Tusnelda and Trix

57. Quiet refugium

Some people claim that green is healthy for the eyes. I can promise you lots of green in this chapter. On top of the dramatic chapters of the last few weeks, absolutely nothing is happening in this chapter. If you nevertheless choose to hang on, you may find that all development requires calm before it is seriously implemented. Warning: A lot of cat spam will occur.… just because the cats are pretty lovely.


Tusnelda wonders what went wrong yesterday.
Clearly, she was careless when she made her scientific experiment.
But what happened afterwards? Her senseless rage over things not working out?

In the aquarium, the zebra-striped fish she caught yesterday is swimming.
She loves fishing … or she used to love it.

In her eagerness to comprehend the whole world at once, she has forgotten something that used to give her peace and relaxation.

She goes to clean the dishes after her breakfast.

Her eagerness and carelessness could have cost her her life.


Martin enters the kitchen after completing his morning workout.

In the living room, Tusnelda is watching a TV program and Fiona is, as usual, hypnotized by the fire in the fireplace.

He interrupts Fiona’s trance and gives her a hug.

He has a few days off and he wants to spend some time on the cats and his climbing training…. and maybe paint some more paintings?

He sits down opposite Tusnelda to ask her about her plans.

“There’s something I’ve been thinking about,” Tusnelda says.
“That accident yesterday. It could have gone much worse. None of us know when life is over.”

“I think we should go back to the forest, enjoy life … take a vacation.” she says enthusiastically.

“You do? I think it’s a good idea,” Martin says calmly.
He’s not entirely sure what he heard.

Shortly after, he sees Tusnelda calling her work and telling them she is holding a week of recreation.

“I don’t know what I have done Martin? Maybe it’s going to hurt my career? What do you think?” she asks terrified.

Martin sits down next to her and looks her in the eyes. …. “I think you are a brave woman full of wonderful surprises” he answers.

“Sometimes I surprise myself too.” whispers Tusnelda.

“I love that kind of surprises.” Martin whispers back.

They both have some preparation to do so they both get up.

Martin feels a great deal of gratitude.
That seed he planted sprouted long before he dared to hope for.


Tusnelda has gone into the shed to make some healthy treats.

If the cats are going on holiday with them, she must make sure that she can cope with all minor defects and diseases.

Soon she has made the first treat, then she just has to make two or three more.

Meanwhile, Martin is training on the climbing wall.

Tusnelda continues out into the garden.

All the plants need to be weeded and watered well so that they can cope during her absence.

She has just finished the tasks when she sees him coming.

She feels a swarm of butterflies fluttering in her stomach. He is such a handsome man.

“I’m ready.” he says.

Here they go again….


Granite Falls, the Green Getaway

Here they still are, when they arrive at Granite Falls.

Martin is going to open the cabin.

Meanwhile, Tusnelda is watching Trix and Fie tumble around in play.

Their play suddenly changes character and becomes serious with howls and growls.

“Stop it! What are you doing Trix?” she asks seriously.

“You must be kind to your daughters.” she scolds gently.

Trix looks at her with an attentive look. It’s his job to make sure Fie finds her rightful place in the hierarchy. She should understand that.

Both kittens keep a watchful eye on Tusnelda and Trix. Maybe they envy him the special attention she gives him.

Immediately after, Trix runs off to explore the forest.

“What are the two little troublemakers doing?” Martin asks with a smile.

He does not wait for an answer, because right after he asks Tusnelda if they should inaugurate the cabin.

She fully agrees.

This is the first time Fiona has been to Granite Falls, so she is vigilantly investigating the area.

Futte looks almost startled as she pushes herself down into the grass and observes all the unknown.

Martin and Tusnelda inaugurate their bedroom to the best of their ability.

Later, Fie chooses to examine the house just exactly as the sparks explode the worst (or the best, you might say).

She quickly runs out again. She has definitely chosen the wrong door.

“Hello sis! What do you think of this world?” she asks with a loud meow.

Futte just looks at Fie with big eyes. She really does not know what to answer.

Fie decides to continue her investigations on her own.

There is another door into the cabin.

