

Martin picks up his guitar and Tusnelda roasts marshmallows over the embers.
It almost feels like being in the woods.

“We should go on a holiday together in the woods.” says Martin, while playing some quiet notes.

“That would be great.” says Tusnelda, looking up.

The idea is sown and now it just needs to have peace to grow.

Martin continues to play his guitar. He gradually knows her well and he knows that she does not respond very well to pressure.


Tusnelda has left the bonfire to go to bed. She is tired and comfortable, so sleep will soon catch her up.

Long after Tusnelda is asleep, Martin is still standing by the last embers.

Therefore, this catastrophic day gets the peaceful end it needs.

With a compromise and a man with his acoustic guitar.



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The Ale House Restaurant is built by Peach_Empire. It can be found in the gallery.

NB: There is an error in the game that makes it necessary to reset the chef and the waiters on arrival. After that, I experience no problems.


  • cathytea

    I get so excited when I see new chapters from you! This was a great one. Martin seems like the sane center who helps keep everyone in his circle OK.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thank you for your comment. It’s always exciting to hear what readers get out of my chapters 🙂

      Martin is the calm foundation for Tusnelda and for Rasmus. It takes a lot before he loses his direction in life 😉

  • Yimiki

    Aw, did Don sleep over after getting Rasmus home safe? He’s such a good friend. Oh no, Clara’s husband saw the two of them fooling around? Ouch. Oof. Oh yes, giving Don a lecture on staying away from his wife because clearly Clara is incapable of making her own (bad) decisions so it must be all on him. -.- Geez, what is it with placing all the agency with the cheater’s side piece, and not the cheater themselves? Though I didn’t see his conversation with Clara, so maybe he’s just making sure they both get an earful.

    Ouuuch, speaking of painful. So Jonna is married and not romantically interested at all. Maybe that’s for the best; on first glance, they really don’t seem to have that much in common. And forcing your interests to impress the other person is never a good idea. Poor Rasmus though – wait, no, Rasmus. That’s not the takeaway from that conversation. Don’t go sliding back into depression. Oh, bloody heck.

    Haha, Tusnelda vs invisible sim walls xD I frequently get annoyed by places we can’t actually go to, too. Aw, I love how friendly she’s gotten with virtually everyone in the science lab. Even Masato to a degree. That used to be so different. With Kristina, too. Having good relationships at work is so important.

    Chin up, Rasmus. Blue and Red are out. I bet you still have other colours to try. Green, Purple, Black, Pink, Orange… there’s a lot of women out there and one of them is bound to be just right for you. Just stop looking so desperately and let it happen on its own. Rasmus. Rasmus? Hello? … Nope, can’t hear me. Too busy punching.

    Oh my gods Tusnelda caught on fire! She could have died right there =O aw geez she lost all her hair and eyebrows, too. That is going to take a while to grow back. Heh, I have to agree with Masato here. He can’t possibly be held responsible for something he did in someone else’s dream. It’s okay, Masa, she’s just venting because she almost burnt to death and you happen to be the easiest venting post. Not okay to do, but here we are.

    Martin and Rasmus have such a good friendship. They always provide a listening ear when the other person needs it- Raaaaaasmus. Not the bar again x.x

    I’m glad that Tusnelda and Martin are finding some moments to spend time together, but also for Martin doing his own things and not merely waiting for Tusnelda at home. They’ll be okay.

    • MonaSolstraale

      Thanks for your long comment. It is very inspiring ❤

      I think it made good sense to let Don sleep on the couch as we have to assume it was almost morning before they got back to Rasmus place.
      It also gave him an opportunity to share the memory of the episode with Clara’s husband.
      Bjorn gave Don a big earful but I assume that the relationship between Bjorn and Clara is not too bright right now either. It becomes too far-fetched to follow that thread 😆

      I think Jonna and Rasmus are too different, but she represents some other qualities and values ​​than Blue.
      Rasmus must learn to overcome his self-pity, by other means than a visit to the bar.
      As you say, he has almost the entire color palette at his disposal yet. We all know it’s just a matter of time 😉

      For the second time, I was afraid that Tusnelda was losing her life 😯
      She lives on the edge of the abyss and Masato must completely unfairly take blows for her careless behavior.
      He can take it because he knows he can paralyze her with a flick of a finger 😆

      Don is a good friend of Rasmus, but Martin represents something steely and some healthy values. They have a mutual trust built on an old friendship.
      It is good that Martin has begun to rediscover his own interests. It will be too frustrating in the long run if Tusnelda is allowed to fill his entire vision …. even though she is the most important person in his life ❤

      NB: I’m glad WordPress gave you access again 😎

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