This time she sees that she has chosen the right door because in front of her are two stuffed feeders.

When Martin shows up a little later with his sparkling cat toy, she understands that she’s going to love this holiday.


Martin decides to go for a run in the fresh air.

He enjoys the view of the mountains, the forest and the lake.

Tusnelda harvests some herbs in the area.

It is her goal to complete her education in herbal medicine while on vacation.

She catches sight of the blue sky and decides to take a break.

She’s been too busy lately and her accident yesterday has given her a wake up call. She needs to slow down.

On the way home to the cabin, Martin sees a man in a bear costume. What strange behavior.


Martin has just stepped out of the shower when the bear man pays him a visit.

Fiona comes closer to look at the strange furry creature.

The bear man is very unkind to Fiona.

It immediately makes Martin ask him to leave, which makes the bear man very offended.

Tusnelda knows nothing about all this. She has risen to continue her search under the trees.

Here she finds some beautiful ladybirds.

The bear man has understood that he is not welcome, as Martin chooses to ignore him to comfort Fiona instead.

Fiona is not really scared but of course she enjoys Martin’s loving attention.

Goodbye to you mr. bear. You have to find another place to make your bear pranks.


Peace has fallen over the camping area again and Martin has found his guitar.

Tusnelda brews ointments and herbal medicine of her harvest.

Soon she adds some herbs and soon some insects.

Martin watches her from a distance while playing the guitar.
She looks so cute with her very short hair.

This is how they both enjoy their chores side by side.


Martin feels inspired to paint the landscape.

Here he is found by Tusnelda.

She tells him she wants to harvest some more herbs.


Tusnelda will explore another area of the forest.

She has run down to the lake where she catches a frog.

A beautiful blue bird sends tones up to the sky in its search for a mate.

Tusnelda catches some mosquitoes buzzing close to the water.

She runs on along a stream.

She finds some bees but decides to leave them alone as they do more good by pollinating the flowers and making honey .

She finds her fishing rod to fish in a creek that runs close to their cabin.

In the background goes mr. bear who luckily chooses to find other people he can tease.

Here comes Martin.

Martin will try to catch a trout they can eat for their dinner.
He surprisingly quickly gets a catch on the hook.

His catch releases the water with a swipe.

This is a weird fish.

Seaweeds are supposed to be edible, but these do not look very appetizing, he thinks before throwing them back in the creek.


Martin gives up fishing to make some burgers on the grill.

Maybe Rasmus would have enjoyed eating seaweeds, but burgers are edible food as Martin understands it.

“It tastes heavenly.” says Tusnelda.

“Are you sure you would not prefer grilled fruit?” says Martin teasingly.

The cheerful mood is ruined as they see Fiona with her whole snout down in the remaining burgers.

“Fiona! Will you leave the burgers immediately!” scolds Martin angrily.

“But this is good stuff Martin.” Fiona answers with a wondering meow.

“This is human food and it is not suitable for cats,” says Martin.

“I think you’re wrong … it’s definitely suitable.” she meows.

Tusnelda tries to distract Fiona with a beam of light and Martin stops further objections as he removes the dish of burgers.

As you can see, Tusnelda is in a pink flirty mood. It should turn out to be her basic mood as long as they are on vacation.
With this, everyone is warned against sweet secretive whispers and lots of pink sparks.


It’s getting dark and Tusnelda is lighting a fire.

Martin scouts for the moon. He really likes this place.

They sit together by the fire for a while longer.

Then takes Tusnelda’s wordless pink voice the lead.

A secretive whisper ….

…. and Martin looks at her as she has revealed another unexpected surprise.
This is allmost too good to be true in one single day.

It’s time for another inauguration.

It’s time for a shared hot and steamy experience.

It’s time for even more luminous pink sparks.

Trix and Fiona watches the entire performance as impressed spectators.


One might think that Tusnelda has seen enough luminous spots for a day, but soon she is on the hunt for the fireflies that light up in the night.

The fireflies have the most amazing colors.

Meanwhile, Martin and Fie make sure to keep the bed warm.

We have come to know Tusnelda as an ambitious woman.
She still is, so much of the night she continues to brew herbal medicine.

Finally when the supplies run out she finds time to sleep, which is why she leaves the last embers in the fire for the cats to enjoy.


Day 2

Tusnelda is awakened a few hours after she has gone to bed by Fiona.
That cat has so many bad habits.

Now that she’s awake, she begins to prepare a fruit salad.

“Just in time for some delicious breakfast!” says Tusnelda as Martin enters the living room.

“It tastes great.” he says kindly.

At the same time, he thinks in his quiet mind that he can grab a leftover burger when Tusnelda goes out to collect the herbs of the day.

However, it does not go quite as he imagines …..

After dinner, Tusnelda suggests that they visit Flora in the Deep Forest, and of course Martin has no objections to that suggestion.

While Martin puts on his clothes, Tusnelda does the dishes.
The burger stays where it is behind the refrigerator door.


Granite Falls Forest

Here is another big new area for the cats to explore and they look around a little uncertainly. Only Trix immediately runs out into the terrain.

When you look at Martin, he looks a bit grumpy, but Tusnelda does not notice him when she immediately sees an insect in the thicket.

A nice big grasshopper.

Tusnelda steers homely towards the entrance to the deep forest.

Martin takes it more calmly.

He finds a spot of light where he can wait for the cat.

Three in a row ❤

Trix appears to be hunting for squirrels somewhere in the forest floor.

There are no more insects to collect and Tusnelda enters through the thicket to the deep forest.


Finally, everyone is gathered on the other side.

Trix immediately runs away.

He remembers being in this place once in the past.

Finally, it seems that Tusnelda is becoming aware of Martin.

Trix is already far ahead. The waterfall with the rainbow is another landmark he remembers.

He runs further under the shade of the trees.

Finally he finds something that will interest Tusnelda.

However, she is on a different mission.

She is on the hunt for some big butterflies.

Trix has reached Flora’s hut where he carefully examines the vegetation.
Maybe he can find a cunning squirrel.

Tusnelda is heading down towards the waterfall.

She immediately catches sight of Flora standing with a fishing rod.

“Tusnelda! What brings you here?” asks Flora surprised.

Tusnelda has several good reasons, but she first gives her friend a big hug.

“I have missed you and I have missed the forest.” answers Tusnelda.

“I have also missed you.” says Flora quietly.

They have a lot to talk about. Flora asks with interest how far Tusnelda has come with her education in herbal medicine.
Flora says she can no longer teach Tusnelda. She just needs lots of practice from now on.


Martin has found a workbench and a wooden block. He has started making a small figure.

A big part of this holiday is Martin in a very inspired mood …Well yes, when Tusnelda does not interrupt him with her little surprises.

Trix has found a new very interesting plant close to Martin’s workstation.

When Trix loses interest in plants, he turns to Martin to see what he is doing.

What a strange task, he thinks.

The next moment, the finished figure disappears into Martin’s pocket.

“Where did it go?” he meows amazed.

It is now that it dawns on Martin that he has forgotten the feeding bowls in Brindleton Bay.
He finds a treat for Trix.

Soon all the hungry cats are swarming around Martin.

Luckily he has plenty of cat treats in his pockets.

Soon, all the cats curl up contentedly in the sun to take a nap.


Tusnelda and Flora fish together at the waterfall.

As the mosquitoes get too bothersome, Tusnelda begins to miss Martin.
She better see what he’s doing.

Martin has started on a new project at the workbench.

Tusnelda asks what he does and when Martin tells him that he makes feeding bowls for the cats, he gets a big praise.

“You are so ingenious and skilled.” says Tusnelda excitedly.

“Thank you, but it’s almost too much,” Martin replies generously.

Now the cat herd has woken up again and Fiona is begging loudly for a treat.

“You’re such a naughty little cat,” Tusnelda says lovingly.

In the next moment, they are interrupted by Futte’s loud begging.

Suddenly Tusnelda asks Martin if they should inaugurate the tent.

Martin looks around … “Are you absolutely sure Flora is not around?” he asks.

Tusnelda is only sure of one thing and that is that this tent absolutely needs a thorough inauguration.


It’s great to see that Martin can smile.

Both kittens try to explain to Martin that they miss a clean cat litter box.

However, it seems that Tusnelda is not quite done with him yet so Futte and Fie have to wait a little longer for their toilet.


The sun is low in the sky and finally Martin has time to think about the cats’ needs.

Then it’s time to make some dinner.

It will not be a dish with fruit.

He serves a delicious bean stew instead.

In the low golden evening sun they sit and talk together.

The sun makes the flowers glow in bright colors. It’s beautiful here.


As the sun goes down, Tusnelda lights a fire.
Martin goes one more round to the trash can with trash from the litter box.

He finds his guitar and starts singing some romantic ballads while Tusnelda roasts marshmallows.

It seems that Fiona has also been infected by the romantic mood.

It did not take long for them to crawl into the tent.

There is still something that needs to be inaugurated before they sleep.

Finally, calm falls over the square.

Fie decides to go for a walk in the night.

Flora has finally returned home to her cabin and she does not look completely satisfied.

She quickly goes to bed and soon falls asleep.

Outside the tent entrance, all the cats have gone to sleep.

Except for Fie who has found a place behind the tent. She is a very independent cat.


Day 3

Flora is busy with her chores before Martin and Tusnelda wake up.

Later, Tusnelda gets up. There are new butterflies she can harvest.

She is in the process of harvesting some mushrooms when she discovers Flora.
Flora seems strangely stressed.

“Hi Flora! How are you today? … I wonder if you like us staying with you?” says Tusnelda hesitantly.

“Of course you are welcome, but you know Tuasnelda that people do not call me the hermit for no reason.” says Flora kindly.

Tusnelda gets the idea that it’s probably Flora’s way of telling her they should go back to their cabin this evening.

Tusnelda brews herbal ointments and meanwhile she thinks about Flora’s words. It is clear to see that Flora prefers her own company.

Maybe she does not mind Tusnelda’s company either, but it seems she would rather not be confronted with Tusnelda and Martin’s relationship. Of course, Tusnelda knows why.

Right now, Martin is preparing breakfast by Flora’s stove.

Tusnelda fry a couple of bananas.

“You made pancakes,” she says in surprise.

“They taste great with grilled bananas,” Martin replies … “You should try it.”

In the middle of it all, Fiona once again managed to steal a bite.

Martin sends her very definitely away from their food.

He immediately disappears with the pancakes and Fiona is left with grilled fruit.
When it gets there, she anyway prefers the dry cat food.


Tusnelda continues on her herbal medicines and Martin chooses to run.

Tusnelda is determined to accomplish her goal of becoming a herbalist before the end of her vacation and, as I said, it takes a lot of practice.

When she needs a break, she goes down to the waterfall and fishes.

Now Flora has taken over the grill to brew ointments.

Martin kindly thanks her for allowing them to stay with her.

This is where it dawns on Martin that Flora may not be entirely thrilled with their visit, even though she responds kindly.

Trix is a very friendly cat and he therefore manages to become quite good friends with Flora.

It’s about to be evening and Martin goes to pack the tent away.

Tusnelda has hardly slept for the past two days so she drinks a Need Fixing Serum before they leave. After this, she’s as fit as a fiddle.
It is fortunate that she has gradually become so good at making serums that there are rarely any side effects.


Ind the late afternoon they return to Granite Falls Forest.

“We should go back to the cabin now, the cats are exhausted.” says Martin.

“Can we please go down to the waterfall?” she asks.

Right now, the setting sun is reflected with a golden light in the water.

Tusnelda finds her fishing rod and throws out the line.

This is how they both stand together in silent reflection for a while yet.

Martin turns around and sees that the sun has almost disappeared behind the forest.

“We should go back now.” he says.

“There’s something I need to do Martin, can you take the cats back to the cabin?” asks Tusnelda. … “I just need some time alone.”

“You a woman full of mysteries … Promise me to take good care of yourself.” he says kindly.

Damn how she loves him!

This whole holiday has been a weightless fall.


When Martin and the cats have left, a new hunt for insects begins.

New species are emerging after dark.

Since there are no more insects nearby, she goes back to the lake with the fishing rod.

The moon is traveling across the black sky.

She is so madly in love and it makes her feel fluid, like water with no firm contour.

It is very scary, but at the same time indescribably wonderful.

In front of her, the cascading voice of the waterfall tells her the secret of the eternal recycle of elements and life and everything she believes in takes on a whole new meaning.


Author’s note: We live in a time where everything must be achieved at an accelerated pace. Television shows have thousands of shifts so that viewers do not get bored.
I might regret that this chapter has chosen the opposite path, but I dare say it is healthy to be bored once in a while. It forces your brain to work and maybe it boosts a creative process.

NB: Should I choose to put a piece of music to this chapter I can go two ways.

First option is: Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds – Waterfall
There is about 4 hours of de-stressing waiting.

Another option is: Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

The choice is yours. Thank you for following

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  • Yimiki

    Tusnelda losing her hair reminds me so much of the symbolism of a new beginning. A fresh start. She really does seem to have changed massively almost overnight, to Martin’s great joy. A trip to Granite Falls will do them both good. When is the last time that they went on vacation together? It’s so easy to drift apart, even when you live together every day.

    I don’t mind the cat spam at all =(

    Oooh the laser pointer turns into a heart if your sim is in a flirty mood? I didn’t know that! That’s a neat little detail. Does it turn into a tiny fire if the sim is angry?

    Hahaha Martin hates the fruit based meals so much XD he’s a meat man, it seems, though he’s kind to not complain to Tusnelda. She did go through the trouble of cooking for him, after all.

    Awww I love that Tusnelda is finally reaching out to Flora again. They were such good friends but Tusnelda’s ambitions and things progressing with Martin put her on the backburner for a long time. It’s good that Tusnelda is rekindling relationships again. Aw, and it seems Flora is still a little hurt when she’s confronted with Tusnelda and Martin’s relationship. I have to give her a lot of credit for just allowing them to stay over for a while, too. I very much value my space as well and if I’d have people just randomly come over to stay, without me knowing about it in advance, I’d be pissed off. Even if they were very good friends.

    Fiona is such a bad-mannered cat in this chapter XD

    I don’t think this chapter was boring at all. It was a slow chapter where Tusnelda and Martin got a moment to really just focus on each other and rekindle their relationship. Plus, cats are always fun to follow around =D

    • MonaSolstraale

      I’m so glad you told me about the symbolism of Tusnelda’s short hair. Strangely enough, it is not a conscious action on my part, but sometimes I think my subconscious is far ahead of me when I tell stories.
      It seems so obvious now ❤

      I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter. Holidays are for most people about relaxing, gearing down and recharging their batteries. Tusnelda and Martin benefit from prioritizing their relationship without the interruptions of everyday life.

      Tusnelda and Flora have so many common interests, but since Martin has moved in with Tusnelda, she never comes by as she did in Forgotten Hollow. Maybe you are right she’s a little hurt.

      I love watching the cats on this holiday. They have quite different personalities, so I think EA has done a great job when it comes to pets in the game.
      Thank you for your comment ❤

  • SnuffyBucket

    I read this chapter twice, the second time with Metallica in the background. Is there anything that is not improved by metal music, however soft? 😀
    The cat spam was brilliant, I particularly liked the one where Fiona is eating the burgers and looking up like ‘so what?’ – reminds me so much of my own cat.

    Oof, I can sympathise with Flora. I enjoy having people visit and visiting people, but if my friend and her entourage turned up at my house, unannounced, and starting -ahem- fumbling in my backyard, I’d probably be pretty pissed off too. XD

    • MonaSolstraale

      I definitely have some metal music tunes I love and I keep coming back to. I like the span between the raw expression and the melodic gentle. This is one of them and if I find an excuse to share some of my other favorites I’ll save some in the back of my hand ❤

      I love the cat animations in Sims4. I can often recognize my own cats. I like that the cats got such different personalities. Fiona belongs to one of the naughty ones. 😆

      Tusnelda and Martin are definitely taking some liberties in Flora’s backyard that are not quite right 😳

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